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Emmings, J.F.; Hennissen, J.A.I.; Vane, C.H. ORCID:; Damaschke, M.; Marvin, L.; Moss-Hayes, V.; Lamb, A.; Lacey, J.; Leng, M.J. ORCID:; Riley, N.J.. 2023 The Bowland Shale Formation in the Blacon Basin: syngenetic processes, stacking patterns and heat productivity. In: Geological Society Special publication. Geological Society of London. (Geological Society Special Publication, 534, 534).

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Pearson, Jessica; Evans, Jane; Lamb, Angela; Baird, Douglas; Hodder, Ian; Marciniak, Arkadiusz; Larsen, Clark Spencer; Knüsel, Christopher J.; Haddow, Scott D.; Pilloud, Marin A.; Bogaard, Amy; Fairbairn, Andrew; Plug, Jo-Hannah; Mazzucato, Camilla; Mustafaoğlu, Gökhan; Feldman, Michal; Somel, Mehmet; Fernández-Domínguez, Eva. 2023 Mobility and kinship in the world’s first village societies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120 (4), e2209480119.

García-Vázquez, Ana; Crampton, Denise A.; Lamb, Angela L.; Wolff, George A.; Kiriakoulakis, Kostas; Guidarelli, Giulia; Loy, Anna; Ciucci, Paolo; Groff, Claudio; Pinto-Llona, Ana C.; Grandal-d’Anglade, Aurora; Meloro, Carlo. 2023 Isotopic signature in isolated south-western populations of European brown bear (Ursus arctos). Mammal Research, 68. 63-76.

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Miller, Holly; Baird, Douglas; Pearson, Jessica; Lamb, Angela L.; Grove, Matt; Martin, Louise; Garrard, Andrew. 2019 The origins of nomadic pastoralism in the eastern Jordanian steppe: a combined stable isotope and chipped stone assessment. Levant, 50 (3). 281-304.

Worley, Fay; Madgwick, Richard; Pelling, Ruth; Marshall, Peter; Evans, Jane A.; Lamb, Angela L.; López-Dóriga, Inés L.; Bronk Ramsey, Christopher; Dunbar, Elaine; Reimer, Paula; Vallender, John; Roberts, David. 2019 Understanding Middle Neolithic food and farming in and around the Stonehenge World Heritage Site: an integrated approach. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 26, 101838.

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Taylor, Christopher H.; Young, Stuart; Fenn, Jonathan; Lamb, Angela L.; Lowe, Ann E.; Poulin, Benoit; MacColl, Andrew D. C.; Bradley, Janette E.. 2019 Immune state is associated with natural dietary variation in wild mice Mus musculus domesticus. Functional Ecology, 33 (8). 1425-1435.

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Nitsch, E.K.; Lamb, A.L.; Heaton, T.H.E.; Vaiglova, P.; Fraser, R.; Hartman, G.; Moreno-Jiménez, E.; López-Piñeiro, A.; Peña-Abades, D.; Fairbairn, A.; Eriksen, J.; Bogaard, A.. 2019 The preservation and interpretation of δ34 S values in charred archaeobotanical remains. Archaeometry, 61 (1). 161-178.

Miller, Holly; Chenery, Carolyn; Lamb, Angela L.; Sloane, Hilary; Carden, Ruth F.; Atici, Levent; Sykes, Naomi. 2019 The relationship between the phosphate and structural carbonate fractionation of fallow deer bioapatite in tooth enamel. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 33 (2). 151-164.


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