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Jiang, Wenqian; Shen, Jianlin; Li, Yong; Wang, Juan; Gong, Dianlin; Zhu, Xiao; Liu, Xuejun; Liu, Ji; Reis, Stefan; Zhu, Qihong; Wu, Jinshui. 2024 Contrasting change trends in dry and wet nitrogen depositions during 2011 to 2020: evidence from an agricultural catchment in subtropical Central China. Science of The Total Environment, 907, 168094. 10, pp.

Brown, Alison M. ORCID:; Bass, Adrian M.; Garnett, Mark H.; Skiba, Ute M. ORCID:; Macdonald, John M.; Pickard, Amy E. ORCID: 2024 Sources and controls of greenhouse gases and heavy metals in mine water: a continuing climate legacy. Science of The Total Environment, 906, 167371. 17, pp.

Cash, James M. ORCID:; Di Marco, Chiara; Langford, Ben ORCID:; Heal, Mathew R.; Mandal, Tuhin K.; Sharma, Sudhir K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Nemitz, Eiko. 2023 Response of organic aerosol to Delhi's pollution control measures over the period 2011–2018. Atmospheric Environment, 315, 120123. 15, pp.

Cheesman, Alexander W.; Brown, Flossie; Farha, Mst Nahid; Rosan, Thais M.; Folberth, Gerd A.; Hayes, Felicity ORCID:; Moura, Barbara B.; Paoletti, Elena; Hoshika, Yasutomo; Osborne, Colin P.; Cernusak, Lucas A.; Ribeiro, Rafael V.; Sitch, Stephen. 2023 Impacts of ground-level ozone on sugarcane production. Science of The Total Environment, 904, 166817. 11, pp.

Kaltenegger, Katrin; Bai, Zhaohai; Dragosits, Ulrike ORCID:; Fan, Xiangwen; Greinert, Andrzej; Guéret, Samuel; Suchowska-Kisielewicz, Monika; Winiwarter, Wilfried; Zhang, Lin; Zhou, Feng. 2023 Urban nitrogen budgets: evaluating and comparing the path of nitrogen through cities for improved management [in special issue: Nitrogen in agro-food systems and the environment] Science of The Total Environment, 904, 166827. 13, pp.

Twigg, Marsailidh M. ORCID:; Di Marco, Chiara F.; McGhee, Elizabeth A.; Braban, Christine F. ORCID:; Nemitz, Eiko ORCID:; Brown, Richard J.C.; Blakley, Kevin C.; Leeson, Sarah R. ORCID:; Sanocka, Agnieszka; Green, David C.; Priestman, Max; Riffault, Veronique; Bourin, Aude; Minguillón, Maria Cruz; Via, Marta; Ovadnevaite, Jurgita; Ceburnis, Darius; O'Dowd, Colin; Poulain, Laurent; Stieger, Bastian; Makkonen, Ulla; Rumsey, Ian C.; Beachley, Gregory; Walker, John T.; Butterfield, David M.. 2023 The potential of high temporal resolution automatic measurements of PM2.5 composition as an alternative to the filter-based manual method used in routine monitoring. Atmospheric Environment, 315, 120148. 11, pp.

Baranyi, Gergő; Williamson, Lee; Feng, Zhiqiang; Tomlinson, Sam ORCID:; Vieno, Massimo ORCID:; Dibben, Chris. 2023 Early life PM2.5 exposure, childhood cognitive ability and mortality between age 11 and 86: a record-linkage life-course study from Scotland. Environmental Research, 238 (1), 117021. 10, pp.

Mason, Victoria G.; Burden, Annette ORCID:; Epstein, Graham; Jupe, Lucy L.; Wood, Kevin A.; Skov, Martin W.. 2023 Blue carbon benefits from global saltmarsh restoration. Global Change Biology, 29 (23). 6517-6545.

Pascal, Igri Moudi; Jores, Taguemfo Kammalac; Talib, Joshua ORCID:; Appolinaire, Vondou D.; Hirons, Linda; Christian, Nguilambouhe; Romeo-Ledoux, Dassi Tene; Michael, Talla Fogang; Marceline, Mabi; Romeo, S. Tanessong; Dione, Cheikh; Thompson, Elisabeth; Salih, Abubakr A.M.; Ngaryamgaye, Semingar. 2023 Strengthening weather forecast and dissemination capabilities in Central Africa: case assessment of intense flooding in January 2020. Climate Services, 32, 100411. 15, pp.

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Futter, Martyn N.; Dirnböck, Thomas; Forsius, Martin; Bäck, Jaana K.; Cools, Nathalie; Diaz-Pines, Eugenio; Dick, Jan; Gaube, Veronika; Gillespie, Lauren M.; Högbom, Lars; Laudon, Hjalmar; Mirtl, Michael; Nikolaidis, Nikolaos; Poppe Terán, Christian; Skiba, Ute; Vereecken, Harry; Villwock, Holger; Weldon, James; Wohner, Christoph; Alam, Syed Ashraful. 2023 Leveraging research infrastructure co-location to evaluate constraints on terrestrial carbon cycling in northern European forests. Ambio, 52 (11). 1819-1831.

Langford, Ben ORCID:; Ryalls, James M.W.; Mullinger, Neil J. ORCID:; Hayden, Paul; Nemitz, Eiko ORCID:; Pfrang, Christian; Robins, Alan; Touhami, Dalila; Bromfield, Lisa M.; Girling, Robbie D.. 2023 Mapping the effects of ozone pollution and mixing on floral odour plumes and their impact on plant-pollinator interactions. Environmental Pollution, 336, 122336. 9, pp.

Meme, Hellen; Amukoye, Evans; Bowyer, Cressida; Chakaya, Jeremiah; Das, Darpan; Dobson, Ruaraidh; Dragosits, Ulrike ORCID:; Fuld, Jonathan; Gray, Cindy; Hahn, Matthew; Kiplimo, Richard; Lesosky, Maia; Loh, Miranda M.; McKendree, Jean; Mortimer, Kevin; Ndombi, Amos; Netter, Louis; Obasi, Angela; Orina, Fred; Pearson, Clare ORCID:; Price, Heather; Quint, Jennifer K.; Semple, Sean; Twigg, Marsailidh ORCID:; Waelde, Charlotte; Walnycki, Anna; Warwick, Melaneia; Wendler, Jana; West, Sarah E.; Wilson, Michael; Zurba, Lindsay; Devereux, Graham. 2023 Asthma symptoms, spirometry and air pollution exposure in schoolchildren in an informal settlement and an affluent area of Nairobi, Kenya. Thorax, 78 (11). 1118-1125.

Rhymes, Jennifer M. ORCID:; Arnott, David; Chadwick, David R.; Evans, Christopher D.; Jones, David L.. 2023 Assessing the effectiveness, practicality and cost effectiveness of mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from intensively cultivated peatlands. Land Use Policy, 134, 106886. 12, pp.

Talib, Joshua ORCID:; Muller, Omar V.; Barton, Emma J. ORCID:; Taylor, Christopher M.; Vidale, Pier Luigi. 2023 The representation of soil moisture-atmosphere feedbacks across the Tibetan Plateau in CMIP6 [in special issue: Climate science for service partnership China (CSSP China)] Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 40. 2063-2081.

Pope, Richard J.; Kerridge, Brian J.; Chipperfield, Martyn P.; Siddans, Richard; Latter, Barry G.; Ventress, Lucy J.; Pimlott, Matilda A.; Feng, Wuhu; Comyn-Platt, Edward; Hayman, Garry D. ORCID:; Arnold, Stephen R.; Graham, Ailish M.. 2023 Investigation of the summer 2018 European ozone air pollution episodes using novel satellite data and modelling. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23 (20). 13235-13253.

Chatterjee, Dibyendu; Adak, Totan; Nayak, Bitish Kumar; Paul, Ranjan; Pradhan, Abhijit; Sutton, Mark A. ORCID:; Drewer, Julia ORCID:; Das, Saikat Ranjan; Nayak, Amaresh Kumar; Pathak, Himanshu. 2023 Co-applied nitrogen and auxin via nano-clay-polymer composites enhances yield and nitrogen use efficiency. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition.

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Guarin, Jose Rafael; Jägermeyr, Jonas; Ainsworth, Elizabeth A.; Oliveira, Fabio A. A.; Asseng, Senthold; Boote, Kenneth; Elliott, Joshua; Emberson, Lisa; Foster, Ian; Hoogenboom, Gerrit; Kelly, David; Ruane, Alex C.; Sharps, Katrina ORCID: 2023 Modeling the effects of tropospheric ozone on the growth and yield of global staple crops with DSSAT v4.8.0. EGUsphere, egusphere-2023-1540. 28, pp.

Clifton, Olivia E.; Schwede, Donna; Hogrefe, Christian; Bash, Jesse O.; Bland, Sam; Cheung, Philip; Coyle, Mhairi ORCID:; Emberson, Lisa; Flemming, Johannes; Fredj, Erick; Galmarini, Stefano; Ganzeveld, Laurens; Gazetas, Orestis; Goded, Ignacio; Holmes, Christopher D.; Horváth, László; Huijnen, Vincent; Li, Qian; Makar, Paul A.; Mammarella, Ivan; Manca, Giovanni; Munger, J. William; Pérez-Camanyo, Juan L.; Pleim, Jonathan; Ran, Limei; San Jose, Roberto; Silva, Sam J.; Staebler, Ralf; Sun, Shihan; Tai, Amos P.K.; Tas, Eran; Vesala, Timo; Weidinger, Tamás; Wu, Zhiyong; Zhang, Leiming. 2023 A single-point modeling approach for the intercomparison and evaluation of ozone dry deposition across chemical transport models (Activity 2 of AQMEII4) [in special issue: AQMEII4: a detailed assessment of atmospheric deposition processes from point models to regional-scale models] Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23 (17). 9911-9961.

Chug, Divyansh; Dominguez, Francina; Taylor, Christopher M. ORCID:; Klein, Cornelia ORCID:; Nesbitt, Stephen W.. 2023 Dry-to-wet soil gradients enhance convection and rainfall over subtropical South America. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 24 (9). 1563-1581.

Barton, Emma J. ORCID:; Taylor, C.M. ORCID:; Mitra, A.K. ORCID:; Jayakumar, A. ORCID: 2023 Systematic daytime increases in atmospheric biases linked to dry soils in irrigated areas in Indian operational forecasts. Atmospheric Science Letters, 24 (9), e1172. 11, pp.

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Wood, M.D.; Beresford, N.A. ORCID:; Barnett, C.L.; Burgess, P.H.; Mobbs, S.. 2023 Chornobyl radiation spikes are not due to military vehicles disturbing soil. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 265, 107220. 7, pp.

van Caspel, Willem Elias; Simpson, David; Jonson, Jan Eiof; Benedictow, Anna M.K.; Ge, Yao; di Sarra, Alcide; Pace, Giandomenico; Vieno, Massimo ORCID:; Walker, Hannah L.; Heal, Mathew R.. 2023 Implementation and evaluation of updated photolysis rates in the EMEP MSC-W chemical transport model using Cloud-J v7.3e. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, gmd-2023-147. 44, pp.

Levy, Peter ORCID:; Bentley, Laura; Emmett, Bridget; Garbutt, Angus; Keith, Aidan ORCID:; Lebron, Inma ORCID:; Robinson, David ORCID: 2023 The effects of land use on soil carbon stocks in the UK. EGUsphere, egusphere-2023-1681. 26, pp.

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Swails, Erin; Drewer, Julia; Hartill, Jodie; Comeau, Louis-Pierre; Verchot, Louis V.; Hergoualc’h, Kristell A.. 2023 Soil nitrous oxide and methane fluxes from a land-use change transition of primary forest to oil palm in an Indonesian peatland. Biogeochemistry.

Semeena, Valiyaveetil Shamsudheen ORCID:; Klein, Cornelia; Taylor, Christopher M. ORCID:; Webster, Stuart. 2023 Impact of land surface processes on convection over West Africa in convection-permitting ensemble forecasts: a case study using the MOGREPS ensemble. Atmospheric Science Letters, 24 (8), e1167. 10, pp.

Broberg, M.C.; Hayes, F. ORCID:; Harmens, H. ORCID:; Uddling, J.; Mills, G. ORCID:; Pleijel, H.. 2023 Effects of ozone, drought and heat stress on wheat yield and grain quality. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 352, 108505. 12, pp.

Thompson, Julian R.; Clilverd, Hannah M. ORCID:; Zheng, Jiaxuan; Iravani, Honeyeh; Sayer, Carl D.; Heppell, Catherine M.; Axmacher, Jan C.. 2023 Revisiting hydro-ecological impacts of climate change on a restored floodplain wetland via hydrological/hydraulic modelling and the UK Climate Projections 2018 scenarios. Wetlands, 43 (6), 71. 44, pp.

Mutton, Harry; Chadwick, Robin; Collins, Matthew; Lambert, F. Hugo; Taylor, Christopher M.; Geen, Ruth; Todd, Alexander. 2023 The impact of a uniform ocean warming on the West African monsoon. Climate Dynamics.

Shaw, David R.; Carter, Toby J.; Davies, Helen L.; Harding-Smith, Ellen; Crocker, Elliott C.; Beel, Georgia; Wang, Zixu; Carslaw, Nicola. 2023 INCHEM-Py v1.2: a community box model for indoor air chemistry. EGUSphere, egusphere-2023-1328. 32, pp.

Klein, Cornelia ORCID:; Potter, Emily R.; Zauner, Cornelia; Gurgiser, Wolfgang; Cruz Encarnación, Rolando; Cochachín Rapre, Alejo; Maussion, Fabien. 2023 Farmers’ first rain: investigating dry season rainfall characteristics in the Peruvian Andes. Environmental Research Communications, 5 (7), 071004. 10, pp.

Takriti, Mounir; Ward, Susan E.; Wynn, Peter M.; McNamara, Niall P. ORCID: 2023 Isotopic characterisation and mobile detection of methane emissions in a heterogeneous UK landscape. Atmospheric Environment, 305, 119774. 10, pp.

Talib, Joshua ORCID:; Taylor, Christopher M. ORCID:; Harris, Bethan L. ORCID:; Wainwright, Caroline M. ORCID: 2023 Surface-driven amplification of Madden–Julian oscillation circulation anomalies across East Africa and its influence on the Turkana jet. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 149 (754 A). 1890-1912.

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Deshmukh, Chandra S.; Susanto, Ari P.; Nardi, Nardi; Nurholis, Nurholis; Kurnianto, Sofyan; Suardiwerianto, Yogi; Hendrizal, M.; Rhinaldy, Ade; Mahfiz, Reyzaldi E.; Desai, Ankur R.; Page, Susan E.; Cobb, Alexander R.; Hirano, Takashi; Guérin, Frédéric; Serça, Dominique; Prairie, Yves T.; Agus, Fahmuddin; Astiani, Dwi; Sabiham, Supiandi; Evans, Christopher D. ORCID: 2023 Net greenhouse gas balance of fibre wood plantation on peat in Indonesia. Nature, 616 (7958). 740-746.

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Ren, Chenchen; Zhang, Xiuming; Reis, Stefan ORCID:; Wang, Sitong; Jin, Jiaxin; Xu, Jianming; Gu, Baojing. 2023 Climate change unequally affects nitrogen use and losses in global croplands. Nature Food, 4 (4). 294-304.

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Porwisiak, Paweł; Werner, Małgorzata; Kryza, Maciej; Vieno, Massimo ORCID:; Holland, Mike; ApSimon, Helen; Drzeniecka-Osiadacz, Anetta; Skotak, Krzysztof; Gawuc, Lech; Szymankiewicz, Karol. 2023 Modelling benzo(a)pyrene concentrations for different meteorological conditions - analysis of lung cancer cases and associated economic costs. Environment International, 173, 107863. 10, pp.

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de Mora, Lee; Swaminathan, Ranjini; Allan, Richard P.; Blackford, Jeremy; Kelley, Douglas I. ORCID:; Harris, Phil ORCID:; Jones, Chris D.; Jones, Colin G.; Liddicoat, Spencer; Parker, Robert J.; Quaife, Tristan; Walton, Jeremy; Yool, Andrew ORCID: 2023 Choice of forecast scenario impacts the carbon allocation at the same global warming levels. EGUsphere, egusphere-2022-1483. 22, pp.

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