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Achterberg, Eric P.; Steigenberger, Sebastian; Marsay, Chris M.; Le Moigne, Frédéric A.C.; Painter, Stuart C.; Baker, Alex R.; Connelly, Douglas P.; Moore, C. Mark; Tagliabue, Alessandro; Tanhua, Toste. 2018 Iron biogeochemistry in the high latitude North Atlantic Ocean. Scientific Reports, 8 (1). 1283.

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Amblas, David; Ceramicola, Silvia; Gerber, Thomas P.; Canals, Miquel; Chiocci, Francesco L.; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Harris, Peter T.; Huvenne, Veerle A.I. ORCID:; Lai, Steven Y.J.; Lastras, Galderic; Lo Iacono, Claudio; Micallef, Aaron; Mountjoy, Joshu J.; Paull, Charles K.; Puig, Pere; Sanchez-Vidal, Anna. 2018 Submarine canyons and gullies. In: Micallef, A.; Krastel, S.; Savini, A., (eds.) Submarine Geomorphology. Cham, Switzerland, Springer, 251-272. (Springer Geology).

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Araya, Juan Francisco; Gooday, Andrew J. ORCID: 2018 First record of a Xenophyophore (Rhizaria: Foraminifera) on the Chilean margin. Zootaxa, 4455 (3). 589.

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Banyte, D.; Morales Maqueda, M.; Smeed, D. A. ORCID:; Megann, A. ORCID:; Hobbs, R.; Recalde, S.. 2018 Geothermal heating in the Panama Basin. Part II: Abyssal water mass transformation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 123 (10). 7393-7406.

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Barton, Benjamin I. ORCID:; Lenn, Yueng-Djern; Lique, Camille. 2018 Observed atlantification of the Barents Sea Causes the polar front to limit the expansion of winter sea ice. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 48 (8). 1849-1866.

Baumann, Till M.; Polyakov, Igor V.; Pnyushkov, Andrey V.; Rember, Robert; Ivanov, Vladimir V.; Alkire, Matthew B.; Goszczko, Ilona ORCID:; Carmack, Eddy C.. 2018 On the seasonal cycles observed at the continental slope of the Eastern Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 48 (7). 1451-1470.

Bayrakci, G.; Falcon Suarez, I. H. ORCID:; Minshull, T.A.; North, L.; Barker, A.; Zihlmann, B.; Rouméjon, S.; Best, A.I. ORCID: 2018 Anisotropic Physical Properties of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks From an Oceanic Core Complex. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19 (11). 4366-4384.

Beja De Almeida E Silva, J.; Bricher, P.; Diggs, S.. 2018 Finding the data you need to support your Southern Ocean science. [Poster] In: European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 08 - 13 April 2018. (Unpublished)

Beja De Almeida E Silva, J.; Diggs, S.; Pasquale, D.; Fetterer, F.; Zweng, M.; Bricher, P.. 2018 Saving Southern Ocean Data From Falling Through the Cracks. [Poster] In: American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, United States, 11 - 16 February 2018. (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul ORCID: 2018 Low Cost GNSS Tide & Sea Level Measurements for Intertidal public safety (LoCTIPS). [Lecture] In: PyCon UK, Cardiff, 17 September 2018.

Benedetti-Cecchi, L.; Crowe, T.; Boehme, L.; Boero, F.; Christensen, A.; Grémare, A.; Hernandez, F.; Kromkamp, J.C.; Nogueira García, E.; Petihakis, G.; Robidart, J. ORCID:; Sousa Pinto, I.; Zingone, A.. 2018 Strengthening Europe’s capability in biological ocean observations. Ostend, Belgium, European Marine Board, 75pp. (Future Science Brief 3 of the European Marine Board)

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Bricher, P.; Diggs, S.; Beja De Almeida E Silva, J.; Aleman, A.; Belbeoch, M.; de Bruin, T.; Casey, K.; Cusick, J.; Danis, B.; Fetterer, F.; Kozyr, A.; Lizong, W.; Pfeil, B.; Proctor, R.; Ten Hopen, P.; Van de Putte, A.; Pulsifer, P.. 2018 Southern Ocean data sharing tools in a global data management community. [Speech] In: Polar, Davos, Switzerland, 15 – 26 June 2018. (Unpublished)

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Brown, Alastair; Hauton, Chris; Stratmann, Tanja; Sweetman, Andrew; van Oevelen, Dick; Jones, Daniel O. B. ORCID: 2018 Metabolic rates are significantly lower in abyssal Holothuroidea than in shallow-water Holothuroidea. Royal Society Open Science, 5 (5). 172162.

Brown, Jennifer ORCID:; Yelland, Margaret ORCID:; Pascal, Robin; Pullen, T.; Bell, Paul ORCID:; Cardwell, Christopher ORCID:; Jones, D.S.; Milliken, Neil; Prime, Thomas; Shannon, Geoffrey; Ludgate, Jake; Martin, A.; farrington, G.; Gold, I.; Bird, Cai; Mason, T.. 2018 WireWall: a new approach to coastal wave hazard monitoring. In: Protections 2018, 3rd International Conference on Protection against Overtopping, Grange-Over-Sands, UK, 6-8 June 2018. 1-7.

Brown, Jennifer ORCID:; Yelland, Margaret ORCID:; Pascal, Robin; Pullen, Tim; Bell, Paul ORCID:; Cardwell, Christopher ORCID:; Jones, David; Milliken, Neil; Prime, Thomas; Shannon, Geoffrey; Ludgate, Jake; Martin, Andrew; Farrington, Brian; Gold, Iain; Bird, Cai; Travis, Mason. 2018 WireWall: a new approach to coastal wave hazard monitoring. In: 3rd International Conference on Protection against Overtopping, Grange-Over-Sands, UK, 6-8 June 2018.

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Bruneau, Nicolas; Toumi, Ralf; Wang, Shuai. 2018 Publisher correction: Impact of wave whitecapping on land falling tropical cyclones. Scientific Reports, 8 (1).

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Bruno, John F.; Bates, Amanda E.; Cacciapaglia, Chris; Pike, Elizabeth P.; Amstrup, Steven C.; van Hooidonk, Ruben; Henson, Stephanie A. ORCID:; Aronson, Richard B.. 2018 Publisher Correction: Climate change threatens the world’s marine protected areas. Nature Climate Change.

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