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Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock, Ben A.; Gray, Alan; Andrews, Christopher; Ives, Stephen; Kjeldsen, Thomas R.; Laize, Cedric L.R.; Chapman, Daniel S.; Butler, Adam; O'Hare, Matthew T.. 2017 Dispersal capacity shapes responses of river island invertebrate assemblages to vegetation structure, island area, and flooding. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 10 (4). 341-353. 10.1111/icad.12231

Chapman, Daniel S.; Scalone, Romain; Štefanić, Edita; Bullock, James M.. 2017 Mechanistic species distribution modeling reveals a niche shift during invasion. Ecology, 98 (6). 1671-1680. 10.1002/ecy.1835

White, Steven M.; Bullock, James M.; Hooftman, Danny A.P.; Chapman, Daniel S.. 2017 Modelling the spread and control of Xylella fastidiosa in the early stages of invasion in Apulia, Italy. Biological Invasions, 19 (6). 1825-1837. 10.1007/s10530-017-1393-5

Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock, Ben A.; Heard, Matthew S.; Chapman, Daniel S.. 2017 Network size, structure and mutualism dependence affect the propensity for plant-pollinator extinction cascades. Functional Ecology, 31 (6). 1285-1293. 10.1111/1365-2435.12823

Branquart, E.; Brundu, G.; Buholzer, S.; Chapman, D.; Ehret, P.; Fried, G.; Starfinger, U.; van Valkenburg, J.; Tanner, R.. 2016 A prioritization process for invasive alien plant species incorporating the requirements of EU Regulation no. 1143/2014. EPPO Bulletin, 46 (3). 603-617. 10.1111/epp.12336

Chapman, Daniel S.; Makra, László; Albertini, Roberto; Bonini, Maira; Páldy, Anna; Rodinkova, Victoria; Šikoparija, Branko; Weryszko-Chmielewska, Elżbieta; Bullock, James M.. 2016 Modelling the introduction and spread of non-native species: international trade and climate change drive ragweed invasion. Global Change Biology, 22 (9). 3067-3079. 10.1111/gcb.13220

Baattrup-Pedersen, Annette; Andrews, Christopher; Belletti, Barbara; Campana, Daniela; Carlson, Peter E.; Chapman, Dan S.; Chormaski, Jaroslaw; Comiti, Francesco; Garcia de Jalon, Diego; Gonzalez del Tanago, Marta; Gray, Alan; Ives, Stephen C.; Johnson, Richard K.; Kiczko, Adam; Kjeldsen, Thomas R.; Kraml, Julia; Laize, Cedric L.R.; Lebiedzinski, Katharina; Mader, Helmut; Maroto, Judit; Martinez-Fernandez, Vanesa; Mayr, Peter; McKie, Brendan G.; Okrusko, Tomasz; Rinaldi, Massimo; Sandin, Leonard; Staras, Mircea; Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock, Ben A.; O'Hare, Matthew T.. 2015 Guidance on how to identify impacts of hydromorphological degradation on riparian ecosystems. Deliverable 3.4 of REFORM (REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management), a collaborative project (large-scale integrating project) funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Grant Agreement 282656. European Commission, 187pp. (CEH Project no. C04493)

Essl, Franz; Biró, Krisztina; Brandes, Dietmar; Broennimann, Olivier; Bullock, James M.; Chapman, Daniel S.; Chauvel, Bruno; Dullinger, Stefan; Fumanal, Boris; Guisan, Antoine; Karrer, Gerhard; Kazinczi, Gabriella; Kueffer, Christoph; Laitung, Beryl; Lavoie, Claude; Leitner, Michael; Mang, Thomas; Moser, Dietmar; Müller-Schärer, Heinz; Petitpierre, Blaise ; Richter, Robert; Schaffner, Urs; Smith, Matt; Starfinger, Uwe; Vautard, Robert; Vogl, Gero; von der Lippe, Moritz; Follak, Swen. 2015 Biological flora of the British Isles: Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Journal of Ecology, 103 (4). 1069-1098. 10.1111/1365-2745.12424

Chapman, Daniel S.; Bell, Sandra; Helfer, Stephan; Roy, David B.. 2015 Unbiased inference of plant flowering phenology from biological recording data [in special issue: Fifty years of the Biological Records Centre] Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 115 (3). 543-554. 10.1111/bij.12515

Chapman, Daniel S.; White, Steven M.; Hooftman, Danny A.P.; Bullock, James M.. 2015 Inventory and review of quantitative models for spread of plant pests for use in pest risk assessment for the EU territory. Parma, Italy, European Food Safety Authority, 190pp. (CEH Project no. C04733)

White, S.M.; Bullock, J.M.; Hooftman, D.A.P; Chapman, D.S.. 2014 Modelling the spread of Xylella fastidiosa in Puglia, Italy. [Lecture] In: International Symposium on the European Outbreak of Xylella fastidiosa in Olive, Gallipoli, Italy, 21-24 Oct 2014. (Unpublished)

Pocock, Michael J.O.; Chapman, Daniel S.; Sheppard, Lucy J.; Roy, Helen E.. 2014 Choosing and using citizen science: a guide to when and how to use citizen science to monitor biodiversity and the environment. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 24pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Pocock, Michael J.O.; Chapman, Daniel S.; Sheppard, Lucy J.; Roy, Helen E.. 2014 A strategic framework to support the implementation of citizen science for environmental monitoring. Final report to SEPA. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 65pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Bullock, James; Chapman, Daniel; Hooftman, Danny; White, Steven. 2014 Inventory and review of quantitative models for spread of plant pests for use in pest risk assessment for the EU territory. [Keynote] In: Joint EFSA-EPPO Workshop on ‘Data collection and information sharing in plant health’ , Parma, Italy, 1-3 Apr 2014. (Unpublished)

Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock , Ben A.; Gray, Alan; Grant, Fiona; Telford, Annika; Lambdon, Phil; Chapman, Dan S.; Pywell, Richard F.; Heard, Matt S.; Cavers, Stephen. 2014 Grazing alters insect visitation networks and plant mating systems. Functional Ecology, 28 (1). 178-189. 10.1111/1365-2435.12191

Storkey, Jonathan; Stratonovitch, Pierre; Chapman, Daniel S.; Vidotto, Francesco; Semenov, Mikhail A.. 2014 A process-based approach to predicting the effect of climate change on the distribution of an invasive allergenic plant in Europe. PLoS ONE, 9 (2), e88156. 7, pp. 10.1371/journal.pone.0088156

Chapman, Daniel S.; Haynes, Tom; Beal, Stephen; Essl, Franz; Bullock, James M.. 2014 Phenology predicts the native and invasive range limits of common ragweed. Global Change Biology, 20 (1). 192-202. 10.1111/gcb.12380

Bishop, Tom R.; Botham, Marc S.; Fox, Richard; Leather, Simon R.; Chapman, Daniel S.; Oliver, Tom H.. 2013 The utility of distribution data in predicting phenology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 4 (11). 1024-1032. 10.1111/2041-210X.12112

Reed, Mark S.; Hubacek, Klaus; Bonn, Aletta; Burt, Tim P.; Holden, Joseph; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Beharry-Borg, Nesha; Buckmaster, Sarah; Chapman, Dan; Chapman, Pippa J.; Clay, Gareth D.; Cornell, Stephen J.; Dougill, Andrew J.; Evely, Anna C.; Fraser, Evan D.G.; Jin, Nanlin; Irvine, Brian J.; Kirkby, Mike J.; Kunin, William E.; Prell, Christina; Quinn, Claire H.; Slee, Bill; Stagl, Sigrid; Termansen, Mette; Thorp, Simon; Worrall, Fred. 2013 Anticipating and managing future trade-offs and complementarities between ecosystem services. Ecology and Society, 18 (1), 5. 10.5751/ES-04924-180105

Young, Juliette C.; Jordan, Andrew; Searle, Kate R.; Butler, Adam; Chapman, Daniel S.; Simmons, Peter; Watt, Allan D.. 2013 Does stakeholder involvement really benefit biodiversity conservation? Biological Conservation , 158. 359-370. 10.1016/j.biocon.2012.08.018

Chapman, Daniel S.. 2013 Greater phenological sensitivity to temperature on higher Scottish mountains: new insights from remote sensing. Global Change Biology, 19 (11). 3463-3471. 10.1111/gcb.12254

Giannini, Tereza Cristina; Chapman, Daniel S.; Saraiva, Antonio Mauro; Alves-dos-Santos, Isabel; Biesmeijer, Jacobus C.. 2013 Improving species distribution models using biotic interactions: a case study of parasites, pollinators and plants. Ecography, 36 (6). 649-656. 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2012.07191.x

Prank, Marje; Chapman, Daniel S.; Bullock, James M.; Belmonte, Jordina; Berger, Uwe; Dahl, Aslog; Jäger, Siegfried; Kovtunenko, Irina; Magyar, Donát; Niemelä, Sami; Rantio-Lehtimäki, Auli; Rodinkova, Viktoria; Sauliene, Ingrida; Severova, Elena; Sikoparija, Branko; Sofiev, Mikhail. 2013 An operational model for forecasting ragweed pollen release and dispersion in Europe. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 182-183. 43-53. 10.1016/j.agrformet.2013.08.003

Chapman, Daniel S.; Gray, Alan. 2012 Complex interactions between the wind and ballistic seed dispersal in Impatiens glandulifera (Royle). Journal of Ecology, 100 (4). 874-883. 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2012.01977.x

O'Hare, Matthew T.; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Chapman, Daniel S.; Dudley, Bernard J.; Purse, Bethan V.. 2012 Impacts of space, local environment and habitat connectivity on macrophyte communities in conservation lakes. Diversity and Distributions, 18 (6). 603-614. 10.1111/j.1472-4642.2011.00860.x

Chapman, Daniel S.; Purse, Bethan V.. 2011 Community versus single-species distribution models for British plants. Journal of Biogeography, 38 (8). 1524-1535. 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2011.02517.x

Powney, Gary D.; Roy, David B.; Chapman, Daniel; Brereton, Tom; Oliver, Tom H.. 2011 Measuring functional connectivity using long-term monitoring data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2 (5). 527-533. 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2011.00098.x

Thapa, Shova; Chapman, Daniel s.. 2010 Impacts of resource extraction on forest structure and diversity in Bardia National Park, Nepal. Forest Ecology and Management, 259 (3). 641-649. 10.1016/j.foreco.2009.11.023

Chapman, Daniel S.; Bonn, Aletta; Kunin, William E.; Cornell, Stephen J.. 2010 Random Forest characterisation of upland vegetation and burning from aerial imagery. Journal of Biogeography, 37 (1). 37-46. 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2009.02186.x

Powney, Gary D.; Roy, David B.; Chapman, Daniel; Oliver, Tom H.. 2010 Synchrony of butterfly populations across species' geographic ranges. Oikos, 119. 1690-1696. 10.1111/j.1600-0706.2010.18168.x

Chapman, Daniel S.. 2010 Weak climatic associations among British plant distributions. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 19. 831-841. 10.1111/j.1466-8238.2010.00561.x

Worrall, Fred; Evans, Martin G.; Bonn, Aletta; Reed, Mark S.; Chapman, Daniel; Holden, Joseph. 2009 Can carbon offsetting pay for upland ecological restoration? Science of the Total Environment, 408 (1). 26-36. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2009.09.022

Chapman, Daniel S.; Termansen, Mette; Quinn, Claire H.; Jin, Nanlin; Bonn, Aletta; Cornell, Stephen J.; Fraser, Evan D.G.; Hubacek, Klaus; Kunin, William E.; Reed, Mark S.. 2009 Modelling the coupled dynamics of moorland management and upland vegetation. Journal of Applied Ecology, 46 (2). 278-288. 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2009.01618.x

Reed, M. S.; Bonn, A.; Slee, W.; Beharry-Borg, N.; Birch, J.; Brown, I.; Burt, T. P.; Chapman, D.; Chapman, P. J.; Clay, G. D.; Cornell, S. J.; Fraser, E. D. G.; Glass, J. H.; Holden, J.; Hodgson, J. A.; Hubacek, K.; Irvine, B.; Jin, N.; Kirkby, M. J.; Kunin, W. E.; Moore, O.; Moseley, D.; Prell, C.; Price, M. F.; Quinn, C. H.; Redpath, S.; Reid, C.; Stagl, S.; Stringer, L. C.; Termansen, M.; Thorp, S.; Towers, W.; Worrall, F.. 2009 The future of the uplands. Land Use Policy, 26 (Supplement 1). S204-S216. 10.1016/j.landusepol.2009.09.013

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