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Publication - Article

Palamakumbura, Romesh; Finlayson, Andrew; Ciurean, Roxana; Nedumpallile Vasu, Nikhil; Freeborough, Katy; Dashwood, Claire. 2021 Geological and geomorphological influences on a recent debris flow event in the Ice-scoured Mountain Quaternary domain, western Scotland. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 132 (4). 456-468.

Hobbs, P.R.N.; Jones, L.D.; Kirkham, M.P.; Holyoake, S.J.; Pennington, C.V.L.; Dashwood, C.; Banks, V.J.; Reeves, H.J.. 2020 Establishment of a coastal landslide observatory at Aldbrough, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 53 (1). 88-100.

Hobbs, P.R.N.; Jones, L.D.; Kirkham, M.P.; Pennington, C.V.L.; Morgan, D.J.R.; Dashwood, C.. 2020 Coastal landslide monitoring at Aldbrough, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 53 (1). 101-116.

Freeborough, K.; Dashwood, C.; Diaz Doce, D.; Jessamy, G.; Brooks, S.; Reeves, H.; Abbott, S.. 2019 A national assessment of landslide hazard from Outside Party Slopes to the rail network of Great Britain. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 52 (3). 312-319.

Freeborough, K.A.; Diaz Doce, D.; Lethbridge, R.; Jessamy, G.; Dashwood, C.; Pennington, C.; Reeves, H.J.. 2016 Landslide hazard assessment for National Rail Network. Procedia Engineering, 143. 689-696.

Pennington, Catherine; Freeborough, Katy; Dashwood, Claire; Dijkstra, Tom; Lawrie, Kenneth. 2015 The National Landslide Database of Great Britain: acquisition, communication and the role of social media. Geomorphology, 249. 44-51.

Boon, David P.; Chambers, Jonathan E.; Hobbs, Peter R.N.; Kirkham, Matthew; Merritt, Andrew J.; Dashwood, Claire; Pennington, Catherine; Wilby, Philip R.. 2015 A combined geomorphological and geophysical approach to characterising relict landslide hazard on the Jurassic Escarpments of Great Britain. Geomorphology, 248. 296-310.

Freeborough, Katy; Pennington, Catherine; Dashwood, Claire. 2014 Landslides in the East Midlands. Mercian Geologist, 18 (3). 185-187.

Cigna, Francesca; Bateson, Luke B.; Jordan, Colm J.; Dashwood, Claire. 2014 Simulating SAR geometric distortions and predicting Persistent Scatterer densities for ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT C-band SAR and InSAR applications: nationwide feasibility assessment to monitor the landmass of Great Britain with SAR imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment, 152. 441-466.

Gibson, A.D.; Culshaw, M.G.; Dashwood, C.; Pennington, C.V.L.. 2013 Landslide management in the UK— the problem of managing hazards in a ‘low-risk’ environment. Landslides, 10 (5). 599-610.

Gunther, Andreas; Reichenbach, Paola; Malet, Jean-Philippe; Van Den Eeckhaut, Miet; Hervas, Javier; Dashwood, Claire; Guzzetti, Fausto. 2013 Tier-based approaches for landslide susceptibility assessment in Europe. Landslides, 10 (5). 529-546.

Foster, C.; Harrison, M.; Reeves, H.J.. 2011 Standards and methods of hazard assessment for mass-movements in Great Britain. Journal for Torrent and Avalanche Control, 166.

Pennington, C.V.L.; Foster, C.; Chambers, J.E.; Jenkins, G.O.. 2009 Landslide research at the British Geological Survey : capture, storage and interpretation on a national and site-specific scale. Acta geologica sinica English edition, 83 (5). 991-999.

Publication - Book

Hopson, P.M.; Farrant, A.R.. 2015 Geology of the Isle of Wight : a brief explanation of the Isle of Wight geological sheet : parts of sheet 330, 331, 344 and 345 Isle of Wight (England and Wales). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 164pp. (Explanation (England & Wales Sheet) British Geological Survey).

Publication - Book Section

Dashwood, Claire; Pennington, Catherine; Bee, Emma; Freeborough, Katy; Dijkstra, Tom. 2017 Creation of a national landslide domain map to aid susceptibility mapping in Great Britain. In: Mikos, M., (ed.) Advancing culture of living with landslides. Volume 2, advances in landslide science. Cham, Switzerland, Springer, 973-979.

Mateos, Rosa María; Herrera, Gerardo; García-Davalillo, Juan Carlos; Grandjean, Gilles; Poyiadji, Eleftheria; Maftei, Raluca; Filipciuc, Tatiana-Constantina; Auflič, Mateja Jemec; Jez, Jernej; Podolszki, Laszlo; Trigila, Alessandro; Comerci, Valerio; Raetzo, Hugo; Kociu, Arben; Przyłucka, Maria; Kułak, Marcin; Laskowicz, Izabela; Sheehy, Michael; Kopackova, Veronika; Frei, Michaela; Kuhn, Dirk; Dehls, John F.; Hermanns, Reginald L.; Koulermou, Niki; Smith, Colby A.; Engdahl, Mats; Pagespetit, Pere Buxó; González, Marta; Banks, Vanessa; Dashwood, Claire; Reeves, Helen; Cigna, Francesca; Liščák, Pavel; Mikulėnas, Vidas; Demir, Vedad; Raha, Margus; Quental, Lidia; Oliveira, Daniel; Dias, Ruben; Sandić, Cvjetko. 2017 Integration of geohazards into urban and land-use planning. Towards a Landslide Directive. The EuroGeoSurveys Questionnaire. In: Mikos, M., (ed.) Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides. Volume 2, advances in landslide science. Springer, 1067-1072.

Jordan, H.; Boon, D.; Dashwood, C.; Dijkstra, T.; Freeborough, K.; Hobbs, P.; Jenkins, G.; Lee, K.; Pennington, C.; Reeves, H.. 2016 Landslide mapping for susceptibility and hazard assessment: North York Moors, UK. In: Aversa, S., (ed.) Landslides and engineered slopes: experience, theory and practice : Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Landslides (Napoli, Italy, 12-19 June 2016). Taylor & Francis, 9pp.

Pennington, Catherine; Dijkstra, Tom; Lark, Murray; Dashwood, Claire; Harrison, Anna; Freeborough, Katy. 2014 Antecedent precipitation as a potential proxy for landslide incidence in South West UK. In: Sassa, Kyoji; Canuti, Paolo; Yin, Yueping, (eds.) Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment. Vol.1, the International Programme on Landslides (IPL). Springer, 253-259. (Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment: Vol.1: The International Programme on Landslides (IPL)).

Evans, Hannah; Pennington, Catherine; Jordan, Colm; Foster, Claire. 2013 Mapping a nation’s landslides: a novel multi-stage methodology. In: Margottini, Claudio; Canuti, P.; Sassa, K, (eds.) Landslide science and practice. Volume 1, landslide inventory and susceptibility and hazard zoning. Springer, 21-27.

Foster, C.; Reeves, H.J.; Pennington, C.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Culshaw, M.G.; Plim, J.; Smith, J.T.; MacCulloch, F.; Queen, G.; Winter, M.G.. 2012 Landslide hazard assessment and characterisation for forestry asset management in Great Britain. In: Eberhart, E., (ed.) Landslides and Engineered Slopes : Protecting Society through Improved Understanding. CRC Press, 6pp.

Lilly, A.; Auton, Clive; Baggaley, N.J.; Bowes, J.P.; Foster, Claire; Haq, M.; Reeves, Helen. 2011 Soil erosion and landslides. In: Dobbie, K.E.; Bruneau, P.M.C.; Towers, W., (eds.) The state of Scotland's soil. Natural Scotland, 86-99, 13pp.

Publication - Conference Item

Bee, Emma J.; Pennington, Catherine; Dashwood, Claire; Lee, Katy. 2018 Creating a national scale debris flow susceptibility model for Great Britain. [Other] In: EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018. (Unpublished)

Williams, Chris; Bee, Emma; Dashwood, Claire; Marchant, Ben. 2018 A data driven approach to landslide susceptibility mapping in Great Britain. [Other] In: EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018. European Geosciences Union.

Williams, C.; Bee, E.; Dashwood, C.; Marchant, B.. 2018 A data driven approach to landslide susceptibility mapping in Great Britain. [Poster] In: EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Bee, E.J.; Dashwood, C.; Pennington, C.; Lee, K.. 2017 Creating a Debris Flow Susceptibility Model for Great Britain: a GIS Based Approach. [Poster] In: BGS Science Festival 2017, Nottingham, UK, 7- 8 Dec 2017. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Cigna, Francesca; Bateson, Luke; Jordan, Colm; Dashwood, Claire. 2013 Nationwide monitoring of geohazards in Great Britain with InSAR: feasibility mapping based on ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT imagery. In: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Melbourne, Australia, 21-26 Jul 2013. 672-675.

Boon, David; Grebby, Stephen. 2012 Application of remote sensed data for landslide hazard assessment : a UK perspective. [Keynote] In: GRSG AGM 2012: Monitoring and Managing the Earth's Resources, London, UK, 11-13 December. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Cigna, F.; Bateson, L.; Jordan, C.; Dashwood, C.. 2012 Feasibility of InSAR technologies for nationwide monitoring of geohazards in Great Britain. In: RSPSoc 2012, London, UK, 12-14 Sept 2012.

Yuangdetkla, K.; Gibson, Andy; Whitworth, Malcolm; Foster, Claire; Entwisle, David; Pennington, Catherine. 2011 Distribution of landslides and geotechnical properties within the Hampshire Basin. In: 5th Canadian Conference on Geotechnique and Natural Hazards, Kelowna, Canada, 15-17 May 2011. (Unpublished)

Foster, Claire; Gibson, Andrew; Wildman, Geraldine. 2008 The new national Landslide Database and Landslide Hazard Assessment of Great Britain. In: First World Landslide Forum, Tokyo, Japan, 18-21 November 2008. ISDR, 203-206.

Foster, Claire; Poulton, Catherine; Harrison, Matthew. 2008 A national hazard assessment of coastal landslides using GI capture systems : a government dataset. In: AGI Geocommunity 08 : shaping a changing world, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, 24-25 Sept 08. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Budimir, Mirianna; Mondini, Alessandro; Rossi, Mauro; Arnhardt, Christian; Robbins, Joanne. 2022 Framework for implementation of a landslide early warning forecast model in developing countries : challenges and lessons from SHEAR. SHEAR, 26pp. (Unpublished)

LANDSLIP Project. 2021 LANDSLIP knowledge product : institutional roles. British Geological Survey, 11pp. (OR/21/071) (Unpublished)

LANDSLIP Project. 2021 LANDSLIP knowledge product : landslide forecasting. British Geological Survey, 13pp. (OR/21/069) (Unpublished)

LANDSLIP Project. 2021 LANDSLIP knowledge product : the landslide forecast bulletin. British Geological Survey, 11pp. (OR/21/070) (Unpublished)

Bee, E.J.; Pennington, C.V.L.; Dashwood, C.; Lee, K.. 2017 A user guide for the GeoSure Extra : Debris Flow Susceptibility Model for Great Britain (Version 6.0). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 14pp. (OR/17/031) (Unpublished)

Freeborough, K.; Dashwood, C.; Reeves, H.; Arnhardt, C.. 2017 A workshop focussing on communication of hazard assessment information : summary of discussions. Notingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 22pp. (OR/18/014) (Unpublished)

Boon, D.; Patton, A.; Kirkham, M.; Jones, L.. 2016 Slope monitoring at the Glan Ebbw Landslide, Blaina, South Wales: January to April 2016. British Geological Survey, 35pp. (IR/16/015) (Unpublished)

Jordan, Colm J.; Grebby, Stephen; Dijkstra, Tom; Dashwood, Claire; Cigna, Francesca. 2015 Risk information services for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Caribbean : operational documentation. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 69pp. (OR/15/001) (Unpublished)

Hobbs, P.R.N.; Jones, L.D.; Kirkham, M.P.. 2015 Slope dynamics project report : Holderness Coast - Aldbrough, drilling & instrumentation, 2012-2015. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 65pp. (IR/15/001) (Unpublished)

Hobbs, P.R.N.; Jones, L.D.; Kirkham, M.P.; Morgan, D.J.R.; Pennington, C.V.L.; Jenkins, G.O.; Dashwood, C.; Haslam, E.P.; Freeborough, K.A.; Lawley, R.S.. 2013 Slope dynamics project report : Holderness Coast - Aldbrough, survey & monitoring, 2001-2013. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 150pp. (OR/11/063) (Unpublished)

Page, J.H.; Dashwood, C.. 2012 Emeritus Professor J.N. Hutchinson : Historical Landslide Collection : Great Britain. British Geological Survey, 120pp. (IR/12/073) (Unpublished)

Pennington, Catherine; Evans, Hannah; Foster, Claire. 2009 Landslides of the area around Chesterfield, Geological Sheet 112. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 23pp. (OR/09/022) (Unpublished)

Hobbs, P.R.N.; Pennington, C.V.L.; Pearson, S.G.; Jones, L.D.; Foster, C.; Lee, J.R.; Gibson, A.. 2008 Slope dynamics project report : Norfolk Coast (2000 - 2006). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 166pp. (OR/08/018) (Unpublished)

Foster, Claire; Jenkins, Gareth Owen; Gibson, Andrew. 2007 Landslides and mass movement processes and their distribution in the York District (Sheet 63). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 49pp. (OR/07/004) (Unpublished)

Jenkins, G.O.; Foster, C.; Gibson, A.D.; Price, S.J.. 2006 Landslide survey of North Yorkshire : reconnaissance report. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 15pp. (IR/06/039) (Unpublished)

Output (Electronic)

Reeves, Helen; Hobbs, Peter; Dashwood, Claire. Landslides : geology in motion (a video). 10 September 2013, [Output (Electronic)]

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