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Publication - Article

Levy, P.E.; Cowan, N.; Van Oijen, M.; Famulari, D.; Drewer, J.; Skiba, U.. 2017 Estimation of cumulative fluxes of nitrous oxide: uncertainty in temporal upscaling and emission factors. European Journal of Soil Science, 68 (4). 400-411.

Cowan, N.J.; Levy, P.E.; Famulari, D.; Anderson, M.; Reay, D.S.; Skiba, U.M.. 2017 Nitrous oxide emission sources from a mixed livestock farm. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 243. 92-102.

Jones, Stephanie K.; Helfter, Carole; Anderson, Margaret; Coyle, Mhairi; Campbell, Claire; Famulari, Daniela; Di Marco, Chiara; van Dijk, Netty; Tang, Y. Sim; Topp, Cairistiona F.E.; Kiese, Ralf; Kindler, Reimo; Siemens, Jan; Schrumpf, Marion; Kaiser, Klaus; Nemitz, Eiko; Levy, Peter E.; Rees, Robert M.; Sutton, Mark A.; Skiba, Ute M.. 2017 The nitrogen, carbon and greenhouse gas budget of a grazed, cut and fertilised temperate grassland. Biogeosciences, 14 (8). 2069-2088.

Cowan, Nicholas J.; Levy, Peter E.; Famulari, Daniela; Anderson, Margaret; Drewer, Julia; Carozzi, Marco; Reay, David S.; Skiba, Ute M.. 2016 The influence of tillage on N2O fluxes from an intensively managed grazed grassland in Scotland. Biogeosciences, 13 (16). 4811-4821.

Cowan, N.J.; Norman, P.; Famulari, D.; Levy, P.E.; Reay, D.S.; Skiba, U.M.. 2015 Spatial variability and hotspots of soil N2O fluxes from intensively grazed grassland. Biogeosciences, 12 (5). 1585-1596.

Cowan, N.J.; Famulari, D.; Levy, P.E.; Anderson, M.; Reay, D.S.; Skiba, U.M.. 2014 Investigating uptake of N2O in agricultural soils using a high-precision dynamic chamber method. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7 (12). 4455-4462.

Bealey, W.J.; Loubet, B.; Braban, C.F.; Famulari, D.; Theobald, M.R.; Reis, S.; Reay, D.S.; Sutton, M.A.. 2014 Modelling agro-forestry scenarios for ammonia abatement in the landscape. Environmental Research Letters, 9 (12), 125001.

Cowan, N .J .; Famulari, D .; Levy, P.E.; Anderson, M.; Bell, M.J .; Rees, R.M.; Reay, D.S .; Skiba, U.M.. 2014 An improved method for measuring soil N2O fluxes using a quantum cascade laser with a dynamic chamber. European Journal of Soil Science, 65 (5). 643-652.

Vieno, M.; Heal, M.R.; Hallsworth, S.; Famulari, D.; Doherty, R.M.; Dore, A.J.; Tang, Y.S.; Braban, C.F.; Leaver, D.; Sutton, M.A.; Reis, S.. 2014 The role of long-range transport and domestic emissions in determining atmospheric secondary inorganic particle concentrations across the UK. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14 (16). 8435-8447.

Hensen, Arjan; Skiba, Ute; Famulari, Daniela. 2013 Low cost and state of the art methods to measure nitrous oxide emissions. Environmental Research Letters, 8 (2), 025022. 10, pp.

Helfter, Carole; Campbell, Claire; Coyle, Mhairi; Anderson, Margaret; Drewer, Julia; Levy, Peter; Famulari, Daniela; Twigg, Marsailidh; Skiba, Ute; Billett, Michael; Dinsmore, Kerry; Nemitz, Eiko; Sutton, Mark. 2013 A decade of continuous NEE measurements at a Scottish peatland. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 15, EGU2013-7754. 1, pp.

Helfter, C.; Famulari, D.; Phillips, G.J.; Barlow, J.F.; Wood, C.R.; Grimmond, C.S.B.; Nemitz, E.. 2011 Controls of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes above central London. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (5). 1913-1928.

Polson, D.; Fowler, D.; Nemitz, E.; Skiba, U.; McDonald, A.; Famulari, D.; Di Marco, C.; Simmons, I.; Weston, K.; Purvis, R.; Coe, H.; Manning, A.J.; Webster, H.; Harrison, M.; O'Sullivan, D.; Reeves, C.; Oram, D.. 2011 Estimation of spatial apportionment of greenhouse gas emissions for the UK using boundary layer measurements and inverse modelling technique. Atmospheric Environment, 45. 1042-1049.

Jones, S.K.; Famulari, D.; Di Marco, C.F.; Nemitz, E.; Skiba, U.M.; Rees, R.M.; Sutton, M.A.. 2011 Nitrous oxide emissions from managed grassland: a comparison of eddy covariance and static chamber measurements. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 4 (10). 2179-2194.

Twigg, M.M.; House, E.; Thomas, R.; Whitehead, J.; Phillips, G.J.; Famulari, D.; Fowler, D.; Gallagher, M.W.; Cape, J.N.; Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.. 2011 Surface/atmosphere exchange and chemical interactions of reactive nitrogen compounds above a manured grassland. Agricultural and Forest Meteorolgy, 151 (12). 1488-1503.

Famulari, D.; Fowler, D.; Nemitz, E.; Hargreaves, K.J.; Storeton-West, R.L.; Rutherford, G.; Tang, Y.S.; Sutton, M.A.; Weston, K.J.. 2010 Development of a low-cost system for measuring conditional time-averaged gradients of SO2 and NH3. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 161. 11-27.

Famulari, Daniela; Nemitz, Eiko; Di Marco, Chiara; Phillips, Gavin J.; Thomas, Rick; House, Emily; Fowler, David. 2010 Eddy-covariance measurements of nitrous oxide fluxes above a city. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150. 786-793.

von Bobrutzki, Kristina; Braban, Christine; Famulari, Daniela; Jones, Stephanie; Blackall, T.; Smith, T.E.L.; Blom, M.; Coe, H.; Gallagher, M.; Ghalaieny, M.; McGillen, M.R.; Pericval, C.J.; Whitehead, J.D.; Ellis, R.; Murphy, J.; Mohacsi, A.; Pogany, A.; Junninen, H.; Rantanen, S.; Sutton, Mark; Nemitz, Eiko. 2010 Field inter-comparison of eleven atmospheric ammonia measurement techniques. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 3. 91-112.

Langford, B.; Nemitz, E.; House, E.; Phillips, G.J.; Famulari, D.; Davison, B.; Hopkins, J.R.; Lewis, A.C.; Hewitt, C.N.. 2010 Fluxes and concentrations of volatile organic compounds above central London, UK. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10. 627-645.

Wood, C.R.; Lacser, A.; Barlow, J.F.; Padhra, A.; Belcher, S.E.; Nemitz, E.; Helfter, C.; Famulari, D.; Grimmond, C.S.B.. 2010 Turbulent flow at 190 m height above London during 2006-2008: A climatology and the applicability of similarity theory. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 137. 77-96.

Skiba, U.; Drewer, J.; Tang, Y.S.; van Dijk, N.; Helfter, C.; Nemitz, E.; Famulari, D.; Cape, J.N.; Jones, S.K.; Twigg, M.; Pihlatie, M.; Vesala, T.; Larsen, K.S.; Carter, M.S.; Ambus, P.; Ibrom, A.; Beier, C.; Hensen, A.; Frumau, A.; Erisman, J.W.; Bruggemann, N.; Gasche, R.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Neftel, A.; Spirig, C.; Horvath, L.; Freibauer, A.; Cellier, P.; Laville, P.; Loubet, B.; Magliulo, E.; Bertolini, T.; Seufert, G.; Andersson, M.; Manca, G.; Laurila, T.; Aurela, M.; Lohila, A.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.; Kitzler, B.; Schaufler, G.; Siemens, J.; Kindler, R.; Flechard, C.; Sutton, M.A.. 2009 Biosphere–atmosphere exchange of reactive nitrogen and greenhouse gases at the NitroEurope core flux measurement sites: Measurement strategy and first data sets. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 133. 139-149.

Whitehead, James D.; Twigg, Marsailidh; Famulari, Daniela; Nemitz, Eiko; Sutton, Mark A.; Gallagher, Martin W.; Fowler, David. 2008 Evaluation of laser absorption spectroscopic techniques for eddy covariance flux measurements of ammonia. Environmental Science & Technology, 42 (6). 2041-2046.

Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.; Erisman, J.W.; Beier, C.; Butterbach Bahl, K.; Cellier, P.; de Vries, W.; Cotrufo, F.; Skiba, U.; Di Marco, C.; Jones, S.; Laville, P.; Soussana, J. F.; Loubet, B.; Twigg, M.; Famulari, D.; Whitehead, J.; Gallagher, M. W.; Neftel, A.; Flechard, C. R.; Herrmann, B.; Calanca, P. L.; Schjoerring, J. K.; Daemmgen, U.; Horvath, L.; Tang, Y. S.; Emmett, B. A.; Tietema, A.; Penuelas, J.; Kesik, M.; Brueggemann, N.; Pilegaard, K.; Vesala, T.; Campbell, C. L.; Olesen, J. E.; Dragosits, U.; Theobald, M. R.; Levy, P.; Mobbs, D. C.; Milne, R.; Viovy, N.; Vuichard, N.; Smith, J. U.; Smith, P.; Bergamaschi, P.; Fowler, D.; Reis, S.. 2007 Challenges in quantifying biosphere - atmosphere exchange of nitrogen species. Environmental Pollution, 150. 125-139.

Pitcairn, Carole; Fowler, David; Leith, Ian; Sheppard, Lucy; Tang, Sim; Sutton, Mark; Famulari, Daniela. 2006 Diagnostic indicators of elevated nitrogen deposition. Environmental Pollution, 144. 941-950.

Smart, Simon; Ashmore, Mike; Hornung, Michael; Scott, Wendy; Fowler, David; Dragosits, Ulrike; Howard, David; Sutton, Mark; Famulari, Daniela. 2004 Detecting the signal of atmospheric N deposition in recent national-scale vegetation change across Britain. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4 (6). 269-278.

Famulari, D.; Fowler, D.; Hargreaves, K.J.; Milford, C.; Nemitz, E.; Sutton, M.A.; Weston, K.. 2004 Measuring Eddy Covariance Fluxes of Ammonia Using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4 (6). 151-158.

Publication - Book Section

Simpson, D.; Nemitz, E.; Burkhardt, J.; Famulari, D.; Kasik, M.; Loubet, B.; Rumsey, I.; Walker, J.; Weidinger, T.; Wolff, V.. 2015 Aerosol and acid gases. In: Massad, Raia-Silva; Loubet, Benjamin, (eds.) Review and integration of biosphere-atmosphere modelling of reactive trace gases and volatile aerosols. Dordrecht, Springer, 181-187.

Massad, R.-S.; Sutton, M.A.; Bash, J.O.; Bedos, C.; Carrara, A.; Cellier, P.; Delon, C.; Famulari, D.; Genermont, S.; Horvath, L.; Merbold, L.. 2015 Soil and litter exchange of reactive trace gases. In: Massad, Raia-Silva; Loubet, Benjamin, (eds.) Review and integration of biosphere-atmosphere modelling of reactive trace gases and volatile aerosols. Dordrecht, Springer, 207-213.

Nemitz, Eiko; Langford, Ben; House, Emily; Phillips, Gavin; Famulari, Daniela; Cape, J. Neil; Davison, B.; Hewitt, N.. 2007 Micrometeorological measurements of anthropogenic VOC emissions from urban areas. In: Burrows et al, J., (ed.) Volatile organic compounds in the polluted atmosphere: The 3rd ACCENT Barnsdale Expert Meeting. Urbino, ACCENT Secretariat, 68-71.

Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.; Erisman, J.W.; Beier, C.; Butterbach Bahl, K.; Cellier, P.; de Vries, W.; Cotrufo, F.; Skiba, U.; Di Marco, C.; Jones, S.; Laville, P.; Soussana, J.F.; Loubet, B.; Twigg, M.; Famulari, D.; Whitehead, J.; Gallagher, M.W.; Neftel, A.; Flechard, C.R.; Herrmann, B.; Calanca, P.L.; Mattsson, M.E.; Schjoerring, J.K.; Daemmgen, U.; Horvath, L.; Tang, Y.S.; Campbell, C.; Olsesen, J.E.; Dragosits, U.; Theobald, M.R.; Levy, P.; Mobbs, D.; Milne, R.; Reido, M.; Viovy, N.; Vuichard, N.; Smith, J.U.; Smith, P.E.; Bergamaschi, P.; Muller, J.; Fowler, D.. 2006 Challenges in quantifying biosphere - atmosphere exchange of nitrogen species. In: Cox, Tony; Fowler, David; Monks, Paul; Borrell, Peter, (eds.) Understanding and quantifying the atmospheric nitrogen cycle. ACCENT Secretariat, 55-73.

Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.; Erisman, J.W.; Beier, C.; Butterbach Bahl, K.; Cellier, P.; de Vries, W.; Cotrufo, F.; Skiba, U.; Hensen, A.; Bleeker, A.; Laville, P.; Loubet, B.; Soussana, J.F.; Twigg, M.; Famulari, D.; Whitehead, J.; Gallagher, M.W.; Calanca, P.L.; Tang, Y.S.; Campbell, C.L.; Olesen, J.E.; Dragosits, U.; Theobald, M.R.; Viovy, N.; Vuichard, N.; Smith, J.U.; Smith, P.; Levy, P.; Mobbs, D.C.; Milne, R.; Fowler, D.. 2006 Land atmosphere exchange of nitrogen species in Europe. In: Fuzzi, S.; Maione, M., (eds.) The changing chemical climate of the atmosphere. ARACNE Editrice S.r.l., 94-101.

Publication - Conference Item

Twigg, M.; Famulari, D.; Flechard, C.; Chojnicki, B.; Urbaniak, M.; Olejnik, J.; Sutton, M.; Nemitz, E.. 2011 Development of long-term reactive N flux network in Europe. [Speech] In: Nitrogen and Global Change: Key findings - future challenges, Edinburgh, UK, 11-15 April 2011. (Unpublished)

Famulari, D.; Braban, C.; White, A.; Helfter, C.; Coyle, M.; Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.. 2010 NH3 release through a forest canopy: an agro-forestry experiment. [Speech] In: Research, monitoring and modelling in the study of climate change and air pollution impacts on forest ecosystems, Rome Italy, 5-7 October 2010. (Unpublished)

Phillips, G.J.; Nemitz, E.; Thomas, R.; Famulari, D.; Williams, P.; Allan, J.; Di Marco, C.; Coe, H.; Harrison, R.M.; Fowler, D.. 2009 Chemically-speciated aerosol fluxes above three UK cities. [Speech] In: European Aerosol Conference, Karlsruhe, 6-11 Sept 2009. Karlsruhe, Germany, T130A02.

Famulari, Daniela; Di Marco, Chiara; Phillips, Gavin; Thomas, Rick; House, Emily; Nemitz, Eiko. 2007 Measurements of N2O fluxes from the city of Edinburgh. [Poster] In: "On the relevance of surface and boundary layer processes for the exchanges of reactive and greenhouse gases" Expert workshop, Wageningen, NL, 9-12 Oct 2007. (Unpublished)

Nemitz, E.; Thomas, R.; Phillips, G.; Famulari, D.; Fowler, D.. 2007 Chemically resolved aerosol emission fluxes above six urban areas. In: American Association for Aerosol Research Annual Meeting 2007, Reno, 24-28 Sept 2007. American Association for Aerosol Research.

Nemitz, E.; Allan, J.; Bower, K.; Coe, H.; Famulari, D.; Gallagher, M.; Jimenez, J. L.; Phillips, G.; Thomas, R.; Worsnop, D.. 2007 Chemically resolved aerosol fluxes above urban areas. In: Royal Meteorological Society Conference 2007, Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, 3-6 Sept. 2007. Royal Meteorological Society.

Twigg, M.; Thomas, R.; House, E.; Whitehead, J.; Gallagher, M.; Rippey, B.; Heal, M.; Phillips, G.; Famulari, D.; Cape, N.; Sutton, M.; Fowler, D.; Nemitz, E.. 2007 Fluxes of trace gases and aerosols following cattle slurry application to managed grassland. [Poster] In: 2nd ACCENT Symposium, Urbino, Italy, 2007. ACCENT Secretariat.

Famulari, Daniela; Storeton-West, Robert L; Nemitz, Eiko; Tang, Y Sim; Hargreaves, Kenneth J; Weston, Keith; Sutton, Mark A; Fowler, David. 2007 Long-term measurements of NH3 and SO2 fluxes at three contrasting grasslands by time averaged gradients (TAG). [Poster] In: 2nd ACCENT Symposium, Urbino, 23 July 2007. (Unpublished)

Cape, J.N.; Tang, Y.S.; Smith, R.I.; Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.; Famulari, D.; Fowler, D.. 2006 Atmospheric and depositional nitrogen monitoring. [Other] In: Fixed on Nitrogen. CASA Science Symposium on Nitrogen, Alberta, Canada, 27-29 September 2006. CASA Clean Air Strategic Alliance.

Publication - Report

Bealey, W.J.; Braban, C.F.; Famulari, D.; Dragosits, U.; Dore, A.J.; Nemitz, E.; Tang, Y.S.; Twigg, M.; Leeson, S.; Sutton, M.A.; Loubet, Benjamin; Valatin, Gregory; Wheat, A.; Helfter, C.; Coyle, M.; Williams, Adrian; Sandars, Daniel L.. 2012 Agroforestry for ammonia abatement summary report. Draft. CEH/Defra, 19pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Fowler, David; Cape, Neil; Smith, Ron; Nemitz, Eiko; Sutton, Mark; Dore, Tony; Coyle, Mhairi; Crossley, Alan; Storeton-West, Robert; Muller, Jennifer; Phillips, Gavin; Thomas, Rick; Vieno, Massimo; Tang, Sim; Famulari, Daniela; Twigg, Marsailidh; Bealey, Bill; Benham, David; Hayman, Garry; Lawrence, Helen; Vincent, Keith; Fagerli, Hilde; Simpson, David. 2007 Acid Deposition Processes. Final report to Defra. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 110pp. (CEH Project Number: C02379, RMP 2258) (Unpublished)

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