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Publication - Article

Asaaga, Festus A. ORCID: 2021 Building on “traditional” land dispute resolution mechanisms in rural Ghana: adaptive or anachronistic? [in special issue: Land perspectives: people, tenure, planning, tools, space, and health] Land, 10 (2). 17, pp.

Asaaga, Festus A. ORCID:; Hirons, Mark A.; Malhi, Yadvinder. 2020 Questioning the link between tenure security and sustainable land management in cocoa landscapes in Ghana. World Development, 130, 104913. 14, pp.

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Publication - Book

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Publication - Book Section

Taylor, Jonathan P.; Golding, Brian; Lisk, Ian; Gibbs, Mark; Langford, Harry; Reynard, Nick; Turner, Sarah; Wright, Tim; Rosen, Deborah; Pilling, Charles; Reeves, Helen; Kerridge, David; Loughlin, Susan; Macdonald, David; McKenzie, Andrew; Ward, Rob; Colenut, Andrew. 2015 Natural hazards. In: Observing the Earth: expert views on environmental observation for the UK. London, The Royal Society, 79-107.

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Publication - Conference Item

Patton, Ashley M.. 2016 A review of attitudes towards sharing geotechnical data and the use of geospatial data portals in Hong Kong and the U.K.: lessons for Europe. [Poster] In: EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria, 17-22 Apr 2016. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Nixon, Gillian; Wardle, Christopher. 2012 Hercules: the original Olympian. [Poster] In: Archive Awareness Open Day, Nottingham, UK, 1 Dec 2012. (Unpublished)

Thomas, Robert; Jacobs, Joachim; Goodenough, Kathryn. 2009 Cambrian post-tectonic granitoid magmatism in the southern East African-Antarctic Orogen. In: 6th International Colloquium 3 Ma, Beni Mellal, Morocco, 23-27 April 2009. Beni Mellal, Morocco, 3Ma, 117.

Nayembil, Martin; Adlam, Keith. 2008 Oracle Spatial in British Geological Survey. In: Oracle Spatial Special Interest Group (SIG), British Geological Survey, 07th February 2008. Wimbledon, UK, UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG).

Publication - Report

Lee, J.R.; Hough, E.. 2017 A Conceptual Geological Model for investigating shallow sub-surface geology, Cheshire Energy Research Field Site. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 27pp. (OR/17/042) (Unpublished)

Holden, Joseph; Haygarth, Philip M.; MacDonald, Jannette; Jenkins, Alan; Sapiets, Alison; Orr, Harriet G.; Dunn, Nicola; Harris, Bob; Pearson, Phillippa L.; McGonigle, Dan; Humble, Ann; Ross, Martin; Harris, Jim; Meacham, Theresa; Benton, Tim; Watts, Glenn; Hess, Tim; Olbert, Caroline; Kay, Melvyn; Pope, Vicky; Stannard, Tim; Storey, Mike; Lankford, Bruce; Lillywhite, Robert; Cooper, Russell; Challinor, Andrew; Sutton, Peter. 2015 Facing the future together: report from the Farming and Water Action Group. Global Food Security, 12pp.

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Lawrence, D.J.D.. 2009 Limestone landscapes : a geodiversity audit and action plan for the Durham Magnesian Limestone Plateau. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 114pp. (OR/09/007) (Unpublished)

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Kennedy, B. C.. 1970 Publications handbook. Guide to preparation of manuscripts for publication, papers for submission to external journals, Institute of Hydrology reports. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 5pp. (IH Report No.1) (Unpublished)

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