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Bialik, Or M.; Varzi, Andrea Giulia; Durán, Ruth; Le Bas, Tim ORCID:; Gauci, Adam; Savini, Alessandra; Micallef, Aaron. 2022 Mesophotic depth biogenic accumulations (“biogenic mounds”) offshore the Maltese Islands, Central Mediterranean Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.

Bernardi, Marco; Hosking, William; Petrioli, Chiara; Bett, Brian ORCID:; Jones, Daniel ORCID:; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; Marlow, Rachel; Furlong, Maaten; McPhail, Stephen; Munafo, Andrea. 2022 AURORA, a multi-sensor dataset for robotic ocean exploration. The International Journal of Robotics Research. 027836492210786.

Bisson, K. M.; Cael, B.B. ORCID: 2021 How are under ice phytoplankton related to sea ice in the Southern Ocean? Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (21).

Bardon, L. R.; Ward, B. A.; Dutkiewicz, S.; Cael, B.B. ORCID: 2021 Testing the skill of a species distribution model using a 21st century virtual ecosystem. Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (22).


Callow, Ben; Falcon Suarez, Ismael ORCID:; Bull, Jonathan M.; Gernon, Thomas M.; Ruffell, Sean; Grippa, Antonio; Hurst, Andrew; Taylor, Kevin. 2022 Permeability heterogeneity of sandstone intrusion fluid‐escape systems, Panoche Hills, California: Implications for sedimentary basins globally. Sedimentology.

Carlson, Michael. C. G.; Ribalet, François; Maidanik, Ilia; Durham, Bryndan P.; Hulata, Yotam; Ferrón, Sara; Weissenbach, Julia; Shamir, Nitzan; Goldin, Svetlana; Baran, Nava; Cael, B.B. ORCID:; Karl, David M.; White, Angelicque E.; Armbrust, E. Virginia; Lindell, Debbie. 2022 Viruses affect picocyanobacterial abundance and biogeography in the North Pacific Ocean. Nature Microbiology, 7 (4). 570-580.

Corbera, Guillem; Lo Iacono, Claudio; Standish, Christopher; Gràcia, Eulàlia; Ranero, César; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; Anagnostou, Eleni; Foster, Gavin L.. 2022 Glacial-aged development of the Tunisian Coral Mound Province controlled by glacio-eustatic oscillations and changes in surface productivity. Marine Geology, 446, 106772.

Castro-Castellon, Ana T.; Horton, Alice ORCID:; Hughes, Jocelyne M.R.; Rampley, Cordelia; Jeffers, Elizabeth S.; Bussi, Gianbattista; Whitehead, Paul. 2022 Ecotoxicity of microplastics to freshwater biota: Considering exposure and hazard across trophic levels. Science of The Total Environment, 816, 151638.

Carpenter, Stephen ORCID:; Byfield, Val; Felgate, Stacey L. ORCID:; Price, David M. ORCID:; Andrade, Valdemar; Cobb, Eliceo; Strong, James ORCID:; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Brittain, Hannah; Barry, Christopher ORCID:; Fitch, Alice ORCID:; Young, Arlene; Sanders, Richard ORCID:; Evans, Claire ORCID: 2022 Using unoccupied aerial vehicles (UAVs) to map seagrass cover from Sentinel-2 imagery. Remote Sensing, 14 (3), 477. 16, pp.

Cael, B.B. ORCID:; Mashayek, Ali. 2021 Log-skew-normality of ocean turbulence. Physical Review Letters, 126 (22).

Chen, Ye; Parsons, Daniel R.; Simmons, Stephen M.; Williams, Rebecca; Cartigny, Matthieu J. B.; Hughes Clarke, John E.; Stacey, Cooper D.; Hage, Sophie; Talling, Peter J.; Azpiroz‐Zabala, Maria; Clare, Michael A. ORCID:; Hizzett, Jamie L.; Heijnen, Maarten S.; Hunt, James E.; Lintern, D. Gwyn; Sumner, Esther J.; Vellinga, Age J.; Vendettuoli, Daniela; Slootman, Arnoud. 2021 Knickpoints and crescentic bedform interactions in submarine channels. Sedimentology, 68 (4). 1358-1377.


Durden, Jennifer; Putts, Meagan; Bingo, Sarah; Leitner, Astrid B.; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Jones, Dan; Sweetman, Andrew K.; Washburn, Travis W.; Smith, Craig R.. 2021 Megafaunal ecology of the western Clarion Clipperton Zone. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.


Giering, Sarah.L.C ORCID:; Evans, Claire ORCID: 2022 Overestimation of prokaryotic production by leucine incorporation—and how to avoid it. Limnology and Oceanography.

Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Hartman, Susan ORCID:; Campbell, Jon; Cardwell, Christopher ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer; Flohr, Anita ORCID:; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Lankester, Steven; Lampitt, Richard; Miskin-Hymas, Charlotte; Pebody, Corinne; Rundle, Nicholas; Serpell-Stevens, Amanda; Bett, Brian ORCID: 2022 Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained observatory monitors the atmosphere to the seafloor on multidecadal timescales. Oceanography. 29.

Garcia-Martin, Enma ORCID:; Davidson, K.; Davis, C. E.; Mahaffey, C.; McNeill, S.; Purdie, D. A.; Robinson, C.. 2021 Low contribution of the fast‐sinking particle fraction to total plankton metabolism in a temperate shelf sea. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35 (9).

Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer; Richmond, M.D.; Muhando, C.A.; Khamis, Z.A.; Jones, Daniel ORCID: 2021 Ecological considerations for marine spatial management in deep-water Tanzania. Ocean & Coastal Management, 210, 105703.


Heijnen, Maarten; Mienis, F.; Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Bett, Brian ORCID:; Hall, R. A.; Hunt, James; Kane, I. A.; Pebody, Corinne; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; Soutter, E. L.; Clare, Michael ORCID: 2022 Challenging the highstand-dormant paradigm for land-detached submarine canyons. Nature Communications, 13 (1).

Hoving, H.J.T.; Amon, D.; Bodur, Y.; Haeckel, M.; Jones, Daniel ORCID:; Neitzel, P.; Simon Lledo, Erik ORCID:; Smith, C.R.; Stauffer, J.B.; Sweetman, A.K.; Purser, A.. 2022 The abyssal voyage of the argonauts: Deep-sea in situ observations reveal the contribution of cephalopod egg cases to the carbon pump. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 183, 103719.

Hunt, J.E.; Tappin, D.R.; Watt, S.F.L.; Susilohadi, S.; Novellino, A.; Ebmeier, S.K.; Cassidy, M.; Engwell, S.L.; Grilli, S.T.; Hanif, M.; Priyanto, W.S.; Clare, M.A. ORCID:; Abdurrachman, M.; Udrekh, U.. 2021 Submarine landslide megablocks show half of Anak Krakatau island failed on December 22nd, 2018. Nature Communications, 12, 2827.


Jażdżewska, Anna M.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Hendrycks, Ed; Mamos, Tomasz; Driskell, Amy C.; Brix, Saskia; Arbizu, Pedro Martínez. 2021 Pandora’s box in the deep sea –intraspecific diversity patterns and distribution of two congeneric scavenging amphipods. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.

Jażdżewska, Anna Maria; Tandberg, Anne Helene S.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Brix, Saskia. 2021 Global gap-analysis of amphipod barcode library. PeerJ, 9. e12352.

Jones, Daniel ORCID:; Simon-Lledó, Erik ORCID:; Amon, Diva J.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Caulle, Clémence; Clement, Louis ORCID:; Connelly, Douglas P.; Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Durden, Jennifer; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Felden, Janine; Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Georgieva, Magdalena N.; Glover, Adrian G.; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Hollingsworth, Anita L.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; James, Rachael H.; Jeffreys, Rachel M.; Laguionie-Marchais, Claire; Leitner, Astrid B.; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Menendez, Amaya; Paterson, Gordon L.J.; Peel, Kate; Robert, Katleen; Schoening, Timm; Shulga, Natalia A.; Smith, Craig R.; Taboada, Sergio; Thurnherr, Andreas M.; Wiklund, Helena; Young III, C. Robert; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID: 2021 Environment, ecology, and potential effectiveness of an area protected from deep-sea mining (Clarion Clipperton Zone, abyssal Pacific). Progress in Oceanography, 197. 102653.


Kerr, Daniel E.; Brown, Peter ORCID:; Grey, Anthony; Kelleher, Brian P.. 2021 The influence of organic alkalinity on the carbonate system in coastal waters. Marine Chemistry, 237, 104050.


Lantéri, Nadine; Ruhl, Henry; Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Martínez, Enoc; del Rio Fernandez, Joaquin; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Cannat, Mathilde; Delory, Eric; Embriaco, Davide; Huber, Robert; Matabos, Marjolaine; Petihakis, George; Reilly, Kieran; Rolin, Jean-François; van der Schaar, Mike; André, Michel; Blandin, Jérôme; Cianca, Andrés; Francescangeli, Marco; Garcia, Oscar; Hartman, Susan ORCID:; Lagadec, Jean-Romain; Legrand, Julien; Pagonis, Paris; Piera, Jaume; Remirez, Xabier; Toma, Daniel M.; Marinaro, Giuditta; Moreau, Bertrand; Santana, Raul; Wright, Hannah; Dañobeitia, Juan José; Favali, Paolo. 2022 The EMSO Generic Instrument Module (EGIM): Standardized and interoperable instrumentation for ocean observation. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.

Liu, Zhonglan; Pérez-Gussinyé, Marta; Rüpke, Lars; Muldashev, Iskander A.; Minshull, Timothy A.; Bayrakci, Gaye. 2021 Lateral coexistence of ductile and brittle deformation shapes magma-poor distal margins: An example from the West Iberia-Newfoundland margins. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 578, 117288.

Leighton, Timothy G.; Dogan, Hakan; Fox, Paul; Mantouka, Agni; Best, Angus ORCID:; Robb, Gary B. R.; White, Paul R.. 2021 Acoustic propagation in gassy intertidal marine sediments: An experimental study. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 150 (4). 2705-2716.

Lejzerowicz, Franck; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Barrenechea Angeles, Inés; Cordier, Tristan; Morard, Raphaël; Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil, Laure; Lins, Lidia; Menot, Lenaick; Brandt, Angelika; Levin, Lisa Ann; Martinez Arbizu, Pedro; Smith, Craig Randall; Pawlowski, Jan. 2021 Eukaryotic biodiversity and spatial patterns in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone and other Abyssal regions: Insights from sediment DNA and RNA metabarcoding. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.


Monteleone, Vanessa; Marin Moreno, Hector ORCID:; Bayrakci, Gaye; Best, Angus ORCID:; Shaon, Farhana; Hossain, Mohammad Moinul; Al Karim, Ahmad; Alam, Md Khurshed. 2022 Seismic characterization and modelling of the gas hydrate system in the northern Bay of Bengal, offshore Bangladesh. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 141, 105690.

Mashayek, A.; Baker, L. E.; Cael, B.B. ORCID:; Caulfield, C. P.. 2021 A marginal stability paradigm for shear‐induced diapycnal turbulent mixing in the ocean. Geophysical Research Letters, 49 (2).


Ostle, Clare; Paxman, Kevin; Graves, Carolyn A.; Arnold, Mathew; Artigas, Luis Felipe; Atkinson, Angus; Aubert, Anaïs; Baptie, Malcolm; Bear, Beth; Bedford, Jacob; Best, Michael; Bresnan, Eileen; Brittain, Rachel; Broughton, Derek; Budria, Alexandre; Cook, Kathryn ORCID:; Devlin, Michelle; Graham, George; Halliday, Nick; Hélaouët, Pierre; Johansen, Marie; Johns, David G.; Lear, Dan; Machairopoulou, Margarita; McKinney, April; Mellor, Adam; Milligan, Alex; Pitois, Sophie; Rombouts, Isabelle; Scherer, Cordula; Tett, Paul; Widdicombe, Claire; McQuatters-Gollop, Abigail. 2021 The plankton lifeform extraction tool: a digital tool to increase the discoverability and usability of plankton time-series data. Earth System Science Data, 13 (12). 5617-5642.


Palacio-Cortés, Angela Maria; Horton, Alice A. ORCID:; Newbold, Lindsay; Spurgeon, David; Lahive, Elma; Pereira, M. Gloria; Grassi, Marco Tadeu; Moura, Mauricio Osvaldo; Disner, Geonildo Rodrigo; Cestari, Marta Margaret; Gweon, Hyun S.; Navarro-Silva, Mario Antônio. 2022 Accumulation of nylon microplastics and polybrominated diphenyl ethers and effects on gut microbial community of Chironomus sancticaroli. Science of the Total Environment, 832, 155089. 13, pp.

Parker, Ben; Britton, J. Robert; Pabortsava, Katsiaryna; Barrow, Magdalena; Green, Iain D.; Dominguez Almela, Victoria; Andreou, Demetra. 2022 Distinct microplastic patterns in the sediment and biota of an urban stream. Science of The Total Environment, 838, 156477.

Parker, Ben; Andreou, Demetra; Pabortsava, Katsiaryna; Barrow, Magdalena; Green, Iain D.; Britton, J. Robert. 2022 Microplastic loads within riverine fishes and macroinvertebrates are not predictable from ecological or morphological characteristics. Science of The Total Environment, 839, 156321.

Pope, Ed L.; Cartigny, Matthieu; Clare, Michael ORCID:; Talling, Peter; Lintern, D. Gwyn; Vellinga, Age; Hage, Sophie; Açikalin, Sanem; Bailey, Lewis; Chapplow, Natasha; Chen, Ye; Eggenhuisen, Joris T.; Hendry, Alison; Heerema, Catharina J.; Heijnen, Maarten; Hubbard, Stephen M.; Hunt, James; McGhee, Claire; Parsons, Daniel R.; Simmons, Stephen M.; Stacey, Cooper D.; Vendettuoli, Daniela. 2022 First source-to-sink monitoring shows dense head controls sediment flux and runout in turbidity currents. Science Advances, 8 (20).

Priede, Imants G.; Muller-Karger, Frank E.; Niedzielski, Tomasz; Gebruk, Andrey V.; Jones, Dan; Colaço, Ana. 2022 Drivers of biomass and biodiversity of non-chemosynthetic benthic fauna of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the North Atlantic. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.

Painter, Stuart; Popova, Ekaterina ORCID:; Roberts, Michael. 2021 An introduction to East African coastal current ecosystems: At the frontier of climate change and food security. Ocean & Coastal Management, 216. 105977.


Strong, James ORCID:; Wardell, Catherine; Haïssoune, A; Jones, A L; Coals, L; Birchenough, Silvana. 2022 Marine habitat mapping to support the use of conservation and anti-trawl structures in Kep Province, Cambodia. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Swanborn, Denise J.B.; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; Pittman, Simon J.; Woodall, Lucy C.. 2021 Bringing seascape ecology to the deep seabed: A review and framework for its application. Limnology and Oceanography.

Sahoo, Sourav ORCID:; Best, Angus ORCID: 2021 The influence of gas hydrate morphology on reservoir permeability and geophysical shear wave remote sensing. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126 (11).

Seekell, D.; Cael, B.B. ORCID:; Norman, S.; Byström, P.. 2021 Patterns and variation of littoral habitat size among lakes. Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (20).


Uhlenkott, Katja; Simon Lledo, Erik ORCID:; Vink, Annemiek; Martínez Arbizu, Pedro. 2022 Investigating the benthic megafauna in the eastern Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone (north-east Pacific) based on distribution models predicted with random forest. Scientific Reports, 12 (1).

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