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Goodenough, Kathryn M.; Thomas, Robert J.; Styles, Michael T.; Schofield, David I.; MacLeod, Christopher J.. 2014 Records of ocean growth and destruction in the Oman-UAE Ophiolite. Elements, 10 (2). 109-114. 10.2113/gselements.10.2.109

Lacinska, Alicja Magdalena; Styles, Michael Thomas; Farrant, Andrew Roger. 2014 Near-surface diagenesis of ophiolite-derived conglomerates of the Barzaman Formation, United Arab Emirates: a natural analogue for permanent CO2 sequestration via mineral carbonation of ultramafic rocks. In: Rollinson, H.R., (ed.) Tectonic evolution of the Oman Mountains. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 343-360. (Geological Society Special Publication, 392).

Sanna, Aimaro; Lacinska, Alicja; Styles, Mike; Maroto-Valer, M. Mercedes. 2014 Silicate rock dissolution by ammonium bisulphate for pH swing mineral CO2 sequestration. Fuel Processing Technology, 120. 128-135. 10.1016/j.fuproc.2013.12.012

Bide, T.P.; Styles, M.T.; Naden, J.. 2014 An assessment of global resources of rocks as suitable raw materials for carbon capture and storage by mineralisation. Applied Earth Science, 123 (3). 179-195. 10.1179/1743275814Y.0000000057

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Sanna, Aimaro; Wang, Xiaolong; Lacinska, Alicja; Styles, Mike; Paulson, Tom; Maroto-Valer, M. Mercedes. 2013 Enhancing Mg extraction from lizardite-rich serpentine for CO2 mineral sequestration. Minerals Engineering, 49. 135-144. 10.1016/j.mineng.2013.05.018

Lacinska, Alicja M.; Styles, Michael T.. 2013 Silicified serpentinite – a residuum of a Tertiary palaeo-weathering surface in the United Arab Emirates. Geological Magazine, 150 (3). 385-395. 10.1017/S0016756812000325

Stephen, A.L.; Jenkin, G.R.T.; Styles, M.T.; Smith, D.J.; Naden, J.; Boyce, A.J.; Leng, M.J.; Millar, I.L.. 2013 Tracing carbon: natural mineral carbonation and the incorporation of atmospheric vs. recycled CO2. Energy Procedia, 37. 5897-5904. 10.1016/j.egypro.2013.06.515


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Goodenough, K.M.; Styles, M.T.; Schofield, D.; Thomas, R.J.; Crowley, Q.C.; Lilly, R.M.; McKervey, J.; Stephenson, D.; Carney, J.N.. 2012 Architecture of the Oman–UAE Ophiolite: evidence for a multi-phase magmatic history. In: Al Hosani, Khalid; Roure, Francois; Ellison, Richard; Lokier, Stephen, (eds.) Lithosphere dynamics and sedimentary basins: the Arabian Plate and analogues. Springer, 23-42. (Frontiers in earth sciences).


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Mitchell, Clive; Styles, Michael. 2011 The rock resources of the Northern Emirates. [Poster] In: MENA Mining Congress 2011, Dubai,United Arab Emirates, 24-27 Oct 2011. (Unpublished)


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Amankwah, R.K.; Styles, M.T.; Nartey, R.S.; Al-Hassan, S.. 2010 The application of direct smelting of gold concentrates as an alternative to mercury amalgamation in small-scale gold mining operations in Ghana. International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 41 (3-4). 304-315. 10.1504/..033238

Styles, M.T.; Amankwah, R.K.; Al-Hassan, S.; Nartey, R.S.. 2010 The identification and testing of a method for mercury-free gold processing for artisanal and small-scale gold miners in Ghana. International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 41 (3-4). 289-303. 10.1504/IJEP.2010.033237


Benham, A.J.; Kovac, P; Petterson, M.G.; Rojkovic, I; Styles, M.T.; Gunn, A.G.; McKervey, J.A.; Wasy, A.. 2009 Chromite and PGE in the Logar Ophiolite Complex, Afghanistan. Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Section B Applied Earth Science, 118 (2). 45-58. 10.1179/174327509X434957

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Lacinska, Alicja; Styles, Mike. 2009 The Barzaman Formation in the UAE : an example of intensive alteration of ultramafic and ultramafic rocks in the near surface environment. In: Mineralogia - Special Papers, 35. Mineralogical Society of Poland.

Dare, S.A.S.; Pearce, Julian; McDonald, I.; Styles, Michael. 2009 Tectonic discrimination of peridotites using fO2-Cr# and Ga-Ti-Fe-III systematics in chrome-spinel. Chemical Geology, 261 (3-4). 199-216. 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2008.08.002


Leveridge, Brian; Merriman, Richard; Styles, Michael; Lewis, Melinda. 2008 Geology of the Mevagissey district : a brief explanation of the geological map sheet 353 Mevagissey. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 38pp. (Explanation (England and Wales Sheet), 353).

Styles, Michael. 2008 The older ultramafic rocks of Aberdeenshire, similarities to SSZ ophiolites and significance for regional tectonics [abstract]. In: Highland Workshop, Murchison House, Edinburgh, 2008.


McKervey, John A.; Gunn, Andrew G.; Styles, Michael T.. 2007 Platinum-group elements in Ordovician magmatic Ni-Cu sulfide prospects in Northeast Scotland. Canadian Mineralogist, 45 (2). 335-353. 10.2113/gscanmin.45.2.335


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Shepherd, Tom J.; Bouch, Jon E.; Gunn, Andrew G.; McKervey, John A.; Naden, Jonathan; Scrivener, Richard C.; Styles, Michael T.; Large, Duncan E.. 2005 Permo-Triassic unconformity- related Au-Pd mineralisation, south Devon, UK : new insights and the European perspective. Mineralium Deposita, 40 (1). 24-44. 10.1007/s00126-004-0459-3


Styles, Michael; Entwisle, David; Gunn, David; Hodgkinson, E.; Jackson, P.D.; Kemp, Simon; Nelder, L.M.; Northmore, Kevin; Steadman, Ellie. 2001 A mineralogical examination of a magnetic tropical brown soil from Cambodia and a possible synthetic analogue made with soil from Devon. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 31pp. (CR/01/096N)


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Gunn, A.G.; Leake, R.C.; Styles, M.T.. 1984 Platinum-group element mineralisation in the Unst ophiolite, Shetland. British Geological Survey, 135pp. (WF/MR/85/073) (Unpublished)

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