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Clark, Chris D.; Ely, Jeremy C.; Hindmarsh, Richard C.A. ORCID:; Bradley, Sarah; Ignéczi, Adam; Fabel, Derek; Ó Cofaigh, Colm; Chiverrell, Richard C.; Scourse, James; Benetti, Sara; Bradwell, Tom; Evans, David J.A.; Roberts, David H.; Burke, Matt; Callard, S. Louise; Medialdea, Alicia; Saher, Margot; Small, David; Smedley, Rachel K.; Gasson, Edward; Gregoire, Lauren; Gandy, Niall; Hughes, Anna L.C.; Ballantyne, Colin; Bateman, Mark D.; Bigg, Grant R.; Doole, Jenny; Dove, Dayton; Duller, Geoff A.T.; Jenkins, Geraint T.H.; Livingstone, Stephen L.; McCarron, Stephen; Moreton, Steve; Pollard, David; Praeg, Daniel; Sejrup, Hans Petter; Van Landeghem, Katrien J.J.; Wilson, Peter. 2022 Growth and retreat of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet, 31 000 to 15 000 years ago: the BRITICE‐CHRONO reconstruction. Boreas. 60, pp.

Phillips, Emrys; Johnson, Kirstin; Ellen, Rachael; Plenderleith, Gayle; Dove, Dayton; Carter, Gareth; Dakin, Nicola; Cotterill, Carol. 2022 Glacitectonic evidence of ice sheet interaction and retreat across the western part of Dogger Bank (North Sea) during the Last Glaciation. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 133 (1). 87-111.


Bradwell, Tom; Fabel, Derek; Clark, Chris D.; Chiverrell, Richard C.; Small, David; Smedley, Rachel K.; Saher, Margot H.; Moreton, Steven G.; Dove, Dayton; Callard, S. Louise; Duller, Geoff A. T.; Medialdea, Alicia; Bateman, Mark D.; Burke, Matthew J.; McDonald, Neil; Gilgannon, Sean; Morgan, Sally; Roberts, David H.; Cofaigh, Colm ó. 2021 Pattern, style and timing of British–Irish Ice Sheet advance and retreat over the last 45 000 years: evidence from NW Scotland and the adjacent continental shelf. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36 (5). 871-933.

Bradwell, Tom; Small, David; Fabel, Derek; Clark, Chris D.; Chiverrell, Richard C.; Saher, Margot H.; Dove, Dayton; Callard, S. Louise; Burke, Matthew J.; Moreton, Steven G.; Medialdea, Alicia; Bateman, Mark D.; Roberts, David H.; Golledge, Nicholas R.; Finlayson, Andrew; Morgan, Sally; Cofaigh, Colm Ó. 2021 Pattern, style and timing of British–Irish Ice Sheet retreat: Shetland and northern North Sea sector. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36 (5). 681-722.

Craven, Kieran F.; McCarron, Stephen; Monteys, Xavier; Dove, Dayton. 2021 Interaction of multiple ice streams on the Malin Shelf during deglaciation of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36 (2). 153-168.


Hunt, Corallie; Demšar, Urška; Dove, Dayton; Smeaton, Craig; Cooper, Rhys; Austin, William E. N.. 2020 Quantifying Marine Sedimentary Carbon: A New Spatial Analysis Approach Using Seafloor Acoustics, Imagery, and Ground-Truthing Data in Scotland. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 588.

Stewart, Heather ORCID:; Dove, Dayton; Bongiovanni, Cassie; Jamieson, Alan. 2020 Geomorphology of the South Sandwich Trench: escarpments, seamounts and deeps. [Lecture] In: British Antarctic Survey Ecosystems South Sandwich Islands Seminar Series, Online, 4th June 2020. Edinburgh, UK. (Unpublished)


Weijerman, M.; Grüss, A.; Dove, D.; Asher, J.; Williams, I.D.; Kelley, C.; Drazen, J.T.C.. 2019 Shining a light on the composition and distribution patterns of mesophotic and subphotic fish communities in Hawai‘i. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 630. 161-182.

Jordan, S.F.; O'Reilly, S.S.; Praeg, D.; Dove, D.; Facchin, L.; Romeo, R.; Szpak, M.; Monteys, X.; Murphy, B.T.; Scott, G.; McCarron, S.S.; Kelleher, B.P.. 2019 Geophysical and geochemical analysis of shallow gas and an associated pockmark field in Bantry Bay, Co. Cork, Ireland. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 225, 106232.

Bradwell, Tom; Small, David; Fabel, Derek; Smedley, Rachel K.; Clark, Chris D.; Saher, Margot H.; Callard, S. Louise; Chiverrell, Richard C.; Dove, Dayton; Moreton, Steven G.; Roberts, David H.; Duller, Geoff A. T.; Ó Cofaigh, Colm. 2019 Ice-stream demise dynamically conditioned by trough shape and bed strength. Science Advances, 5 (4), eaau1380.

Roberts, David H.; Grimoldi, Elena; Callard, Louise; Evans, David J.A.; Clark, Chris D.; Stewart, Heather A.; Dove, Dayton; Saher, Margot; Ó Cofaigh, Colm; Chiverrell, Richard C.; Bateman, Mark D.; Moreton, Steven G.; Bradwell, Tom; Fabel, Derek; Medialdea, Alicia. 2019 The mixed‐bed glacial landform imprint of the North Sea Lobe in the western North Sea. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44 (6). 1233-1258.


Roberts, David H.; Evans, David J.A.; Callard, S. Louise; Clark, Chris D.; Bateman, Mark D.; Medialdea, Alicia; Dove, Dayton; Cotterill, Carol J.; Saher, Margot; Cofaigh, Colm Ó; Chiverrell, Richard C.; Moreton, Steven G.; Fabel, Derek; Bradwell, Tom. 2018 Ice marginal dynamics of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet in the southern North Sea: ice limits, timing and the influence of the Dogger Bank. Quaternary Science Reviews, 198. 181-207.

Ali, Dilshad O.; Spencer, Anthony M.; Fairchild, Ian J.; Chew, Ken J.; Anderton, Roger; Levell, Bruce K.; Hambrey, Michael J.; Dove, Dayton; Le Heron, Daniel P.. 2018 Indicators of relative completeness of the glacial record of the Port Askaig Formation, Garvellach Islands, Scotland. Precambrian Research, 319. 65-78.

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Fairchild, Ian J.; Spencer, Anthony M.; Ali, Dilshad O.; Anderson, Ross P.; Anderton, Roger; Boomer, Ian; Dove, Dayton; Evans, Jonathan D.; Hambrey, Michael J.; Howe, John; Sawaki, Yusuke; Shields, Graham A.; Skelton, Alasdair; Tucker, Maurice E.; Wang, Zhengrong; Zhou, Ying. 2018 Tonian-Cryogenian boundary sections of Argyll, Scotland. Precambrian Research, 319. 37-64.


Small, David; Benetti, Sara; Dove, Dayton; Ballantyne, Colin K.; Fabel, Derek; Clark, Chris D.; Gheorghiu, Delia M.; Newall, Jennifer; Xu, Sheng. 2017 Cosmogenic exposure age constraints on deglaciation and flow behaviour of a marine-based ice stream in western Scotland, 21–16 ka. Quaternary Science Reviews, 167. 30-46.

Dove, Dayton; Evans, David J.A.; Lee, Jonathan R.; Roberts, David H.; Tappin, David R.; Mellett, Claire L.; Long, David; Callard, S. Louise. 2017 Phased occupation and retreat of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet in the southern North Sea: geomorphic and seismostratigraphic evidence of a dynamic ice lobe. Quaternary Science Reviews, 163. 114-134.

Cotterill, Carol J.; Phillips, Emrys; James, Leo; Forsberg, Carl Fredrik; Tjelta, Tor Inge; Carter, Gareth; Dove, Dayton. 2017 The evolution of the Dogger Bank, North Sea: a complex history of terrestrial, glacial and marine environmental change. Quaternary Science Reviews, 171. 136-153.


Dove, D.; Bradwell, T.; Carter, G.; Cotterill, C.; Gafeira Goncalves, J.; Green, S.; Krabbendam, M.; Mellett, C.; Stevenson, A.; Stewart, H.; Westhead, K.; Scott, G.; Guinan, J.; Judge, M.; Monteys, X.; Elvenes, S.; Baeten, N.; Dolan, M.; Thorsnes, T.; Bjarnadóttir, L.; Ottesen, D.. 2016 Seabed geomorphology: a two-part classification system. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey. (OR/16/001) (Unpublished)

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Lark, Murray; Dove, Dayton; Green, Sophie; Stewart, Heather; Marchant, Ben; Diesing, Marcus. 2016 Uncertainty in predictions of seabed sediment classes based on grab samples and acoustic data. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016, Vienna, 17 Apr - 22 Apr 2016. European Geosciences Union.

Dove, D.; Finlayson, A.; Bradwell, T.; Howe, J.A.; Arosio, R.. 2016 Deglacial landform assemblage records fast ice-flow and retreat, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. In: Dowdeswell, J.A., (ed.) Atlas of submarine glacial landforms : modern, Quaternary and ancient. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 135-138. (Geological Society Memoirs, 46).


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Howe, John A.; Anderton, Roger; Arosio, Riccardo; Dove, Dayton; Bradwell, Tom; Crump, Philip; Cooper, Rhys; Cocuccio, Andre. 2015 The seabed geomorphology and geological structure of the Firth of Lorn, western Scotland, UK, as revealed by multibeam echo-sounder survey. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 105 (4). 273-284.


Jakobsson, Martin; Andreassen, Karin; Bjarnadóttir, Lilja Rún; Dove, Dayton; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; England, John H.; Funder, Svend; Hogan, Kelly; Ingólfsson, Ólafur; Jennings, Anne; Krog Larsen, Nikolaj; Kirchner, Nina; Landvik, Jon Y.; Mayer, Larry; Mikkelsen, Naja; Möller, Per; Niessen, Frank; Nilsson, Johan; O'Regan, Matt; Polyak, Leonid; Nørgaard-Pedersen, Niels; Stein, Ruediger. 2014 Arctic Ocean glacial history. Quaternary Science Reviews, 92. 40-67.

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Tappin, D.R.; Pearce, B.; Fitch, S.; Dove, D.; Gearey, B.; Hill, J.M.; Chambers, C.; Bates, R.; Pinnion, J.; Diaz Doce, D.; Green, M.; Gallyot, J.; Georgiou, L.; Brutto, D.; Marzialetti, S.; Hopla, E.; Ramsay, E.; Fielding, H.. 2011 The Humber Regional Environmental Characterisation. Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund, 345pp. (OR/10/054)

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