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Jones, Hazel M.; Young, Gillian; Choularton, Thomas W.; Bower, Keith N.; Lachlan-Cope, Thomas; O'Shea, Sebastian; Dorsey, James; Ladkin, Russell; Kirchgaessner, Amelie; Weiss, Alexandra. 2018 Summertime Arctic aircraft measurements during ACCACIA. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 1-40.

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O'Shea, Sebastian J.; Choularton, Thomas W.; Flynn, Michael; Bower, Keith N.; Gallagher, Martin; Crosier, Jonathan; Williams, Paul; Crawford, Ian; Fleming, Zoë L.; Listowski, Constantino; Kirchgaessner, Amelie; Ladkin, Russell S.; Lachlan-Cope, Thomas. 2017 In situ measurements of cloud microphysics and aerosol over coastal Antarctica during the MAC campaign. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (21). 13049-13070.

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Nygard, Tiina; Vihma, Timo; Birnbaum, Gerit; Hartmann, Jorg; King, John; Lachlan-Cope, Tom; Ladkin, Russell; Lupkes, Christof; Weiss, Alexandra. 2016 Validation of eight atmospheric reanalyses in the Antarctic Peninsula region. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142 (695B). 684-692.

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King, J.C.; Gadian, A.; Kirchgaessner, A.; Kuipers Munneke, P.; Lachlan-Cope, T.A.; Orr, A.; Reijmer, C.; van den Broeke, M.R.; van Wessem, J.M.; Weeks, M.. 2015 Validation of the summertime surface energy budget of Larsen C Ice Shelf (Antarctica) as represented in three high-resolution atmospheric models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 120 (4). 1335-1347.

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Bromwich, David H.; Nicolas, Julien P.; Hines, Keith M.; Kay, Jennifer E.; Key, Erica L.; Lazzara, Matthew A.; Lubin, Dan; McFarquhar, Greg M.; Gorodetskaya, Irina V.; Grosvenor, Daniel P.; Lachlan-Cope, Thomas; van Lipzig, Nicole P.M.. 2012 Tropospheric clouds in Antarctica. Reviews of Geophysics, 50, RG1004. 40, pp.

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