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Publication - Article

Cox, Thea R.; Butler, James R.A.; Webber, Amanda D.; Young, Juliette C.. 2020 The ebb and flow of adaptive co-management: a longitudinal evaluation of a conservation conflict. Environmental Science & Policy, 114. 453-460.

Sharma, Koustubh; Fiechter, Matthias; George, Todd; Young, Juliette; Alexander, Justine Shanti; Bijoor, Ajay; Suryawanshi, Kulbhushansingh; Mishra, Charudutt. 2020 Conservation and people: towards an ethical code of conduct for the use of camera traps in wildlife research. Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 1 (2), e12033. 6, pp.

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Salvatori, Valeria; Balian, Estelle; Blanco, Juan Carlos; Ciucci, Paolo; Demeter, László; Hartel, Tibor; Marsden, Katrina; Redpath, Stephen Mark; von Korff, Yorck; Young, Juliette Claire. 2020 Applying participatory processes to address conflicts over the conservation of large carnivores: understanding conditions for successful management. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8, 182. 14, pp.

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Sarkki, Simo; Balian, Estelle; Heink, Ulrich; Keune, Hans; Nesshöver, Carsten; Niemelä, Jari; Tinch, Rob; Van Den Hove, Sybille; Watt, Allan; Waylen, Kerry A.; Young, Juliette C.. 2019 Managing science-policy interfaces for impact: interactions within the environmental governance meshwork. Environmental Science & Policy.

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Publication - Book

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Publication - Book Section

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Publication - Report

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