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Publication - Article

Gunn, David; Williams, Gareth; Kessler, Holger; Thorpe, Stephen. 2015 Rayleigh wave propagation assessment for transport corridors. Proceedings of the ICE - Transport, 168 (6). 487-498. 10.1680/jtran.14.00036

Lark, R.M.; Thorpe, S.; Kessler, H.; Mathers, S.J.. 2014 Interpretative modelling of a geological cross section from boreholes: sources of uncertainty and their quantification. Solid Earth, 5 (2). 1189-1203. 10.5194/se-5-1189-2014

Nelson, Catherine E.; Jerram, Dougal A.; Hobbs, Richard W.; Terrington, Ricky; Kessler, Holger. 2011 Reconstructing flood basalt lava flows in three dimensions using terrestrial laser scanning. Geosphere, 7 (1). 87-96. 10.1130/GES00582.1

Berg, Richard C.; Mathers, Stephen J.; Kessler, Holger; Keefer, Donald A., eds. 2011 Synopsis of current three-dimensional geological mapping and modeling in Geological Survey organizations. Ilinois State Geological Survey Circular, 578. 104, pp.

Tye, A.M.; Kessler, H.; Ambrose, K.; Williams, J.D.O.; Tragheim, D.; Scheib, A.; Raines, M.; Kuras, O.. 2011 Using integrated near-surface geophysical surveys to aid mapping and interpretation of geology in an alluvial landscape within a 3D soil-geology framework. Near Surface Geophysics, 9 (1). 15-31. 10.3997/1873-0604.2010038

Royse, Katherine R.; Kessler, Holger; Robins, Nicholas S.; Hughes, Andrew G.; Mathers, Stephen J.. 2010 The use of 3D geological models in the development of the conceptual groundwater model. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 161 (2). 237-249. 10.1127/1860-1804/2010/0161-0237

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Mathers, Steve; Kessler, Holger. 2010 Shallow sub-surface 3D geological models for environmental and earth science decision making. Environmental earth sciences, 60 (2). 445-448. 10.1007/s12665-009-0420-y

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Steve; Sobisch, Hans-Georg. 2009 The capture and dissemination of integrated 3D geospatial knowledge at the British Geological Survey using GSI3D software and methodology. Computers and Geosciences, 35 (6). 1311-1321. 10.1016/j.cageo.2008.04.005

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Stephen. 2007 Digital 3D geological models : the geological maps of the future. Suffolk Natural History, 43. 2-6.

Lelliott, M.R.; Bridge, D.McC.; Kessler, H.; Price, S.J.; Seymour, K.J.. 2006 The application of 3D geological modelling to aquifer recharge assessments in an urban environment. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology, 39 (3). 293-302. /doi:10.1144/1470-9236/05-027

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Stephen. 2006 The past, present and future of 3D geology in BGS. Journal Open University Geological Society, 27 (2). 13-15.

Lee, Jonathan; Moorlock, Brian; Rose, Jim; Hamblin, Richard; Pawley, Steven; Riding, Jim; Jarrow, Anna; Booth, Stephen; Palmer, A.; Morigi, Anthony; Kessler, Holger. 2005 The first appearance of Scandinavian indicators in East Anglia's glacial record : discussion. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk, 55. 43-62.

Price, Simon; Ford, Jonathan; Kessler, Holger; Cooper, Anthony; Humpage, Adrian. 2004 Artificial ground: mapping our impact on the surface of the Earth. Earthwise, 20. 30-31.

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Steve. 2004 Maps to models. Geoscientist, 14 (10). 4-6.

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Ellison, Richard; Hough, Ed; Kessler, Holger. 2002 Applied geological maps : presenting earth science information for planning and development. Earthwise, 18. 4-5.

Publication - Book

Kessler, H.; Giles, J.; Gunnink, J.; Hughes, A.; Moore, R.V.; Peach, D.. 2009 Integrated modelling of natural and human systems : problems and initiatives. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 7pp. (Unpublished)

Ford, Jonathan Richard; Cooper, Anthony; Price, Simon James; Gibson, Andrew; Pharaoh, Timothy; Kessler, Holger. 2008 Geology of the Selby district : a brief explanation of the geological map Sheet 71 Selby. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (Explanation (England and Wales Sheet), 71).

Riddick, Andy; Laxton, John; Cave, Mark; Wood, Ben; Duffy, Tim; Bell, Patrick; Evans, Chris; Howard, Andy; Armstrong, Bob; Kirby, Gary; Monaghan, Alison; Ritchie, Calum; Jones, Dave; Napier, Bruce; Jones, Neil; Millward, David; Clarke, Stuart; Leslie, Graham; Mathers, Steve; Royse, Kate; Kessler, Holger; Newell, Andy; Dumpleton, Steve; Loudon, Vic; Aspden, John. 2005 Digital geoscience spatial model project final report. Keyworth, British Geological Survey, 56pp. (BGS Occasional Publication No. 9).

Publication - Book Section

Rowe, E.C.; Wright, D.G.; Bertrand, N.; Reis, S.. 2014 Fusing and disaggregating models, data and analysis tools for a dynamic science-society interface. In: Riddick, A.T.; Kessler, H.; Giles, J.R.A., (eds.) Integrated environmental modelling to solve real world problems: methods, vision and challenges. London, Geological Society of London. (Geological Society Special Publication, 408).

Asch, Kristine; Mathers, Stephen J.; Kessler, Holger. 2012 Geology. In: Kresse, Wolfgang; Danko, David, (eds.) Handbook of Geographic Information. Springer, 525-544.

Smith, Barry; Kessler, Holger; Scheib, Andreas; Brown, Sarah; Palmer, R.C.; Kuras, Oliver; Scheib, Catherine; Jordan, Colm. 2008 3D modelling of geology and soils : a case study from the UK. In: Hartemink, A.E.; McBratney, A.B.; Lourdes Mendonca-Santos, M. de, (eds.) Digital soil mapping with limited data. Springer, 183-191.

Bridge, David; Hough, Edward; Kessler, Holger; Price, Simon James; Reeves, Helen. 2005 Urban geology : integrating surface and sub-surface geoscientific information for developing needs. In: Ostaficzuk, Stanislaw R., (ed.) The current role of geological mapping in geosciences. Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Springer, 129-134. (NATO science series 4: Earth and environmental sciences, 4).

Benham, A.J.; Kessler, H.. 2005 Use of 3D visualisation techniques to identify minimal impact sand and gravel extraction sites. In: Sustainable development indicators in the minerals industry : Institute of Mining Engineering I, RWTH Aachen University, 18-20 May 2005 : Aachen International Mining Symposia : second international conference : [proceedings]. Essen, Germany, Verlag Gluckauf GmbH, 487-497.

Hough, Edward; Kessler, Holger; Lelliott, Michael; Price, Simon James; Reeves, Helen; Bridge, David. 2003 Look before you leap : the use of geo-environmental data models for preliminary site appraisal. In: Moore, Heather M.; Fox, Howard R.; Elliott, Scott, (eds.) Land reclamation : extending the boundaries. Lisse, A.A. Balkema, 369-375.

Publication - Conference Item

Parkin, Geoff; Howard, James; Kessler, Holger; Burke, Helen; Farrell, Rolf; Whiteman, Mark; Hoad, Nigel. 2016 Integrating 3D geological models with surface-subsurface flood models. [Poster] In: Newcastle University School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences, Newcastle. (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Wood, Ben; Morin, Gary; Gakis, Angelos; McArdle, Gerard; Dabson, Oliver; Fitzgerald, Ross; Dearden, Rachel. 2015 Building Information Modelling (BIM): a route for geological models to have real world impact. In: GSA 2015, Maryland, USA, 1-4 Nov 2015. Geological Society of America. (Unpublished)

Grice, Carl; Kessler, Holger. 2015 Collaborative Geotechnical BIM technologies. [Lecture] In: AGI 2015, 2015. (Unpublished)

Burke, Helen; Kessler, Holger. 2015 Creating a step change in site investigations through the use of 3D models. [Lecture] In: Ground Engineering Ground Investigation Conference, London, UK, 22 April 2015. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Mathers, Steve; Kessler, Holger. 2015 New geological models from the British Geological Survey. In: 8th EUREGEO 2015, Barcelona, Spain, 15-17 June 2015.

Burke, Helen; Kessler, Holger. 2014 Construction and application of the London and Thames Valley 3D model. [Lecture] In: The Geology under London and the Thames Valley, London, UK, 17 Oct 2014. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Ford, Jon; Dearden, Rachel; Napier, Bruce; Kessler, Holger. 2013 3-D visualisation at the British Geological Survey. [Lecture] In: GSA, Denver Annual Meeting, Denver, USA, Oct 2013. Geological Society of America.

Ford, Jon; Dearden, Rachel; Kessler, Holger. 2013 Ahead of the game or behind the curve? (or, why building our confidence in models is essential). [Lecture] In: GSA, Denver Annual Meeting 2013, Denver, USA, Oct 3013. Geological Society of America.

Dearden, R.; Kessler, H.; Wood, B.. 2013 Mechanics of a 3D geological survey. [Poster] In: Geological Society of America 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting, Colorado, USA, 27-30 Oct 2013. Geological Society of America.

Kessler, Holger; Lark, Murray; Dearden, Rachel. 2013 The challenge of capturing multi-component uncertainty in 3D models. [Poster] In: Geological Society of America 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting, Colorado, USA, 27-30 Oct 2013. Geological Society of America.

Kessler, Holger; Dearden, Rachel; Mathers, Steve; Peach, Denis. 2012 3D geological mapping - uncovering the subsurface to increase environmental understanding. [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2012, San Francisco, USA, 3-7 Dec 2012. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Peach, Denis; Hughes, Andrew; Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Steve; Giles, Jerry. 2011 Integrated environmental modeling : the new DREAM for Geological Surveys. [Other] In: Archaean to Anthropocene: GSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, Minnesota, USA, 9-12 Oct 2011. 1-4. (Unpublished)

Watson, Carl; Kessler, Holger; Riddick, Andy; Giles, Jeremy. 2011 Data and research for environmental applications and models [DREAM]. [Poster] In: Cities, catchments and coasts: applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames Basin, London, UK, 13 May 2011. (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Terrington, Ricky L.; Sobisch, Hans-Georg; Gunnink, Jan; Ludwig, Rudiger; Harms, Egon; Turner, Keith; Moore, Roger. 2010 The need for improved management of the subsurface. In: First International Conference on Frontiers in Shallow Subsurface Technology, Delft, the Netherlands, 20-22 Jan 2010. 43-50.

Mathers, Stephen; Kessler, Holger; Sobisch, Hans-Georg. 2009 3D geological modelling at the British Geological Survey using the GS13D software and methodology [extended abstract]. In: EUREGEO 2009 : European congress on Regional Geoscientific Cartography and Information Systems, Munich, Germany, 9-12 June 2009. Augsburg, Bayerisches Landesamt fur Umwelt, 82-84.

Kessler, Holger; Campbell, Diarmad; Ford, Jon; Giles, Jeremy; Hughes, Andrew; Jackson, Ian; Peach, Denis; Price, Simon; Sobisch, Hans-Georg; Terrington, Ricky; Wood, Ben. 2009 Building on geological models : the vision of an environmental modelling platform. In: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2009, Illinois, USA, 18-21 Oct 2009. Illinois, USA, Geological Society of America, 24-30.

Farrell, Rolf; Whiteman, Mark; Kessler, Holger. 2009 Geological and hydrogeological models in the Environment Agency. [Poster] In: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2009, Illinois, USA, 18-21 Oct 2009. Environment Agency. (Unpublished)

Rogers, C.D.F.; Chapman, D.N.; Entwisle, D.; Jones, L.; Kessler, H.; Metje, N.; Mica, L.; Morey, M.; Pospisil, P.; Price, S.; Raclavsky, J.; Raines, M.; Scott, H.; Thomas, A.M.. 2009 Predictive mapping of soil geophysical properties for GPR utility location surveys. In: 5th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar, Granada, Spain, 27-29 May 2009. 60-67. (Unpublished)

Giles, Jeremy; Kessler, Holger. 2009 Why doesn't your model pass information to mine? In: Digital Mapping Techniques 09, West Virginia, USA, 10-13 May 2009. (Unpublished)

Ford, J.R.; Price, S.J.; Cooper, A.H.; Kessler, H.. 2009 The enhanced classification of artificial ground as a tool to investigate and represent anthropogenic processes in the recent geological record. [Poster] In: UK Archaeological Sciences Biennial Conference (UKAS), Nottingham, UK, 8-10 Sept 2009. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Scheib, Andreas; Boon, D.; Auton, C.; Williams, J.; Raines, M.; Kuras, O.; Pearson, S.; O Dochartaigh, B.; Kessler, H.. 2008 Multidisciplinary monitoring and modelling to understand the Holocene landscape evolution of a small upland catchment [abstract]. [Lecture] In: International Seminar on Small Catchments 1st meeting of the IAG/AIG Working Group, Miedzyzdroje, Poland, 21-23 April 2008. Adam Mickiewicz University, 27. (Unpublished)

Boon, David; Kessler, Holger; Raines, Michael; Kuras, Oliver; Auton, Clive; Williams, Jamie; Nice, Sarah; Pearson, Stephen Graham; Weller, Alan; Arkley, Sarah. 2008 Modelling Scottish peat stratigraphy using integrated electrical geophysics. [Lecture] In: Reinforced Water : Engineering And Environmental Considerations In Construction Over Peat, Edinburgh, Scotland, 11 March 2008. (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Turner, A.K.; Culshaw, Martin; Royse, Katherine. 2008 Unlocking the potential of digital 3D geological subsurface models for geotechnical engineers. In: European econference of the International Association for Engineering geology, Madrid, Spain, 15-20 Sept 2008. Asociacion Espanola de Geologia Aplicada a la Ingenieria.

Scheib, Andreas; Ambrose, Keith; Boon, David; Kessler, Holger; Kuras, Oliver; Lelliott, Michael; Nice, Sarah; Palmer, R.C.; Raines, Michael. 2007 3d digital soil-geology models of the near surface environment [abstract]. [Poster] In: Pedometrics 2007, Tubingen, Germany, 27-30 August 2007. Not known, International Union of Soil Sciences, 85.

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Stephen; Lelliott, Michael; Hughes, Andrew; Macdonald, David. 2007 Rigorous 3D geological models as the basis for groundwater modelling. In: Annual meeting Geological Society of America, Colorado, USA, 27 Oct 2007. Denver, Colorado, USA, Illinois State Geological Survey.

Cooper, Anthony; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Price, Simon James; Hall, Michael; Burke, Helen; Kessler, Holger. 2007 The digital approach to understanding the Quaternary evolution of the Vale of York, UK. [Poster] In: Geomorphology : a 2020 vision : annual conference of the British Society for Geomorphology, Birmingham, UK, 4-6 July 2007. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey.

Kessler, Holger; Napier, Bruce; Terrington, Ricky; Mathers, Stephen; Sobisch, H.-G.. 2007 The present and future construction and delivery of 3D geological models. [Poster] In: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA, 28-31 October 2007. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey.

Price, S. J.; Lelliott, M.; Banks, V.J.; Wildman, G.; Kessler, H.; Bridge, D.M.; Shepley, M.; Seymour, K.. 2006 3-D geoscience models and their application to hydrogeological domains mapping. In: The pursuit of science : building on a foundation of discovery, Philadelphia, USA, 22-25 Oct 2006.

Kessler, Holger. 2006 Tools for building and delivering 3D models : perspectives by the British Geological Survey. In: Government Geoscience Information Policy Advisory Committee (GGIPAC), Canberra, Australia, 29 Nov 2006. (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Lelliott, Michael; Bridge, David; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Sobisch, Hans-Georg; Mathers, Stephen; Price, Simon James; Royse, Katherine. 2005 3D geoscience models and their delivery to customers. In: Annual meeting Geological Society of America, Utah, USA, 15 Oct 2005. Ontario, Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, 39-42.

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Bridge, D.M.; Hough, E.; Kessler, H.; Lelliott, M.; Price, S.J.; Reeves, H.J.. 2004 Integrating modelling of geoscience information to support sustainable urban planning. In: 3D Geological Mapping for Groundwater Applications workshop., Ontario, Canada, 15 May 2004. Geological Association of Canada. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Burke, H.F.; Hughes, L.; Wakefield, O.J.W.; Entwisle, D.C.; Waters, C.N.; Myers, A.; Thorpe, S.; Terrington, R.; Kessler, H.; Horabin, C.. 2015 A 3D geological model for B90745 North Trans Pennine Electrification East between Leeds and York. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 28pp. (CR/15/004N) (Unpublished)

Chamfray, Jerome; Wright, David J.; Miles, Simon; Morin, Gary; Gricen, Carl; Kessler, Holger. 2015 BIM for the sub-surface : challenges. AGI, 2pp. (AGI Foresight Report)

Cooper, A.H.; Kessler, H.; Burke, H.; Chambers, J.. 2014 Multidisciplinary fieldwork training in a professional geoscience environment: Quaternary mapping, landscape literacy and hazard identification. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 61pp. (IR/14/054) (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Dearden, Rachel. 2014 Scoping study for a Pan-European geological data infrastructure : D 3.4 : technical requirements for serving 3D geological models. EGDI Scope, 22pp. (OR/14/072) (Unpublished)

Price, S.J.; Kessler, H.; Burke, H.F.; Hough, E.; Reeves, H.J.. 2012 Model metadata report for Manchester and Salford, NW England. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 14pp. (OR/12/068) (Unpublished)

Mathers, S.J.; Kessler, H.; Macdonald, D.M.J.; Hughes, A.; Jackson, C.; Robins, N.S.. 2012 The use of geological and hydrogeological models in environmental studies. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 93pp. (IR/10/022) (Unpublished)

Mathers, S.J.; Wood, B.; Kessler, H.. 2011 GSI3D 2011 : software manual and methodology. British Geological Survey, 152pp. (OR/11/020) (Unpublished)

Ford, J.; Kessler, H.; Cooper, A.H.; Price, S.J.; Humpage, A.J.. 2010 An enhanced classification of artificial ground. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (OR/10/036) (Unpublished)

Burke, H.F.; Morgan, D.J.; Kessler, H.; Cooper, A.H.. 2010 A 3D geological model of the superficial deposits of the Holderness area. British Geological Survey, 58pp. (CR/09/132N) (Unpublished)

Giles, J.R.A.; Hughes, A.; Kessler, H.; Watson, C.; Peach, D.. 2010 Data, and research for applications and models (DREAM) : scoping study report. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 75pp. (OR/10/020) (Unpublished)

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Terrington, R.L.; Mathers, S.J.; Kessler, H.; Hulland, V.; Price, S.J.. 2009 Subsurface viewer 2009 : user manual V1.0. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 23pp. (OR/09/027) (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Stephen; Sobisch, H.-G.; Neber, A.; Aldiss, Don; Bridge, David; Ford, Jonathan; Garcia-Bajo, Marieta; Hulland, Vince; Napier, Bruce; Price, Simon James; Royse, Katherine; Rutter, Helen; Wildman, Geraldine. 2008 GSI3D : the software and methodology to build systematic near-surface 3-D geological models. Version 2. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 144pp. (OR/08/001) (Unpublished)

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Cooper, A.H.; Kessler, H.; Ford, J.. 2006 A revised scheme for coding unlithified deposits (also applicable to engineering soils). British Geological Survey, 45pp. (IR/05/123) (Unpublished)

Price, S.J.; Banks, V.; Cooper, A.H.; Wildman, G.; Kessler, H.; Burke, H.; Terrington, R.; Bridge, D.; Shepley, M.. 2006 3-D hydrogeological characterisation of the superficial deposits between Doncaster and Retford. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 43pp. (CR/06/027N) (Unpublished)

Ambrose, K.; Buckley, D.; Entwisle, D.; Jones, D.; Jordan, C.J.; Kessler, H.; Kuras, O.; Lelliott, M.; McManus, K.; Nice, S.E.; Palmer, R.; Pearson, S.; Price, S.; Scheib, A.; Scheib, C.; Smith, B.. 2006 The 3D Soils Modelling Project : results, feedback and recommendations of the Brackenhurst site survey 2005. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 157pp. (IR/06/074) (Unpublished)

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Palumbo, Barbara; Rawlins, Barry; Herbert, Charlotte; Kessler, Holger; Klinck, Ben. 2004 Human health risk assessment for exposure to soil at London Road Allotments, Coventry (UK). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 44pp. (CR/04/045N) (Unpublished)

Kessler, H.; Bridge, D.; Burke, H.F. ; Butcher, A.; Doran, S.K.; Hough, Ed.; Lelliott, M.; Mogridge, R.T.; Price, S.J.; Richardson, A.E.; Robins, N.; Seymour, Keith. 2004 Urban Manchester : hydrogeological pathway project. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 78pp. (CR/04/044N) (Unpublished)

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Output (Electronic)

Marchant, Andrew; Pedley, Robert; Heaven, Rachel; Wood, Benjamin; Dearden, Rachel; Kessler, Holger. New 3D models for BGS's Geology of Britain Viewer. November 2013, [Output (Electronic)]

Publication - Other

Cullen, Hannah; Kessler, Holger; Wood, Benjamin; Mathers, Stephen. 2010 GSI3D : Geological surveying and investigation in 3D. British Geological Survey [Flyer] (Unpublished)

Smith, B.; Campbell, S.; Fordyce, F.; Kessler, H.; Price, S.; Entwisle, D.; Royse, K.. 2007 Understanding heterogeneity and structure in urban environments: a tool for the assessment of risk and interpretation of geochemical data. British Geological Survey [Poster]

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