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Favero-Longo, Sergio E.; Worland, M. Roger; Convey, Peter; Smith, Ronald I Lewis; Piervittori, Rosanna; Guglielmin, Mauro; Cannone, Nicoletta. 2012 Primary succession of lichen and bryophyte communities following glacial recession on Signy Island, South Orkney Islands, Maritime Antarctic. Antarctic Science, 24 (4). 323-336. 10.1017/S0954102012000120

Hughes, K.A.; Convey, P; Maslen, N.R.; Smith, R.I.L.. 2010 Accidental transfer of non-native soil organisms into Antarctica on construction vehicles. Biological Invasions, 12 (4). 875-891. 10.1007/s10530-009-9508-2

Edwards, H.G.M.; Newton, E.M.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; Smith, R.I.L.. 2003 Non-destructive analysis of pigments and other organic compounds in lichens using Fourier-transform Raman spectroscopy: a study of Antarctic epilithic lichens. Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 59 (10). 2301-2309. 10.1016/S1386-1425(03)00073-8

Smith, R.I.L.. 2003 The enigma of Colobanthus quitensis and Deschampsia antarctica in Antarctica. In: Huiskes, A.H.L.; Gieskes, W.W.C.; Rozema, J.; Schorno, R.M.L.; van der Vies, S.M.; Wolff, W.J., (eds.) Antarctic Biology in a Global Context. Leiden, Backhuys, 234-239.

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Rozema, J.; Noordijk, A.J.; Broekman, R.A.; van Beem, A.; Meijkamp, B.M.; de Bakker, N.V.J.; van de Staaij, J.W.M.; Stroetenga, M.; Bohncke, S.J.P.; Konert, M.; Kars, S.; Peat, Helen; Smith, R.I.L.; Convey, Peter. 2001 (Poly)phenolic compounds in pollen and spores of antarctic plants as indicators of solar UV-B: a new proxy for the reconstruction of past solar UV-B? Plant Ecology, 154 (1-2). 9-26. 10.1023/A:1012913608353

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Convey, P.; Smith, R.I.L.; Hodgson, D.A.; Peat, H.P.. 2000 The flora of the South Sandwich Islands, with particular reference to the influence of geothermal heating. Journal of Biogeography, 27 (6). 1279-1295. 10.1046/j.1365-2699.2000.00512.x

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Convey, P.; Smith, R.I.L.; Peat, H.J.; Pugh, P.J.A.. 2000 The terrestrial biota of Charcot Island, eastern Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica: an example of extreme isolation. Antarctic Science, 12 (4). 406-413. 10.1017/S095410200000047X

Ochyra, Ryszard; Smith, Ronald I. Lewis. 1999 Meesia uliginosa Hedw. (Musci, Meesiaceae) in Antarctica. Cryptogamie Bryologie, 20 (1). 5-10. 10.1016/S1290-0796(99)80002-9

Bargagli, R.; Smith, R.I.L.; Martella, L.; Monaci, F.; Sanchez-Hernandez, J.C.; Ugolini, F.C.. 1999 Solution geochemistry and behaviour of major and trace elements during summer in a moss community at Edmonson Point, Victoria Land, Antarctica. Antarctic Science, 11 (01). 3-12. 10.1017/S0954102099000024

Ochyra, Ryszard; Bednarek-Ochyra, Halina; Smith, Ronald I. Lewis. 1998 170 years of research of the Antarctic moss flora. In: Glowacki, P.; Bednarek, J., (eds.) Polish polar studies: 25th international polar symposium. Warsaw, Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 159-177.

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Ochyra, Ryszard; Smith, Ronald I. Lewis. 1998 Antarctic species in the genus Ditrichum (Ditrichaceae, Bryopsida), with a description of D. gemmiferum sp. nov. Annales Botanica Fennici, 35. 33-53.

Convey, Peter; Smith, Ronald I. Lewis. 1997 The terrestrial arthropod fauna and its habitats in northern Marguerite Bay and Alexander Island, maritime Antarctic. Antarctic Science, 9 (1). 12-26. 10.1017/S0954102097000035

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Smith, R.I.L.. 1997 Oases as centres of high plant diversity and dispersal in Antarctica. In: Lyons, W.B.; Howard-Williams, C.; Hawes, I., (eds.) Ecosystem processes in Antarctic ice-free landscapes. Rotterdam, Balkema, 119-128.

Webby, Rosemary F.; Markham, Kenneth R.; Smith, Ronald I.L.. 1996 Chemotypes of the Antarctic moss Bryum algens delineated by their flavonoid constituents. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 24 (5). 469-475. 10.1016/0305-1978(96)88877-6

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Smith, R.I.. 1995 Colonization by lichens and the development of lichen-dominated communities in the maritime Antarctic. The Lichenologist, 27 (6). 473-483. 10.1016/S0024-2829(95)80007-7

Fowbert, John A.; Smith, Ronald I. Lewis. 1994 Rapid population increases in native vascular plants in the Argentine Islands, Antarctic Peninsula. Arctic and Alpine Research, 26 (3). 290-296. 10.2307/1551941

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