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Gallello, Gianni; Ramacciotti, Mirco; García‐Puchol, Oreto; Chenery, Simon; Cortell‐Nicolau, Alfredo; Cervera, MARíA Luisa; Diez‐Castillo, Agustin; Pastor, Agustín; McClure, Sarah B.. 2021 Analysis of stratigraphical sequences at Cocina Cave (Spain) using rare earth elements geochemistry. Boreas, 50 (4). 1190-1208.

Josso, Pierre; Lusty, Paul; Chenery, Simon; Murton, Bramley ORCID: 2021 Controls on metal enrichment in ferromanganese crusts: temporal changes in oceanic metal flux or phosphatisation? Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 308. 60-74.

Hollyman, Philip R. ORCID:; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Chenery, Simon R.N.; Sloane, Hilary J.; Richardson, Christopher A.. 2020 Calibration of shell δ18O from the common whelk Buccinum undatum highlights potential for environmental reconstruction. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 560, 109995. 13, pp.

Tye, A.M.; Chenery, S.; Cave, M.R.; Price, R.. 2020 Using 206/207Pb isotope ratios to estimate phosphorus sources in historical sediments of a lowland river system. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 21. 613-626.

Izquierdo, M.; Young, S.D.; Bailey, E.H.; Crout, N.M.J.; Lofts, S.; Chenery, S.R.; Shaw, G.. 2020 Kinetics of uranium(VI) lability and solubility in aerobic soils. Chemosphere, 258, 127246. 10, pp.

Oikonomou, A.; Henderson, J.; Chenery, S.. 2020 Provenance and technology of fourth–second century BC glass from three sites in ancient Thesprotia, Greece. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 12 (11), 269.

Chenery, Simon R.N.; Sarkar, Santosh K.; Chatterjee, Mousumi; Marriott, Andrew L.; Watts, Michael J.. 2020 Heavy metals in urban road dusts from Kolkata and Bengaluru, India: implications for human health. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 42. 2627-2643.

Bertini, Camilla; Henderson, Julian; Chenery, Simon. 2020 Seventh to eleventh century CE glass from Northern Italy: between continuity and innovation. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 12 (6), 120.

Marriott, A.L.; Kelly, T.J.; Sarkar, S.K.; Chenery, S.R.N.; Rakshit, D.; Bhattacharya, B.D.; Watts, M.J.. 2020 Elemental composition of aquaculture fish from West Bengal, India: nutrition versus food safety. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 42. 1211-1228.

Lieberman, Nir Roy; Izquierdo, Maria; Muñoz-Quirós, Carmen; Cohen, Haim; Chenery, Simon R.. 2020 Geochemical signature of superhigh organic sulphur Raša coals and the mobility of toxic trace elements from combustion products and polluted soils near the Plomin coal-fired power station in Croatia. Applied Geochemistry, 114, 104472.

Vane, Christopher H. ORCID:; Kim, Alexander W.; Moss-Hayes, Vicky; Turner, Grenville; Mills, Keely; Chenery, Simon R.; Barlow, Thomas S.; Kemp, Andrew C.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Hill, Troy D.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Brain, Matthew. 2020 Organic pollutants, heavy metals and toxicity in oil spill impacted salt marsh sediment cores, Staten Island, New York City, USA. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 151, 110721.

Josso, Pierre; Rushton, Jeremy ORCID:; Lusty, Paul; Matthews, Adam; Chenery, Simon; Holwell, David; Kemp, Simon J.; Murton, Bramley ORCID: 2020 Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic paleoceanography from north-east Atlantic ferromanganese crust microstratigraphy. Marine Geology, 422, 106122.

Vane, Christopher H. ORCID:; Turner, Grenville H.; Chenery, Simon R.; Richardson, Martin; Cave, Mark C.; Terrington, Ricky; Gowing, Charles J.B.; Moss-Hayes, Vicky. 2020 Trends in heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls and toxicity from sediment cores of the inner River Thames estuary, London, UK. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 22 (2). 364-380.

Hollyman, Philip R.; Chenery, Simon R.N.; EIMF, E.; Ignatyev, Konstantin; Laptikhovsky, Vladimir V.; Richardson, Christopher A.. 2019 Micro-scale geochemical and crystallographic analysis of Buccinum undatum statoliths supports an annual periodicity of growth ring deposition. Chemical Geology, 526. 153-164.

Shen, J. Y.; Ma, H.; Henderson, J.; Evans, J.; Chenery, S.; Wang, F.; Wen, R.. 2019 Chemical and strontium isotope analysis of Yaozhou celadon glaze. Archaeometry, 61 (5). 1039-1052.

Gallello, Gianni; Ferro-Vázquez, Cruz; Chenery, Simon; Lang, Carol; Thornton-Barnett, Senna; Kabora, Tabitha; Hodson, Mark E.; Stump, Daryl. 2019 The capability of rare earth elements geochemistry to interpret complex archaeological stratigraphy. Microchemical Journal, 148. 691-701.

Josso, Pierre; Parkinson, Ian; Horstwood, Matthew; Lusty, Paul; Chenery, Simon; Murton, Bramley ORCID: 2019 Improving confidence in ferromanganese crust age models: a composite geochemical approach. Chemical Geology, 513. 108-119.

Jones, David G.; Vane, Christopher H. ORCID:; Lass-Evans, Solveigh; Chenery, Simon; Lister, Bob; Cave, Mark; Gafeira, Joana; Jenkins, Gareth; Leslie, Alick; Breward, Neil; Freeborough, Katy; Harrison, Ian; Kim, Alexander W.; Lacinska, Alicja; Milodowski, Tony; Ridgway, John; Riding, Jim ORCID:; Strutt, Mick; Wagner, Doris; Wilkinson, Ian. 2019 Geochemistry and related studies of Clyde Estuary sediments. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 108 (2-3). 269-288.

Hollyman, Philip R.; Chenery, Simon R.N.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Laptikhovsky, Vladimir V.; Colvin, Charlotte N.; Richardson, Christopher A.. 2018 Age and growth rate estimations of the commercially fished gastropod Buccinum undatum. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75 (6). 2129-2144.

Evans, J.A.; Pashley, V.; Chenery, C.A.; Loe, L.; Chenery, S.R.. 2018 Lead isotope analysis of tooth enamel from a Viking Age mass grave in Southern Britain and the constraints it places on the origin of the individuals. Archaeometry, 60 (4). 859-869.

Usman, Abida; Ander, E. Louise; Bailey, Elizabeth H.; Nelms, Simon; Pashley, Vanessa; Young, Scott D.; Chenery, Simon R.. 2018 Optimisation of a current generation ICP-QMS and benchmarking against MC-ICP-MS spectrometry for the determination of lead isotope ratios in environmental samples. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 33 (12). 2184-2194.

Hollyman, P.R.; Leng, M.J. ORCID:; Chenery, S.R.N.; Laptikhovsky, V.V.; Richardson, C.A.. 2018 Statoliths of the whelk Buccinum undatum: a novel age determination tool. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 598. 261-272.

Pizzochero, Ana Carolina; Michel, Loïc N.; Chenery, Simon R.; McCarthy, Ian D.; Vianna, Marcelo; Malm, Olaf; Lepoint, Gilles; Das, Krishna; Dorneles, Paulo R.. 2018 Use of multielement stable isotope ratios to investigate ontogenetic movements of Micropogonias furnieri in a tropical Brazilian estuary. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 75 (6). 977-986.

Izquierdo, M.; Tye, A.M.; Chenery, S.R.. 2017 Using isotope dilution assays to understand speciation changes in Cd, Zn, Pb and Fe in a soil model system under simulated flooding conditions. Geoderma, 295. 41-52.

Campbell, L.S.; Charnock, J.; Dyer, A.; Hillier, S.; Chenery, S.; Stoppa, F.; Henderson, C.M.B.; Walcott, R.; Rumsey, M.. 2016 Determination of zeolite-group mineral compositions by electron probe microanalysis. Mineralogical Magazine, 80 (5). 781-807.

Marriott, A.L.; McCarthy, I.D.; Ramsay, A.L.; Chenery, S.R.N.. 2016 Discriminating nursery grounds of juvenile plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) in the south-eastern Irish Sea using otolith microchemistry. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 546. 183-195.

Ashry, A.; Bailey, E.H.; Chenery, S.R.N.; Young, S.D.. 2016 Kinetic study of time-dependent fixation of UVI on biochar. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 320. 55-66.

Shaw, R.A.; Goodenough, K.M.; Roberts, N.M.W.; Horstwood, M.S.A.; Chenery, S.R.; Gunn, A.G.. 2016 Petrogenesis of rare-metal pegmatites in high-grade metamorphic terranes: a case study from the Lewisian Gneiss Complex of north-west Scotland. Precambrian Research, 281. 338-362.

Henderson, Julian; Chenery, Simon; Faber, Edward; Kröger, Jens. 2016 The use of electron probe microanalysis and laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry for the investigation of 8th–14th century plant ash glasses from the Middle East. Microchemical Journal, 128. 134-152.

Zia, Munir H.; Watts, Michael J.; Gardner, Amanda; Chenery, Simon R.. 2015 Iodine status of soils, grain crops, and irrigation waters in Pakistan. Environmental Earth Sciences, 73 (12). 7995-8008.

Paynter, Sarah; Kearns, Thérèse; Cool, Hilary; Chenery, Simon. 2015 Roman coloured glass in the Western provinces: the glass cakes and tesserae from West Clacton in England. Journal of Archaeological Science, 62. 66-81.

Smith, Andrew C.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Swann, George E.A.; Barker, Philip A.; Mackay, Anson W.; Ryves, David B.; Sloane, Hilary J.; Chenery, Simon R.N.; Hems, Mike. 2015 An experiment to assess the effects of diatom dissolution on oxygen isotope ratios. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 30 (2). 293-300.

Chatterjee, Mousumi; Sklenars, Lucas; Chenery, Simon R.; Watts, Michael J.; Marriott, Andrew Lewis; Rakshit, Debyendu; Sarkar, Santosh K.. 2014 Assessment of total mercury (HgT) in sediments and biota of Indian Sundarban wetland and adjacent coastal regions. Environment and Natural Resources Research, 4 (2).

Pourang, N.; Richardson, C.A.; Chenery, S.R.N.; Nasrollahzedeh, H.. 2014 Assessment of trace elements in the shell layers and soft tissues of the pearl oyster Pinctada radiata using multivariate analyses: a potential proxy for temporal and spatial variations of trace elements. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 186 (4). 2465-2485.

Mao, Lingchen; Bailey, Elizabeth H.; Chester, Jonathan; Dean, Joseph; Ander, E. Louise; Chenery, Simon R.; Young, Scott D.. 2014 Lability of Pb in soil: effects of soil properties and contaminant source. Environmental Chemistry, 11 (6). 690-701.

Izquierdo, Maria; Tye, Andrew M.; Chenery, Simon R.. 2013 Lability, solubility and speciation of Cd, Pb and Zn in alluvial soils of the River Trent catchment UK. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 15. 1844-1858.

Schroeder, Hannes; Shuler, Kristrina A.; Chenery, Simon R.. 2013 Childhood lead exposure in an enslaved African community in Barbados: implications for birthplace and health status. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 150 (2). 203-209.

Marzouk, E.R.; Chenery, S.R.; Young, S.D.. 2013 Measuring reactive metal in soil: a comparison of multi-element isotopic dilution and chemical extraction. European Journal of Soil Science, 64 (4). 526-536.

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Marzouk, E.R.; Chenery, S.R.; Young, S.D.. 2013 Predicting the solubility and lability of Zn, Cd, and Pb in soils from a minespoil-contaminated catchment by stable isotopic exchange. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 123. 1-16.

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Chenery, S.R.; Izquierdo, M.; Marzouk, E.; Klinck, B.; Palumbo-Roe, B.; Tye, A.M.. 2012 Soil–plant interactions and the uptake of Pb at abandoned mining sites in the Rookhope catchment of the N. Pennines, UK : a Pb isotope study. Science of the Total Environment, 433. 547-560.

Angiolini, Lucia; Stephenson, Michael; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Jadoul, Flavio; Millward, Dave; Aldridge, Anthony; Andrews, Julian; Chenery, Simon; Williams, Gareth. 2012 Heterogeneity, cyclicity and diagenesis in a Mississippian brachiopod shell of palaeoequatorial Britain. Terra Nova, 24 (1). 16-26.

Kemp, Andrew C.; Sommerfield, Christopher K.; Vane, Christopher H. ORCID:; Horton, Benjamin P.; Chenery, Simon; Anisfeld, Shimon; Nikitina, Daria. 2012 Use of lead isotopes for developing chronologies in recent salt-marsh sediments. Quaternary Geochronology, 12. 40-49.

Vane, C.H. ORCID:; Chenery, S.R.; Harrison, I.; Kim, A.W.; Moss-Hayes, V.; Jones, D.G.. 2011 Chemical signatures of the Anthropocene in the Clyde Estuary, UK: sediment hosted Pb, 207/206 Pb, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH), Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) and Polychlorinated Bipheny (PCB) pollution records. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 369. 1085-1111.

Smith, D.J.; Jenkins, G.R.T.; Petterson, M.G.; Naden, J.; Fielder, S.; Toba, T.; Chenery, S.R.N.. 2011 Unusual mixed silica–carbonate deposits from magmatic–hydrothermal hot springs, Savo, Solomon Islands. Journal of the Geological Society, 168 (6). 1297-1310.

Stephenson, M.H.; Angliolini, L.; Cozar, P.; Jadoul, F.; Leng, M.J. ORCID:; Millward, D.; Chenery, S.. 2010 Northern England Serpukhovian (Early Namurian) farfield responses to southern hemisphere glaciation. Journal of the Geological Society, 167 (6). 1171-1184.

Rothwell, James J.; Taylor, Kevin G.; Chenery, Simon R.N.; Cundy, Andrew B.; Evans, Martin G.; Allott, Timothy E.H.. 2010 Storage and behavior of As, Sb, Pb, and Cu in ombrotrophic peat bogs under contrasting water table conditions. Environmental Science and Technology, 44 (22). 8497-8502.

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Angiolini, L.; Jadoul, F.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Stephenson, Michael H.; Rushton, Jeremy ORCID:; Chenery, Simon; Crippa, G.. 2009 How cold were the Early Permian glacial tropics? : testing sea-surface temperature using the oxygen isotope composition of rigorously screened brachiopod shells. Journal of the Geological Society, 166 (5). 933-945.

Lloyd, N.S.; Mosselmans, J.F.W.; Parrish, R.R.; Chenery, S.R.N.; Hainsworth, S.V.; Kemp, S.J.. 2009 The morphologies and compositions of depleted uranium particles from an environmental case-study. Mineralogical Magazine, 73 (3). 495-510.

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Morton, Andrew; Chenery, Simon. 2009 Detrital rutile geochemistry and thermometry as guides to provenance of Jurassic-Paleocene sandstones of the Norwegian Sea. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 79 (7). 540-553.

Shepherd, Thomas; Chenery, Simon; Pashley, Vanessa; Lord, R.A.; Ander, Louise; Breward, Neil; Hobbs, Susan; Horstwood, Matthew. 2009 Regional lead isotope study of a polluted river catchment : River Wear, Northern England, UK. Science of the Total Environment, 407 (17). 4882-4893.

Parrish, Randall R; Horstwood, Matthew; Arnason, J.G.; Chenery, Simon; Brewer, Tim S.; Lloyd, Nicholas; Carpenter, David O.. 2008 Depleted uranium contamination by inhalation exposure and its detection after similar to 20 years : implications for human health assessment. Science of the Total Environment, 390 (1). 58-68.

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Milton, David A.; Chenery, Simon R.. 2005 Movement patterns of barramundi Lates calcarifer, inferred from 87-Sr/86-Sr and Sr/Ca ratios in otoliths, indicate non-participation in spawning. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 301. 279-291.

Publication - Book

Milodowski, A.E.; Tullborg, E.L.; Buil, B.; Gomez, P.; Turrero, M.-J.; Haszeldine, S.; England, G.; Gillespie, M.R.; Torres, T.; Ortiz, J.; Zacharias, J.; Silar, J.; Chvatal, M.; Strnad, L.; Sebek, O.; Bouch, J.E.; Chenery, S.R.N.; Chenery, C.A.; Shepherd, T.J.. 2005 Application of mineralogical, petrological and geochemical tools for evaluating the palaeohdrogeological evolution of the PADAMOT study sites. Harwell, UK, UK Nirex Ltd, 206pp. (Padamot Project Technical Report, WP2).

Publication - Book Section

Millard, Andrew; Montgomery, Janet; Trickett, Mark; Beaumont, Julia; Evans, Jane; Chenery, Simon. 2014 Childhood lead exposure in the British Isles during the Industrial Revolution. In: Zuckermann, Molly K., (ed.) Modern environments and human health : revisiting the second epidemological transition. Wiley, 269-289.

Allen, Mark A.; Cave, Mark R.; Chenery, Simon R.N.; Gowing, Charles J.B.; Reeder, Shaun. 2011 Sample preparation and inorganic analysis for urban geochemical survey soil and sediment samples. In: Johnson, Christopher C., (ed.) Mapping the chemical environment of urban areas. Wiley, 28-46.

Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Banks, Vanessa J.; Chenery, Simon; Weiss, Dominik. 2010 Tracing sources and fate of zinc in a mining-impacted river catchment: insights from flow measurements, synoptic sampling, and zinc isotopes. In: Wolkersdorfer, C.; Freund, A., (eds.) Mine water and innovative thinking. CBU Press, 383-387.

Jowitt, Simon M.; Jenkin, Garwen R.T.; Coogan, Laurence A,; Naden, Jon; Chenery, Simon R.N.. 2007 Epidosites of the Troodos Ophiolite: A direct link between alteration of dykes and release of base metals into ore-forming hydrothermal systems? In: Digging deeper: proceedings of the ninth biennial meeting of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits. Dublin, Ireland, Irish Association for Economic Geology, 1037-1040.

Publication - Conference Item

Emmings, Joe ORCID:; Poulton, Simon; Davies, Sarah; Vane, Chris ORCID:; Leng, Mel ORCID:; Stephenson, Mke; Chenery, Simon; Jenkin, Gawen; Moss-Hayes, Vicky. 2019 Linking Redox Processes and Black Shale Resource Potential. [Poster] In: Bryan Lovell Meeting 2019: Role of geological science in the decarbonisation of power production, heat, transport and industry, The Geological Society, London, 21-23 January 2019. (Unpublished)

Tye, Andrew; Izquierdo, Maria; Chenery, Simon. 2013 Using lead isotopes to characterise their source, lability and solubility in alluvial soils of the Trent Catchment, UK [abstract]. In: AIG10 10th Applied Isotope Geochemistry Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 22-27 Sept 2013. 148-151.

Izqueirdo, M.; Tye, A.M.; Chenery, S.R.. 2012 Lead lability in alluvial soils of the river Trent Catchment, U.K. [Poster] In: Sino-European Symposium on Environment and Health, Galway, Ireland, 20-25 Aug 2012. British Geological Survey.

Banks, Vanessa J.; Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Wood, Paul J.; Chenery, Simon R.; Reid, Emma J.. 2010 Catchment-scale assessments of the effects of abandoned metal mines on groundwater quality and stream ecology. In: 8th BLRS Conference 2010 : Restoration and Recovery : Regenerating Land and Communities, South Wales, 7-9 Sept 2010. (Unpublished)

Cave, Mark; Chenery, Simon; Shotbolt, Laura. 2009 Assessment of the soil contribution to atmospheric particulates in the UK : source apportionment monitoring over days years and decades. [Lecture] In: William Smith Meeting, London, UK, 21-23 Sept 2009. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Dinsley, J.M.; Gowing, C.J.B.; Marriott, A.L.. 2018 Natural and anthropogenic influences on atmospheric Pb-210 deposition and activity in sediments : a review. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 27pp. (OR/17/047) (Unpublished)

Smedley, P.L.; Bearcock, J.M.; Fordyce, F.M.; Everett, P.A.; Chenery, S.; Ellen, R.. 2017 Stream-water geochemical atlas of the Clyde Basin. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 168pp. (OR/16/015)

Gill, J.C.; Mankelow, J.. 2017 Workshop Report: Earth and Environmental Science for Sustainable Development (Dar es Salaam, September 2017). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 36pp. (OR/17/063) (Unpublished)

Ridgway, J.; Bee, E.; Breward, N.; Cave, M.; Chenery, S.; Gowing, C.; Harrison, I.; Hodgkinson, E.; Humphreys, B.; Ingham, M.; Jarrow, A.; Jenkins, G.; Kim, A.; Lister, R.T.; Milodowski, A.; Pearson, S.; Rowlands, K.; Spiro, B.; Strutt, M.; Turner, P.; Vane, C. ORCID: 2012 The Mersey Estuary : sediment geochemistry. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 206pp. (RR/10/002)

Breward, Kate; Chenery, Simon. 2005 A feasibility study on the use of isotope dilution as a tool for quantifying uranium isotopic concentrations by quadrupole ICP-MS. British Geological Survey, 28pp. (IR/05/102) (Unpublished)

Chenery, S.R.N.; Ander, E.L.; Perkins, K.M.; Smith, B.. 2002 Uranium anomalies identified using G-BASE data - natural or anthropogenic? A uranium isotope pilot study. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (IR/02/001) (Unpublished)

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