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Olszewska, Justyna P.; Heal, Kate V.; Edwards, Ronald; McDonald, Claire; Foster, Tim; Winfield, Ian J.; Spears, Bryan M.. 2019 Assessing the legacy of red mud pollution in a shallow freshwater lake: long-term chemical recovery in the water column. Inland Waters, 9 (4). 453-463.

Anderson, T.R.; Rowe, E.C.; Polimene, L.; Tipping, E.; Evans, C.D.; Barry, C.D.G.; Hansell, D.A.; Kaiser, K.; Kitidis, V.; Lapworth, D.J.; Mayor, D.J.; Monteith, D.T.; Pickard, A.E.; Sanders, R.J.; Spears, B.M.; Torres, R.; Tye, A.M.; Wade, A.J.; Waska, H.. 2019 Unified concepts for understanding and modelling turnover of dissolved organic matter from freshwaters to the ocean: the UniDOM model. Biogeochemistry, 146 (2). 105-123.

Reitzel, Kasper; Bennett, William W.; Berger, Nils; Brownlie, Will J.; Bruun, Sander; Christensen, Morten L.; Cordell, Dana; van Dijk, Kimo; Egemose, Sara; Eigner, Herbert; Glud, Ronnie N.; Grönfors, Outi; Hermann, Ludwig; Houot, Sabine; Hupfer, Michael; Jacobs, Brent; Korving, Leon; Kjaergaard, Charlotte; Liimatainen, Henrikki; Van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M.; Macintosh, Katrina A.; Magid, Jakob; Maia, Frederico; Martin-Ortega, Julia; McGrath, John; Meulepas, Roel; Murry, Michael; Neset, Tina-Simone; Neumann, Günter; Nielsen, Ulla G.; Nielsen, Per H.; O’Flaherty, Vincent; Qu, Haiyan; Santner, Jakob; Seufert, Verena; Spears, Bryan; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Stutter, Marc; Verburg, Peter H.; Wilfert, Philipp; Williams, Paul N.; Metson, Geneviève S.. 2019 New training to meet the global phosphorus challenge. Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (15). 8479-8481.

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May, Linda; Taylor, Philip; Spears, Bryan; Pitt, Jo-Anne; Collins, Adrian L.; Corkley, Isabel; Anthony, Steven; Skirvin, David; Lee, David; Naden, Pamela. 2019 Decision support framework to identify lakes that are likely to meet water quality targets if external inputs of phosphorus from agriculture are reduced. Limnetica, 38 (1). 489-501.

Watt, James A.J.; Burke, Ian T.; Edwards, Ron A.; Malcolm, Heath M.; Mayes, William M.; Olszewska, Justyna P.; Pan, Gang; Graham, Margaret C.; Heal, Kate V.; Rose, Neil L.; Turner, Simon D.; Spears, Bryan M.. 2018 Vanadium: a re-emerging environmental hazard. Environmental Science & Technology, 52 (21). 11973-11974.

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Olszewska, Justyna P.; Heal, Kate V.; Winfield, Ian J.; Eades, Lorna J.; Spears, Bryan M.. 2017 Assessing the role of bed sediments in the persistence of red mud pollution in a shallow lake (Kinghorn Loch, UK). Water Research, 123. 569-577.

Friberg, Nikolai; Buijse, Tom; Carter, Caitríona; Hering, Daniel; Spears, Bryan M.; Verdonschot, Piet; Moe, Therese Fosholt. 2017 Effective restoration of aquatic ecosystems: scaling the barriers. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 4 (1), e1190. 10, pp.

Tipping, Edward; Boyle, John F.; Schillereff, Daniel N.; Spears, Bryan M.; Phillips, Geoffrey. 2016 Macronutrient processing by temperate lakes: a dynamic model for long-term, large-scale application. Science of the Total Environment, 572. 1573-1585.

Olszewska, Justyna P.; Meharg, Andrew A.; Heal, Kate V.; Carey, Manus; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Searle, Kate R.; Winfield, Ian J.; Spears, Bryan M.. 2016 Assessing the legacy of red mud pollution in a shallow freshwater lake: arsenic accumulation and speciation in macrophytes. Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (17). 9044-9052.

Douglas, G.B.; Hamilton, D.P.; Robb, M.S.; Pan, G.; Spears, B.M.; Luring, M.. 2016 Guiding principles for the development and application of solid-phase phosphorus adsorbents for freshwater ecosystems [in special issue: Cyanobacterial blooms: ecology, prevention, mitigation and control] Aquatic Ecology, 50 (3). 385-405.

Douglas, Grant B.; Lurling, Miquel; Spears, Bryan M.. 2016 Assessment of changes in potential nutrient limitation in an impounded river after application of lanthanum-modified bentonite [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 47-54.

Burthe, Sarah J.; Henrys, Peter A; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Spears, Bryan M.; Campbell, Ronald; Carvalho, Laurence; Dudley, Bernard; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Johns, David G.; Maberly, Stephen C.; May, Linda; Newell, Mark A.; Wanless, Sarah; Winfield, Ian J.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Daunt, Francis. 2016 Do early warning indicators consistently predict nonlinear change in long-term ecological data? Journal of Applied Ecology, 53 (3). 666-676.

Lürling, Miquel; Mackay, Eleanor; Reitzel, Kasper; Spears, Bryan M.. 2016 Editorial – A critical perspective on geo-engineering for eutrophication management in lakes [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 1-10.

Copetti, Diego; Finsterle, Karin; Marziali, Laura; Stefani, Fabrizio; Tartari, Gianni; Douglas, Grant; Reitzel, Kasper; Spears, Bryan M.; Winfield, Ian J.; Crosa, Giuseppe; D'Haese, Patrick; Yasseri, Said; Lurling, Miquel. 2016 Eutrophication management in surface waters using lanthanum modified bentonite: a review [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 162-174.

Lang, P.; Meis, S.; Procházková, L.; Carvalho, L.; Mackay, E.B.; Woods, H.J.; Pottie, J.; Milne, I.; Taylor, C.; Maberly, S.C.; Spears, B.M.. 2016 Phytoplankton community responses in a shallow lake following lanthanum-bentonite application [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 55-68.

Dithmer, Line; Nielsen, Ulla Gro; Lurling, Miquel; Spears, Bryan M.; Yasseri, Said; Lundberg, Daniel; Moore, Alanna; Jensen, Nicholai D.; Reitzel, Kasper. 2016 Responses in sediment phosphorus and lanthanum concentrations and composition across 10 lakes following applications of lanthanum modified bentonite [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 101-110.

Spears, Bryan M.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Yasseri, Said; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Waters, Kate E.; Andrews, Christopher; Cole, Stephanie; de Ville, Mitzi; Kelly, Andrea; Meis, Sebastian; Moore, Alanna L.; Nurnberg, Gertrud K.; van Oosterhout, Frank; Pitt, Jo-Anne; Madgwick, Genevieve; Woods, Helen J.; Luring, Miquel. 2016 A meta-analysis of water quality and aquatic macrophyte responses in 18 lakes treated with lanthanum modified bentonite (PHOSLOCK®) [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 111-121.

Spears, Bryan M.; Carvalho, Laurence; Futter, Martyn N.; May, Linda; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Adrian, Rita; Angeler, David G.; Burthe, Sarah J.; Davidson, Tom A.; Daunt, Francis; Gsell, Alena S.; Hessen, Dag O.; Moorhouse, Heather; Huser, Brian; Ives, Stephen C.; Janssen, Annette B.G.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Søndergaard, Martin; Jeppesen, Erik. 2016 Ecological instability in lakes: a predictable condition? Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (7). 3285-3286.

Bryce, Casey C.; Le Bihan, Thierry; Martin, Sarah F.; Harrison, Jesse P.; Bush, Timothy; Spears, Bryan; Moore, Alanna; Leys, Natalie; Byloos, Bo; Cockell, Charles S.. 2016 Rock geochemistry induces stress and starvation responses in the bacterial proteome. Environmental Microbiology, 18 (4). 1110-1121.

Spears, Bryan M.; May, Linda. 2015 Long-term homeostasis of filterable un-reactive phosphorus in a shallow eutrophic lake following a significant reduction in catchment load [in special issue: Developments in soil organic phosphorus cycling in natural and agricultural ecosystems] Geoderma, 257-258. 78-85.

Spears, Bryan M.; Ives, Stephen C.; Angeler, David G.; Allen, Craig R.; Birk, Sebastian; Carvalho, Laurence; Cavers, Stephen; Daunt, Francis; Morton, R. Daniel; Pocock, Michael J.O.; Rhodes, Glenn; Thackeray, Stephen J.. 2015 Effective management of ecological resilience – are we there yet? Journal of Applied Ecology, 52 (5). 1311-1315.

Lang, Pauline; Meis, Sebastian; Spears, Bryan M.; Krokowski, Jan; Milne, Ian; Pottie, John. 2015 Dinobryon stokesii var. neustonicum in Loch Flemington, Scotland: a rarely observed variety of golden alga new to UK freshwaters. Glasgow Naturalist, 26 (2). 2, pp.

Brownlie, Will J.; Spears, Bryan M.; Patidar, Sandhya; May, Linda; Roaf, Susan. 2015 Assessing pro-environmental behaviour in relation to the management of pollution from private sewage systems. Human Ecology, 43 (1). 131-140.

Gunn, Iain D.M.; Meis, Sebastian; Maberly, Stephen C.; Spears, Bryan M.. 2014 Assessing the responses of aquatic macrophytes to the application of a lanthanum modified bentonite clay, at Loch Flemington, Scotland, UK [in special issue: Plants in hydrosystems] Hydrobiologia, 737 (1). 309-320.

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Maberly, Stephen C.; Pan, Gang; Reitzel, Kasper; Bruere, Andy; Corker, Nicholas; Douglas, Grant; Egemose, Sara; Hamilton, David; Hatton-Ellis, Tristan; Huser, Brian; Li, Wei; Meis, Sebastian; Moss, Brian; Lürling, Miquel; Phillips, Geoff; Yasseri, Said; Spears, Bryan M.. 2014 Geoengineering in lakes: welcome attraction or fatal distraction? Inland Waters, 4 (4). 349-356.

Brownlie, Will; May, Linda; McDonald, Claire; Roaf, Susan; Spears, Bryan M.. 2014 Assessment of a novel development policy for the control of phosphorus losses from private sewage systems to the Loch Leven catchment, Scotland, UK. Environmental Science & Policy, 38. 207-216.

May, Linda; Spears, Bryan M.; Dudley, Bernard J.; Gunn, Iain D.M.. 2014 The response of the rotifer community in Loch Leven, UK, to changes associated with a 60% reduction in phosphorus inputs from the catchment [in special issue: Rotifera XIII] International Review of Hydrobiology, 99 (1-2). 65-71.

Pagaling, Eulyn; Strathdee, Fiona; Spears, Bryan M.; Cates, Michael E.; Allen, Rosalind J.; Free, Andrew. 2014 Community history affects the predictability of microbial ecosystem development. ISME Journal, 8 (1). 19-30.

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Condron, L.M.; Spears, B.M.; Haygarth, P.M.; Turner, B.L.; Richardson, A.E.. 2013 Role of legacy phosphorus in improving global phosphorus-use efficiency. Environmental Development, 8. 147-148.

Meis, Sebastian; Spears, Bryan M.; Maberly, Stephen C.; Perkins, Rupert G.. 2013 Assessing the mode of action of Phoslock® in the control of phosphorus release from the bed sediments in a shallow lake (Loch Flemington, UK). Water Research, 47 (13). 4460-4473.

Sharpley, Andrew; Jarvie, Helen P.; Buda, Anthony; May, Linda; Spears, Bryan; Kleinman, Peter. 2013 Phosphorus legacy: overcoming the effects of past management practices to mitigate future water quality impairment. Journal of Environmental Quality, 42 (5). 1308 -1326.

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Spears, B.; May, L.. 2012 Antony Edward Bailey-Watts PhD, D.Sc. (23 August 1942-15 July 2007) In memoriam. Hydrobiologia, 681 (1). 1-2.

Winfield, I.J.; Adams, C.E.; Armstrong, J.D.; Gardiner, R.; Kirika, A.; Montgomery, J.; Spears, B.; Stewart, D.C.; Thorpe, J.E.; Wilson, W.. 2012 Changes in the fish community of Loch Leven: untangling anthropogenic pressures. Hydrobiologia, 681 (1). 73-84.

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Publication - Book Section

Acreman, Mike C.; Blake, James R.; Carvalho, Laurence R.; Dunbar, Mike J.; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Gustard, Alan; Jones, Ian D.; Laize, Cedric; Maberly, Stephen C.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; May, Linda; Mountford, J. Owen; Spears, Bryan M.; Stratford, Charlie J.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Winfield, Ian J.. 2015 Ecohydrology. In: Rodda, John C.; Robinson, Mark, (eds.) Progress in modern hydrology: past, present and future. Chichester, Wiley Blackwell, 267-301.

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Publication - Report

Spears, B.M.; Andrews, C.; Banin, L.; Carvalho, L.; Cole, S.; De Ville, M.; Gunn, I.D.M.; Ives, S.; Lawlor, A.; Leaf, S.; Lofts, S.; Maberly, S.C.; Madgwick, G.; May, L.; Moore, A.; Pitt, J.; Smith, R.; Waters, K.; Watt, J.; Winfield, I.J.; Woods, H.. 2018 Assessment of sediment phosphorus capping to control nutrient concentrations in English lakes. Bristol, UK, Environment Agency, 91pp. (Project SC120064/R9, CEH Project no. C04646)

Cole, S.; Spears, B.M.. 2018 Assessment of sediment phosphorus capping to control nutrient concentrations in English lakes - project summary. Bristol, UK, Environment Agency, 1pp. (Project SC120064/R9, CEH Project no. C04646)

May, Linda; Dick, Jan; Gunn, Iain; Spears, Bryan. 2018 River Leven catchment initiative: synthesis of current knowledge to help identify environmental management priorities to improve the water environment. Craigebuckler, Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW), 45pp. (CEH Project no. C06718)

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Spears, B.M; Gunn, I.; Andrews, C.; Carvalho, L.; Cole, S.; De Ville, M.; Dudley, B.; Maberly, S.C.; Madgwick, G.; May, L.; Pitt, J.; Woods, H.; Winfield, I.. 2014 Annual review of chemical and ecological responses in Hatchmere and Mere Mere following Phoslock applications - 2013. Bristol, Environment Agency, 50pp. (Report SC120064/R3, CEH Project no. C04646)

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Spears, Bryan; Gunn, Iain; Meis, Sebastian; May, Linda. 2011 WISER Deliverable D6.4-2: Analysis of cause-effect-recovery chains for lakes recovering from eutrophication. CEH report commissioned by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme. European Commission, 76pp. (CEH Project Number: NEC03630EU, WISER 226273)

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