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Publication - Article

Lucas, Natasha Sarah; Grant, Alan Laurence Michael; Rippeth, Tom; Polton, Jeff A.; Palmer, Matthew; Brannigan, Liam; Belcher, Stephen E.. 2019 Evolution of oceanic near surface stratification in response to an autumn storm. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 49 (11).

Luneva, Maria V.; Wakelin, Sarah; Holt, Jason T.; Inall, Mark E.; Kozlov, Igor E.; Palmer, Matthew R.; Toberman, Matthew; Zubkova, Evgenia V.; Polton, Jeff A.. 2019 Challenging vertical turbulence mixing schemes in a tidally energetic environment: 1. 3‐D shelf‐sea model assessment. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 124 (8). 6360-6387.

Brereton, Ashley; Tejada-Martínez, Andrés E.; Palmer, Matthew R.; Polton, Jeff A.. 2019 The perturbation method - A novel large-eddy simulation technique to model realistic turbulence: Application to tidal flow. Ocean Modelling, 135. 31-39.

Evans, Dafydd Gwyn; Lucas, Natasha Sarah; Hemsley, Victoria; Frajka-Williams, Eleanor; Naveira Garabato, Alberto C.; Martin, Adrian; Painter, Stuart C.; Inall, Mark E.; Palmer, Matthew R.. 2018 Annual cycle of turbulent dissipation estimated from seagliders. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (19). 10,560-10,569.

Porter, M.; Inall, M.E.; Hopkins, J.; Palmer, M.R.; Dale, A.C.; Aleynik, D.; Barth, J.A.; Mahaffey, C.; Smeed, D.A.. 2016 Glider observations of enhanced deep water upwelling at a shelf break canyon: a mechanism for cross-slope carbon and nutrient exchange. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 121 (10). 7575-7588.

McCardell, Grant; O'Donnell, James; Souza, Alejandro; Palmer, Matthew R.. 2016 Internal tides and tidal cycles of vertical mixing in western Long Island Sound. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 121 (2). 1063-1084.

Palmer, M.R.; Stephenson, G.R.; Inall, M.E.; Balfour, C.; Dusterhus, A.; Green, J.A.M.. 2015 Turbulence and mixing by internal waves in the Celtic Sea determined from ocean glider microstructure measurements. Journal of Marine Systems, 144. 57-69.

Stephenson, Gordon R.; Hopkins, Joanne E.; Green, J.A. Mattias; Inall, Mark E.; Palmer, Matthew R.. 2015 Baroclinic energy flux at the continental shelf edge modified by wind-mixing. Geophysical Research Letters, 42 (6). 1826-1833.

Rippeth, T.P.; Lincoln, B.J.; Kennedy, H.A.; Palmer, M.R.; Sharples, J.; Williams, C.A.J.. 2014 Impact of vertical mixing on sea surface pCO2 in temperate seasonally stratified shelf seas. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119 (6). 3868-3882.

Stansfield, K.L.; Palmer, M.R.; Rippeth, T.P.; Simpson, J.H.. 2013 Turbulent mixing in the seasonally-stratified western Irish Sea: a Thorpe Scale perspective. Ocean Science Discussions, 10 (6). 2141-2155.

Tweddle, Jacqueline F.; Sharples, Jonathan; Palmer, Matthew R.; Davidson, Keith; McNeill, Sharon. 2013 Enhanced nutrient fluxes at the shelf sea seasonal thermocline caused by stratified flow over a bank. Progress in Oceanography, 117. 37-47.

Scott, B.E.; Webb, A.; Palmer, M.R.; Embling, C.B.; Sharples, J.. 2013 Fine scale bio-physical oceanographic characteristics predict the foraging occurrence of contrasting seabird species; Gannet (Morus bassanus) and storm petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus). Progress in Oceanography, 117. 118-129.

Embling, C.B.; Sharples, J.; Armstrong, E.; Palmer, M.R.; Scott, B.E.. 2013 Fish behaviour in response to tidal variability and internal waves over a shelf sea bank. Progress in Oceanography, 117. 106-117.

Palmer, Matthew R.; Inall, Mark E.; Sharples, Jonathan. 2013 The physical oceanography of Jones Bank: A mixing hotspot in the Celtic Sea. Progress in Oceanography, 117. 9-24.

Vlasenko, Vasiliy; Stashchuk, Nataliya; Palmer, Matthew R.; Inall, Mark E.. 2013 Generation of baroclinic tides over an isolated underwater bank. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 118 (9). 4395-4408.

Polton, Jeff A.; Palmer, Matthew R.; Howarth, Michael J.. 2013 The vertical structure of time-mean estuarine circulation in a shallow, rotating, semi-enclosed coastal bay: A liverpool bay case study with application for monitoring. Continental Shelf Research, 59. 115-126.

Palmer, Matthew Robert; Polton, Jeff A.; Inall, Mark E; Rippeth, Tom; Green, Mattias; Sharples, Jonathan; Simpson, John. 2013 Variable behavior in pycnocline mixing over shelf seas. Geophysical Research Letters, 40 (1). 161-166.

Inall, Mark; Aleynik, Dimitry; Boyd, Tim; Palmer, Matthew; Sharples, Jonathan. 2011 Internal tide coherence and decay over a wide shelf sea. Geophysical Research Letters, 38. L23607.

Howarth, John; Palmer, Matthew. 2011 The Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory. Ocean Dynamics, 61 (11). 1917-1926.

Palmer, Matthew Robert; Polton, Jeff A.. 2011 A strain-induced freshwater pump in the Liverpool Bay ROFI. Ocean Dynamics, 61 (11). 1905-1915.

Polton, Jeffrey A.; Palmer, Matthew Robert; Howarth, Michael John. 2011 Physical and dynamical oceanography of Liverpool Bay. Ocean Dynamics, 61 (9). 1421-1439.

Rippeth, Tom P.; Wiles, Phil; Palmer, Matt R.; Sharples, Jonathan; Tweddle, Jacqueline. 2009 The diapcynal nutrient flux and shear-induced diapcynal mixing in the seasonally stratified western Irish Sea. Continental Shelf Research, 29 (13). 1580-1587.

Palmer, Matthew. 2009 The modification of current ellipses by stratification in the Liverpool Bay ROFI. Ocean Dynamics, 60 (2). 219-226.

Hickman, Anna E.; Holligan, P. M.; Moore, C. M.; Sharples, Jonathan; Krivtsov, V.; Palmer, Matthew R.. 2009 Distribution and chromatic adaptation of phytoplankton within a shelf sea thermocline. Limnology and Oceanography, 54 (2). 525-536.

Sharples, Jonathan; Moore, C.Mark; Hickman, Anna E.; Holligan, Patrick M.; Tweddle, Jacqueline F.; Palmer, Matthew R.; Simpson, John H.. 2009 Internal tidal mixing as a control on continental margin ecosystems. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L23603. 5, pp.

Palmer, M. R.; Rippeth, T. P.; Simpson, J. H.. 2008 An investigation of internal mixing in a seasonally stratified shelf sea. Journal of Geophysical Research, 113 (C12). C12005.

Mattias Green, J. A.; Simpson, J. H.; Legg, S.; Palmer, M.. 2008 Internal waves, baroclinic energy fluxes and mixing at the European shelf edge. Continental Shelf Research, 28 (7). 937-950.

Publication - Book Section

Howarth, M.J.; Proctor, R.; Balfour, C.; Greenwood, N.; Knight, P.; Palmer, M.; Player, R.. 2010 The Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory. In: Dahlin, H.; et al, ., (eds.) Coastal to Global Operational Oceanography: Achievements and Challenges. Procs Fifth International Conference on EuroGOOS, Exeter, 20-22 May 2008. Norrkoping, Sweden, EuroGOOS Office, 507-512. (EuroGOOS Publication, 28).

Publication - Conference Item

Moat, Ben ORCID:; Smeed, David; Marcinko, Charlotte; Popinet, Stephane; Turnock, Stephen; Palmer, Matthew. 2016 Large eddy simulations of flow around underwater gliders and the impact on sensor measurements. In: 7th EGO Conference on Autonomous Ocean Gliders and their Applications, NOC, Southampton, UK, 26-29 Sep 2016. (Unpublished)

Howarth, M. John; Proctor, Roger; Balfour, Chris; Knight, Philip J.; Palmer, Matthew; Player, Rose J.. 2008 The Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory. In: PECS 2008: Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas, Liverpool, UK, 25th - 29th August 2008. Liverpool, 411-414.

Publication - Report

Palmer, Matthew; Howard, Tom; Tinker, Jonathan; Lowe, Jason; Bricheno, Lucy; Calvert, Daley; Edwards, Tamsin; Gregory, Jonathan; Harris, Glen; Krijnen, Justin; Pickering, Mark; Roberts, Chris; Wolf, Judith. 2018 UKCP18 marine report. Met Office Hadley Centre, 133pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Balfour, C.; Palmer, M.. 2013 NOC Liverpool report for the UK-IMON Project. April-June 2013 Unit 194 Glider deployment. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 41pp. (National Oceanography Centre Research and Consultancy Report, 39)

Palmer, Matthew; Balfour, Christopher; Gowen, Richard. 2013 UK-IMON Milestone report 3c; Final report on Glider implementation study. DEFRA (CEFAS) report ME5309 (C5801). Liverpool, National Oceanography Centre. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Palmer, Matthew. 2010 RV Prince Madog 02/10 cruise report, POL Coastal Observatory cruise #66, 26th-28th January 2010. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 8pp. (POL COBS Cruise Report No. 66)

Palmer, M.. 2009 Prince Madog Cruise 02/09B, POL Coastal Observatory Cruise 59, 5-6th February 2009. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 13pp. (COBS Cruise Report No.59)

Palmer, Matthew. 2009 RV Prince Madog PD15/09, cruise report PHiXT1, 1st-3rd May 2009. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 13pp. (POL Multidisciplinary Cruise Report No. PHiXT1)

Palmer, Matthew R.. 2009 RV Prince Madog PD17/09, cruise report PHiXT2, 8th-11th May 2009. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 11pp. (POL Multidisciplinary Cruise Report No. PHiXT2)

Palmer, Matthew. 2008 Prince Madog Cruise 33/08, POL Coastal Observatory cruise 57, 21st-23rd October 2008. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 7pp. (COBS Cruise Report No. 57)

Palmer, M.. 2008 Prince Madog Cruise 01/08, POL Coastal Observatory cruise 50, 10-11th January 2008. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 11pp. (COBS Cruise Report No. 50)

Palmer, M.. 2008 Prince Madog Cruise 14/08, POL Coastal Observatory cruise 53, 13th-16th May 2008. Liverpool, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 18pp. (COBS Cruise Report No.53)

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