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Abdulhussain, Ali H.; Cook, Kathryn B. ORCID:; Bresnan, Eileen; Lacaze, Jean-Pierre; Mayor, Daniel J. ORCID: 2023 The influence of the toxin-producing dinoflagellate, Alexandrium catenella, on feeding, reproduction and toxin retention in Calanus helgolandicus. Harmful Algae, 132, 102564.

Abi Kaed Bey, Samer K.; Mowlem, Matthew C.. 2023 Measurement of nano molar ammonium with a cyclic olefin copolymer microchip and low-power LED. Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, 43, 100611.

Acosta, R. P.; Burls, N. J.; Pound, M. J.; Bradshaw, C. D.; De Boer, A. M.; Herold, N.; Huber, M.; Liu, X.; Donnadieu, Y.; Farnsworth, A.; Frigola, A.; Lunt, D. J.; von der Heydt, A. S.; Hutchinson, D. K.; Knorr, G.; Lohmann, G.; Marzocchi, A. ORCID:; Prange, M.; Sarr, A. C.; Li, X.; Zhang, Z.. 2023 A model‐data comparison of the hydrological response to Miocene warmth: Leveraging the MioMIP1 opportunistic multi‐model ensemble. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 39 (1).

Ainsworth, Joanna; Poulton, Alex J.; Lohan, Maeve C.; Stinchcombe, Mark C.; Lough, Alastair J.M.; Moore, C. Mark. 2023 Iron cycling during the decline of a South Georgia diatom bloom. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 208. 105269.

Aladwani, Najeeb S.; North, Laurence J.; Falcon-Suarez, Ismael Himar ORCID:; Best, Angus I. ORCID: 2023 Shale distribution effects on the joint elastic–electrical properties in reservoir sandstone. Geophysical Prospecting.

Anderson, Thomas R. ORCID:; Gentleman, Wendy C.; Cael, B.B. ORCID:; Hirschi, Joël J.-M.; Eastwood, Robert L.; Mayor, Daniel J. ORCID: 2023 Proliferating particle surface area via microbial decay has profound consequences for remineralisation rate: a new approach to modelling the degradation of sinking detritus in the ocean. Biogeochemistry.

Ao, Hong; Rohling, Eelco J.; Li, Xinzhou; Song, Yougui; Roberts, Andrew P.; Han, Yongming; Poulsen, Christopher J.; Jonell, Tara N.; Liebrand, Diederik; Sun, Qiang; Li, Xinxia; Qiang, Xiaoke; Zhang, Peng; Dekkers, Mark J.. 2023 Northern hemisphere ice sheet expansion intensified Asian aridification and the winter monsoon across the mid-Pleistocene transition. Communications Earth & Environment, 4 (1).

Arumí‐Planas, Cristina; Pérez‐Hernández, María Dolores; Pelegrí, Josep L.; Vélez‐Belchí, Pedro; Emelianov, Mikhail; Caínzos, Verónica; Cana, Luis; Firing, Yvonne L. ORCID:; García‐Weil, Luis; Santana‐Toscano, Daniel; Hernández‐Guerra, Alonso. 2023 The South Atlantic circulation between 34.5°S, 24°S and above the Mid‐Atlantic Ridge from an inverse box model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 128 (5).

Azaneu, Marina; Webber, Benjamin; Heywood, Karen J.; Assmann, Karen M.; Dotto, Tiago S.; Abrahamsen, E. Povl ORCID: 2023 Influence of shelf break processes on the transport of warm waters onto the eastern Amundsen Sea continental shelf. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 128 (5), e2022JC019535. 19, pp.


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Banks, Christopher J. ORCID:; Calafat, Francisco Mir ORCID:; Shaw, Andrew G. P.; Snaith, Helen M.; Gommenginger, Christine P. ORCID:; Bouffard, Jérôme. 2023 A new daily quarter degree sea level anomaly product from CryoSat-2 for ocean science and applications. Scientific Data, 10 (1).

Barnhill, Kelsey Archer; Vinha, Beatriz; Smith, Alycia J; de Jonge, Daniëlle S W; Gaurisas, Daniela Y; Segura, Roger Mocholí; Madureira, Pedro; Albuquerque, Mónica; Huvenne, Veerle A I ORCID:; Orejas, Covadonga; Gunn, Vikki; J Weston, Johanna N. 2023 Ship-to-shore training for active deep-sea capacity development. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Bassam, Ameen M.; Phillips, Alexander B.; Turnock, Stephen R.; Wilson, Philip A.. 2023 Artificial neural network based prediction of ship speed under operating conditions for operational optimization. Ocean Engineering, 278, 114613.

Bassam, Ameen M.; Phillips, Alexander B.; Turnock, Stephen R.; Wilson, Philip A.. 2023 A solar energy-based shore side power system for a ferry service across the Suez Canal. Ships and Offshore Structures. 1-12.

Bassin, Corinne; Miller, Allison; Virmani, Jyotika; Allen, Icarus; Demargne, Louis; Greenhalgh, Liz; Linse, Katrin ORCID:; Moore, Graham; Rayner, Ralph; Smith, Graham; Smith, Martin; Snaith, Helen; Trincardi, Fabio; Visbech, Martin. 2023 Credit Where Credit is Due: Authorship of Open Ocean Data Workshop Report. Zenodo, 14pp.

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Bercovici, Sarah K.; Dittmar, Thorsten; Niggemann, Jutta. 2023 Processes in the surface ocean regulate dissolved organic matter distributions in the deep. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 37 (12).

Bercovici, Sarah K.; Wiemers, Maren; Dittmar, Thorsten; Niggemann, Jutta. 2023 Disentangling Biological Transformations and Photodegradation Processes from Marine Dissolved Organic Matter Composition in the Global Ocean. Environmental Science & Technology, 57 (50). 21145-21155.

Biri, Stavroula ORCID:; Cornes, Richard C. ORCID:; Berry, David I.; Kent, Elizabeth C. ORCID:; Yelland, Margaret J. ORCID: 2023 AirSeaFluxCode: Open-source software for calculating turbulent air-sea fluxes from meteorological parameters. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.

Bisson, KM; Werdell, PJ; Chase, AP; Kramer, SJ; Cael, BB ORCID:; Boss, E; McKinna, LIW; Behrenfeld, MJ. 2023 Informing ocean color inversion products by seeding with ancillary observations. Optics Express, 31 (24), 40557.

Blockley, E.W.; Aksenov, Y. ORCID:; Campbell, K.; Hewitt, H.T.; Oltmanns, M. ORCID:; Screen, J.A.; Tsamados, M.. 2023 Impacts of Climate Change on Arctic Sea Ice. MCCIP Science Review 2023. 17, pp.

Bodenmann, Adrian; Cappelletto, José; Massot-Campos, Miquel; Newborough, Darryl; Chaney, Edward; Marlow, Rachel; Templeton, Robert; Phillips, Alexander B.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Wardell, Catherine; Thornton, Blair. 2023 High-resolution visual seafloor mapping and classification using long range capable AUV for ship-free benthic surveys. In: International Symposium on Underwater Technology, Tokyo, Japan, 6-9 March 2023. IEEE Underwater Technology (UT), 1-6.

Bograd, Steven J.; Jacox, Michael G.; Hazen, Elliott L.; Lovecchio, Elisa ORCID:; Montes, Ivonne; Pozo Buil, Mercedes; Shannon, Lynne J.; Sydeman, William J.; Rykaczewski, Ryan R.. 2023 Climate change impacts on eastern boundary upwelling systems. Annual Review of Marine Science, 15 (1).

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Bravo, M. Emilia; Brandt, Miriam I.; van der Grient, Jesse M. A.; Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Esquete, Patricia; Gollner, Sabine; Jones, Daniel O. B. ORCID:; Levin, Lisa A.; McClain, Craig R.; Narayanaswamy, Bhavani E.; Sutton, Tracey; Victorero, Lissette; Cordes, Erik E.. 2023 Insights from the management of offshore energy resources: Toward an ecosystem-services based management approach for deep-ocean industries. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.

Bridges, A.E.H.; Howell, K.L.; Amaro, T.; Atkinson, L.; Barnes, D.K.A. ORCID:; Bax, N.; Bell, J.B.; Bernardino, A.F.; Beuck, L.; Braga-Henriques, A.; Brandt, A.; Bravo, M.E.; Brix, S.; Butt, S.; Carranza, A.; Doti, B.L.; Elegbede, I.O.; Esquete, P.; Freiwald, A.; Gaudron, S.M.; Guilhon, M.; Hebbeln, D.; Horton, T. ORCID:; Kainge, P.; Kaiser, S.; Lauretta, D.; Limongi, P.; McQuaid, K.A.; Milligan, R.J.; Miloslavich, P.; Narayanaswamy, B.E.; Orejas, C.; Paulus, S.; Pearman, T.R.R.; Perez, J.A.; Ross, R.E.; Saeedi, H.; Shimabukuro, M.; Sink, K.; Stevenson, A.; Taylor, A.; Titschack, J.; Vieira, R.P.; Vinha, B.; Wienberg, C.. 2023 Review of the Central and South Atlantic offshore and deep-sea benthos: Science, policy and management. In: Hawkins, S.J.; Todd, P.A.; Russell, B.D., (eds.) Oceanography and Marine Biology An Annual Review. Boca Raton, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 127-218, 92pp.

Brown, Jennifer ORCID:; Yelland, Margaret ORCID:; Masselink, Gerd; Poate, Tim; Stokes, Kit; Pascal, Robin; Jones, David; Cardwell, Christopher ORCID:; Walk, John; Martin, Barry; Ganderton, Peter; Darroch, Louise; Gardner, Tom. 2023 Coastal wave overtopping: New Nowcast and monitoring technologies. In: 37th International Conference on Coastal Engineering Conference, ICCE 2022, Sydney, 4 December - 9 December 2022. American Society of Civil Engineers.

Buckley, Martha W.; Lozier, M. Susan; Desbruyères, Damien; Evans, Dafydd Gwyn ORCID: 2023 Buoyancy forcing and the subpolar Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 381 (2262).

Bulgin, Claire E; Mecking, Jennifer V; Harvey, Ben J; Jevrejeva, Svetlana ORCID:; McCarroll, Niall F; Merchant, Christopher J; Sinha, Bablu. 2023 Dynamic sea-level changes and potential implications for storm surges in the UK: a storylines perspective. Environmental Research Letters, 18 (4), 044033.

Bulot, Florentin M.J.; Ossont, Steven J.; Morris, Andrew K.R. ORCID:; Basford, Philip J.; Easton, Natasha H.C.; Mitchell, Hazel L.; Foster, Gavin L.; Cox, Simon J.; Loxham, Matthew. 2023 Characterisation and calibration of low-cost PM sensors at high temporal resolution to reference-grade performance. Heliyon, 9 (5), e15943.

Bulot, Florentin Michel Jacques; Russell, Hugo Savill; Rezaei, Mohsen; Johnson, Matthew Stanley; Ossont, Steven James; Morris, Andrew Kevin Richard ORCID:; Basford, Philip James; Easton, Natasha Hazel Celeste; Mitchell, Hazel Louise; Foster, Gavin Lee; Loxham, Matthew; Cox, Simon James. 2023 Laboratory comparison of low-cost particulate matter sensors to measure transient events of pollution—part B—particle number concentrations. Sensors, 23 (17), 7657.

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Byrne, David; Polton, Jeff ORCID:; O'Dea, Enda; Williams, Joanne ORCID: 2023 Using the COAsT Python package to develop a standardised validation workflow for ocean physics models. Geoscientific Model Development, 16 (13). 3749-3764.


Cael, B B ORCID:; Goodwin, P; Pearce, C R ORCID:; Stainforth, D. 2023 Benefit-cost ratios of carbon dioxide removal strategies. Environmental Research Letters, 18 (11), 114003.

Cael, B B ORCID:; Goodwin, P A. 2023 Global methane pledge versus carbon dioxide emission reduction. Environmental Research Letters, 18 (10), 104015.

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Cael, B. B. ORCID:; Bloch-Johnson, Jonah; Ceppi, Paulo; Fredriksen, Hege-Beate; Goodwin, Philip; Gregory, Jonathan M.; Smith, Christopher J.; Williams, Richard G.. 2023 Energy budget diagnosis of changing climate feedback. Science Advances, 9 (16).

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Cael, B.B. ORCID:; Seekell, David A.. 2023 Simple model of morphometric constraint on carbon burial in boreal lakes. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 11.

Carpenter, Stephen; Evans, Claire ORCID:; Pittman, Simon J.; Antonopoulou, Marina; Bejarano, Ivonne; Das, Himansu S.; Möller, Mona; Peel, Kate; Samara, Fatin; Stamoulis, Kostantinos A.; Mateos-Molina, Daniel. 2023 Multi-habitat carbon stock assessments to inform nature-based solutions for coastal seascapes in arid regions. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10.

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Ciliberti, Stefania A.; Fanjul, Enrique Alvarez; Pearlman, Jay; Wilmer-Becker, Kirsten; Bahurel, Pierre; Ardhuin, Fabrice; Arnaud, Alain; Bell, Mike; Berthou, Segolene; Bertino, Laurent; Capet, Arthur; Chassignet, Eric; Ciavatta, Stefano; Cirano, Mauro; Clementi, Emanuela; Cossarini, Gianpiero; Coro, Gianpaolo; Corney, Stuart; Davidson, Fraser; Drevillon, Marie; Drillet, Yann; Dussurget, Renaud; El Serafy, Ghada; Fennel, Katja; Sotillo, Marcos Garcia; Heimbach, Patrick; Hernandez, Fabrice; Hogan, Patrick; Hoteit, Ibrahim; Joseph, Sudheer; Josey, Simon ORCID:; Le Traon, Pierre-Yves; Libralato, Simone; Mancini, Marco; Matte, Pascal; Melet, Angelique; Miyazawa, Yasumasa; Moore, Andrew M.; Novellino, Antonio; Porter, Andrew; Regan, Heather; Romero, Laia; Schiller, Andreas; Siddorn, John ORCID:; Staneva, Joanna; Thomas-Courcoux, Cecile; Tonani, Marina; Garcia-Valdecasa, Jose Maria; Veitch, Jennifer; von Schuckmann, Karina; Wan, Liying; Wilkin, John; Zufic, Romane. 2023 Evaluation of operational ocean forecasting systems from the perspective of the users and the experts. State of the Planet, 1-osr7.

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