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Publication - Article

Evans, Daniel; Rodés, Ángel; Tye, Andrew. 2021 The sensitivity of cosmogenic radionuclide analysis to soil bulk density: implications for soil formation rates. European Journal of Soil Science, 72 (1). 174-182.

Tye, A.M.; Chenery, S.; Cave, M.R.; Price, R.. 2020 Using 206/207Pb isotope ratios to estimate phosphorus sources in historical sediments of a lowland river system. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 21. 613-626.

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Evans, Daniel L.; Quinton, John N.; Tye, Andrew M.; Rodés, Ángel; Davies, Jessica A.C.; Mudd, Simon M.; Quine, Timothy A.. 2019 Arable soil formation and erosion: a hillslope-based cosmogenic nuclide study in the United Kingdom. SOIL, 5 (2). 253-263.

Tye, Andrew M.; Rushton, Jeremy; Vane, Christopher H. ORCID: 2018 Distribution and speciation of phosphorus in foreshore sediments of the Thames estuary, UK. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 127. 182-197.

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Lark, R.M.; Rawlins, B.G.; Robinson, D.A.; Lebron, I.; Tye, A.M.. 2014 Implications of short-range spatial variation of soil bulk density for adequate field-sampling protocols: methodology and results from two contrasting soils. European Journal of Soil Science, 65 (6). 803-814.

Huang, J.; Lark, R.M.; Robinson, D.A.; Lebron, I.; Keith, A.M.; Rawlins, B.; Tye, A.; Kuras, O.; Raines, M.; Triantafilis, J.. 2014 Scope to predict soil properties at within-field scale from small samples using proximally sensed γ-ray spectrometer and EM induction data. Geoderma, 232-234. 69-80.

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Atkinson, N.R.; Young, S.D.; Tye, A.M.; Breward, N.; Bailey, E.H.. 2012 Does returning sites of historic peri-urban waste disposal to vegetable production pose a risk to human health? : a case study near Manchester, UK. Soil Use and Management, 28 (4). 559-570.

Tye, Andrew M.; Kemp, Simon J.; Lark, R. Murray; Milodowski, Antoni E.. 2012 The role of peri-glacial Active Layer Development in determining soil-regolith thickness across a Triassic sandstone outcrop in the UK. Earth Surface Processes and landforms, 37 (9). 971-983.

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Marchant, B.P.; Tye, A.M.; Rawlins, B.G.. 2011 The assessment of point-source and diffuse soil metal pollution in Swansea (Wales, UK) using robust geostatistical methods : a case study in Swansea (Wales, UK). European Journal of Soil Science, 62 (3). 346-358.

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Rawlins, B.G.; Lark, R.M.; O'Donnell, K.E.; Tye, A.M.; Lister, T.R.. 2005 The assessment of point and diffuse metal pollution of soils from an urban geochemical survey of Sheffield, England. Soil Use and Management, 21 (4). 353-362.

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Hough, Rupert L.; Breward, Neil; Young, Scott D.; Crout, Neil M.J.; Tye, Andrew M.; Moir, Ann M.; Thornton, Iain. 2004 Assessing potential risk of heavy metal exposure from consumption of home-produced vegetables by urban populations. Environmental Health Perspectives, 112 (2). 215-221.

Publication - Book Section

Ashton, Nichola; Tye, Andrew; Pattrick, Richard; Van Dongen, Bart. 2016 Carbon sequestration in the soils of Northern Ireland: potential based on mineralogical controls. In: Young, M.E., (ed.) Unearthed: impacts of the Tellus surveys of the north of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, 373-385, 13pp.

Waters, C.N.; Price, S.J.; Davies, J.; Tye, A.M.; Brown, S.E.; Schofield, D.I.. 2005 Urban geology of Swansea: Neath : Port Talbot. In: Bassett, Michael G.; Deisler, Valerie K.; Nicol, Douglas, (eds.) Urban geology in Wales : 2. Cardiff, UK, National Museum of Wales, 7-22.

Publication - Conference Item

Tye, Andrew; Izquierdo, Maria; Chenery, Simon. 2013 Using lead isotopes to characterise their source, lability and solubility in alluvial soils of the Trent Catchment, UK [abstract]. In: AIG10 10th Applied Isotope Geochemistry Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 22-27 Sept 2013. 148-151.

Garforth, J.M.; Bailey, E.H.; Lofts, Stephen; Tye, Andrew; Young, S.D.. 2013 Measuring labile metals in soils: a critical assessment of the use of chemical extraction methods. [Other] In: Proceedings of the 12th international conference on the biogeochemistry of trace elements. Book of abstracts, Georgia, USA, 16-20 June 2013. 518. (Unpublished)

Izqueirdo, M.; Tye, A.M.; Chenery, S.R.. 2012 Lead lability in alluvial soils of the river Trent Catchment, U.K. [Poster] In: Sino-European Symposium on Environment and Health, Galway, Ireland, 20-25 Aug 2012. British Geological Survey.

Ashton, N.J.; Pattrick, R.A.D.; Tye, A.; van Dongen, B.E.; Lloyd, J.R.. 2012 Lithological control on soil chemistry and microbial diversity. [Poster] In: 4th International Congress Eurosoil 2012 Soil science for the benefit of mankind and environment, Bari, Italy, 2-6 July 2012. (Unpublished)

Smith, Jo; Hovius, Niels; Galy, Albert; Tye, Andy; Turowski, Jens. 2012 Particulate organic carbon (POC) export from soil and vegetation in temperate mountain regions. [Speech] In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012, Vienna, Austria, 22-27 Apr 2012. (Unpublished)

Garforth, Judith; Lofts, Stephen; Tye, Andrew. 2012 Chemical extraction of labile metal from soils : an isotopic investigation. [Poster] In: Soil Science and Food Security. British Society of Soil Science Annual Meeting 2012, Nottingham, UK, 4-5 Sept 2012. (Unpublished)

Smith, Joanne C.; Galy, Albert; Hovius, Niels; Tye, Andy. 2011 Forests, rain and runoff : particulate organic carbon in the Pacific North-West and its impact on the Earth's thermostat. [Poster] In: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 5-9 Dec 2011. (Unpublished)

Ashton, Nicola; Pattrick, R.A.D.; Lloyd, J.R.; van Dongen, B.E.; Tye, A.. 2011 Lithological control on soil chemistry, Northern Ireland. [Poster] In: British Organic Geochemistry Meeting, Swansea, UK, July 2011. (Unpublished)

Marchant, B.P.; Tye, A.M.; Rawlins, B.G.. 2009 The assessment of point-source and diffuse soil metal pollution in Swansea (Wales, UK) using robust geostatistical methods. [Poster] In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2009, Vienna, Austria, 19-24 April 2009.

Atkinson, Nicola; Young, Scott; Bailey, Liz; Breward, Neil; Tye, Andy. 2008 Pb reactivity in soils using 204Pb stable isotope dilution. [Poster] In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2008, Vienna, Austria, 13-18 April 2008. (Unpublished)

White, Nicola; Young, Scott; Bailey, Liz; Breward, Neil; Tye, Andy. 2007 The use of 204Pb stable isotope dilution to measure lead lability in soils. [Poster] In: Geological Society of London Bicentenary Conference : Earth sciences in the service of society (September 2007, QEII Conference Centre, London),, London, UK, 2007. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Tye, A.M.; Milodowski, A.E.; Smedley, P.L.. 2017 Distribution of natural radioactivity in the environment. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 73pp. (OR/17/001) (Unpublished)

Tye, A.M.; Kirkwood, C.; Dearden, R.; Rawlins, B.G.; Lark, R.M.; Lawley, R.L.; Entwisle, D.; Mee, K.. 2017 Environmental factors influencing pipe failures. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 85pp. (OR/17/009) (Unpublished)

Entwisle, D.; Lee, K.A.; Lawley, R.S.. 2015 User guide for 'BGS Civils' : a suite of engineering properties datasets. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 28pp. (OR/15/065) (Unpublished)

Dearden, R.; Tye, A.; Marchant, A.. 2014 User guide for the Corroded Asset Failure : Ferrous map. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey. (OR/14/001) (Unpublished)

Dearden, R.; Tye, A.; Marchant, A.. 2014 User guide for the Pipe Leakage Impacts map. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 19pp. (OR/14/010) (Unpublished)

Tye, A.M.; Hurst, M.D.; Barkwith, A.K.A.P.. 2013 Nene phosphate in sediment investigation - Environment Agency Project REF: 30258. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 95pp. (OR/13/031) (Unpublished)

Shaw, R.P.; Auton, C.A.; Baptie, B.; Brocklehurst, S.; Dutton, M.; Evans, D.J.; Field, L.P.; Gregory, S.P.; Henderson, E.; Hughes, A.; Milodowski, A.E.; Parkes, D.; Rees, J.G.; Small, J.; Smith, N.; Tye, A.; West, J.M.. 2012 Potential natural changes and implications for a UK GDF. British Geological Survey, 198pp. (CR/12/127N) (Unpublished)

Robinson, David A.; Cooper, David; Emmett, Bridget A.; Evans, Chris D.; Keith, Aidan; Lebron, Inma; Lofts, Stephen; Norton, Lisa; Reynolds, Brian; Tipping, Edward; Rawlins, Barry G.; Tye, Andrew M.; Watts, Chris W.; Whalley, W. Richard; Black, Helaina I.J.; Warren, Geoff P.; Robinson, Stephen; Michaelides, Katerina; Hockley, Neal J.. 2011 Defra Soil Protection Research in the Context of the Soil Natural Capital / Ecosystem Services Framework. DEFRA.

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Tye, Andrew M.. 2010 Nitrogen and carbon stocks and species in soils, sediments and groundwater of a shallow floodplain aquifer in the Trent Valley. British Geological Survey, 105pp. (OR/10/069) (Unpublished)

Cooper, David; Foster, Claire; Goodey, Richard; Hallett, Paul; Hobbs, Peter; Irvine, Brian; Kirkby, Mike; Ragab, Ragab; Rawlins, Barry; Richards, Mark; Smith, Peter; Spurgeon, Dave; Tye, Andy. 2010 Use of ‘UKCIP08 Scenarios’ to determine the potential impact of climate change on the pressures/threats to soils in England and Wales. Final Report to Defra, Project SP0571. NERC. (Defra Project Number: SP0571)

Lawley, R.. 2009 The Soil-Parent Material Database : a user guide. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 42pp. (OR/08/034) (Unpublished)

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Tye, A.M.; Johnson, C.C.. 2006 A methodology for obtaining descriptive statistics for soils overlying different parent material in the Humber-Trent atlas region. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 51pp. (IR/06/035) (Unpublished)

Output (Electronic)

Garforth, Judith; Bailey, E.H; Tye, Andrew; Young, S.D.; Lofts, Stephen. Measurement of labile metal in soils. Chemical extraction and isotopic dilution data. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. doi:10.5285/4ecdb4b3-3af6-4c92-abbb-20a330be398b. NERC 17 December 2013, [Output (Electronic)]

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