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Publication - Article

Romeiser, Roland; Runge, Harmut; Suchandr, Steffan; Kahle, Ralph; Rossi, Cristian; Bell, Paul S.. 2014 Quality Assessment of Surface Current Fields From TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Along-Track Interferometry and Doppler Centroid Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 52 (5). 2759-2772. 10.1109/TGRS.2013.2265659

Amoudry, Laurent; Bell, Paul; Thorne, Peter; Souza, Alejandro. 2013 Toward representing wave-induced sediment suspension over sand ripples in RANS models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 118 (5). 2378-2392. 10.1002/jgrc.20188

Philips, Roger; Vincent, Chris; Bell, Paul; Dolphin, Tony; Bacon, John. 2013 Use of GPS and X-Band Radar to track tidal currents around the shore parallel breakwaters at Sea Palling, Norfolk, UK [in special issue: Proceedings 12th International Coastal Symposium, Plymouth, England] Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 65. 1832-1837. 10.2112/SI65-310.1

Bell, Paul; Osler, John. 2011 Mapping bathymetry using X-band marine radar data recorded from a moving vessel. Ocean Dynamics, 61 (12). 2141-2156. 10.1007/s10236-011-0478-4

Souza, Alejandro J.; Bell, Paul S.; Amoudry, Laurent. 2010 Working toward a common strategy for U.K. sediment transport research. EOS: Transactions American Geophysical Union, 91 (5). 45-46. 10.1029/2010EO050007

Pan, Shunqi; Reeve, Dominic; Davidson, Mark; O'Connor, Brian; Vincent, Chris; Dolphin, Tony; Wolf, Judith; Thorne, Pete; Bell, Paul; Souza, Alex; Chesher, Tim; Johnson, Hakeem; Leadbetter, Adam. 2010 Larger-scale morphodynamic impacts of segmented shore-parallel breakwaters on coasts and beaches: an overview of the LEACOAST2 Project. Shore & Beach, 78 (4), Fall 2010/Winter 2011. 35-43.

Thorne, Peter D.; Davies, Alan. G.; Bell, Paul S.. 2009 Observations and analysis of sediment diffusivity profiles over sandy rippled beds under waves. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, C02023. 16, pp. 10.1029/2008JC004944

Bell, Paul S.. 2009 Coastal mapping around shore parallel breakwaters. Hydro International, 13 (1). 18-21.

Williams, Jonathan; Carling, P. A.; Bell, Paul. 2006 Dynamics of intertidal gravel dunes. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111 (C6), C06035. 10.1029/2005JC003000

Betteridge, K. F. E.; Bell, P. S.; Thorne, P. D.; Williams, J. J.. 2006 Evaluation of a triple-axis coherent Doppler velocity profiler for measuring near-bed turbulent flow: a field study. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 23 (1). 90-106. 10.1175/JTECH1834.1

Williams, J.J.; Bell, P.S.. 2006 Laboratory investigation of bedform dynamics and resuspension of sandy sediments at field scale. Journal of Coastal Research, SI39. 810-815.

Bell, Paul; Williams, Jonathan; Clark, Stephen; Morris, Brad; Vila-Concejo, Ana. 2006 Nested Radar Systems for Remote Coastal Observations. Journal of Coastal Research, SI39. 483-487.

Carling, P.A.; Radecki-Pawlik, A.; Williams, J.J.; Rumble, B.; Meshkova, L.; Bell, P.; Breakspear, R.. 2006 The morphodynamics and internal structure of intertidal fine-gravel dunes: Hills Flats, Severn Estuary, UK. Sedimentary Geology, 183 (3-4). 159-179. 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2005.07.007

Betteridge, Kyle F.E.; Williams, Jon J.; Thorne, Peter D.; Bell, Paul S.. 2003 Acoustic instrumentation for measuring near-bed sediment processes and hydrodynamics. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 285-28. 105-118. 10.1016/S0022-0981(02)00522-1

Publication - Book Section

Romeiser, Roland; Runge , Hartmut; Suchandt, Steffen; Kahle, Ralph; Rossi, Cristian; Bell, Paul. 2013 Comparison of current fields from TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X along-track interferometry and Doppler centroid analysis. In: Proceedings IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2013. IEEE, Paper-TH3.T09.5, 4pp.

Bell, Paul; Lawrence, John; Norris, Jennifer. 2012 Determining currents from marine radar data in an extreme current environment at a tidal energy test site. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2012. Piscataway, NJ, USA, IEEE, 7647-7650.

Amoudry, L.O.; Bell, P.; Souza, A.J.; Thorne, P.D.. 2011 Intrawave modeling of turbulent flow and sediment transport over rippled beds. In: Wang, P.; Rosati, J.D.; Roberts, T.M., (eds.) The Proceedings of the Coastal Sediments 2011. Singapore, World Scientific, 1048-1059, 2768pp.

Bell, P. S.. 2010 Submerged dunes and breakwater embayments mapped using wave inversions of shore-mounted marine X-Band radar data. In: Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2010 IEEE International. USA, IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society, 4334 -4337.

Thorne, P.D.; Bell, P.S.. 2009 Acoustic Measurement of Near-Bed Sediment Transport Processes. In: Steele, John H.; Turekian, Karl K.; Thorpe, Steve A., (eds.) Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, 2nd ed. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 38-51.

Bolanos, R.; Souza, A.; Bell, P.; Malarkey, J.. 2009 Measuring tidal hydrodynamics and bedform evolution in the Dee estuary. In: Vionnet, C.A.; Garcia, M.H.; Latrubesse, E.M.; Perillo, G.M.E., (eds.) River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics. Netherlands, Taylor and Francis CRC, 709-714.

Hessner, Katrin; Nieto-Borge, Jose Carlos; Bell, Paul. 2008 Nautical Radar Measurements in Europe: Applications of WaMoS II as a Sensor for Sea State, Current and Bathymetry. In: Barale, V; Gade, M, (eds.) Remote Sensing of the European Seas. The Netherlands, Springer, 435-446, 12pp. (In Press)

Hessner, K. G.; Nieto-Borge, J. C.; Bell, P. S.. 2008 Nautical radar measurements in Europe: applications of WaMoS II as a sensor for sea state, current and bathymetry. In: Barale, V.; Gade, M., (eds.) Remote sensing of the European seas. Dordrecht, Springer, Geosciences, 435-446.

Pan, S.; Wolf, Judith; Chen, Y.; Bell, Paul; Du, Y.; Fernando, P.; Li, M.. 2007 Modelling nearshore waves with the presence of shore-parallel breakwaters. In: Coastal Structures 2007. 5th International Conference. COPRI-ASCE, 1125-1134.

Bell, Paul; Thorne, Peter; Williams, Jonathan. 1998 Acoustic measurements of sand ripple profile evolution under controlled wave conditions. In: Alippi, A; Cannelli, GB, (eds.) Proceedings of the fourth European Conference on Underwater Acoustics. Rome, Italy, CNR-IDAC, 353-358.

Publication - Conference Item

Waggitt, James J.; Allcock, Zoe; Robbins, Alex M.C.; Wade, Helen; Bell, Paul S.; Furness, Robert W.; Jackson, Angus C.; Masden, Elizabeth A.; Scott , Beth E.. 2013 The importance of collaborative research when making government level decisions: an example with top predators and marine renewable energy installations. [Poster] In: The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Annual Science Conference 2013, Reykjavík, Iceland, 23-27 Sep 2013. (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul S.. 2010 Use of marine x-band radar in the Dee Estuary. In: Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association 2010 Local Meeting: the coasts and estuaries of the north east Irish Sea, University of Liverpool, 13-15 April 2010. (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul; Osler, John. 2010 Environmental observations using marine radar data from a moving vessel. In: Maritime Rapid Environmental Assessment conference: quantifying, predicting, exploiting uncertainties in marine environments. Abstracts, Villa Marigola, Lerici, Italy, 18-22 October 2010. (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul. 2009 Remote bathymetry and current mapping around shore-parallel breakwaters. In: 33rd IAHR Congress - Water Engineering for a Sustainable Environment, Vancouver, August 9-14 2009. Madrid, International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research.

Cooke, Richard D.; Thorne, Peter. D.; Moate, Benjamin. D.; Bell, Paul. S.. 2009 Evaluation and preliminary results from an autonomous 3-axis coherent acoustic Doppler velocity profiler. In: 3rd International conference and exhibition on underwater acoustic measurements: technologies and results, Nafplion, Greece, 21st June 2009 to 26th June 2009. Greece, F.O.R.T.H., 491-496.

Hessner, Katrin; Bell, Paul S.. 2009 High Resolution Current & Bathymetry Determined by Nautical X-Band Radar in Shallow Waters. In: OCEANS ´09 IEEE Bremen - Balancing technology with future needs, Bremen, Germany, 11–14 May 2009. Richardson, TX, USA, IEEE, 1-5.

Bell, Paul. 2008 Mapping Shallow Water Coastal Areas Using a Standard Marine X-Band Radar. In: Hydro8, Liverpool, 4th-6th November 2008. Liverpool, International Federation of Hydrographic Societies.

Wolf, J.; Souza, A. J.; Bell, P. S.; Thorne, P. D.; Cooke, R. D.; Pan, S.. 2008 In-situ measurements of waves, tides, bedforms and sediment transport in the nearshore zone. In: ALSO/AUG/TOS ocean sciences meeting 2008: from the watershed to the global ocean, 7 March 2008, Orlando, Florida, USA, 7th March 2008. Orlando Florida USA, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, 499-500.

Bell, Paul. 2008 Mapping the bathymetry of the Dee Estuary using wave inversions of marine radar image sequences. [Poster] In: AGU Oceans 2008, Orlando, USA, 3-7 March 2008. (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul S.. 2008 Mapping of bathymetry and tidal currents in the Dee Estuary using marine radar data. In: PECS 2008: Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas, Liverpool, 25-29 August 2008. Liverpool.

Bell, Paul S.. 2008 Mapping shallow water coastal areas using a standard marine x-band radar. In: Hydro8 Conference, Liverpool, 4-6 November 2008. Liverpool, 4-1.

Thorne, Peter D.; Davies, Alan G.; Bell, Paul. 2008 Measurements of sediment diffusivity profiles over rippled beds under waves. In: PECS 2008: Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas, Liverpool, UK, 25th - 29th August 2008. Liverpool, 361-364.

Wolf, Judith; Souza, Alejandro J.; Bell, Paul S.; Thorne, Peter D.; Cooke, Richard D; Pan, Shunqi. 2008 Wave, currents and sediment transport observed during the LEACOAST2 experiment. In: PECS 2008: Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas, Liverpool, UK, 25th - 29th August 2008. Liverpool, 373-376.

Bell, Paul S; Thorne, Peter D. 2007 Field measurements of wave induced sand ripples in three dimensions. In: 2nd International Conference on Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies & Results, Crete, Greece, 25-29 June 2007. Greece, F.O.R.T.H.. (Submitted)

Thorne, Peter D.; Davies, A. G.; Bell, Paul S.. 2007 Acoustic measurements of vortex ripple entrainment and sediment diffusivity over a sandy rippled bed under waves. [Other] In: 2nd International conference and exhibition on Underwater Acoustic Measurements: technologies and results, 25-29 June 2007, Heraklion, Crete. F.O.R.T.H.. (Submitted)

Bell, Dr Paul. 2007 Mapping the bathymetry of the Dee estuary using wave inversions of marine radar image sequences. In: Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) Conference: Challenges for Monitoring and Prediction, Villa Marigola, Lerici, Italy, 25-27 September 2007. ITALY, N.U.R.C. NATO Research Centre, La Spezia, Italy.

Bell, Paul; Williams, Jonathan. 2006 Monitoring changes in coastal bathymetry using ground based radar. [Poster] In: UK NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK 2006 - Annual presentations by Britain's top younger scientists, engineers and technologists at the Hopuse of Commons, London, London, UK, 13th March 2006. (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul. 2001 Determination of bathymetry using marine radar images of waves. In: The Fourth International Symposium on Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis, San Francisco, USA, 2-6 September 2001. USA, 251-257.

Publication - Report

Moate, B. D.; Bell, P. S.; Thorne, P. D.. 2007 Evaluation of oscillatory velocities measured by a triple axis Coherent Doppler Velocity Profiler (CDVP) in the Delta Flume 2001 Experiment. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 84pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 185)

Betteridge, K.F.B.; Bell, P.S.; Thorne, P.D.; Williams, J.J.. 2005 A field study Evaluation of the triple axis Coherent Doppler Velocity Profiler for measuring near bed flow. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 51pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Internal Document, 177)

Williams, J. J.; Bell, P. S.; Coates, L. E.; Hardcastle, P. J.; Humphery, J. D.; Moores, S. P.; Thorne, P. D.; Trouw, K.. 1998 Evaluation of field equipment used in studies of sediment dynamics. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 45pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Report, No. 53)

Prandle, D; Ballard, G.; Banaszek, .A.; Bell, P. S.; Flatt, D.; Hardcastle, P.; Harrison, A.; Humphery, J. D.; Holdaway, G.; Lane, A.; Player, R. J.; Williams, J. J.; Wolf, J.. 1996 The Holderness coastal experiment '93-'96. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 46pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 44)

Dissemination / Communication

Bell, Paul; McCann, David. 2014 Marine radar derived current vector mapping at a planned commercial tidal stream turbine array in the Pentland Firth. [Dissemination / Communication] (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul; McCann, David; Blondel, Philippe; Creech, Angus; Conley, Daniel; Greaves, Deborah; Savidge, Graham; Scott, Beth; Williamson, Benjamin; Johanning, Lars; Ashton, Ian; Torres, Ricardo; Cazenave, Pierre. 2013 Flow & Benthic Ecology 4D (FLOWBEC). [Dissemination / Communication] (Unpublished)

Waggitt, James; Williamson, Benjamin; Blondel, Philippe; Bell, Paul; Scott, Beth. 2013 Investigating seabird associations with fine-scale hydrodynamic processes: how do individuals search for foraging opportunities? [Dissemination / Communication] (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul; McCann, David. 2013 Measuring Currents and Bathymetry at Extreme Sites. [Dissemination / Communication] (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul. 2013 X-band radar for environmental characterisation. [Dissemination / Communication] (Unpublished)

Amoudry, Laurent; Thorne, Peter; Bell, Paul. 2012 What is the veracity of suspended sediments measured with instrumented frames and can modelling help? [Dissemination / Communication] (Unpublished)

Output (Electronic)

Waggitt, James J; Williamson, Benjamin ; Bell, Paul S; Blondel, Philippe; Scott, Beth E. 2013 Understanding seabird behaviours in high energy habitats: concurrent collection of physical and biological datasets. [Output (Electronic)] (Unpublished)

Impact (Summary)

Waggitt, James J; Williamson, Benjamin; Bell, Paul S; Blondel, Philippe; Scott, Beth E. 2013 Using a multi-disciplinary approach to quantify spatial overlap between deep diving seabirds and tidal stream turbines. [Impact (Summary)] (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul S; McCann, David L. 2013 Hydrodynamics and Beastie Monitoring at UK Marine Renewable Energy Sites. [Impact (Summary)] (Unpublished)

Bell, Paul; Wolf, Judith. 2012 Marine renewable energy industry. [Impact (Summary)]

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