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Montràs-Janer, Teresa; Suggitt, Andrew J.; Fox, Richard; Jönsson, Mari; Martay, Blaise; Roy, David B. ORCID:; Walker, Kevin J.; Auffret, Alistair G.. 2024 Anthropogenic climate and land-use change drive short- and long-term biodiversity shifts across taxa. Nature Ecology & Evolution.

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Cox, Andrew J.F.; Hartley, Iain P.; Meir, Patrick; Sitch, Stephen; Dusenge, Mirindi Eric; Restrepo, Zorayda; González‐Caro, Sebastian; Villegas, Juan Camilo; Uddling, Johan; Mercado, Lina M. ORCID: 2023 Acclimation of photosynthetic capacity and foliar respiration in Andean tree species to temperature change. New Phytologist, 238 (6). 2329-2344.

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