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Aarup, T.; Church, J.; Wilson, W. S.; Woodworth, P. L. ORCID: 2010 Sea-level rise and variability – a summary for policy makers. Paris, UNESCO/IOC, 12pp. (IOC/BRO/2010/5)

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Howarth, M. John. 2010 RV Prince Madog PD 17/10 cruise summary report, 9-10 June 2010. Liverpool, National Oceanography Centre. (NOC Coastal Observatory Cruise Report No.17/10) (Submitted)

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Knight, Phil; Balfour, Chris; Kenny, John; McLaughlin, Danny. 2010 POL glider second sea trial: January 2010. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 22pp. (POL Internal Document No. 198) (Unpublished)

Knight, Phil J.. 2010 RV Prince Madog 05/10 cruise report, POL Coastal Observatory cruise 67, 17 March 2010. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 10pp. (POL COBS Cruise Report No. 67)

Knight, Phil J.. 2010 RV Prince Madog 21/10 cruise report, NOC Coastal Observatory cruise 70, 7-8 July 2010. Liverpool, National Oceanography Centre, 12pp. (NOC Coastal Observatory Cruise Report No. 70)


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Williams, J.; Horsburgh, K. ORCID: 2010 Operational storm surge forecasting with 3.5km NISE10 model. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 19pp. (POL Internal Document No. 199) (Unpublished)

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Xing, Jiuxing; Davies, Alan. 2010 The effects of large and small-scale topography upon internal waves and implications for tidally induced mixing in sill regions. Ocean Dynamics, 60 (1). 1-25.

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