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Aksenov, Yevgeny ORCID:; Rynders, Stefanie ORCID:; Feltham, Danny L.; Hosekova, Lucia; Marsh, Robert; Skliris, Nikolaos; Bertino, Laurent; Williams, Timothy D.; Popova, Ekaterina ORCID:; Yool, Andrew ORCID:; Nurser, A. J. George; Coward, Andrew ORCID:; Bricheno, Lucy ORCID:; Srokosz, Meric ORCID:; Heorton, Harold. 2022 Safer operations in changing ice-covered seas: Approaches and perspectives. In: IUTAM Symposium on Physics and Mechanics of Sea Ice. Springer, 241-260.

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Alison, Jamie ORCID:; Botham, Marc; Maskell, Lindsay C. ORCID:; Garbutt, Angus ORCID:; Seaton, Fiona M. ORCID:; Skates, James; Smart, Simon M. ORCID:; Thomas, Amy R.C. ORCID:; Tordoff, George; Williams, Bronwen L.; Wood, Claire M. ORCID:; Emmett, Bridget A. ORCID: 2022 Woodland, cropland and hedgerows promote pollinator abundance in intensive grassland landscapes, with saturating benefits of flower cover. Journal of Applied Ecology, 59 (1). 342-354.

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Androulakakis, Andreas; Alygizakis, Nikiforos; Gkotsis, Georgios; Nika, Maria-Christina; Nikolopoulou, Varvara; Bizani, Erasmia; Chadwick, Elizabeth; Cincinelli, Alessandra; Claßen, Daniela; Danielsson, Sara; Dekker, Rene W.R.J.; Duke, Guy; Glowacka, Natalia; Jansman, Hugh A.H.; Krone, Oliver; Martellini, Tania; Movalli, Paola; Persson, Sara; Roos, Anna; O'Rourke, Emily; Siebert, Ursula; Treu, Gabriele; van den Brink, Nico W.; Walker, Lee Anthony; Deaville, Rob; Slobodnik, Jaroslav; Thomaidis, Nikolaos S.. 2022 Determination of 56 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in top predators and their prey from Northern Europe by LC-MS/MS. Chemosphere, 287, 131775. 11, pp.


Ball, Becky A.; Convey, Peter ORCID:; Feeser, Kelli L.; Nielsen, Uffe N.; Van Horn, David. 2022 Environmental harshness mediates the relationship between aboveground and belowground communities in Antarctica. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 164, 108493. 12, pp.

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Bokhorst, S.; Convey, P. ORCID:; van Logtestijn, R.; Aerts, R.. 2022 Temperature impact on the influence of penguin-derived nutrients and mosses on non-native grass in a simulated polar ecosystem. Global Change Biology, 28 (3). 816-828.

Bonnet-Lebrun, Anne-Sophie; Larsen, Thomas; Thórarinsson, Thorkell Lindberg; Kolbeinsson, Yann; Frederiksen, Morten; Morley, Tim I.; Fox, Derren; Boutet, Aude; Le Bouard, Fabrice; Deville, Tanguy; Hansen, Erpur Snær; Hansen, Thomas; Roberts, Patrick; Ratcliffe, Norman ORCID: 2022 Cold comfort: Arctic seabirds find refugia from climate change and potential competition in marginal ice zones and fjords. Ambio, 51. 345-354.

Boorman, David ORCID:; Cooper, Hollie ORCID: 2022 COSMOS-UK. Soil moisture: December 2021. Wallingford, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 4pp. (UKCEH Project no. C06943)

Boorman, David ORCID:; Turner, Stephen ORCID: 2022 Hydrological outlook UK - January 2022. Wallingford, UK, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2pp. (UKCEH Project no. C06944)

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Briones, M.J.I.; García-Souto, D.; Galindo, J.; Morán, P.; Keith, A.; Schmidt, O.. 2022 Molecular data confirms the existence of distinct lineages within Lumbricus friendi (Cognetti 1904) and related “friends”. European Journal of Soil Biology, 108, 103382. 12, pp.

Broadbent, Arthur A.D.; Bahn, Michael; Pritchard, William J.; Newbold, Lindsay K.; Goodall, Tim; Guinta, Andrew; Snell, Helen S.K.; Cordero, Irene; Michas, Antonios; Grant, Helen K.; Soto, David X. ORCID:; Kaufmann, Rüdiger; Schloter, Michael; Griffiths, Robert I. ORCID:; Bardgett, Richard D.. 2022 Shrub expansion modulates belowground impacts of changing snow conditions in alpine grasslands. Ecology Letters, 25 (1). 52-64.

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Carvell, Claire; Mitschunas, Nadine; McDonald, Rachel; Hulmes, Sarah; Hulmes, Lucy; O'Connor, Rory S.; Garratt, Michael P.D.; Potts, Simon G.; Fountain, Michelle T.; Sadykova, Dinara; Edwards, Mike; Nowakowski, Marek; Pywell, Richard F.; Redhead, John W.. 2022 Establishment and management of wildflower areas for insect pollinators in commercial orchards. Basic and Applied Ecology, 58. 2-14.

Castellani, G.; Veyssiere, G.; Karcher, M.; Stroeve, J.; Banas, S.N.; Bouman, A.H.; Brierley, S.A.; Connan, S.; Cottier, F.; Große, F.; Hobbs, L.; Katlein, C.; Light, B.; McKee, D.; Orkney, A.; Proud, R.; Schourup-Kristensen, V.. 2022 Shine a light: Under-ice light and its ecological implications in a changing Arctic Ocean. Ambio, 51. 307-317.

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Evans, B.R.; Brooks, H; Chirol, C.; Kirkham, M.K.; Möller, I.; Royse, K.; Spencer, K.; Spencer, T.. 2022 Vegetation interactions with geotechnical properties and erodibility of salt marsh sediments. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 265, 107713. 12, pp.


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Guarino, Maria Vittoria ORCID:; Sime, Louise ORCID:; Schroeder, David; Ridley, Jeff. 2022 The first 250 years of the Heinrich 11 iceberg discharge: Last Interglacial HadGEM3-GC3.1 simulations for CMIP6-PMIP4 [in review]. Climate of the Past: Discussions.

Guihen, D.; Brearley, J. Alexander ORCID:; Fielding, Sophie ORCID: 2022 Antarctic krill likely avoid underwater gliders. Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 179, 103680. 10, pp.


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Jeliazkova, Nina; Bleeker, Eric; Cross, Richard ORCID:; Haase, Andrea; Janer, Gemma; Peijnenburg, Willie; Pink, Mario; Rauscher, Hubert; Svendsen, Claus; Tsiliki, Georgia; Zabeo, Alex; Hristozov, Danail; Stone, Vicki; Wohlleben, Wendel. 2022 How can we justify grouping of nanoforms for hazard assessment? Concepts and tools to quantify similarity. NanoImpact, 25, 100366. 20, pp.


Kay, Alison L.; Spencer, Marcia; Bell, Victoria A.. 2022 UK-SCAPE WP2.2: Water Futures. Stakeholder questionnaire results. Wallingford, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 14pp. (Unpublished)

Kevill, Jessica L.; Pellett, Cameron; Farkas, Kata; Brown, Mathew R.; Bassano, Irene; Denise, Hubert; McDonald, James E.; Malham, Shelagh K.; Porter, Jonathan; Warren, Jonathan; Evens, Nicholas P.; Paterson, Steve; Singer, Andrew C.; Jones, Davey L.. 2022 A comparison of precipitation and filtration-based SARS-CoV-2 recovery methods and the influence of temperature, turbidity, and surfactant load in urban wastewater. Science of the Total Environment, 808, 151916. 11, pp.

Kirwan, Guy M.; Broughton, Richard K.; Lees, Alexander C.; Ottenburghs, Jente; Tobias, Joseph A.. 2022 The ‘Meidum geese’ revisited: early historical art is not a suitable basis for taxonomic speculation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 41, 103322. 5, pp.


Langford, Ben; House, Emily Roseanne; Valach, Alex C.; Hewitt, C.N.; Artaxo, Paulo; Barkley, Michael P.; de Brito, Joel F.; Carnell, Ed; Davison, Brian; MacKenzie, Angus Robert; Marais, Eloise A.; Newland, Mike J.; Rickard, Andrew R.; Shaw, Marvin David; Yáñez-Serrano, Ana Maria; Nemitz, Eiko. 2022 Seasonality of isoprene emissions and oxidation products above the remote Amazon. Environmental Science: Atmospheres.

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Liu, Zhaoyang; Xu, Chang; Johnson, Andrew C.; Sun, Xiaoyan; Ding, Xiaoyan; Ding, Da; Liu, Sitao; Liang, Xiaoyu. 2022 Source apportionment and crop bioaccumulation of perfluoroalkyl acids and novel alternatives in an industrial-intensive region with fluorochemical production, China: health implications for human exposure. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 423 (A), 127019. 13, pp.

Lojka, Bohdan; Teutscherová, Nikola; Chládová, Anna; Kala, Lukáš; Szabó, Péter; Martiník, Antonín; Weger, Jan; Houška, Jakub; Červenka, Jakub; Kotrba, Radim; Jobbiková, Jana; Doležalová, Helena; Snášelová, Martina; Krčmářová, Jana; Vávrová, Kamila; Králík, Tomáš; Zavadil, Tomáš; Lawson, Gerry ORCID: 2022 Agroforestry in the Czech Republic: what hampers the comeback of a once traditional land use system? Agronomy, 12 (1), 69. 24, pp.

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Nisbet, E.G.; Allen, G.; Fisher, R.E.; France, James ORCID:; Lee, J.D.; Lowry, D.; Andrade, M.F.; Bannan, T.J.; Barker, P.; Bateson, P.; Bauguitte, S.J.-B.; Bower, K.N.; Broderick, T.J.; Chibesakunda, F.; Cain, M.; Cozens, A.E.; Daly, M.C.; Ganesan, A.L.; Jones, A.E. ORCID:; Lambakasa, M.; Lunt, M.F.; Mehra, A.; Moreno, I.; Pasternack, D.; Palmer, P.I.; Percival, C.J.; Pitt, J.R.; Riddle, A.J.; Rigby, M.; Shaw, J.T.; Stell, A.C.; Vaughan, A.R.; Warwick, N.J.; Wilde, S.E.. 2022 Isotopic signatures of methane emissions from tropical fires, agriculture and wetlands: the MOYA and ZWAMPS flights [in special issue: Rising methane: is warming feeding warming?] Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 380, 20210112. 17, pp.

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