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Publication - Article

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Publication - Book

Bowman, Alan S.; Nuttall, Patricia A., eds. 2008 Ticks: Biology, Disease and Control. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 518pp.

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Publication - Book Section

Wilson, Robert J.; Roy, David B.. 2009 Butterfly population structure and dynamics. In: Settele, Josef; Shreeve, Tim; Konvička, Martin; Van Dyck, Hans, (eds.) Ecology of Butterflies in Europe. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 81-96.

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Publication - Conference Item

Hesketh, Helen. 2008 Methods for studying pathogens in natural populations: recent developments and future thoughts. [Speech] In: 41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology and 9th International Conference on Bacillus thuringiensis (incorporating COST862 Action* Bacterial Toxins for Insect Control), Warwick, UK, 3-7 August 2008. Society for Invertebrate Pathology, 113.

Publication - Report

Roy, Helen; Beckmann, Björn; Comont, Richard; Hails, Rosemary; Harrington, Richard; Medlock, Jolyon; Purse, Bethan; Shortall, Chris. 2009 Nuisance insects and climate change. Defra, 109pp.

Publication - Thesis

Shepherd, Jessica Rosemary. 2007 Polyploidy and the phylogeography of Campanula rotundifolia L. in the British Isles and Ireland. University of Edinburgh, Masters Thesis, 132pp.

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