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Gray, Alan; Perry, Annika; Cavers, Stephen; Eastwood, Antonia; Biermann, Michelle; Darlow, Andrew; Thomas, Vanessa; Lambdon, Phil. 2017 Hybrid plants preserve unique genetic variation in the St Helena endemic trees Commidendrum rotundifolium DC Roxb. and C. spurium (G.Forst.) DC. Conservation Genetics, 18 (1). 241-246. 10.1007/s10592-016-0884-8

Davies, G. Matt; Kettridge, Nicholas; Stoof, Cathelijne R.; Gray, Alan; Marrs, Rob; Ascoli, Davide; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Allen, Katherine A.; Doerr, Stefan H.; Clay, Gareth D.; McMorrow, Julia; Vandvik, Vigdis. 2016 Informed debate on the use of fire for peatland management means acknowledging the complexity of socio-ecological systems. Nature Conservation, 16. 59-77. 10.3897/natureconservation.16.10739

Davies, G. Matt; Kettridge, Nicholas; Stoof, Cathelijne R.; Gray, Alan; Marrs, Rob; Ascoli, Davide; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Allen, Katherine A.; Doerr, Stefan H.; Clay, Gareth D.; McMorrow, Julia; Vandvik, Vigdis. 2016 The peatland vegetation burning debate: keep scientific critique in perspective. A response to Brown et al. and Douglas et al. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 371 (1708), 20160434. 4, pp. 10.1098/rstb.2016.0434

Davies, G. Matt; Kettridge, Nicholas; Stoof, Cathelijne R.; Gray, Alan; Ascoli, Davide; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Marrs, Rob; Allen, Katherine A.; Doerr, Stefan H.; Clay, Gareth D.; McMorrow, Julia; Vandvik, Vigdis. 2016 The role of fire in UK peatland and moorland management: the need for informed, unbiased debate [in special issue: The interaction of fire and mankind] Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 371 (1696), 20150342. 17, pp. 10.1098/rstb.2015.0342

Davies, G. Matt; Stoof, Cathelijne R.; Kettridge, Nicholas; Gray, Alan. 2016 Comment on: Vegetation burning for game management in the UK uplands is increasing and overlaps spatially with soil carbon and protected areas. Biological Conservation, 195. 293-294. 10.1016/j.biocon.2016.01.002

Davies, G.M.; Domènech, R.; Gray, A.; Johnson, P.C.D.. 2016 Vegetation structure and fire weather influence variation in burn severity and fuel consumption during peatland wildfires. Biogeosciences, 13 (2). 389-398. 10.5194/bg-13-389-2016

Davies, G. Matt; Gray, Alan. 2015 Don't let spurious accusations of pseudoreplication limit our ability to learn from natural experiments (and other messy kinds of ecological monitoring). Ecology and Evolution, 5 (22). 5295-5304. 10.1002/ece3.1782

Levy, P.E.; Gray, A.. 2015 Greenhouse gas balance of a semi-natural peatbog in northern Scotland. Environmental Research Letters, 10 (9), 094019. 11, pp. 10.1088/1748-9326/10/9/094019

Baattrup-Pedersen, Annette; Andrews, Christopher; Belletti, Barbara; Campana, Daniela; Carlson, Peter E.; Chapman, Dan S.; Chormaski, Jaroslaw; Comiti, Francesco; Garcia de Jalon, Diego; Gonzalez del Tanago, Marta; Gray, Alan; Ives, Stephen C.; Johnson, Richard K.; Kiczko, Adam; Kjeldsen, Thomas R.; Kraml, Julia; Laize, Cedric L.R.; Lebiedzinski, Katharina; Mader, Helmut; Maroto, Judit; Martinez-Fernandez, Vanesa; Mayr, Peter; McKie, Brendan G.; Okrusko, Tomasz; Rinaldi, Massimo; Sandin, Leonard; Staras, Mircea; Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock, Ben A.; O'Hare, Matthew T.. 2015 Guidance on how to identify impacts of hydromorphological degradation on riparian ecosystems. Deliverable 3.4 of REFORM (REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management), a collaborative project (large-scale integrating project) funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Grant Agreement 282656. European Commission, 187pp. (CEH Project no. C04493)

Cooper, Mark D.A.; Evans, Christopher D.; Zieliński, Piotr; Levy, Peter E.; Gray, Alan; Peacock, Mike; Norris, David; Fenner, Nathalie; Freeman, Christopher. 2014 Infilled ditches are hotspots of landscape methane flux following peatland re-wetting. Ecosystems, 17 (7). 1227-1241. 10.1007/s10021-014-9791-3

Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock , Ben A.; Gray, Alan; Grant, Fiona; Telford, Annika; Lambdon, Phil; Chapman, Dan S.; Pywell, Richard F.; Heard, Matt S.; Cavers, Stephen. 2014 Grazing alters insect visitation networks and plant mating systems. Functional Ecology, 28 (1). 178-189. 10.1111/1365-2435.12191

Gray, Alan; Cavers, Stephen. 2014 Island biogeography, the effects of taxonomic effort and the importance of island niche diversity to single-island endemic species. Systematic Biology, 63 (1). 55-65. 10.1093/sysbio/syt060

Gray, Alan; Odee, David; Cavers, Stephen; Wilson, Julia; Telford, Annika; Grant, Fiona; Diouf, Mayecor; Ochieng, John; Grant, Helen; Stott, Andrew. 2013 Does geographic origin dictate ecological strategies in Acacia senegal (L.) Willd.?: evidence from carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes. Plant and Soil, 369 (1-2). 479-496. 10.1007/s11104-013-1593-4

Gray, Alan; Levy, Peter E.; Cooper, Mark D.A.; Jones, Timothy; Gaiawyn, Jenny; Leeson, Sarah R.; Ward, Susan E.; Dinsmore, Kerry J.; Drewer, Julia; Sheppard, Lucy J.; Ostle, Nick J.; Evans, Chris D.; Burden, Annette; Zieliński, Piotr. 2013 Methane indicator values for peatlands: a comparison of species and functional groups. Global Change Biology, 19 (4). 1141-1150. 10.1111/gcb.12120

Davies, G. Matt; Gray, Alan; Rein, Guillermo; Legg, Colin J.. 2013 Peat consumption and carbon loss due to smouldering wildfire in a temperate peatland. Forest Ecology and Management, 308. 169-177. 10.1016/j.foreco.2013.07.051

Chapman, Daniel S.; Gray, Alan. 2012 Complex interactions between the wind and ballistic seed dispersal in Impatiens glandulifera (Royle). Journal of Ecology, 100 (4). 874-883. 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2012.01977.x

Levy, Peter E.; Burden, Annette; Cooper, Mark D.A.; Dinsmore, Kerry J.; Drewer, Julia; Evans, Chris; Fowler, David; Gaiawyn, Jenny; Gray, Alan; Jones, Stephanie K.; Jones, Timothy; McNamara, Niall P.; Mills, Robert; Ostle, Nick; Sheppard, Lucy J.; Skiba, Ute; Sowerby, Alwyn; Ward, Susan E.; Zieliński, Piotr. 2012 Methane emissions from soils: synthesis and analysis of a large UK data set. Global Change Biology, 18 (5). 1657-1669. 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2011.02616.x

Mizunuma, T.; Leith, I.D.; Gray, A.; Sutton, M.A.; Sheppard, L.J.. 2011 Evaluation of nitrogen indicators on ombrotrophic acid bogs: observations from a nitrogen manipulation study. In: Hicks, W.K.; Whitfield, C.P.; Bealey, W.J.; Sutton, M.A., (eds.) Nitrogen deposition and Natura 2000: Science and practice in determining environmental impacts. COST Office - European Cooperation in Science and Technology, 190-200.

Bernhardt-Romermann, Markus; Gray, Alan; Vanbergen, Adam J.; Berges, Laurent; Bohner, Andreas; Brooker, Rob W.; De Bruyn, Luc; De Cinti, Bruno; Dirnbock, Thomas; Grandin, Ulf; Hester, Alison J.; Kanka, Robert; Klotz, Stefan; Loucougaray, Gregory; Lundin, Lars; Matteucci, Giorgio; Meszaros, Ilona; Olah, Viktor; Preda, Elena; Prevosto, Bernard; Pykala, Juha; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Taylor, Michele E.; Vadineanu, Angheluta; Waldman, Theresa; Stadler, Jutta. 2011 Functional traits and local environment predict vegetation responses to disturbance: a pan-European multi-site experiment. Journal of Ecology, 99 (3). 777-787. 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2011.01794.x

Pannell, Claire L.; Gray, Alan; Zalasiewicz, Jan A.; Branney, Michael J.; Curry, Gordon B.. 2011 Pleistocene forest on Tenerife's southern coast: a case study of Montana Negra. Journal of Quaternary Science, 26 (5). 485-490. 10.1002/jqs.1472

Levy, P.E.; Gray, A.; Leeson, S.R.; Gaiawyn, J.; Kelly, M.P.C.; Cooper, M.D.A.; Dinsmore, K.J.; Jones, S.K.; Sheppard, L.J.. 2011 Quantification of uncertainty in trace gas fluxes measured by the static chamber method. European Journal of Soil Science, 62 (6). 811-821. 10.1111/j.1365-2389.2011.01403.x

Legg, Colin; Davies, G. Matt; Gray, Alan. 2010 Comment on: ‘Burning management and carbon sequestration of upland heather moorland in the UK’. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 48 (1). 100-103. 10.1071/SR09166C

Gray, Alan; Robinson, Paul David; Stroud, Stedson. 2009 Use of the Biological Flora framework in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories: Euphorbia origanoides L. Biological Conservation, 142 (8). 1754-1766. 10.1016/j.biocon.2009.03.014

Gray, Alan; Levy, Peter. 2009 A review of carbon flux research in UK peatlands in relation to fire and the Cairngorms National Park. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 36pp. (CEH Project Number: C03530) (Unpublished)

Legg, C.J.; Rein, G.; Gray, A.; Davies, M.; Krivtsov, V.; Ivars, T.V.. 2008 Fuel Moisture & Fire Test Monitoring Programme. The University of Edinburgh, Centre for the Study of Environmental Change and Sustainability. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Davies, G. Matt; Gray, Alan; Hamilton, Alistair; Legg, Colin J.. 2008 The future of fire management in the British uplands. International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management, 4 (3). 127-147. 10.3843/Biodiv.4.3:1

Gray, Alan. 2008 Should Prescribed Fire be used on UK Peatlands? [Poster] In: FIRES: Fire Interdisciplinary Research on Ecosystem Services. Seminar 1: The Role of Managed Fire in Ecosystem Services of UK Moorlands and Heathlands., The University of Edinburgh, 31 March - 1 April 2008. (Unpublished)

Krivtsov, V.; Gray, A.; Valor, T.; Legg, C.J.; Davies, G.M.. 2008 The fuel moisture of peat in relation to meteorological factors. In: de las Heras, J.; Brebbia, C.A.; Viegas, D.; Leone, V., (eds.) Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Forest Fires I. Southhampton, Boston, WIT Press, 193-200. (WIT transactions on ecology and the environment, v.119).

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