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Anderson, Paul D.; Johnson, Andrew C. ORCID:; Pfeiffer, Danielle; Caldwell, Daniel J.; Hannah, Robert; Mastrocco, Frank; Sumpter, John P.; Williams, Richard J.. 2012 Endocrine disruption due to estrogens derived from humans predicted to be low in the majority of U.S. surface waters. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31 (6). 1407-1415.

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Lofts, S. ORCID:; Heggelund, L.; Lahive, E.; Spurgeon, D. ORCID:; Svendsen, C. ORCID: 2012 Effects of soil chemistry of zinc and zinc oxide NP toxicity to the earthworm E. fetida. [Lecture] In: SETAC North America 33rd Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California, 11-15 Nov 2012. (Unpublished)

Lebron, Inma ORCID:; Keith, Aidan M. ORCID:; Hughes, Steven; Reynolds, Brian; Robinson, David ORCID:; Cooper, David ORCID:; Emmett, Bridget A. ORCID: 2011 Evaluation of the occurrence of soils with pH higher than 8.4 observed within the Countryside Survey. Project SP1304 Final Report. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 30pp. (Unpublished)

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Stockdale, Anthony; Tipping, Edward ORCID:; Fjellheim, Arne; Garmo, Øyvind A.; Hildrew, Alan G.; Lofts, Stephen ORCID:; Monteith, Don T. ORCID:; Ormerod, Stephen J.; Shilland, Ewan M.. 2014 Recovery of macroinvertebrate species richness in acidified upland waters assessed with a field toxicity model. Ecological Indicators, 37 B. 341-350.

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