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Publication - Article

Barron, Hugh F.; Marvinney, Robert G.; Wylezol, Paul. 2016 International Appalachian Trail bridges Atlantic divide. Earth Heritage, 45. 20-22.

Campbell, Diarmad; Bonsor, Helen; Lawrence, David; Monaghan, Alison; Whitbread, Katie; Kearsey, Tim; Finlayson, Andrew; Entwisle, David; Kingdon, Andrew; Bricker, Stephanie; Fordyce, Fiona; Barron, Hugh; Dick, Gillian; Hay, David. 2015 Datos del subsuelo y su conocimiento para las Ciudades del Mañana: lecciones aprendidas de Glasgow y su aplicabilidad en otros lugares. Ciudad y territorio estudios territoriales, 47 (186). 745-758.

Bonsor, H.C.; Entwisle, D.C.; Watson, S.; Lawrie, K.; Bricker, S.; Campbell, S.; Lawrence, D.; Barron, H.; Hall, I.; O Dochartaigh, B.E.. 2013 Maximising past investment in subsurface data in urban areas for sustainable resource management: a pilot in Glasgow, UK. Technical note. Ground Engineering, 46 (2). 25-28.

Gordon, John E.; Barron, Hugh F.. 2013 The role of geodiversity in delivering ecosystem services and benefits in Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology, 49 (1). 41-58.

Gordon, John E.; Barron, Hugh F.; Miller, Angus D.. 2012 New directions in geoconservation : Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter. European Geologist, 34. 48-52.

Gordon, John E.; Barron, Hugh F.. 2012 Valuing geodiversity and geoconservation : developing a more strategic ecosystem approach. Scottish Geographical Journal, 128 (3-4). 278-297.

Gordon, John E.; Barron, Hugh F.; Hansom, James D.; Thomas, Michael F.. 2012 Engaging with geodiversity : why it matters. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 123 (1). 1-6.

Gordon, John E.; Barron, Hugh F.; Miller, Angus D.. 2012 New directions in geoconservation : Scotland's geodiversity charter. European Geologist, 34. 48-52.

Barron, Hugh. 2008 A 3D look at the world beneath our feet. LARCI Newsletter (Winter). 10.

Molyneux, Stewart; Barron, Hugh; Smith, Richard. 2008 Upper Llandovery-Wenlock (Silurian) palynology of the Pentland Hills inliers, Midland Valley of Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology, 44 (2). 151-168.

Barron, Hugh; Bell, Mike. 2007 Maps on the web : evolution or revolution? GIS Professional, 14. 25.

Barron, Hugh; Krabbendam, Maarten. 2006 Scotland’s first Geopark : the North West Highlands. Scottish Planner, 108. 6-7.

Barron, Hugh F.. 2005 AGI Scotland. Geographic Information, March. 5-7.

Barron, Hugh. 2005 GI working better for Scotland. GIS Professional, March/April.

Barron, Hugh. 2005 Lothian shapes up for its second first. Earth Heritage, 24. 5.

Barron, Hugh; Arkley, Sarah. 2005 West Lothian leads in Scotland. Earth Heritage, 25. 12-13.

Phillips, E.R.; Barron, H.F.; Smith, R.A.; Arkley, S.. 2004 Composition and provenance of the Silurian to Devonian sandstone sequences of the Southern Midland Valley. Scottish Journal of Geology, 40 (1). 23-42.

Barron, Hugh F.; Phillips, Emrys R.; Floyd, James D.. 2004 The Lamington Conglomerate: further evidence for an ophiolitic source for the Ordovician Marchburn Formation, Northern Belt, Southern Uplands. Scottish Journal of Geology, 40 (1). 7-12.

Barron, Hugh; Krabbendam, Maarten; Todd, Gordon. 2004 Scotland’s first Geopark : The North West Highlands. Earth Heritage, 23. 19-21.

Phillips, E.R.; Evans, J.A.; Stone, P.; Horstwood, M.S.A.; Floyd, J.D.; Smith, R.A.; Akhurst, M.C.; Barron, H.F.. 2003 Detrital Avalonian zircons in the Laurentian Southern Uplands Terrane, Scotland. Geology, 31 (7). 625-628.

Armstrong, Howard A.; Floyd, James D.; Tingqing, Lu; Barron, Hugh F.. 2002 Conodont biostratigraphy of the Crawford Group, Southern Uplands, Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology, 38 (2). 69-82.​sjg38020069

Smith, R.A.; Phillips, E.R.; Floyd, J.D.; Barron, H.F.; Pickett, E.A.. 2000 The Northern Belt 100 years on : a revised model of the Ordovician tracts near Leadhills, Scotland. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Earth Sciences), 91 (3-4). 421-434.

Barron, Hugh. 1996 Report on the Edinburgh Geological Society’s 1996 James Wright Memorial Lecture : Burgess Shale Faunas and the Explosion of Cambrian Life by Professor Simon Conway-Morris. Edinburgh Geologist, 29. 33-36.

McCaffrey, W.D.; Barron, H.F.; Molyneux, S.G.; Kneller, B.C.. 1992 Recycled aritarchs as provenance indicators : implications for Caledonian Terrane Reconstruction. Geological Magazine, 129 (4). 457-464.

White, Dennis E.; Barron, Hugh F.; Barnes, Robert P.; Lintern, Byron C.. 1991 Biostratigraphy of late Llandovery (Telychian) and Wenlock turbiditic sequences in the SW Southern Uplands, Scotland. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Earth Sciences), 82 (4). 297-322.

Barron, H.F.. 1989 Mid-Wenlock acritarchs from a Silurian inlier in the Cheviot Hills, NE England. Scottish Journal of Geology, 25. 81-98.​sjg25010081

Loydell, David K.; McMillan, Ian; Barron, Hugh F.. 1988 Muellerisphaerids from the Llandovery of western mid-Wales. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 7 (2). 243-246.​jm.7.2.243

Publication - Book Section

Barron, Hugh F.. 1989 Dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian to basal Portlandian) of the Helmsdale region, east Sutherland, Scotland. In: Batten, D.J.; Keen, M.C., (eds.) Northwest European Micropalaeontology and Palynology. Chichester, England, Ellis Horwood for the British Micropalaeontological Society, 193-213, 21pp. (Ellis Horwood Series in Geology).

Publication - Conference Item

Bonsor, H.C.; Barron, H.. 2016 Unlocking the subsurface for new spatial planning : developing standardised digital data for the UK on the subsurface. In: Brownfield Land Scotland 2016, Glasgow, UK, 3 Feb 2016. (Unpublished)

Barron, H.F.; Bonsor, H.C.; Campbell, S.D.G.; Reeves, H.J.; Hay, D.; Hall, I.; Scott, A.. 2015 The ASK Network: developing a virtuous cycle of subsurface data and knowledge exchange. In: Geotechnical Engineering for Infrastructure and Development: XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Edinburgh, UK, Sept 2015. Institution of Civil Engineers.

Marvinney, R.G.; Anderson, W.A.; Barron, H.F.; Hernandez, R.. 2014 The International Appalachian Trail: the ancient Appalachians as ambassador of the geosciences to modern societies. [Speech] In: GAC - MAC /Joint Annual Meeting, New Brunswick, Canada, 21-23 May 2014. Geological Association of Canada & Mineralogical Association of Canada, 175. (Unpublished)

Lemon, K.; Barron, H.F.; Gordon, J.E.. 2013 Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter: a step forward for Scottish Geoparks. In: 12th European Geoparks Conference, Ascea-Velia-Elea, Italy, 4-7 Sept 2013. Ascea-Velia-Elea, Italy, National Park of Cilento, 150-153.

Bonsor, H.; Lawrie, K.; Watson, S.; Campbell, D.; Lawrence, D.; Hall, I.; Hay, D.; Barron, H.. 2012 Transforming the exchange of subsurface data and knowledge between the public and private sectors : a pilot in Glasgow, UK. [Poster] In: 7th EURGEO EUropean congress on REgional GEOscientific cartography and Information systems, , Bologna, Italy, 12–15 June 2012. (Unpublished)

Barron, Hugh. 2011 Maximising the benefit of past investment : the subsurface agenda : a case study from Glasgow. [Lecture] In: European Commission INSPIRE Conference, 2011, Edinburgh, UK, 27 June – 1 July 2011. British Geological Survey, 1-17. (Unpublished)

Holcroft, Chris; Waters, Robin; Barron, Hugh. 2011 Volunteering for INSPIRE : the AGI experience. [Lecture] In: European Commission INSPIRE Conference, 2011, Edinburgh, UK, 27 June – 1 July 2011. European Commission.

Gordon, John; Barron, Hugh. 2010 Towards a geodiversity framework for Scotland : engaging with geodiversity : why it matters, 1 December 2010. [Lecture] In: Engaging with Geodiversity : Why it Matters, Edinburgh, UK, 1st Dec 2010. 1-16. (Unpublished)

Barron, H.; Arkley, S.; Browne, M.. 2006 Integrating geodiversity into the planning system : an example from West Lothian, Scotland. [Lecture] In: 2nd International Conference on Geoparks . European Geoparks Network.

Barron, Hugh. 2004 ConSEPT : its application in risk assessment. In: CIEF (Construction Industry Environmental Forum) seminar: Contaminated land risk assessment., Glasgow, UK, 29 March 2004. 1-6. (Unpublished)

Molyneux, Stewart; Barron, Hugh; Smith, Richard. 2001 Silurian palynology and correlation of inliers in the Midland Valley of Scotland. [Lecture] In: Palaeozoic Palynology in the Third Millenium : new directions in acritarch, chitinozoan and miospore research., Lille, France, Sept 2001. Commission Internationale de Microflore du Paleozoique.

Barron, Hugh F.; Phillips, Emrys R.; Smith, Richard A.. 1999 Composition and provenance of sandstones and conglomerates from the Silurian inliers and the Lanark Group, Midland Valley. [Poster] In: The Southern Uplands Terrane : Peach and Horne Centennial Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 23-25 Sept 1999. (Unpublished)

Smith, R.A.; Floyd, J.D.; Barron, H.F.; Phillips, E.R.; Pickett, E.A.. 1999 The Northern Belt one hundred years on : a revised model of the Arenig – Caradoc tracts near Leadhills. [Poster] In: The Southern Uplands Terrane : Tectonics and Biostratigraphy within the Caledonian Orogen, Edinburgh, Scotland, 23–25 Sept 1999. (Unpublished)

Barron, Hugh F.; Molyneux, Stewart G.. 1992 Acritarchs from the Ashgill Series (Ordovician) of the UK. [Lecture] In: International Palynological Congress, Aix-en-Provence, France, 6-12 Sept 1992. Aix-en-Provence, France, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 9.

Waters, R.A.; Davies, J.R.; Wilson, D.; Zalasiewiccz, J.A.; Fletcher, C.J.N.; Barron, H.F.. 1991 The processes and products of submarine erosions along the southeastern margin of the Southern Welsh Basin : a response to Telychian tectonism. [Lecture] In: Welsh Basin Meeting, Aberystwyth, Wales, 15-18 Nov 1991. (Unpublished)

Barron, Hugh F.. 1991 Moyeria cabottii from the Ordovician of Wales, United Kingdom. [Lecture] In: Annual Meeting of the American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Alberta, Canada, 10-13 October 1991. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, 237.

Barron, H.F.; Davies, J.R.; Fletcher, C.J.N.; Waters, R.A.; Wilson, D.; Zalasiewicz, J.A.. 1990 Telychian sedimentation across the Tywi and Pontesford lineaments in central Wales. In: The Murchison Symposium, Keele, UK, 28 March – 9 April 1989. (Unpublished)

Barron, Hugh. 1987 Dinoflagellate cyst palynostratigraphy of the Helmsdale Boulder Beds (Kimmeridgian to basal Portlandian), northern Scotland. [Lecture] In: British Micropalaeontological Society Symposium: Micropalaeontology, Palynology and Petroleum Exploration, on- and offshore Europe, Aberdeen, Scotland, 2-3 April 1987. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Monaghan, A.A.; O Dochartaigh, B.; Fordyce, F.; Loveless, S.; Entwisle, D.; Quinn, M.; Smith, K.; Ellen, R.; Arkley, S.; Kearsey, T.; Campbell, S.D.G.; Fellgett, M.; Mosca, I.. 2017 UKGEOS: Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Field Site GGERFS): initial summary of the geological platform. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 205pp. (OR/17/006) (Unpublished)

Robinson, R.A.J.; Townsend, P.; Steen, P.; Barron, H.; Abesser, C.A.; Muschamp, H.; McGrath, I.; Todd, I.. 2016 Geothermal Energy Challenge Fund: the Guardbridge Geothermal Technology Project. The Scottish Government, 105pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Barron, H.F.; Gillespie, M.R.; Merritt, J.W.. 2011 Geodiversity of the Cairngorms National Park. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey, 35pp. (OR/10/019) (Unpublished)

Barron, H.F.; Merritt, J.W.; Gillespie, M.R.. 2011 Geological input to a Landscape Character Assessment of the Cairngorms National Park. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey, 14pp. (OR/10/003) (Unpublished)

Arkley, S.L.B.; Browne, M.A.E.; Albornoz-Parra, L.J.; Barron, H.F.. 2011 East Dunbartonshire geodiversity audit. British Geological Survey, 252pp. (OR/09/019) (Unpublished)

Gordon, J.E.; Barron, Hugh F.. 2011 Scotland’s geodiversity : development of the basis for a national framework. Scottish Natural Heritage, 168pp. (Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No. 417)

Barron, Hugh; Thompson, Joanna; Aldiss, Don; Woods, Mark; Harrison, Anna. 2009 London’s foundations protecting the geodiversity of the capital. London, UK, Greater London Authority. (UNSPECIFIED)

Kearsey, Timothy; Browne, Michael. 2009 High Smithstone Quarry Site of Special Scientific Interest and replacement site. British Geological Survey, 17pp. (OR/09/038) (Unpublished)

Engering, S.; Barron, H.F.. 2007 Doncaster geodiversity assessment. Volumes 1 & 2. British Geological Survey, 222pp. (CR/07/025N) (Unpublished)

Goodenough, K.M.; Finlayson, A.; Barron, H.F.. 2007 Geodiversity of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park : statement of significance and identification of opportunities. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 26pp. (OR/07/036) (Unpublished)

Barron, H.F.; Browne, M.A.E.; Finlayson, A.. 2006 West Lothian Geodiversity. Volumes 1 - 3. British Geological Survey, 214pp. (CR/06/008N) (Unpublished)

Armstrong, H.A.; Floyd, James; Barron, Hugh. 2001 Conodont biostratigraphy of the Crawford Group, Southern Uplands. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 28pp. (RR/01/005)

Barron, Hugh F.. 1998 The geology of the central Pentland Hills : 1:10000 sheets NT16SE (Scald Law) and 1:10560 sheets NT15NW (Baddinsgill) and part of NT15NE (Carlops) : part of 1:50000 sheets 32W (Livingston), 32E (Edinburgh) and 24W (Biggar). British Geological Survey, 34pp. (WA/98/041) (Unpublished)

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