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Comont, Richard F.; Purse, Bethan V. ORCID:; Phillips, William; Kunin, William E.; Hanson, Matthew; Lewis, Owen T.; Harrington, Richard; Shortall, Christopher R.; Rondoni, Gabriele; Roy, Helen E. ORCID: 2014 Escape from parasitism by the invasive alien ladybird, Harmonia axyridis. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 7 (4). 334-342.

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Woodcock, Ben A. ORCID:; Harrower, Colin; Redhead, John ORCID:; Edwards, Mike; Vanbergen, Adam J. ORCID:; Heard, Matthew S.; Roy, David B. ORCID:; Pywell, Richard F. ORCID: 2014 National patterns of functional diversity and redundancy in predatory ground beetles and bees associated with key UK arable crops. Journal of Applied Ecology, 51 (1). 142-151.

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Casacci, Luca P.; Thomas, Jeremy A.; Sala, Marco; Treanor, David; Bonelli, Simona; Balletto, Emilio; Schonrogge, Karsten ORCID: 2013 Ant pupae employ acoustics to communicate social status in their colony’s hierarchy. Current Biology, 23 (4). 323-327.

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Publication - Book Section

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Publication - Conference Item

Breuker, Casper J.; Carter, Jean-Michel; Gibbs, Melanie. 2013 An overview of key genes expressed during Pararge aegeria oogenesis - regulation of early embryogenesis and reproductive physiology. [Lecture] In: Speckled Wood Ecological Genomics Workshop, Charles Darwin House, London, 22 January 2013. (Unpublished)

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Publication - Report

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Publication - Thesis

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