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Publication - Article

Evans, D.L.; Quinton, J.N.; Tye, A.M.; Rodés, Á.; Rushton, J.C.; Davies, J.A.C.; Mudd, S.M.. 2021 How the composition of sandstone matrices affects rates of soil formation. Geoderma, 401, 115337.

Haygarth, Philip M.; Lawrenson, Olivia; Mezeli, Malika; Sayer, Emma J.; McCloskey, Christopher S.; Evans, Daniel L.; Kirk, Guy J.D.; Tye, Andrew M. ORCID:; Chadwick, David R.; McGrath, Steve P.; Mooney, Sacha J.; Paterson, Eric; Robinson, David A. ORCID:; Jones, Davey L.. 2021 On pedagogy of a soil science centre for doctoral training [in special issue: STARS: innovations in soil science to address global grand challenges] European Journal of Soil Science, 72 (6). 2320-2329.

Garcia-Martin, E. Elena ORCID:; Sanders, Richard ORCID:; Evans, Chris D.; Kitidis, Vassilis; Lapworth, Dan J. ORCID:; Rees, Andrew P.; Spears, Bryan M.; Tye, Andy; Williamson, Jennifer L. ORCID:; Balfour, Chris; Best, Mike; Bowes, Michael; Breimann, Sarah; Brown, Ian J.; Burden, Annette; Callaghan, Nathan; Felgate, Stacey L. ORCID:; Fishwick, James; Fraser, Mike; Gibb, Stuart W.; Gilbert, Pete J.; Godsell, Nina; Gomez‐Castillo, Africa P.; Hargreaves, Geoff ORCID:; Jones, Oban; Kennedy, Paul; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Martin, Adrian ORCID:; May, Rebecca; Mawji, Edward; Mounteney, Ian; Nightingale, Philip D.; Olszewska, Justyna P.; Painter, Stuart C.; Pearce, Christopher R. ORCID:; Pereira, M. Gloria; Peel, Kate; Pickard, Amy; Stephens, John A.; Stinchcombe, Mark; Williams, Peter; Woodward, E. Malcolm S.; Yarrow, Deborah; Mayor, Daniel J. ORCID: 2021 Contrasting estuarine processing of dissolved organic matter derived from natural and human‐impacted landscapes [in special issue: 10] Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35, e2021GB007023.

Kaninga, Belinda; Lark, R. Murray; Chishala, Benson H.; Maseka, Kakoma K.; Sakala, Godfrey M.; Young, Scott D.; Tye, Andrew; Hamilton, Elliott M.; Watts, Michael J.. 2021 Crop uptake of heavy metals in response to the environment and agronomic practices on land near mine tailings in the Zambian Copperbelt Province. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 43. 3699-3713.

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Kaninga, Belinda K.; Chishala, Benson H.; Maseka, Kakoma K.; Sakala, Godfrey M.; Lark, Murray R.; Tye, Andrew; Watts, Michael J.. 2020 Review: mine tailings in an African tropical environment—mechanisms for the bioavailability of heavy metals in soils. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 42 (4). 1069-1094.

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Evans, Daniel L.; Quinton, John N.; Tye, Andrew M.; Rodés, Ángel; Davies, Jessica A.C.; Mudd, Simon M.; Quine, Timothy A.. 2019 Arable soil formation and erosion: a hillslope-based cosmogenic nuclide study in the United Kingdom. SOIL, 5 (2). 253-263.

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Robinson, David A.; Panagos, Panos; Borrelli, Pasquale; Jones, Arwyn; Montanarella, Luca; Tye, Andrew; Obst, Carl G.. 2017 Soil natural capital in Europe; a framework for state and change assessment. Scientific Reports, 7, 6706. 14, pp.

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Lark, R.M.; Rawlins, B.G.; Robinson, D.A.; Lebron, I.; Tye, A.M.. 2014 Implications of short-range spatial variation of soil bulk density for adequate field-sampling protocols: methodology and results from two contrasting soils. European Journal of Soil Science, 65 (6). 803-814.

Huang, J.; Lark, R.M.; Robinson, D.A.; Lebron, I.; Keith, A.M.; Rawlins, B.; Tye, A.; Kuras, O.; Raines, M.; Triantafilis, J.. 2014 Scope to predict soil properties at within-field scale from small samples using proximally sensed γ-ray spectrometer and EM induction data. Geoderma, 232-234. 69-80.

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Smith, Joanne C.; Galy, Albert; Hovius, Niels; Tye, Andrew M.; Turowski, Jens M.; Schleppi, Patrick. 2013 Runoff-driven export of particulate organic carbon from soil in temperate forested uplands. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 365. 198-208.

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Tye, A.M.; Kessler, H.; Ambrose, K.; Williams, J.D.O.; Tragheim, D.; Scheib, A.; Raines, M.; Kuras, O.. 2011 Using integrated near-surface geophysical surveys to aid mapping and interpretation of geology in an alluvial landscape within a 3D soil-geology framework. Near Surface Geophysics, 9 (1). 15-31.

Marchant, B.P.; Tye, A.M.; Rawlins, B.G.. 2011 The assessment of point-source and diffuse soil metal pollution in Swansea (Wales, UK) using robust geostatistical methods : a case study in Swansea (Wales, UK). European Journal of Soil Science, 62 (3). 346-358.

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Thornton, Iain; Farago, Margaret E.; Thums, Catherine R.; Parrish, Randall R; McGill, Rona A.R.; Breward, Neil; Fortey, Neil; Simpson, Peter R.; Young, S.D.; Tye, Andrew; Crout, Neil M.J.; Hough, R.L.; Watt, J.. 2008 Urban geochemistry : research strategies to assist risk assessment and remediation of brownfield sites in urban areas. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 30 (6). 565-576.

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Hough, Rupert L.; Breward, Neil; Young, Scott D.; Crout, Neil M.J.; Tye, Andrew M.; Moir, Ann M.; Thornton, Iain. 2004 Assessing potential risk of heavy metal exposure from consumption of home-produced vegetables by urban populations. Environmental Health Perspectives, 112 (2). 215-221.

Publication - Book Section

Ashton, Nichola; Tye, Andrew; Pattrick, Richard; Van Dongen, Bart. 2016 Carbon sequestration in the soils of Northern Ireland: potential based on mineralogical controls. In: Young, M.E., (ed.) Unearthed: impacts of the Tellus surveys of the north of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, 373-385, 13pp.

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Publication - Conference Item

Garcia-Martin, E. Elena ORCID:; Sanders, Richard; Evans, Chris D.; Kitidis, Vassilis; Lapworth, Dan J. ORCID:; Rees, Andrew P.; Spears, Bryan; Tye, Andy; Williamson, Jennifer L. ORCID:; Mayor, Daniel J. ORCID: 2021 Influence of land-use on the dynamics, quantity and composition of the organic matter transported across estuaries. In: EGU General Assembly 2021, Online, 19-30 April 2021. European Geosciences Union.

Tye, Andrew; Izquierdo, Maria; Chenery, Simon. 2013 Using lead isotopes to characterise their source, lability and solubility in alluvial soils of the Trent Catchment, UK [abstract]. In: AIG10 10th Applied Isotope Geochemistry Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 22-27 Sept 2013. 148-151.

Garforth, J.M.; Bailey, E.H.; Lofts, Stephen; Tye, Andrew; Young, S.D.. 2013 Measuring labile metals in soils: a critical assessment of the use of chemical extraction methods. [Other] In: Proceedings of the 12th international conference on the biogeochemistry of trace elements. Book of abstracts, Georgia, USA, 16-20 June 2013. 518. (Unpublished)

Izqueirdo, M.; Tye, A.M.; Chenery, S.R.. 2012 Lead lability in alluvial soils of the river Trent Catchment, U.K. [Poster] In: Sino-European Symposium on Environment and Health, Galway, Ireland, 20-25 Aug 2012. British Geological Survey.

Ashton, N.J.; Pattrick, R.A.D.; Tye, A.; van Dongen, B.E.; Lloyd, J.R.. 2012 Lithological control on soil chemistry and microbial diversity. [Poster] In: 4th International Congress Eurosoil 2012 Soil science for the benefit of mankind and environment, Bari, Italy, 2-6 July 2012. (Unpublished)

Smith, Jo; Hovius, Niels; Galy, Albert; Tye, Andy; Turowski, Jens. 2012 Particulate organic carbon (POC) export from soil and vegetation in temperate mountain regions. [Speech] In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012, Vienna, Austria, 22-27 Apr 2012. (Unpublished)

Garforth, Judith; Lofts, Stephen; Tye, Andrew. 2012 Chemical extraction of labile metal from soils : an isotopic investigation. [Poster] In: Soil Science and Food Security. British Society of Soil Science Annual Meeting 2012, Nottingham, UK, 4-5 Sept 2012. (Unpublished)

Smith, Joanne C.; Galy, Albert; Hovius, Niels; Tye, Andy. 2011 Forests, rain and runoff : particulate organic carbon in the Pacific North-West and its impact on the Earth's thermostat. [Poster] In: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 5-9 Dec 2011. (Unpublished)

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Atkinson, Nicola; Young, Scott; Bailey, Liz; Breward, Neil; Tye, Andy. 2008 Pb reactivity in soils using 204Pb stable isotope dilution. [Poster] In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2008, Vienna, Austria, 13-18 April 2008. (Unpublished)

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Publication - Report

Emmett, B.; Alexander, M.; Alison, J.; Anthony, S.; Ballinger, R.; Bell, C.; Bowgen, K; Cooper, D.; Cosby, J.; Dickie, I.; Ditchburn, B.; Edwards, F.; Engledew, M.; Fitch, A.; Frost, N.; Garbutt, R.A.; Gooday, R.; Hatfield, J.; Henrys, P.; Hull, S.; Jenkins, T.; Jones, L.; Kettel, E.; Logie, M.; Lyons, H.; Maclean, K.; Mant, J.; Maskell, L.C.; Matthews, R.; Petr, M.; Powney, G.R.; Read, D.; Robinson, D.A.; Siriwardena, G.; Smart, S.M.; Steadman, C.; Thomas, A.; Thomas, D.; Thomas, T.; Tye, A.; Vieno, M.; Williams, B.; Wood, C.. 2019 Environment and Rural Affairs Monitoring & Modelling Programme - ERAMMP Year 1 Report 11: Year 1 Summary. Bangor, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 35pp. (CEH Project no. C06297)

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Output (Electronic)

Garforth, Judith; Bailey, E.H; Tye, Andrew; Young, S.D.; Lofts, Stephen. Measurement of labile metal in soils. Chemical extraction and isotopic dilution data. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. doi:10.5285/4ecdb4b3-3af6-4c92-abbb-20a330be398b. NERC 17 December 2013, [Output (Electronic)]

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