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Aas, W.; Alfarra, R.; Bieber, E.; Ceburnis, D.; Ellermann, T.; Ferm, M.; Frohlich, M.; Gehrig, R.; Hansson, H. C.; Kiss, G.; Makkonen, U.; Mihalopoulos, N.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Otjes, R.; Perez, N.; Perrino, C.; Putaud, J. P.; Spindler, G.; Tsyro, S.; Vana, M.; Yttri, K. E.. 2007 Intensive measurements and modelling of size segregated chemical composition of aerosols in June 2006 and January 2007 in EMEP. [Poster] In: European Aerosol Conference 2007, Salzburg, 9-14 Sept 2007. European Aerosol Association.


Demmers, T.; Saponja, A.; Nemitz, Eiko ORCID:; Thomas, Rick; Phillips, Gavin; Di Marco, Chiara; McDonald, Alan; Harris, Jennifer; Bennett, S.; Stagg, S.; Bowry, A.; Emery, J.. 2009 Characterising poultry dust properties, assessing the human health implications, quantifying emission levels and assessing the potential for abatement. Defra, 99pp. (CEH Project Number: C03209)

Di Marco, C.; Phillips, G.; Twigg, M. ORCID:; Thomas, R.; Nemitz, E. ORCID: 2008 Measurements of Water Soluble and Non-refractory Sub-micron Aerosol Components. [Other] In: Monitoring Ambient Air 2008. Airborne particles: origins, composition and effects. Royal Society of Chemistry, The Society for Chemical Industry (SCI), London, 16-17 December 2008. Royal Society of Chemistry, 31-33. (Unpublished)

Di Marco, Chiara; Vieno, Massimo ORCID:; Nemitz, Eiko ORCID:; Harris, Jennifer; Coyle, Mhairi. 2007 Modelling and measurements of inorganic gas and aerosol concentrations at a UK EMEP Super Site. [Poster] In: On the Relevance of Surface and Boundary Layer Processes for the Exchanges Of Reactive - and Greenhouse Gases, Wageningen, 9-12 October 2007. (Unpublished)


Farmer, D. K.; Kimmel, J. R.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Phillips, G.; Docherty, K.; Chen, Q.; Martin, S.; Cubison, M.; Jimenez, J.. 2008 A new approach to chemically-speciated submicron aerosol fluxes over tropical and temperate forests. Eos Trans. AGU, 89(53), Fall Mee, Abstract A51H-0204.


Grivicke, R.; Pressley, S.; Allwine, G.; Jobson, T.; Westerberg, H.; Lamb, B.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Jimenez, J. L.. 2007 Eddy covariance flux measurements of urban aerosols and related urban gaseous pollutants during MILAGRO Mexico City field campaign. [Poster] In: American Association for Aerosol Research Annual Meeting 2007, Reno, 24-28 Sept 2007. American Association for Aerosol Research.


Harrison, Roy; Dall'Osto, M.; Gallagher, M.; Williams, P.; Coe, H; Allan, J.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Phillips, G.; Jones, R.; Barlow, J.; Thorpe, A.; Bloss, W.; Benton, A.; Di Marco, C.; Ball, S.; Martin, C.; Lewis, A.; Martin, D.; Davies, F.; Kinnersley, R.; Green, D.. 2009 REPARTEE-I and REPARTEE-II (Regent’s Park and Tower Environmental Experiment). [Other] In: European Aerosol Conference 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany, 6-11 September 2009. Abstract T130A07, Association for Aerosol Research.


Langford, B.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; House, E.; Phillips, G.J.; Famulari, D.; Davison, B.; Hopkins, J.R.; Lewis, A.C.; Hewitt, C.N.. 2010 Fluxes and concentrations of volatile organic compounds above central London, UK. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10. 627-645.


Mercado, L.M. ORCID:; Bellouin, N.; Sitch, S.; Boucher, O.; Huntingford, C. ORCID:; Cox, P.M.. 2008 Effects of solar dimming and brightening on the terrestrial carbon sink. [Poster] In: American Geophysical Union 2008 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 15-19 December 2008. (Unpublished)

Mercado, L.M. ORCID:; Bellouin, N.; Sitch, Stephen; Boucher, O.; Huntingford, C.; Cox, P.M.. 2008 Impact of Diffuse Radiation Changes on the Land Carbon Sink over the Post Pinatubo Period. [Poster] In: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting December 2008, San Francisco, USA, 15-19 December 2008. (Unpublished)

Mercado, Lina ORCID:; Bellouin, Nicolas; Sitch, Stephen; Boucher, Olivier; Huntingford, Chris ORCID:; Cox, Peter. 2008 Modelling the Impact of Radiation Changes on the Terrestrial Carbon Sink - over the 1900-2100 period. [Other] In: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Dangerous rates of change, University of Exeter, UK, 22-24 September 2008. (Unpublished)

Mercado, L. ORCID:; Bellouin, N.; Boucher, O.; Cox, P.; Huntingford, C. ORCID:; Sitch, S.. 2008 Modelling the impact of radiation changes on the terrestrial carbon sink over the period 1900-2000. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, EGU2008-A-07295.

McDonald, A. G.; Bealey, W. J. ORCID:; Fowler, D.; Dragosits, U.; Skiba, U. ORCID:; Smith, R.; Donovan, R. G.; Brett, H. E.; Hewitt, C. N.; Nemitz, E. ORCID: 2007 Quantifying the effect of urban tree planting on concentrations and depositions of PM10 in two UK conurbations. Atmospheric Environment, 41 (38). 8455-8467.


Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Phillips, G. J.; Thomas, R.; Di Marco, C. F.; Tang, Y.; Coe, H.; Allan, J.; Harrison, R. M.; Fowler, D.. 2009 Nitrate dynamics in UK urban environments. [Other] In: European Aerosol Conference 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany, 6-11 September 2009. Abstract T130A10, Association for Aerosol Research.

Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Misztal, P.; Langford, B.; Oram, D.; Phillips, G.; Di Marco, C.; Davison, B.; Hewitt, N.; Cape, N.. 2008 Fluxes and In-Canopy Gradients of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds Above Contrasting South East Asian Land Uses. Eos Trans. AGU, 89 (53, Fall Meet. S). Abstract A14C-07.

Nemitz, Eiko ORCID:; Jimenez, Jose L.; Huffman, J. Alex; Canagaratna, Manjula R.; Worsnop, Doug R.; Guenther, Alex B.. 2008 An Eddy-Covariance System for the Measurement of Surface/Atmosphere Exchange Fluxes of Submicron Aerosol Chemical Species—First Application Above an Urban Area. Aerosol Science and Technology, 42 (8). 636-657.

Nemitz, Eiko ORCID:; >50, co-authors. 2007 EMEP particulate matter assessment report. Oslo, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, 370pp. (EMEP/CCC-Report 8/2007, CEH Project Number: C03087)

Nemitz, E ORCID:; Thomas, R; Di Marco, C; Phillips, G; Aas, W; Alfrra, R; Baltensperger, U; Otjes, R; Erisman, JW; Laaksonen, A; Rautiainen, J; Poulain, L. 2007 Highly Time Resolved measurements of inorganic reactive gases and aerosols across Europe during the EMEP Intensive measurements Campaigns 2006/07. [Poster] In: The second ACCENT Symposium, Urbino, Italy, 23-27 July 2007.

Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Allan, J.; Bower, K.; Coe, H.; Famulari, D.; Gallagher, M.; Jimenez, J. L.; Phillips, G.; Thomas, R.; Worsnop, D.. 2007 Chemically resolved aerosol fluxes above urban areas. In: Royal Meteorological Society Conference 2007, Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, 3-6 Sept. 2007. Royal Meteorological Society.

Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Thomas, R.; Phillips, G.; Di Marco, Chiara; Alfarra, R.; Prevot, A.; Otjes, R.; Erisman, J. W.; Laaksonen, A.; Rautiainen, J.; Poulain, L.. 2007 Continuous measurements of inorganic reactive gases and aerosols across Europe during the EMEP intensive measurement campaigns 2006/07. [Poster] In: American Association for Aerosol Research Annual Meeting 2007, Reno, 24-28 Sept 2007. American Association for Aerosol Research.

Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Thomas, R.; Phillips, G.; Famulari, D.; Fowler, D.. 2007 Chemically resolved aerosol emission fluxes above six urban areas. In: American Association for Aerosol Research Annual Meeting 2007, Reno, 24-28 Sept 2007. American Association for Aerosol Research.


Phillips, G.J.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Thomas, R.; Famulari, D.; Williams, P.; Allan, J.; Di Marco, C.; Coe, H.; Harrison, R.M.; Fowler, D.. 2009 Chemically-speciated aerosol fluxes above three UK cities. [Speech] In: European Aerosol Conference, Karlsruhe, 6-11 Sept 2009. Karlsruhe, Germany, T130A02.

Phillips, G.; Di Marco, C.; Misztal, P.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Farmer, D.; Kimmel, J.; Jimenez, J.. 2008 Ambient Aerosol in Southeast Asia: High Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Measurements Over Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis). Eos Trans. AGU, 89(53), Fall Mee, A11C-0123. 1, pp.

Pryor, S. C.; Gallagher, M.; Sievering, H.; Larsen, S. E.; Barthelmie, R. J.; Birsan, F.; Nemitz, E. ORCID:; Rinne, J.; Kulmala, M.; Gronholm, T.; Taipale, R.; Vesala, T.. 2008 A review of measurement and modelling results of particle atmosphere–surface exchange. Tellus B, 60B (1). 42-75.


Yttri, K. E.; Aas, W.; Bjerke, A.; Cape, J. N.; Cavalli, F.; Ceburnis, D.; Dye, C.; Emblico, L.; Facchini, M. C.; Forster, C.; Hanssen, J. E.; Hansson, H. C.; Jennings, S .G.; Maenhaut, W.; Putaud, J. P.; Torseth, K.. 2007 Elemental and organic carbon in PM10: a one year measurement campaign within the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme EMEP. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7. 5711-5725.

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