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Bagley, P.M.; Smith, K.L.; Bett, B. ORCID:; Priede, I.G.; Rowe, G.; Clarke, J.; Walls, A.. 2007 Deep-ocean Environmental Long-term Observatory System (DELOS):- Long-term (25 year) monitoring of the deep-ocean animal community in the vicinity of offshore hydrocarbon operations. In: OCEANS 2007 - Europe. Richardson, TX, IEEE, 1-5.

Bailey, David M.; Picheral, Marc; Jamieson, Alan J.; Godø, Olav Rune; Bagley, Philip M.; Gorsky, Gabriel. 2007 Distribution of bioluminescence and plankton in a deep Norwegian fjord measured using an ISIT camera and the Digital Underwater Video Profiler. Copenhagen, Denmark, ICES, 11pp. (ICES CM documents;2007/F:02)


Domingues, Catia M. ORCID:; Maltrud, Mathew E.; Wijffels, Susan E.; Church, John A.; Tomczak, Matthias. 2007 Simulated Lagrangian pathways between the Leeuwin Current System and the upper-ocean circulation of the southeast Indian Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 54 (8-10). 797-817.


Evans, Claire ORCID:; Kadner, Susanne V.; Darroch, Louise J.; Wilson, William H.; Liss, Peter S.; Malin, Gillian. 2007 The relative significance of viral lysis and Microzooplankton grazing as pathways of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) cleavage: an Emiliania huxleyi culture study. Limnology and Oceanography, 52 (3). 1036-1045.


Fehlinger, T.; Freeden, W.; Gramsch, S.; Mayer, C.; Michel, D.; Schreiner, M.. 2007 Local modelling of sea surface topography from (geostrophic) ocean flow. ZAMM-Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 87 (11-12). 775-791.

Ferreira, J.G.; Hawkins, A.J.S.; Monteiro, P.; Moore, H.; Edwards, A.; Goven, R.; Lourenco, P.; Mellor, A.; Nunes, J.P.; Ramos, L.; Sequeiro, A.; Strong, J. ORCID: 2007 SMILE - sustainable mariculture in northern Irish lough ecosystems: assessment of carrying capacity for environmentally sustainable shellfish culture in Carlingford Lough, Strangford Lough, Belfast Lough, Larne Lough and Lough Foyle. Institute of Marine Research.


Gillibrand, E.J.V.; Jamieson, A.J.; Bagley, P.M.; Zuur, A.F.; Priede, I.G.. 2007 Seasonal development of a deep pelagic bioluminescent layer in the temperate NE Atlantic Ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 341. 37-44.


Hatton, Angela D.; Wilson, Samuel T.. 2007 Particulate dimethylsulphoxide and dimethylsulphoniopropionate in phytoplankton cultures and Scottish coastal waters. Aquatic Sciences, 69 (3). 330-340.

Heger, A.; King, N.J.; Wigham, B.D.; Jamieson, A.J.; Bagley, PM.; Allan, L.; Pfannkuche, O.; Priede, I.G.. 2007 Benthic bioluminescence in the bathyal North East Atlantic: luminescent responses of Vargula norvegica (Ostracoda: Myodocopida) to predation by the deep-water eel (Synaphobranchus kaupii). Marine Biology, 151 (4). 1471-1478.


Llewellyn, Carole A.; Evans, Claire ORCID:; Airs, Ruth L.; Cook, Isobel; Bale, Nicole; Wilson, William H.. 2007 The response of carotenoids and chlorophylls during virus infection of Emiliania huxleyi (Prymnesiophyceae). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 344 (1). 101-112.


Markert, S.; Arndt, C.; Felbeck, H.; Becher, D.; Sievert, S.M.; Hugler, M.; Albrecht, D.; Robidart, J. ORCID:; Bench, S.; Feldman, R.A.; Hecker, M.; Schweder, T.. 2007 Physiological Proteomics of the Uncultured Endosymbiont of Riftia pachyptila. Science, 315 (5809). 247-250.

Mayor, D.J. ORCID:; Matthews, C.; Cook, K.; Zuur, A.F.; Hay, S.. 2007 CO2-induced acidification affects hatching success in Calanus finmarchicus. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 350. 91-97.


Poulton, Alex J.; Moore, C. Mark; Seeyave, Sophie; Lucas, Mike I.; Fielding, Sophie ORCID:; Ward, Peter. 2007 Phytoplankton community composition around the Crozet Plateau, with emphasis on diatoms and Phaeocystis. Deep-Sea Research Part II, 54 (18-20). 2085-2105.


Srokosz, Meric; Wolff, Eric; Byfield, Valborg. 2007 Rapid climate change and the role of ocean circulation. Eos. Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 88 (13). 142.

Steinke, Michael; Evans, Claire ORCID:; Lee, Gareth A.; Malin, Gill. 2007 Substrate kinetics of DMSP-lyases in axenic cultures and mesocosm populations of Emiliania huxleyi. Aquatic Sciences, 69 (3). 352-359.


Waite, A.M.; Thompson, P.A.; Pesant, S.; Feng, M.; Beckley, L.E.; Domingues, C.M. ORCID:; Gaughan, D.; Hanson, C.E.; Holl, C.M.; Koslow, T.; Meuleners, M.; Montoya, J.P.; Moore, T.; Muhling, B.A.; Paterson, H.; Rennie, S.; Strzelecki, J.; Twomey, L.. 2007 The Leeuwin Current and its eddies: An introductory overview. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 54 (8-10). 789-796.

Worall, M.; Jamieson, A.J.; Holford, A.; Neilson, R.D.; Player, M.; Bagley, P.M.. 2007 A variable buoyancy system for deep ocean vehicles. In: OCEANS 2007 - Europe. IEEE, 1-6.

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