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Aldiss, Donald T.; Burke, Helen; Chacksfield, Barrie; Tragheim, Douglas. 2007 Absolute fixing of tide gauge benchmarks and land levels. In : Absolute fixing of tide guage benchmarks and land levels : measuring changes in land and sea levels around the coast of Great Britain and along the Thames Estuary and River Thames using GPS, absolute gravimetry, peristent scatterer inferometry and tide guages / R.M. Bingley ...[et al.] / R and D technical Report FD2319/TR. London, Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs, 236pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Allen, J.R.L.; Lamb, Angela; Dark, P.. 2007 Seasonality of delta 13C and C/N ratios in modern and mid-Holocene sediments in the Severn Estuary Levels, SW Britain. The Holocene, 17 (1). 139-144. 10.1177/0959683607073296

Ambrose, Keith. 2007 Conserving our past for the future. Earthwise, 25 (2007). 44-45.

Ambrose, Keith; Carney, John; Lott, Graham; Weightman, Gill; McGrath, Annette. 2007 Exploring the landscape of Charnwood Forest and Mountsorrel : a walkers' guide showing the rocks and landscape of Charnwood Forest and Mountsorrel. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 52pp.

Anczkiewicz, R; Szczepanski, J; Mazur, S; Storey, C; Crowley, Quentin; Villa, IM; Thirlwall, M; Jeffries, TE. 2007 Lu-Hf geochronology and trace element distribution in garnet: implications for uplift and exhumation of ultra-high pressure granulites in the Sudetes, SW Poland. Lithos, 95 (3-4). 363-380. 10.1016/j.lithos.2006.09.001

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Appleton, J.D.. 2007 Radon : sources, health risks and hazard mapping. Ambio, 36 (1). 85-89. 10.1579/0044-7447

Asrat, A.; Baker, A.; Mohammed, M.U.; Leng, Melanie; Calsteren, P.W.C. Van; Smith, C.. 2007 A high-resolution multi-proxy stalagmite record from Mechara, southeastern Ethiopia : palaeohydrological implications for speleothem palaeoclimate reconstruction. Journal of Quaternary Science, 22 (1). 53-63. DOI: 10.1002/jqs.1013

Assous, Siad; Gunn, David; Hopper, Clare; Jackson, Peter; Linnett, Laurie; Lovell, Mike. 2007 An approach for correcting magnitude and phase distortion in wideband piezoelectric transducer systems. In: Oceans 2007, Aberdeen, Scotland, 18-21 June 2007. 1543-1548.

Ault, L.. 2007 Corporate Metadata 2006 - 2007. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 31pp. (OR/07/013) (Unpublished)

Austin, P.; MacKay, A.W.; Palagushkina, O.; Leng, Melanie. 2007 A high-resolution diatom-inferred palaeoconductivity and lake level record of the Aral Sea for the last 1600 yr. Quaternary Research, 67. 383-393. 10.1016/j.yqres.2007.01.009

Auton, C.A.; Pearson, S.G.; Hobbs, P.R.N.. 2007 Desk review of coastal evolution studies at UKAEA Dounreay. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 30pp. (OR/07/017) (Unpublished)


Bachu, S.; Bonijoly, D.; Bradshaw, J.; Burruss, R.; Holloway, Samuel; Christensen, N.P.; Mathiassen, O.M.. 2007 CO2 storage capacity estimation : methodology and gaps. International journal of greenhouse gas control, 1 (4). 430-443. 10.1016/S1750-5836(07)00086-2

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Baker, A.; Asrat, A.; Fairchild, I.J.; Leng, Melanie; Wynn, P.M.; Bryant, Charlotte; Gentry, D.; Umer, M.. 2007 Analysis of the climate signal contained within delta 18 O and growth rate parameters in two Ethiopian stalagmites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71 (12). 2975-2988. 10.1016/j.gca.2007.03.029

Bangrang, D.; Wang, S.; Li, Xiang; Booth, David; Dongying, S.C.. 2007 An algorithm for estimating migration spatial resolution in layered media with focal beams. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 4 (2). 224-231.

Barclay, William; McKeever, Patrick; Humpage, Adrian; Goodenough, Kathryn Mary; Lawrence, David. 2007 A walk in the park. Earthwise, 25. 40-43.

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Barron, Hugh; Bell, Mike. 2007 Maps on the web : evolution or revolution? GIS Professional, 14. 25.

Barry, T.L.; Ivanov, A.V.; Rasskazov, S.V.; Demonterova, E.I.; Dunai, T.J.; Davies, G.R.; Harrison, D.. 2007 Helium isotopes provide no evidence for deep mantle involvement in widespread Cenozoic volcanism across Central Asia. Lithos, 95 (3-4). 415-424. 10.1016/j.lithos.2006.09.003

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Bealey, W. J.; McDonald, A. G.; Nemitz, E.; Donovan, R.; Dragosits, U.; Duffy, T. R.; Fowler, D.. 2007 Estimating the reduction of urban PM10 concentrations by trees within an environmental information system for planners. Journal of Environmental Management, 85 (1). 44-58. 10.1016/j.jenvman.2006.07.007

Beamish, David. 2007 Studies of the geophysical responses of landfills in Northern Ireland using the Tellus airborne EM data. British Geological Survey, 48pp. (IR/07/013) (Unpublished)

Bell, F. 2007 Engineering geology. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 581pp.

Benham, A.J.; Brown, T.J.. 2007 African mineral production 2001-2005 : a product of the World Mineral Statistics Database. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 15pp.

Benham, Antony. 2007 After the goldrush. Planet Earth, 27 (Summer). 27.

Benham, Antony J.; Coats, Stan; Kovac, Peter; Norton, Gill. 2007 Aynak : a world-class sediment-hosted copper deposit, Afghanistan. In: 2007 Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Denver, USA, 25-28 Feb 2007. 94-95. (Unpublished)

Benham, Antony John; Coats, Stan. 2007 Minerals in Afghanistan : rare-metal deposits. Afghanistan Geological Survey. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Bentham, Michelle. 2007 CO2ReMoVe update : research into monitoring and verification of CO2 storage sites. Greenhouse Issues (87). 8.

Beresford, N. A.; Appleton, J. D.; Barnett, C. L.; Bescoby, M. W.; Breward, N.; Jones, D. G.; MacKenzie, A. C.; Scheib, C.; Thorring, H.; Wood, M. D.. 2007 Assessment of naturally occurring radionuclides in England and Wales. Bristol, UK, Environment Agency, 78pp. (Science report, SC030283/SR).

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Betson, M.; Robins, Nicholas. 2007 Using specific capacity to assign vulnerability to diffuse pollution in fractured aquifers in Scotland. In: Krasny, J.; Sharp, J.M., (eds.) Groundwater in fractured rocks : selected papers from the Groundwater in Fractured rocks International Conference, Prague, 2003. London, Taylor and Francis. (Selected Papers on Hydrogeology, 33, 9).

Bide, Tom. 2007 Copper. British Geological Survey, 28pp. (Unpublished)

Bingen, B.; Bjerkgård, T.; Boyd, R.; Grenne, T.; Henderson, I.; Lutro, O.; Melezhik, V.; Motuza, G.; Nordgulen, Ø.; Often, M.; Sandstad, J.S.; Smelror, M.; Solli, A.; Stein, H.; Sæther, O.M.; T. Thorsnes, T.; Tveten, E.; Bauer, W.; Dunkley, Peter; Gonzalez, E.; Hollick, Louise; Jacobs, J.; Key, Roger; Smith, Richard; Thomas, Robert James; Jamal, D.; Catuane, F.; de Azavedo, S.; Feitio, P.; Manhica, V.; Manuel, S.; Moniz, A.; Njange, F.; Rossi, D.; de S. Soares, H.; Tembe, D.; Uachave, B.; Viola, G.; Zandamela, E.. 2007 The geology of Niassa and Cabo Delgado Provinces with parts of Zambesia and Nampula Provinces, Mozambique. Map Explanations for sheets 1039 Muidine, 1040 Palma, 1134 Ponte Messuli, 1135 Lupilichi, 1136 Milepa, 1137 Macalange, 1138, Negomano, 1139 Mueda, 1140 Moçimboa da Praia, 1234 Metangula, 1235 Macaloge-Chiconono, 1236 Mavago, 1237 Mecula, 1238 Xixano, 1239 Meluco, 1240 Quissinga-Pemba, 1334 Meponda, 1335 Lichinga, 1336 Majune, 1337 Marrupa, 1338 Namuno, 1339 Montepuez, 1340 Mecufi, 1435 Mandimba, 1436 Cuamba, 1437 Malama, 1438 Ribaue-Mecuburi, 1535 Insaca, 1536 Gurué, 1635 Milange, 1636 Lugela-Mocuba. Maputo, Mozambique, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, National Directorate of Geology, 778pp. (Sheet Explanation, 1: 250 000 series geological maps)

Bingen, B.; Viola, G.; Griffin, W.L.; Jacobs, J.; Boyd, R.; Thomas, Robert James; Daudi, E.; Henderson, I.H.C.; Beyer, E.; Skar, Ø; Key, Roger; Solli, A.; Sandstad, J.S.; Smethurst, M.; Tveten, E.; Bjerkgård, T.; Melezhik, V.A.; Jamal, D.; Smith, Richard; Hollick, Louise; Feitio, P.. 2007 Crustal architecture of the Mozambique belt in Northeastern Mozambique : perspective from U-Pb geochronology and Lu-Hf isotopes in zircon. In: 7th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 10-14 Sept 2007. Stellenbosch, South Africa, 1.

Bingley, Richard; Teferle, Norman; Orliac, Etienne; Dodson, Alan; Williams, Simon; Blackman, David; Baker, Trevor; Riedmann, Michael; Haynes, Mark; Aldiss, Don; Burke, Helen; Chacksfield, Barrie; Tragheim, Doug. 2007 Measuring changes in land and sea levels: a regional study of the Thames Estuary and River Thames. Geomatics World, Sept/Oct 2007. 23-25.

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Bradshaw, John; Bachu, Stefan; Bonijoly, Didier; Burruss, Robert; Holloway, Sam; Christensen, Niels Peter; Mathiassen, Odd Magne. 2007 CO2 storage capacity estimation : issues and development of standards. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 1 (1). 62-68. 10.1016/S1750-5836(07)00027-8

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Breward, N.. 2007 Arsenic and presumed resistate trace element geochemistry of the Lincolnshire (UK) sedimentary ironstones, revealed by a regional geochemical survey using soil, water and stream sediment sampling. Applied Geochemistry, 22 (9). 1970-1993. 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2007.03.058

Breward, Neil. 2007 Evidence for repository-relevant element dispersion from the geosphere into the biosphere. British Geological Survey, 54pp. (CR/07/057N) (Unpublished)

Breward, Neil; Johnson, Chris. 2007 Living with the elements. Earthwise, 25. 28-29.

Broadway, A.; Farmer, J.G.; Ngwenya, B.T.; Cave, M.R.; Fordyce, F.M.; Bewley, R.J.F.. 2007 Solid phase distribution of chromium in industrially contaminated urban soil, Glasgow. In: Abstracts of the 13th Biennial National Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium. Glasgow, UK, Royal Society of Chemistry, 1pp.

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