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Publication - Article

Lees, Thomas; Reece, Steven; Kratzert, Frederik; Klotz, Daniel; Gauch, Martin; De Bruijn, Jens; Kumar Sahu, Reetik; Greve, Peter; Slater, Louise; Dadson, Simon J.. 2022 Hydrological concept formation inside long short-term memory (LSTM) networks. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 26 (12). 3079-3101.

Anderson, Bailey J.; Slater, Louise J.; Dadson, Simon J.; Blum, Annalise G.; Prosdocimi, Ilaria. 2022 Statistical attribution of the influence of urban and tree cover change on streamflow: a comparison of large sample statistical approaches. Water Resources Research, 58 (5), e2021WR030742. 20, pp.

Dembélé, Moctar; Vrac, Mathieu; Ceperley, Natalie; Zwart, Sander J.; Larsen, Josh; Dadson, Simon J.; Mariéthoz, Grégoire; Schaefli, Bettina. 2022 Contrasting changes in hydrological processes of the Volta river basin under global warming. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 26 (5). 1481-1506.

Bussi, Gianbattista; Whitehead, Paul G.; Nelson, Rosie; Bryden, John; Jackson, Christopher R.; Hughes, Andrew G.; Butler, Adrian P.; Landström, Catharina; Peters, Helge; Dadson, Simon; Russell, Ian. 2022 Green infrastructure and climate change impacts on the flows and water quality of urban catchments: Salmons Brook and Pymmes Brook in north-east London. Hydrology Research, 53 (4), 638.

Lees, Thomas; Tseng, Gabriel; Atzberger, Clement; Reece, Steven; Dadson, Simon. 2022 Deep learning for vegetation health forecasting: a case study in Kenya. Remote Sensing, 14 (3), 698. 20, pp.

Buechel, Marcus; Slater, Louise; Dadson, Simon. 2022 Hydrological impact of widespread afforestation in Great Britain using a large ensemble of modelled scenarios. Communications Earth & Environment, 3, 6. 10, pp.

Lewis, Huw W.; Dadson, Simon J.. 2021 A regional coupled approach to water cycle prediction during winter 2013/14 in the United Kingdom. Hydrological Processes, 35 (12), e14438. 24, pp.

Lees, Thomas; Buechel, Marcus; Anderson, Bailey; Slater, Louise; Reece, Steven; Coxon, Gemma; Dadson, Simon J.. 2021 Benchmarking data-driven rainfall–runoff models in Great Britain: a comparison of long short-term memory (LSTM)-based models with four lumped conceptual models. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25 (10). 5517-5534.

Peng, Jian; Tanguy, Maliko ORCID:; Robinson, Emma L. ORCID:; Pinnington, Ewan ORCID:; Evans, Jonathan ORCID:; Ellis, Rich; Cooper, Elizabeth ORCID:; Hannaford, Jamie ORCID:; Blyth, Eleanor ORCID:; Dadson, Simon ORCID: 2021 Estimation and evaluation of high-resolution soil moisture from merged model and Earth observation data in the Great Britain. Remote Sensing of Environment, 264, 112610. 18, pp.

Paltán, Homero A.; Pant, Raghav; Plummer Braeckman, Judith; Dadson, Simon J.. 2021 Increased water risks to global hydropower in 1.5°C and 2.0°C warmer worlds. Journal of Hydrology, 599, 126503. 9, pp.

Slater, Louise J.; Anderson, Bailey; Buechel, Marcus; Dadson, Simon; Han, Shasha; Harrigan, Shaun; Kelder, Timo; Kowal, Katie; Lees, Thomas; Matthews, Tom; Murphy, Conor; Wilby, Robert L.. 2021 Nonstationary weather and water extremes: a review of methods for their detection, attribution, and management. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25 (7). 3897-3935.

Wagener, Thorsten; Dadson, Simon J.; Hannah, David M.; Coxon, Gemma; Beven, Keith; Bloomfield, John P. ORCID:; Buytaert, Wouter; Cloke, Hannah; Bates, Paul; Holden, Joseph; Parry, Louise; Lamb, Rob; Chappell, Nick A.; Fry, Matthew; Old, Gareth. 2021 Knowledge gaps in our perceptual model of Great Britain's hydrology. Hydrological Processes, 35 (7), e14288.

Blyth, Eleanor M. ORCID:; Arora, Vivek K.; Clark, Douglas B.; Dadson, Simon J.; De Kauwe, Martin G.; Lawrence, David M.; Melton, Joe R.; Pongratz, Julia; Turton, Rachael H.; Yoshimura, Kei; Yuan, Hua. 2021 Advances in land surface modelling. Current Climate Change Reports, 7 (2). 45-71.

Cooper, Elizabeth ORCID:; Blyth, Eleanor ORCID:; Cooper, Hollie ORCID:; Ellis, Rich; Pinnington, Ewan ORCID:; Dadson, Simon J.. 2021 Using data assimilation to optimize pedotransfer functions using field-scale in situ soil moisture observations. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25 (5). 2445-2458.

Pinnington, Ewan ORCID:; Amezcua, Javier ORCID:; Cooper, Elizabeth ORCID:; Dadson, Simon; Ellis, Rich; Peng, Jian; Robinson, Emma ORCID:; Morrison, Ross ORCID:; Osbourne, Simon; Quaife, Tristan ORCID: 2021 Improving soil moisture prediction of a high-resolution land surface model by parameterising pedotransfer functions through assimilation of SMAP satellite data. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25 (3). 1617-1641.

Garrigues, S.; Verhoef, A.; Blyth, E.; Wright, A.; Balan-Sarojini, B.; Robinson, E.L. ORCID:; Dadson, S.; Boone, A.; Boussetta, S.; Balsamo, G.. 2021 Capability of the variogram to quantify the spatial patterns of surface fluxes and soil moisture simulated by land surface models. Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment.

Peng, Jian; Albergel, Clement; Balenzano, Anna; Brocca, Luca; Cartus, Oliver; Cosh, Michael H.; Crow, Wade T.; Dabrowska-Zielinska, Katarzyna; Dadson, Simon; Davidson, Malcolm W.J.; de Rosnay, Patricia; Dorigo, Wouter; Gruber, Alexander; Hagemann, Stefan; Hirschi, Martin; Kerr, Yann H.; Lovergine, Francesco; Mahecha, Miguel D.; Marzahn, Philip; Mattia, Francesco; Musial, Jan Pawel; Preuschmann, Swantje; Reichle, Rolf H.; Satalino, Giuseppe; Silgram, Martyn; van Bodegom, Peter M.; Verhoest, Niko E.C.; Wagner, Wolfgang; Walker, Jeffrey P.; Wegmüller, Urs; Loew, Alexander. 2021 A roadmap for high-resolution satellite soil moisture applications – confronting product characteristics with user requirements. Remote Sensing of Environment, 252, 112162. 15, pp.

Gleeson, Tom; Wang-Erlandsson, Lan; Zipper, Samuel C.; Porkka, Miina; Jaramillo, Fernando; Gerten, Dieter; Fetzer, Ingo; Cornell, Sarah E.; Piemontese, Luigi; Gordon, Line J.; Rockström, Johan; Oki, Taikan; Sivapalan, Murugesu; Wada, Yoshihide; Brauman, Kate A.; Flörke, Martina; Bierkens, Marc F.P.; Lehner, Bernhard; Keys, Patrick; Kummu, Matti; Wagener, Thorsten; Dadson, Simon; Troy, Tara J.; Steffen, Will; Falkenmark, Malin; Famiglietti, James S.. 2020 The water planetary boundary: interrogation and revision. One Earth, 2 (3). 223-234.

Beven, Keith; Asadullah, Anita; Bates, Paul; Blyth, Eleanor ORCID:; Chappell, Nick; Child, Stewart; Cloke, Hannah; Dadson, Simon ORCID:; Everard, Nick; Fowler, Hayley J.; Freer, Jim; Hannah, David M.; Heppell, Kate; Holden, Joseph; Lamb, Rob; Lewis, Huw; Morgan, Gerald; Parry, Louise; Wagener, Thorsten. 2020 Developing observational methods to drive future hydrological science: can we make a start as a community? Hydrological Processes, 34 (3). 868-873.

Hirpa, Feyera A.; Alfieri, Lorenzo; Lees, Thomas; Peng, Jian; Dyer, Ellen; Dadson, Simon J.. 2019 Streamflow response to climate change in the Greater Horn of Africa. Climatic Change, 156 (3). 341-363.

Marthews, T.R.; Jones, R.G.; Dadson, S.J.; Otto, F.E.L.; Mitchell, D.; Guillod, B.P.; Allen, M.R.. 2019 The impact of human‐induced climate change on regional drought in the Horn of Africa. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 124 (8). 4549-4566.

Lafon, Thomas; Dadson, Simon; Buys, Gwen; Prudhomme, Christel. 2013 Bias correction of daily precipitation simulated by a regional climate model: a comparison of methods. International Journal of Climatology, 33 (6). 1367-1381.

Prudhomme, Christel; Young, Andy; Watts, Glenn; Haxton, Tracey; Crooks, Sue; Williamson, Jennifer; Davies, Helen; Dadson, Simon; Allen, Stuart. 2012 The drying up of Britain?: a national estimate of changes in seasonal river flows from 11 regional climate model simulations. Hydrological Processes, 26 (7). 1115-1118.

Dadson, S.J.; Bell, V.A.; Jones, R.G.. 2011 Evaluation of a grid-based river flow model configured for use in a regional climate model. Journal of Hydrology, 411 (3-4). 238-250.

Hovius, Niels; Meunier, Patrick; Lin, Ching-Weei; Chen, Hongey; Chen, Yue-Gau; Dadson, Simon; Horng, Ming-Jame; Lines, Max. 2011 Prolonged seismically induced erosion and the mass balance of a large earthquake. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 304 (3-4). 347-355.

Dadson, Simon. 2010 Geomorphology and earth system science. Progress in Physical Geography, 34 (3). 385-398.

Turowski, Jens M.; Rickenmann, Dieter; Dadson, Simon J.. 2010 The partitioning of the total sediment load of a river into suspended load and bedload: A review of empirical data. Sedimentology, 57. 1126-1146.

Dadson, Simon; Irvine, Brian; Kirkby, Mike. 2010 Effects of climate change on soil erosion: Estimates using newly-available regional climate model data at a pan-European scale. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 12, EGU2010-7047.

Dadson, Simon; Parajka, Juraj; Lafon, Thomas; Essery, Richard. 2010 Potential benefits of using regional climate model output to drive a snow model over the Austrian Alps. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 12, EGU2010-5161.

Dadson, Simon; Ashpole, Ian; Harris, Phil; Davies, Helen; Clark, Douglas; Blyth, Eleanor; Taylor, Christopher. 2010 Wetland inundation dynamics in a model of land-surface climate: Evaluation in the Niger Inland Delta region. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 12, EGU2010-5234.

Parajka, Juraj; Dadson, Simon; Lafon, Thomas; Essery, Richard. 2010 Evaluation of snow cover and depth simulated by a land-surface model using detailed regional snow observations from Austria. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 115, D24117. 17, pp.

Dadson, Simon J.; Ashpole, Ian; Harris, Phil; Davies, Helen N.; Clark, Douglas B.; Blyth, Eleanor; Taylor, Christopher M.. 2010 Wetland inundation dynamics in a model of land-surface climate: evaluation in the Niger inland delta region. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 115, D23114. 7, pp.

Lin, Guan-Wei; Chen, Hongey; Hovius, Niels; Horng, Ming-Jame; Dadson, Simon; Meunier, Patrick; Lines, Max. 2008 Effects of earthquake and cyclone sequencing on landsliding and fluvial sediment transfer in a mountain catchment [in special issue: Geomorphology and earth system science] Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 33 (9). 1354-1373.

Ashpole, Ian; Dadson, Simon; Harris, Phil; Clark, Douglas; Blyth, Eleanor; Taylor, Christopher. 2008 Estimates of Flood Inundation and Evaporation in the Niger Inland Delta Region using the JULES land-surface model. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 89(53), H11A-0717.

Dadson, Simon; Bell, Vicky; Jones, Richard. 2008 Evaluation of a grid-based river flow model using Regional Climate Model output over Europe. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 89 (53), GC41B-03.

Dadson, S.J.; Bell, V.A.; Jones, R.G.. 2008 Evaluation of a grid-based river flow model using regional climate model output over Europe. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, EGU2008-A-03853.

Parajka, Juraj; Dadson, Simon. 2008 Evaluation of regional simulations of snow cover over the Austrian Alps. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 89(53), C21A-0491.

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Hovius, Niels; Meunier, Patrick; Dadson, Simon. 2008 Seismicity and Erosion. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, 12423.

Dadson, S.; Parajka, J.. 2008 Validation of a land-surface climate model using snow cover observations. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, 03376.

Lines, M; Hovius, N; Meunier, P; Dadson, Simon; Chen, H. 2007 Evolution of the rates of mass wasting and fluvial sediment transfer from the epicentral area of the 1999, Mw 7.6 earthquake. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 9, 09139.

Dadson, Simon; Bell, Vicky; Jones, Richard. 2007 Predictions of river flow in NW Europe using a coupled hydrological and regional climate model. Geophysical Research Abstracts (08273).

Dadson, Simon; Galewsky, J. 2007 Tropical Cyclone Climatology at the Last Glacial Maximum and mid-Holocene. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 9, 10337.

Dadson, Simon; Bell, Vicky. 2007 Using sub-grid-scale topographic information to parameterise a probability-distributed runoff-production scheme for regional climate modelling. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 9, 08291.

Dadson, Simon; Bell, Victoria; Jones, R. 2006 Predictions of river flow in NW Europe using a coupled hydrological and regional climate model. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 8, 04891.

Dadson, Simon; Hovius, N; Chen, H; Horng, M. 2006 Temporal response of mountain drainage basins in Taiwan to earthquake and typhoon perturbation. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 8, 03783.

Chen, Hongey; Dadson, Simon; Chi, Yi-Guan. 2006 Recent rainfall-induced landslides and debris flow in northern Taiwan. Geomorphology, 77. 112-125.

Galewsky, J.; Stark, C.P.; Dadson, S.; Wu, C.-C.; Sobel, A.H.; Horng, M.-J.. 2006 Tropical cyclone triggering of sediment discharge in Taiwan. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, F03014. 16, pp.

Dadson, Simon; Hovius, Niels; Pegg, Stuart; Dade, W. Brian; Horng, M. J.; Chen, H.. 2005 Hyperpycnal river flows from an active mountain belt. Journal of Geophysical Research, 110 (F4).

Dadson, Simon J.; Church, Michael. 2005 Postglacial topographic evolution of glaciated valleys: a stochastic landscape evolution model. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 30 (11). 1387.

Dadson, Simon J.; Hovius, Niels; Chen, Hongey; Dade, W. Brian; Lin, Jiun-Chuan; Hsu, Mei-Ling; Lin, Ching-Weei; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Tien-Chien; Milliman, John; Stark, Colin P.. 2004 Earthquake-triggered increase in sediment delivery from an active mountain belt. Geology, 32 (8). 733.

Dadson, Simon J.; Hovius, Niels; Chen, Hongey; Dade, W. Brian; Hsieh, Meng-Long; Willett, Sean D.; Hu, Jyr-Ching; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Meng-Chiang; Stark, Colin P.; Lague, Dimitri; Lin, Jiun-Chuan. 2003 Links between erosion, runoff variability and seismicity in the Taiwan orogen. Nature, 426 (6967). 648.

Publication - Book Section

Prudhomme, C.; Jackson, C.; Haxton, T.; Crooks, S.; Dadson, S.; Morris, D.; Williamson, J.; Barkwith, A.; Kelvin, J.; Mackay, J.; Wang, L.; Goodsell, G.; Boelee, L.; Davies, H.; Buys, G.; Lafon, T.; Young, A.; Watts, G.. 2014 Future Flows: a dataset of climate, river flow and groundwater levels for climate change impact studies in Great Britain. In: Daniell, Trevor M., (ed.) Hydrology in a changing world: environmental and human dimensions. Wallingford, UK, International Association of Hydrological Sciences, 330-335. (IAHS Publication, 363).

Slaymaker, Olav; Spencer, Thomas; Dadson, Simon. 2009 Landscape, and landscape-scale processes as the unfilled niche in the global environmental change debate: an introduction. In: Slaymaker, Olav; Spencer, Thomas; Embleton-Hamann, Christine, (eds.) Geomorphology and Global Environmental Change. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1-36.

Publication - Conference Item

Dadson, Simon; Gedney, Nicola; Hayman, Garry; Clark, Douglas; Blyth, Eleanor; Taylor, Christopher; Prigent, Catherine. 2011 How well can we model wetlands in tropical and boreal regions? [Lecture] In: 3rd iLEAPS Science Conference, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, 18-23 September 2011.

Publication - Report

Dadson, Simon; Blyth, Eleanor; Clark, Douglas; Ellis, Rich; Fry, Matthew; Polcher, Jan; Hallouin, Thibault; Lawrence, Bryan; Lister, Grenville; Hughes, Andrew; Best, Martin. 2021 Hydro-JULES system design. Wallingford, UK, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 33pp. (Unpublished)

Prudhomme, Christel; Jackson, Chris; Crooks, Sue; Kelvin, Jon; Dadson, Simon. 2012 Responses to peer review. Wallingford, UK, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 53pp. (CEH Project Number: C04004, Science Report/Project Note: SC090016/PN11)

Newton, Gwen; Dadson, Simon; Lafon, Thomas; Prudhomme, Christel. 2012 Scoping study for precipitation downscaling and bias-correction. Wallingford, UK, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 32pp. (CEH Project Number: C04004, Science Report/Project Note: SC090016/PN3)

Dadson, S.; Kirkby, M.; Irvine, B.; Nicholas, A.; Quine, T.; Boddy, L.. 2010 Impacts of Climate Change on Erosion, Sediment Transport and Soil Carbon in the UK and Europe: Final Report. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (CEH Project Number: C03281) (Unpublished)

Dadson, S.J.; Bell, V.A.. 2010 Comparison of Grid-2-Grid and TRIP runoff routing schemes. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 15pp. (Unpublished)

Dadson, S. J.; Bell, V. A.; Jones, R. G.. 2007 Grid-based river flow modelling for regional climate models: Progress report on European application. Wallingford, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 59pp. (Unpublished)

Jones, R. G.; Bell, V. A.; Kay, A. L.; Dadson, S. J.; Davies, H. N.. 2006 Report describing the performance of the improved procedure using MOSES 2 to predict river flows. Summary analysis of the hydrological drivers of recent flooding events in the UK. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 54pp. (CEH: Project Report Number C02002) (Unpublished)

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