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Hughes, Leanne; Bateson, Luke; Ford, Jonathan; Napier, Bruce; Creixell, Christian; Contreras, Juan-Pablo; Vallette, Jane. 2017 Virtual Field Reconnaissance to enable multi-site collaboration in geoscience fieldwork in Chile. [Poster] In: EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria, 23-28 April 2017. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Burke, H.F.; Ford, J.R.; Hughes, L.; Thorpe, S.; Lee, J.R.. 2017 A 3D geological model of the superficial deposits in the Selby area. British Geological Survey, 61pp. (CR/17/112N) (Unpublished)


Ford, Jonathan. 2016 The UK’s National Geological Model. [Lecture] In: 3rd European Meeting on 3D Geological Modelling, Wiesbaden, Germany, 16-17 June 2016.

Powell, John H.; Ford, Jonathan R.; Riding, James B.. 2016 Diamicton from the Vale of Pickering and Tabular Hills, north-east Yorkshire: evidence for a Middle Pleistocene (MIS 8) glaciation? Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 127 (5). 575-594.

Kessler, H.; Terrington, R.; Wood, B.; Ford, J.; Myers, T.; Thorpe, S.; Burke, H.. 2016 Specification of in- and output data formats and deliverables for commissioned 3D geological models. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 6pp. (OR/16/052) (Unpublished)

Ford, Jon. 2016 The UK's 'National Geological Model' : recent developments, current applications and demands for further enhancement. British Geological Survey, 26pp. (OR/16/037) (Unpublished)

Price, S.J.; Ford, J.R.; Campbell, S.D.G.; Jefferson, I.. 2016 Urban futures: the sustainable management of the ground beneath cities. In: Eggers, M.J.; Griffiths, J.S.; Parry, S.; Culshaw, M.G., (eds.) Developments in Engineering Geology. Geological Society of London, 19-33. (Engineering geology special publication, 27, 27).


Ford, J.R.; Hughes, L.; Burke, H.F.; Lee, J.R.. 2015 The Vale of Pickering : an initial summary of the Quaternary/superficial geology and data holdings. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 16pp. (OR/15/064) (Unpublished)


Waters, Colin N.; Zalasiewicz, Jan; Williams, Mark; Price, Simon J.; Ford, Jon R.; Cooper, Anthony H.. 2014 Evidence for a stratigraphic basis for the Anthropocene. In: Rocha , Rogerio, (ed.) STRATI 2013. Springer, 989-993.

Chadwick, A.; Holloway, S.; Hannis, S.; Rochelle, C.; Williams, J.; Mackay, E.; Ford, J.; Pickup, G.; Somerville, J.; Tohidi, B.. 2014 External review of the storage plan for the Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage Project. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 22pp. (CR/14/094N) (Unpublished)

Burke, H.; Mathers, S.J.; Williamson, J.P.; Thorpe, S.; Ford, J.; Terrington, R.L.. 2014 The London Basin superficial and bedrock LithoFrame 50 Model. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 27pp. (OR/14/029) (Unpublished)

Ford, J.R.; Price, S.J.; Cooper, A.H.; Waters, C.N.. 2014 An assessment of lithostratigraphy for anthropogenic deposits. In: Waters, C.N.; Zalasiewicz, J.A.; Williams, M.; Ellis, M.; Snelling, A., (eds.) A stratigraphical basis for the Anthropocene. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 55-89. (Geological Society Special Publication, 395).

Mathers, S.J.; Burke, H.F.; Terrington, R.L.; Thorpe, S.; Dearden, R.A.; Williamson, J.P.; Ford, J.R.. 2014 A geological model of London and the Thames Valley, southeast England. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 125 (4). 373-382.


Ford, Jon; Dearden, Rachel; Napier, Bruce; Kessler, Holger. 2013 3-D visualisation at the British Geological Survey. [Lecture] In: GSA, Denver Annual Meeting, Denver, USA, Oct 2013. Geological Society of America.

Ford, Jon; Dearden, Rachel; Kessler, Holger. 2013 Ahead of the game or behind the curve? (or, why building our confidence in models is essential). [Lecture] In: GSA, Denver Annual Meeting 2013, Denver, USA, Oct 3013. Geological Society of America.

Price, Simon J.; Ford, Jonathan R.; Cooper, Anthony H.; Waters, Colin; Aldiss, Don; Brown, Teresa; Smith, Alan. 2013 Humans as geological and geomorphological agents in the Anthropocene. [Other] In: IAG 8th International Conference on Geomorphology, Paris, France, 27-31 Aug 2013. (Unpublished)

Burke, H.; Mathers, S.; Thorpe, S.; Ford, J.; Terrington, R.. 2013 Metadata report for the Superficial LithoFrame 50 London Basin Model (areas 1-12). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 23pp. (OR/12/077) (Unpublished)

Westhead, R.K.; Smith, M.; Shelley, W.A.; Pedley, R.C.; Ford, J.; Napier, B.. 2013 Mobile spatial mapping and augmented reality applications for environmental geoscience. Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, 2 (1-4). 185-190.

Gunn, D.A.; Chambers, J.E.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Ford, J.R.; Wilkinson, P.B.; Jenkins, G.O.; Merritt, A.. 2013 Rapid observations to guide the design of systems for long-term monitoring of a complex landslide in the Upper Lias clays of North Yorkshire, UK. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 46 (3). 323-336.

Powell, J.H.; Riding, J.B.. 2013 Scarborough geological watching brief : Toll House Shaft site, Castle Hill SSSI. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 48pp. (IR/13/025) (Unpublished)


de Beer, Johannes; Price, Simon J.; Ford, Jonathan R.. 2012 3D modelling of geological and anthropogenic deposits at the World Heritage Site of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. Quaternary International, 251. 107-116.

Smith, Martin; Lawrence, David; McInroy, David; Monaghan, Alison; Edwards, Mike; Naylor, Mark; Ford, Jon; Bricker, Stephanie. 2012 Defining the store : geological interpretation and storage modelling. In: Smith, Martin; Campbell, David; Mackay, Eric; Polson, Debbie, (eds.) CO2 aquifer storage site evaluation and monitoring : understanding the challenges of CO2 storage : results of the CASSEM Project / edited and compiled by Martin Smith ... [et al]. Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage, 37-67.

Monaghan, Alison; Ford, Jonathan; Milodowski, Antoni; McInroy, David; Pharaoh, Timothy; Rushton, Jeremy; Browne, Michael; Cooper, Anthony; Hulbert, Andrew; Napier, Bruce. 2012 New insights from 3D geological models at analogue CO2 storage sites in Lincolnshire and eastern Scotland, UK. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 59 (1). 53-76.

Price, Simon James; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Campbell, Diarmad; Jefferson, Ian. 2012 Resilient cities : 3D geoscience for sustainable subsurface management. In: 34th International Geological Congress: Theme 31.1 engineering geological challenges for our ever growing cities, Brisbane, Australia, 5-10 Aug 2012. (Unpublished)

Price, Simon James; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Cooper, Anthony H.; Aldiss, Don; Brown, Teresa; Smith, Alan. 2012 The geology of the Anthropocene. In: 34th International Geological Congress: Theme 4.2. Global Geochemical Mapping: understanding the chemical Earth, Brisbane, Australia, 5-10 Aug 2012. (Unpublished)


Mee, K.; Bee, E.J.; Ford, J.R.. 2011 FutureThames : Cities, catchments and coasts. Applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames basin. British Geological Survey, 25pp. (OR/11/027) (Unpublished)

Ford, Jonathan; Mathers, Stephen; Terrington, Ricky; Burke, Helen. 2011 100 million years of London : the digital 3D geological model. In: London in maps. London Mapping Festival.

Terrington, Ricky L.; Mee, K.; Aldiss, D.T.; Ford, J.R.. 2011 Development of unified geological model surfaces from legacy 3D models in the Thames basin catchment area. In: Model Fusion Conference, London, UK, 28-29 Nov 2011. (Unpublished)

Bee, Emma; Ford, Jon; Mee, Katy. 2011 Future Thames : applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames Basin. [Poster] In: Cities, catchments and coasts: applied geoscience for decision-making in London and the Thames Basin, London, UK, 13 May 2011. (Unpublished)

Price, Simon J.; Ford, Jonathan R.; Cooper, Anthony H.; Neal, Catherine. 2011 Humans as major geological and geomorphological agents in the Anthropocene: the significance of artificial ground in Great Britain. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 369 (1938). 1056-1084.

Powell, J.H.; Ford, J.R.. 2011 Lime and Ice Project : an overview of the geology and geomorphology of part of the Hambleton and Howardian Hills for the North York Moors National Park Authority. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 20pp. (CR/11/099N) (Unpublished)

Chambers, J.E.; Wilkinson, P.B.; Kuras, O.; Ford, J.R.; Gunn, D.A.; Meldrum, P.I.; Pennington, C.V.L.; Weller, A.L.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Ogilvy, R.D.. 2011 Three-dimensional geophysical anatomy of an active landslide in Lias Group mudrocks, Cleveland Basin, UK. Geomorphology, 125 (4). 472-484.

Price, S.; Ford, J.; Myerscough, R.; Neal, C.. 2011 The physical and human landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds : its geological and archaeological heritage : YGS fieldtrip guide 21st June 2008. British Geological Survey, 19pp. (OR/08/047) (Unpublished)


Hall, M.; Cooper, A.H.; Ford, J.; Price, S.; Burke, H.. 2010 The use of NEXTMap Britain for geological surveying in the Vale of York. In: Fleming, C.; Marsh, S.H.; Giles, J.R.A., (eds.) Elevation models for geoscience. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 55-66. (Geological Society Special Publications, 345, 345).

Ford, J.; Kessler, H.; Cooper, A.H.; Price, S.J.; Humpage, A.J.. 2010 An enhanced classification of artificial ground. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (OR/10/036) (Unpublished)

Ford, Jon; Price, Simon; Royse, Kate; Hughes, Andrew; Jackson, Chris. 2010 Battlegrounds of environmental change. Earthwise, 26. 40-41.

Ford, Jon; Mathers, Steve; Royse, Kate; Aldiss, Don; Morgan, David J.R.. 2010 Geological 3D modelling : scientific discovery and enhanced understanding of the subsurface, with examples from the UK. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Geowissenschaften, 161 (2). 205-218.

Price, Simon J.; Banks, Vanessa J.; Burke, Helen; Royse, Kate; Terrington, Ricky; Thorpe, Stephen; Ford, Jonathan R.. 2010 Interpretation, description and representation of anthropogenic deposits. In: 8th BLRS Conference : Restoration and Recovery : Regenerating Land and Communities, South Wales, 7-9 Sept 2010. (Unpublished)


Kessler, Holger; Campbell, Diarmad; Ford, Jon; Giles, Jeremy; Hughes, Andrew; Jackson, Ian; Peach, Denis; Price, Simon; Sobisch, Hans-Georg; Terrington, Ricky; Wood, Ben. 2009 Building on geological models : the vision of an environmental modelling platform. In: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2009, Illinois, USA, 18-21 Oct 2009. Illinois, USA, Geological Society of America, 24-30.

Ford, J.R.; Monaghan, A.A.. 2009 Lithological heterogeneity of the Mercia Mudstone and Sherwood Sandstone Groups in the Yorkshire-Lincolnshire region, and Knox Pulpit Sandstone, Kinnesswood and Ballagan Formations in the Forth region : additional information for CASSEM Work Package One. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 40pp. (CR/09/053N) (Unpublished)

Key, Roger; Pitfield, P.; Thomas, R.; Bateson, Luke; Chacksfield, Barrie; Ford, Jon.; Goodenough, K.; Horstwood, M.; O'Connor, Eugene; Schofield, D.; Walker, A.. 2009 The Precambrian framework of Northern and Central Madagascar [abstract]. [Other] In: International Conference on Paleoproterozoic Supercontinents and Global Evolution, Kolkata, India, 2009. Kolkata, India, Indian Statistical Institute, 15-16.

Ford, Jonathan Richard; Minks, Adrian; Wardle, Christopher; Rayner, Deborah. 2009 Quickstart user's guide to 3D documents from the BGS. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 1pp. (OR/07/038) (Unpublished)

Ford, J.R.; Price, S.J.; Cooper, A.H.; Kessler, H.. 2009 The enhanced classification of artificial ground as a tool to investigate and represent anthropogenic processes in the recent geological record. [Poster] In: UK Archaeological Sciences Biennial Conference (UKAS), Nottingham, UK, 8-10 Sept 2009. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

West, J.M.; Pearce, J.M.; Coombs, P.; Ford, J.R.; Scheib, C.; Colls, J.J.; Smith, K.L.; Steven, M.D.. 2009 The impact of controlled injection of CO2 on the soil ecosystem and chemistry of an English lowland pasture. Energy procedia, 1 (1). 1863-1870.


Thomas, Robert James; De Waele, Bert; Schofield, David; Goodenough, Kathryn Mary; Key, Roger; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Annells, Richard; Tucker, R.D.; Bauer, W.; Burton, W.B.; Walsh, G.J.; Howard, K.; Lidke, D.; Rabarimana, M.; Rafahatelo, J-M.; Ralison, A.V.; Randriamananjara, T.. 2008 Crustal architecture of northern Madagascar : results from recent geological mapping. In: Gondwana 13 : International Gondwana Symposium, Dali, China, 15-17 Sept 2008. 198-199.

Howard, K.A.; Thomas, Robert James; Annells, Richard; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Burton, B.; Ralison, V.. 2008 Carte géologique de Madagascar 1:100 000. Feuille No XY34 - Antsirabe Nord. Carte géologique de Madagascar 1:100 000. Antananarivo, Madagascar, Ministère de l'énergie et des Mines, Projet de Gouvernance Minérales (PGRM).

Terrington, Ricky Luke; Napier, Bruce; Howard, Andrew; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Hatton, William. 2008 Why3D? : the need for solution based modeling in a national geoscience organization. In: Oleschko, K., (ed.) GIS in geology and earth sciences. Mexico, American Institute of Physics, 103-112, 9pp.

Price, Simon James; Terrington, Ricky Luke; Ford, Jonathan Richard; Crofts, Richard; Diamond, K.; Seymour, Keith. 2008 A 3D assessment of urban aquifer vulnerability using geological and buried asset models : a case study from Knowsley Industrial Park, NW England. In: European econference of the International Association for Engineering geology, Madrid, Spain, 15-20 Sept 2008.

Ford, Jonathan; Burke, Helen; Royse, Katherine; Mathers, Stephen. 2008 The 3D geology of London and the Thames Gateway : a modern approach to geological surveying and its relevance in the urban environment. In: Cities and their underground environment : 2nd European conference of International Association of engineering geology : Euroengeo 2008, Madrid, Spain, 15-20 Sept 2008. (Unpublished)

Kessler, Holger; Mathers, Stephen; Sobisch, H.-G.; Neber, A.; Aldiss, Don; Bridge, David; Ford, Jonathan; Garcia-Bajo, Marieta; Hulland, Vince; Napier, Bruce; Price, Simon James; Royse, Katherine; Rutter, Helen; Wildman, Geraldine. 2008 GSI3D : the software and methodology to build systematic near-surface 3-D geological models. Version 2. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 144pp. (OR/08/001) (Unpublished)

Ford, Jonathan Richard; Cooper, Anthony; Price, Simon James; Gibson, Andrew; Pharaoh, Timothy; Kessler, Holger. 2008 Geology of the Selby district : a brief explanation of the geological map Sheet 71 Selby. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (Explanation (England and Wales Sheet), 71).

Chambers, J.E.; Weller, A.L.; Gunn, D.A.; Kuras, O.; Wilkinson, P.B.; Meldrum, P.I.; Ogilvy, R.D.; Jenkins, G.O.; Gibson, A.D.; Ford, J.R.; Price, S.J.. 2008 Geophysical anatomy of the Hollin Hill landslide, North Yorkshire, UK. In: Near Surface 2008, Krakow, Poland, 15-17 Sept 2008. EAGE.

Price, Simon James; Ford, Jonathan Richard. 2008 The Jurassic of the Howardian Hills, North Yorkshire. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 8pp. (OR/08/061) (Unpublished)


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Ford, Jonathan; Price, Simon; Hall, Mike; Cooper, Tony; Kessler, Holger; Jordan, Colm; Bee, Emma; Smith, Nikki. 2005 Digital field data capture in the York area : feedback and recommendations on the digital notebook application. British Geological Survey, 32pp. (IR/05/005) (Unpublished)

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Ford, J.R.; Kessler, H.; Price, S.J.; Lawley, R.S.; Cooper, A.H.; Hall, M.; Pharaoh, T.C.; Doran, S.K.; Richardson, A.E.; Burke, H.F.. 2003 Vale of York 3-D borehole interpretation and cross-sections study. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 11pp. (CR/03/251N) (Unpublished)

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