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Publication - Article

Drewer, J.; Anderson, M.; Levy, P.E.; Scholtes, B.; Helfter, C.; Parker, J.; Rees, R.M.; Skiba, U.M.. 2017 The impact of ploughing intensively managed temperate grasslands on N2O, CH4 and CO2 fluxes. Plant and Soil, 411 (1). 193-208. 10.1007/s11104-016-3023-x

Helfter, Carole; Tremper, Anja H.; Halios, Christoforos H.; Kotthaus, Simone; Bjorkegren, Alex; Grimmond, C. Sue B.; Barlow, Janet F.; Nemitz, Eiko. 2016 Spatial and temporal variability of urban fluxes of methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide above London, UK. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16 (16). 10543-10557. 10.5194/acp-16-10543-2016

Peltola, O.; Hensen, A.; Belelli Marchesini, L.; Helfter, C.; Bosveld, F.C.; van den Bulk, W.C.M.; Haapanala, S.; van Huissteden, J.; Laurila, T.; Lindroth, A.; Nemitz, E.; Rockmann, T.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Mammarella, I.. 2015 Studying the spatial variability of methane flux with five eddy covariance towers of varying height. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 214-215. 456-472. 10.1016/j.agrformet.2015.09.007

Kountouris, P.; Gerbig, C.; Totsche, K.-U.; Dolman, A.J.; Meesters, A.G.C.A.; Broquet, G.; Maignan, F.; Gioli, B.; Montagnani, L.; Helfter, C.. 2015 An objective prior error quantification for regional atmospheric inverse applications. Biogeosciences, 12 (24). 7403-7421. 10.5194/bg-12-7403-2015

Bohnenstengel, S.I.; Belcher, S.E.; Aiken, A.; Allan, J.D.; Allen, G.; Bacak, A.; Bannan, T.J.; Barlow, J.F.; Beddows, D.C.S.; Bloss, W.J.; Booth, A.M.; Chemel, C.; Coceal, O.; Di Marco, C.; Dubey, M.K.; Faloon, K.H.; Fleming, Z.L.; Furger, M.; Gietl, J.K.; Graves, R.R.; Green , D.C.; Grimmond, C.S.B.; Halios, C.H.; Hamilton, J.F.; Harrison, R.M.; Heal, M.R.; Heard, D.E.; Helfter, C.; Herndon, S.C.; Holmes, R.E.; Hopkins, J.R.; Jones, A.M.; Kelly, F.J.; Kotthaus, S.; Langford, B.; Lee, J.D.; Leigh, R.J.; Lewis, A.C.; Lidster, R.T.; Lopez-Hilfiker, F.D.; McQuaid, J.B.; Mohr, C.; Monks, P.S.; Nemitz, E.; Ng, N.L.; Percival, C.J.; Prevot, A.S.H.; Ricketts, H.M.A.; Sokhi, R.; Stone, D.; Thornton, J.A.; Tremper, A.H.; Valach, A.C.; Visser, S.; Whalley, L.K.; Williams, L.R.; Xu, L.; Young, D.E.; Zotter, P.. 2015 Meteorology, air quality, and health in London: the ClearfLo project. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 10.1175/BAMS-D-12-00245.1

Helfter, Carole; Drewer, Julia; Anderson, Margaret; Scholtes, Bob; Rees, Bob; Skiba, Ute. 2015 Effects of ploughing on land-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases in a managed temperate grassland in central Scotland. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 17, EGU2015-6017. 1, pp.

Helfter, Carole; Tremper, Anja; Zazzeri, Giulia; Barlow, Janet F.; Nemitz, Eiko. 2015 Sources of greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide in central London (UK). Geophysical Research Abstracts, 17, EGU2015-5885. 1, pp.

Helfter, C.; Campbell, C.; Dinsmore, K.J.; Drewer, J.; Coyle, M.; Anderson, M.; Skiba, U.; Nemitz, E.; Billett, M.F.; Sutton, M.A.. 2015 Drivers of long-term variability in CO2 net ecosystem exchange in a temperate peatland. Biogeosciences, 12 (6). 1799-1811. 10.5194/bg-12-1799-2015

Lee, James D.; Helfter, Carole; Purvis, Ruth M.; Beevers, Sean D.; Carslaw, David C.; Lewis, Alastair C.; Moller, Sarah J.; Tremper, Anja; Vaughan, Adam; Nemitz, Eiko G.. 2015 Measurement of NOx fluxes from a tall tower in central London, UK and comparison with emissions inventories. Environmental Science & Technology, 49 (2). 1025-1034. 10.1021/es5049072

Abdalla, M.; Hastings, A.; Bell, M.J.; Smith, J.U.; Richards, M.; Nilsson, M.B.; Peichl, M.; Löfvenius, M.O.; Lund, M.; Helfter, C.; Nemitz, E.; Sutton, M.A.; Aurela, M.; Lohila, A.; Laurila, T.; Dolman, A.J.; Belelli-Marchesini, L.; Pogson, M.; Jones, E.; Drewer, J.; Drosler, M.; Smith, P.. 2014 Simulation of CO2 and attribution analysis at six European peatland sites using the ECOSSE model. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 225 (11), 2182. 10.1007/s11270-014-2182-8

Peltola, O.; Hensen, A.; Helfter, C.; Belelli Marchesini, L.; Bosveld, F.C.; van den Bulk, W.C.M.; Elbers, J.A.; Haapanala, S.; Holst, J.; Laurila, T.; Lindroth, A.; Nemitz, E.; Rockmann, T.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Mammarella, I.. 2014 Evaluating the performance of commonly used gas analysers for methane eddy covariance flux measurements: the InGOS inter-comparison field experiment. Biogeosciences, 11 (12). 3163-3186. 10.5194/bg-11-3163-2014

Helfter, Carole; Campbell, Claire; Dinsmore, Kerry; Drewer, Julia; Coyle, Mhairi; Anderson, Margaret; Skiba, Ute; Nemitz, Eiko; Billett, Michael; Sutton, Mark. 2014 Effects of winter temperature and summer drought on net ecosystem exchange of CO2 in a temperate peatland. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 16, EGU2014-2220-1. 1, pp.

Lee, James; Helfter, Carole; Nemitz, Eiko; Tremper, Anja; Stocker, Jenny; Carruthers, David. 2014 Measurement of NOx fluxes by eddy covariance from the BT tower, London during the ClearfLo project. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 16, EGU2014-2148. 1, pp.

O'Shea, Sebastian J.; Allen, Grant; Fleming, Zoe L.; Bauguitte, Stephane J.-B.; Percival, Carl J.; Gallagher, Martin W.; Lee, James; Helfter, Carole; Nemitz, Eiko. 2014 Area fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide derived from airborne measurements around Greater London: a case study during Summer 2012. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 119 (8). 4940-4952. 10.1002/2013JD021269

Helfter, Carole; Nemitz, Eiko; Barlow, Janet F.; Wood, Curtis R.. 2013 Carbon dioxide and methane emission dynamics in central London (UK). Geophysical Research Abstracts, 15, EGU2013-7036. 1, pp.

Skiba, U.; Jones, S.K.; Drewer, J.; Helfter, C.; Anderson, M.; Dinsmore, K.; McKenzie, R.; Nemitz, E.; Sutton, M.A.. 2013 Comparison of soil greenhouse gas fluxes from extensive and intensive grazing in a temperate maritime climate [in special issue: Nitrogen and global change] Biogeosciences, 10 (2). 1231-1241. 10.5194/bg-10-1231-2013

Peltola, Olli; Hensen, Arjan; Helfter, Carole; Belelli Marchesini, Luca; Mammarella, Ivan; Haapanala, Sami; Holst, Jutta; Elbers, Jan; Bosveld, Fred; van den Bulk, Pim; Rockmann, Thomas; Lindroth, Anders; Laurila, Tuomas; Vermeulen, Alex; Nemitz, Eiko. 2013 Intercomparison of eight state-of-the-art eddy covariance methane gas analysers. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 15, EGU2013-9849-2. 1, pp.

Helfter, Carole; Campbell, Claire; Coyle, Mhairi; Anderson, Margaret; Drewer, Julia; Levy, Peter; Famulari, Daniela; Twigg, Marsailidh; Skiba, Ute; Billett, Michael; Dinsmore, Kerry; Nemitz, Eiko; Sutton, Mark. 2013 A decade of continuous NEE measurements at a Scottish peatland. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 15, EGU2013-7754. 1, pp.

Harrison, R.M.; Dall'Osto, M.; Beddows, D.C.S.; Thorpe, A.J.; Bloss, W.J.; Allan, J.D.; Coe, H.; Dorsey, J.R.; Gallagher, M.; Martin, C.; Whitehead, J.; Williams, P.I.; Jones, R.L.; Langridge, J.M.; Benton, A.K.; Ball, S.M.; Langford, B.; Hewitt, C.N.; Davison, B.; Martin, D.; Petersson, K.F.; Henshaw, S.J.; White, I.R.; Shallcross, D.E.; Barlow, J.F.; Dunbar, T.; Davies, F.; Nemitz, E.; Phillips, G.J.; Helfter, C.; Di Marco, C.F.; Smith, S.. 2012 Atmospheric chemistry and physics in the atmosphere of a developed megacity (London): an overview of the REPARTEE experiment and its conclusions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12 (6). 3065-3114. 10.5194/acp-12-3065-2012

Niu, Shuli; Luo, Yiqi; Fei, Shenfeng; Yuan, Wenping; Schimel, David; Law, Beverly E.; Ammann, Christof; Arain, M. Altaf; Arneth, Almut; Aubinet, Marc; Barr, Alan; Beringer, Jason; Bernhofer, Christian; Black, T. Andrew; Buchmann, Nina; Cescatti, Alessandro; Chen, Jiquan; Davis, Kenneth J.; Dellwik, Ebba; Desai, Ankur R.; Etzold, Sophia; Francois, Louis; Gianelle, Damiano; Gielen, Bert; Goldstein, Allen; Groenendijk, Margriet; Gu, Lianhong; Hanan, Niall; Helfter, Carole; Hirano, Takashi; Hollinger, David Y.; Jones, Mike B.; Kiely, Gerard; Kolb, Thomas E.; Kutsch, Werner L.; Lafleur, Peter; Lawrence, David M.; Li, Linghao; Lindroth, Anders; Litvak, Marcy; Loustau, Denis; Lund, Magnus; Marek, Michal; Martin, Timothy A.; Matteucci, Giorgio; Migliavacca, Mirco; Montagnani, Leonardo; Moors, Eddy; Munger, J. William; Noormets, Asko; Oechel, Walter; Olejnik, Janusz; Paw U, Kyaw Tha; Pilegaard, Kim; Rambal, Serge; Raschi, Antonio; Scott, Russell L.; Seufert, Gunther; Spano, Donatella; Stoy, Paul; Sutton, Mark A.; Varlagin, Andrej; Vesala, Timo; Weng, Ensheng; Wohlfahrt, Georg; Yang, Bai; Zhang, Zhongda; Zhou, Xuhui. 2012 Thermal optimality of net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide and underlying mechanisms. New Phytologist, 194 (3). 775-783. 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2012.04095.x

Helfter, C.; Famulari, D.; Phillips, G.J.; Barlow, J.F.; Wood, C.R.; Grimmond, C.S.B.; Nemitz, E.. 2011 Controls of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes above central London. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (5). 1913-1928. 10.5194/acp-11-1913-2011

Fowler, David; Nemitz, Eiko; Misztal, Pawel; Di Marco, Chiara; Skiba, Ute; Ryder, James; Helfter, Carole; Cape, J. Neil; Owen, Sue; Dorsey, James; Gallagher, Martin W.; Coyle, Mhairi; Phillips, Gavin; Davison, Brian; Langford, Ben; MacKenzie, Rob; Muller, Jennifer; Siong, Jambery; Dari-Salisburgo, Cesare; Di Carlo, Piero; Aruffo, Eleanora; Giammaria, Franco; Pyle, John A.; Hewitt, C. Nicholas. 2011 Effects of land use on surface–atmosphere exchanges of trace gases and energy in Borneo: comparing fluxes over oil palm plantations and a rainforest. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (B), 366 (1582). 3196 -3209. 10.1098/rstb.2011.0055

Migliavacca, Mirco; Reichstein, Markus; Richardson, Andrew D.; Colombo, Roberto; Sutton, Mark A.; Lasslop, Gitta; Tomelleri, Enrico; Wohlfahrt, Georg; Carvalhais, Nuno; Cescatti, Alessandro; Maheca, Miguel D.; Montagnani, Leonardo; Papale, Dario; Zaehle, Sonke; Arain, Altaf; Arneth, Almut; Black, T. Andrew; Carrara, Arnaud; Dore, Sabina; Gianelle, Damiano; Helfter, Carole; Hollinger, David; Kutsch, Werner L.; Lafleur, Peter M.; Nouvellon, Yann; Rebmann, Corinna; da Rocha, Humberto R.; Rodeghiero, Mirco; Roupsard, Olivier; Sebastia, Maria-Teresa; Seufert, Guenther; Soussana, Jean-Francoise; van deer Molen, Michiel K.. 2011 Semiempirical modeling of abiotic and biotic factors controlling ecosystem respiration across eddy covariance sites. Global Change Biology, 17 (1). 390-409. 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2010.02243.x

Yi, Chuixiang; Ricciuto, Daniel; Li, Runze; Wolbeck, John; Xu, Xiyan; Nilsson, Mats; Aires, Luis; Albertson, John D.; Amman, Christoph; Arain, M. Altaf; de Araujo, Alessandro C.; Aubinet, Marc; Aurela, Mika; Barcza, Zoltan; Barr, Alan; Berbigier, Paul; Beringer, Jason; Bernhofer, Christian; Black, Andrew T.; Bolstad, Paul V.; Bosveld, Fred C.; Broadmeadow, Mark S.J.; Buchmann, Nina; Burns, Sean P.; Cellier, Pierre; Chen, Jingming; Chen, Jiquan; Ciais, Philippe; Clement, Robert; Cook, Bruce D.; Curtis, Peter S.; Dail, D Bryan.; Dellwik, Ebba; Delpierre, Nicolas; Desai, Ankur R.; Dore, Sabina; Dragoni, Danilo; Drake, Bert G.; Dufrene, Eric.; Dunn, Allison.; Elbers, Jan; Eugster, Werner; Falk, Matthias; Feigenwinter, Christian; Flanagan, Lawrence B.; Foken, Thomas; Frank, John; Fuhrer, Juerg; Gianelle, Damiano; Golstein, Allen; Goulden, Mike; Granier, Andre; Grunwald, Thomas; Gu, Lianhong; Guo, Haiqiang; Hammerle, Albin; Han, Shijie; Hanan, Niall P.; Haszpra, Laszlo; Heinesch, Bernard; Helfter, Carole; Hendriks, Dimmie; Hutley, Lindsey B.; Ibrom, Andreas; Jacobs, Cor; Johansson, Torbjorn; Jongen, Marjan; Katul, Gabriel; Kiely, Gerard; Klumpp, Katja; Knohl, Alexander; Kolb, Thomas; Kutsch, Werner L.; Lafleur, Peter; Laurila, Tuomas; Leuning, Ray; Lindroth, Anders; Liu, Heping; Loubet, Benjamin; Manca, Giovanni; Marek, Michal; Margolis, Hank A.; Martin, Timothy A.; Massman, William J.; Matamala, Roser; Matteucci, Giorgio; McCaughey, Harry; Merbold, Lutz; Meyers, Tilden; Migliavacca, Mirco; Miglietta, Franco; Misson, Laurent; Molder, Meelis; Moncrieff, John; Monson, Russell K.; Montagnani, Leonardo; Montes-Helu, Mario; Moors, Eddy; Moureaux, Christine; Mukelabai, Mukufute M.; Munger, J .William; Myklebust, May; Nagy, Zoltan; Noormets, Asko; Oechel, Walter; Oren, Ram; Pallardy, Stephen G.; Paw U, Kyaw Tha; Pereira, Joao S.; Pilegaard, Kim; Pinter, Krisztina; Pio, Casimiro; Pita, Gabriel; Powell, Thomas L.; Rambal, Serge; Randerson, James T.; von Randow, Celso; Rebmann, Corinna; Rinne, Janne; Rossi, Federica; Roulet, Nigel; Ryel, Ronald J.; Sagerfors, Jorgen; Saigusa, Nobuko; Sanz, Maria Jose; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Schmid, Hans Peter; Seufert, Guenther; Siqueira, Mario; Soussana, Jean-Francois; Starr, Gregory; Sutton, Mark A.; Tenhunen, John; Tuba, Zoltan; Tuovinen, Juha-Pekka; Valentini, Riccardo; Vogel, Christoph S.; Wang, Jingxin; Wang, Shaoqiang; Wang, Weiguo; Welp, Lisa R.; Wen, Xuefa; Wharton, Sonia; Wilkinson, Matthew; Williams, Christopher A.; Wohlfahrt, Georg; Yamamoto, Susumu; Yu, Guirui; Zampedri, Roberto; Zhao, Bin; Zhao, Xinquan. 2010 Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents. Environmental Research Letters, 5, 034007. 10, pp. 10.1088/1748-9326/5/3/034007

Drewer, J.; Lohila, A.; Aurela, M.; Laurila, T.; Minkkinen, K.; Penttilä, T.; Dinsmore, K.J.; McKenzie, R.M.; Helfter, C.; Flechard, C.; Sutton, M.A.; Skiba, U.M.. 2010 Comparison of greenhouse gas fluxes and nitrogen budgets from an ombotrophic bog in Scotland and a minerotrophic sedge fen in Finland. European Journal of Soil Science, 61. 640-650. 10.1111/j.1365-2389.2010.01267.x

Langford, B.; Misztal, P.K.; Nemitz, E.; Davison, B.; Helfter, C.; Pugh, T.A.M.; MacKenzie, A.R.; Lim, S.F.; Hewitt, C.N.. 2010 Fluxes and concentrations of volatile organic compounds from a South-East Asian tropical ra. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10. 8391-8412. 10.5194/acp-10-8391-2010

Langford, B.; Misztal, P.K.; Nemitz, E.; Davison, B.; Helfter, C.; Pugh, T.A.M.; MacKenzie, A.R.; Hewitt, C.N.. 2010 Fluxes and concentrations of volatile organic compounds from a South-East Asian tropical rainforest. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 12, EGU2010-4293.

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Hewitt, C. N.; Lee, J.; Barkley, M. P.; Carslaw, N.; Chappell, N. A.; Coe, H.; Collier, C.; Commane, R.; Davies, F.; Di Carlo, P.; Di Marco, C.; Edwards, P. M.; Evans, M.J.; Fowler, D.; Furneaux, K. L.; Gallagher, M.; Guenther, A.; Heard, D. E.; Helfter, C.; Hopkins, J.; Ingham, T.; Irwin, M.; Jones, C.; Karunaharan, A.; Langford, B.; Lewis, A.; Lim, S. F.; MacDonald, S. M.; MacKenzie, A. R.; Mahajan, A. S.; Malpass, S.; McFiggans, G.; Mills, G.; Misztal, P.; Moller, S.; Monks, P. S.; Nemitz, E.; Nicolas-Perea, V.; Oetjen, H.; Oram, D.; Palmer, P. I.; Phillips, G.; Plane, J. M. C.; Pugh, T.; Pyle, J. A.; Reeves, C. E.; Robinson, N. H.; Stewart, D.; Stone, D.; Whalley, L. K.; Yin, X.. 2010 Overview: Oxidant and particle photochemical processes above a south-east Asian tropical rain forest (the OP3 project): introduction, rationale, location characteristics and tools. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10. 169-199. 10.5194/acp-10-169-2010

Muller, Jennifer; Coyle, Mhairi; Helfter, Carole; Dorsey, James; Gallagher, Martin; Percival, Carl; Nemitz, Eiko; Fowler, David. 2010 Ozone fluxes over South-East Asian tropical rainforest and oil palm plantation. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 12, EGU2010-10667.

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Wood, C.R.; Lacser, A.; Barlow, J.F.; Padhra, A.; Belcher, S.E.; Nemitz, E.; Helfter, C.; Famulari, D.; Grimmond, C.S.B.. 2010 Turbulent flow at 190 m height above London during 2006-2008: A climatology and the applicability of similarity theory. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 137. 77-96. 10.1007/s10546-010-9516-x

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Skiba, U.; Drewer, J.; Tang, Y.S.; van Dijk, N.; Helfter, C.; Nemitz, E.; Famulari, D.; Cape, J.N.; Jones, S.K.; Twigg, M.; Pihlatie, M.; Vesala, T.; Larsen, K.S.; Carter, M.S.; Ambus, P.; Ibrom, A.; Beier, C.; Hensen, A.; Frumau, A.; Erisman, J.W.; Bruggemann, N.; Gasche, R.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Neftel, A.; Spirig, C.; Horvath, L.; Freibauer, A.; Cellier, P.; Laville, P.; Loubet, B.; Magliulo, E.; Bertolini, T.; Seufert, G.; Andersson, M.; Manca, G.; Laurila, T.; Aurela, M.; Lohila, A.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.; Kitzler, B.; Schaufler, G.; Siemens, J.; Kindler, R.; Flechard, C.; Sutton, M.A.. 2009 Biosphere–atmosphere exchange of reactive nitrogen and greenhouse gases at the NitroEurope core flux measurement sites: Measurement strategy and first data sets. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 133. 139-149. 10.1016/j.agee.2009.05.018

Publication - Conference Item

Helfter, Carole; Tremper, Anja; Nemitz, Eiko; Barlow, Janet F.. 2014 Tall tower measurements of methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions in London, UK. [Speech] In: InGOS 2nd Periodic Project Meeting, Florence, Italy, 14-16 Oct 2014. (Unpublished)

Peltola, Olli; Hensen, Arjan; Helfter, Carole; Belelli Marchesini, Luca; Bosveld, Fred C.; van den Bulk, Pim; Haapanala, Sami; Laurila, Tuomas; Lindroth, Anders; Nemitz, Eiko; Röckmann, Thomas; Vermeulen, Alex; Mammarella, Ivan. 2014 Methane flux measurements on multiple scales in an agricultural landscape: linking tall tower flux measurements with short eddy covariance towers. [Poster] In: 4th iLEAPS Science Conference, Nanjing, China, 12-16 May 2014. (Unpublished)

Bohnenstengel, S.I.; Belcher, S.E.; Barlow, J.; Coceal, O.; Halios, C.H.; McConnell, J.; Lean, H.; Fleming, Z.L.; Williams, L.; Helfter, C.; Lee, J.. 2013 The impact of boundary layer height on air pollution concentrations in London – early results from the ClearfLo project. [Speech] In: EMS Annual Meeting 2013, Reading, UK, 09-13 Dec 2013. Copernicus. (Unpublished)

Helfter, C.; Drewer, J.; Levy, P.; Leith, I.; Leeson, S.; McKenzie, R.; Sutton, M.; Nemitz, E.; Skiba, U.. 2011 Characterisation of methane net ecosystem exchange from a Scottish peatland. [Poster] In: Sixth International Symposium on non-CO2 greenhouse gases (NCGG6), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2-4 November 2011. (Unpublished)

Famulari, D.; Braban, C.; White, A.; Helfter, C.; Coyle, M.; Sutton, M.A.; Nemitz, E.. 2010 NH3 release through a forest canopy: an agro-forestry experiment. [Speech] In: Research, monitoring and modelling in the study of climate change and air pollution impacts on forest ecosystems, Rome Italy, 5-7 October 2010. (Unpublished)

Murphy, Hazel; Robinson, Mark; Evans, Jon; Owen, Susan; Leaver, David; Bealey, Bill; Helfter, Carole; Levy, Peter; Wilson, Rory. 2009 FluxMet A new approach to integrating flux data within CEH. [Poster] In: CEH Staff Conference, Aston University Business School, Birmingham, UK, 8-9 Dec 2009. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (Unpublished)

Helfter, Carole; Coyle, Mhairi; Phillips, Gavin; Siong, Jambery; Skiba, Ute; Fowler, David; Nemitz, Eiko. 2009 Measurements of turbulence, heat fluxes and greenhouse gas fluxes above tropical rain forest and oil palm in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. [Poster] In: Asiaflux annual workshop, University of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan, 27-29 October 2009.

Helfter, C.; Coyle, M.; Di Marco, C. F.; Phillips, G. J; Siong, J.; Skiba, U. M; Fowler, D.; Nemitz, E.. 2009 Greenhouse gas emission in SE Asia: contrasts between an oil palm plantation and a primary forest. [Poster] In: APPRAISE annual science meeting, Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, UK., 29-30 September 2009.

Ryder, James; Langford, Ben; Oram, David; Misztal, Pawel; Helfter, Carole; Phillips, Gavin; Coyle, Mhairi; Whitehead, Jamie; Lowe, Douglas; McFiggans, Gordon; Nemitz, Eiko. 2009 Sources, sinks and chemical processing of volatile organic compounds within a South-East Asian rainforest canopy. [Lecture] In: Proceedings of the International Conference of “Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry in Forest Ecosystems”, Castle of Thurnau, Germany, 5-8 Oct 2009. University of Bayreuth, Germany, 30.

Helfter, Carole; Nemitz, Eiko; Phillips, Gavin; Di Marco, Chiara; Coyle, Mhairi; Whitehead, Jamie; Flynn, Michael; Mueller, Jennifer; Gallagher, Martin. 2009 Turbulence, heat and trace gas fluxes above a South-East Asian rainforest. [Poster] In: Proceedings of the International Conference of “Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry in Forest Ecosystems, Catle of Thurnau, Germany, 5-8 Oct 2009. University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Misztal, P.K.; Langford, B.; Cape, J.N.; Nemitz, E.; Helfter, C.; Di Marco, C.; Phillips, G.; Owen, s.; Davison, B.; Heal, M.R.; Hewitt, C.N.; Fowler, D.. 2008 Biogenic VOC emissions from rainforest and oil palm plantations in South East Asia (contribution to OP3 and ACES projects). [Poster] In: NCAS Atmospheric Science Conference, Bristol, UK, 8 - 10 Dec 2009. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Bealey, W.J.; Braban, C.F.; Famulari, D.; Dragosits, U.; Dore, A.J.; Nemitz, E.; Tang, Y.S.; Twigg, M.; Leeson, S.; Sutton, M.A.; Loubet, Benjamin; Valatin, Gregory; Wheat, A.; Helfter, C.; Coyle, M.; Williams, Adrian; Sandars, Daniel L.. 2012 Agroforestry for ammonia abatement summary report. Draft. CEH/Defra, 19pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

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