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Turner, John; Lu, Hua; White, Ian; King, John C.; Phillips, Tony; Hosking, J. Scott; Bracegirdle, Thomas J.; Marshall, Gareth J.; Mulvaney, Robert; Deb, Pranab. 2016 Absence of 21st century warming on Antarctic Peninsula consistent with natural variability. Nature, 535 (7612). 411-415. 10.1038/nature18645

Elvidge, A. D.; Renfrew, I. A.; Weiss, A. I.; Brooks, I. M.; Lachlan-Cope, T. A.; King, J. C.. 2016 Observations of surface momentum exchange over the marginal-ice-zone and recommendations for its parametrisation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16. 1545-1563. 10.5194/acp-16-1545-2016

Elvidge, Andrew D.; Renfrew, Ian A.; King, John C.; Orr, Andrew; Lachlan-Cope, Tom A.. 2016 Foehn warming distributions in non-linear and linear flow regimes: A focus on the Antarctic Peninsula. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142. 618-631. 10.1002/qj.2489

Burton, Robert; King, John C.. 2016 Robert Mossman, Endurance and the Weddell Sea ice. Polar Record, 52 (262). 92-97. 10.1017/S0032247415000285

Nygard, Tiina; Vihma, Timo; Birnbaum, Gerit; Hartmann, Jorg; King, John; Lachlan-Cope, Tom; Ladkin, Russell; Lupkes, Christof; Weiss, Alexandra. 2016 Validation of eight atmospheric reanalyses in the Antarctic Peninsula region. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142 (695B). 684-692. 10.1002/qj.2691

Bannister, Daniel; King, John. 2015 Föhn winds on South Georgia and their impacts on regional climate. Weather, 70 (11). 324-329. 10.1002/wea.2548

Elvidge, Andrew D.; Renfrew, Ian A.; King, John C.; Orr, Andrew; Lachlan-Cope, Tom A.; Weeks, Mark; Gray, Sue L.. 2015 Foehn jets over the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 141 (688). 698-713. 10.1002/qj.2382

King, J.C.; Gadian, A.; Kirchgaessner, A.; Kuipers Munneke, P.; Lachlan-Cope, T.A.; Orr, A.; Reijmer, C.; van den Broeke, M.R.; van Wessem, J.M.; Weeks, M.. 2015 Validation of the summertime surface energy budget of Larsen C Ice Shelf (Antarctica) as represented in three high-resolution atmospheric models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 120 (4). 1335-1347. 10.1002/2014JD022604

Hosking, J. Scott; Bannister, Daniel; Orr, Andrew; King, John; Young, Emma; Phillips, Tony. 2015 Orographic disturbances of surface winds over the shelf waters adjacent to South Georgia. Atmospheric Science Letters, 16 (1). 50-55. 10.1002/asl2.519

Luckman, Adrian; Elvidge, Andrew; Jansen, Daniela; Kulessa, Bernd; Kuipers-Munneke, Peter; King, John; Barrand, Nick. 2014 Surface melt and ponding on Larsen C Ice shelf and the impact of foehn winds. Antarctic Science, 26 (06). 625-635. 10.1017/S0954102014000339

Grosvenor, D. P.; King, J. C.; Choularton, T. W.; Lachlan-Cope, T.. 2014 Downslope föhn winds over the Antarctic Peninsula and their effect on the Larsen Ice Shelves. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14 (18). 9481-9509. 10.5194/acp-14-9481-2014

Valisuo, I.; Vihma, T.; King, J.C.. 2014 Surface energy budget on Larsen and Wilkins ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula: results based on reanalyses in 1989-2010. Cryosphere, 8. 1519-1538. 10.5194/tc-8-1519-2014

King, John. 2014 Climate science: A resolution of the Antarctic paradox. Nature, 505 (7484). 491-492. 10.1038/505491a

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Courtney, J.; Buchan, S.; Cerveny, R.S.; Bessemoulin, P.; Peterson, T.C.; Rubiera Torres, J.M.; Beven, J.; King, J.; Trerwin, B.; Rancourt, K.. 2012 Documentation and verification of the world extreme wind gust record: 113.3 m s–1 on Barrow Island, Australia, during passage of tropical cyclone Olivia. Australian Meterological and Oceanographic Journal, 62 (1). 1-9.

Kuipers Munneke, P.; van den Broeke, M.R.; King, J.C.; Gray, T.; Reijmer, C.H.. 2012 Near-surface climate and surface energy budget of Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctic Peninsula. The Cryosphere, 6 (2). 353-363. 10.5194/tc-6-353-2012

Clarke, Andrew; Barnes, David K. A.; Bracegirdle, Thomas J.; Ducklow, Hugh. W.; King, John C.; Meredith, Michael P.; Murphy, Eugene J.; Peck, Lloyd S.. 2012 The impact of regional climate change on the marine ecosystem of the western Antarctic Peninsula. In: Rogers, Alex D.; Johnston, Nadine M.; Murphy, Eugene J.; Clarke, Andrew, (eds.) Antarctic Ecosystems: An Extreme Environment in a Changing World. Blackwell Publishing, 91-120.

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King, John. 2010 Review of The long thaw. By David Archer. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009. Polar Record, 46 (236). 91-92.

Shaffrey, L.C.; Norton, W.A.; Vidale, P.L.; Demory, M.E.; Donners, J.; Cole, J.W.; Wilson, S.S.; Slingo, J.M.; Steenman-Clark, L.; Stevens, I.; Stevens, D.P.; Roberts, M.J.; Clayton, A.; Johns, T.C.; Martin, G.M.; Harle, J.D.; New, A.L.; Jrrar, A.; Connolley, W.M.; King, J.C.; Woodage, J.; Slingo, A.; Clark, D.B.; Davies, T.M.; Iwi, A.M.. 2009 UK-HiGEM: The New U.K. High Resolution Global Environment Model - Model description and basic evaluation. Journal of Climate, 22 (8). 1861-1896. 10.1175/2008JCLI2508.1

Turner, John; Anderson, Philip; Lachlan-Cope, Thomas; Colwell, Steven; Phillips, Tony; Kirchgaessner, Amelie; Marshall, Gareth; King, John; Bracegirdle, Thomas; Vaughan, David; Lagun, V; Orr, Andrew. 2009 Record low surface air temperature at Vostok Station, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 114 (D24). 14, pp. 10.1029/2009JD012104

Orr, Andrew; Marshall, Gareth J.; Hunt, Julian C.R.; Sommeria, Joel; Wang, Chang-Gui; Van Lipzig, Nicole P.M.; Cresswell, Doug; King, John C.. 2008 Characteristics of summer airflow over the Antarctic Peninsula in response to recent strengthening of westerly circumpolar winds. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 65 (4). 1396-1413. 10.1175/2007JAS2498.1

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