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Lourenço, Sílvia; Saunders, Ryan A.; Collins, Martin; Shreeve, Rachael; Assis, Carlos A.; Belchier, Mark; Watkins, Jonathan L.; Xavier, Jose C.. 2016 Life cycle, distribution and trophodynamics of the lanternfish Krefftichthys anderssoni (Lönnberg, 1905) in the Scotia Sea. Polar Biology. 10.1007/s00300-016-2046-3

Silk, Janet R.D.; Thorpe, Sally E.; Fielding, Sophie; Murphy, Eugene J.; Trathan, Philip N.; Watkins, Jonathan L.; Hill, Simeon L.. 2016 Environmental correlates of Antarctic krill distribution in the Scotia Sea and southern Drake Passage. ICES Journal of Marine Sciences, 73 (9). 2288-2301. 10.1093/icesjms/fsw097

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Fielding, Sophie; Watkins, Jonathan L.; Trathan, Philip N.; Enderlein, Peter; Waluda, Claire M.; Stowasser, Gabriele; Tarling, Geraint A.; Murphy, Eugene J.. 2014 Inter-annual variability in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) density at South Georgia, Southern Ocean: 1997 - 2013. ICES Journal of Marine Sciences, 71 (9). 2578-2588. 10.1093/icesjms/fsu104

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Murphy, E.J.; Watkins, J.L.; Trathan, P.N.; Reid, K.; Meredith, M.P.; Thorpe, S.E.; Johnston, N.M.; Clarke, A.; Tarling, G.A.; Collins, M.A.; Forcada, J.; Shreeve, R.S.; Atkinson, A.; Korb, R.; Whitehouse, M.J.; Ward, P.; Rodhouse, P.G.; Enderlein, P.; Hirst, A.G.; Martin, A.R.; Hill, S.L.; Staniland, I.J.; Pond, D.W.; Briggs, D.R.; Cunningham, N.J.; Fleming, A.H.. 2007 Spatial and temporal operation of the Scotia Sea ecosystem: a review of large-scale links in a krill centred food web. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (B), 362 (1477). 113-148. 10.1098/rstb.2006.1957

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Publication - Book Section

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