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Publication - Article

Jiang, Yumeng; Cao, Siyuan; Chen, Siyuan; Wang, Hang; Dai, Hengchang; Li, Xiangyang; Zheng, Duo. 2020 Time-varying wavelet estimation and deconvolution for nonstationary data based on a FWE function. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 183, 104198.

Wang, Pu; Chen, Xiaohong; Wang, Benfeng; Li, Jingye; Dai, Hengchang. 2020 An improved method for lithology identification based on a hidden Markov model and random forests. Geophysics, 85 (6). IM27-IM36.

Hou, Sian; Zhang, Feng; Li, Xiangyang; Zhao, Qiang; Dai, Hengchang. 2018 Simultaneous multi-component seismic denoising and reconstruction via K-SVD. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 15 (3). 681-695.

Yan, Hongyong; Yang, Lei; Dai, Hengchang; Li, Xiang-Yang. 2016 Implementation of elastic prestack reverse-time migration using an efficient finite-difference scheme. Acta Geophysica, 64 (5). 1605-1625.

Wu, Xiaoyang; Chapman, Mark; Li, Xiang-Yang. 2014 Estimating seismic dispersion from prestack data using frequency-dependent AVO analysis. Journal of Seismic Exploration, 23 (3). 219-239.

Dai, Hengchang; Li, Xiang-Yang. 2010 A practical approach to compensate for diodic effects of PS converted waves. The Leading Edge, 29 (11). 1350-1353.

Dai, Heng; Li, Xiang. 2008 Effect of errors in the migration velocity model of PS-converted waves on traveltime accuracy in prestack Kirchhoff time migration in weak anisotropic media. Geophysics, 73 (5). S195-S205.

Li, Xiang; Wang, L.; Dai, Heng; Sun, X.. 2008 Estimating anisotropic parameters from PS converted-wave data : a case study. Journal of seismic exploration, 17 (2-3). 147-158.

Li, Xiang; Dai, Heng; Mancini, F.. 2007 Converted-wave imaging in anisotropic media : theory and case studies. Geophysical Prospecting, 55 (3). 345-363.

Dai, Heng; Li, Xiang; Conway, P.. 2007 Imaging beneath gas clouds using 3D prestack Kirchhoff time migration of PS-converted waves : a case study from the North Sea. The Leading Edge, 26 (4). 522-529.

Chen, S.; Li, Xiang; Sun, X.; Dai, Heng; Jiang, P.. 2007 PP and PS response from volcanic gas reservoirs. First Break, 25 (April). 57-64.

Qian, Z.; Chapman, Mark; Li, Xiang; Dai, Heng chang; Liu, Enru; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.. 2007 Use of multicomponent seismic data for oil-water discrimination in fractured reservoirs. The Leading Edge, 26 (9). 1176-1184.

Mancini, Fabio; Li, Xiang; Dai, Heng; Pointer, Tim. 2005 Imaging Lomond field using C-wave anisotropic PSTM. The Leading Edge, 24 (6). 614-620.​1.1946217

Dai, Hengchang. 2005 Parallel processing of prestack Kirchhoff time migration on a PC cluster. Computers and Geosciences, 31 (7). 891-899.

Dai, Hengchang. 2003 Phase behaviour of P-SV converted waves recorded at the sea-bed. Geophysical Prospecting, 51 (4). 347-364.

Li, Xiang-Yang; Dai, Hengchang; Mueller, Michael C.; Barkved, Olav I.. 2001 Compensating for the effects of gas clouds on C-wave imaging : a case study from Valhall. The Leading Edge, 20 (9). 1022-1028.

Dai, Heng; MacBeth, Colin. 1997 Effects of learning parameters on learning procedure and performance of a BPNN. Neural Networks, 10 (8). 1505-1521.

Dai, Heng; MacBeth, Colin. 1997 Application of back-propagation neural networks to identification of seismic arrival types. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 101 (3-4). 177-188.

Dai, Hengchang; MacBeth, Colin. 1997 The application of back-propagation neural network to automatic picking seismic arrivals from single-component recordings. Journal of Geophysical Research, 102 (B7). 15105-15113.

Dai, Hengchang; MacBeth, Colin. 1995 Automatic picking of seismic arrivals in local earthquake data using an artificial neural network. Geophysical Journal International, 120. 758-774.

Dai, Heng; MacBeth, Colin. 1994 Split shear-wave analysis using an artificial neural network. First Break, 12 (12). 605-613.

Publication - Conference Item

Wu, X.; Chapman, M.; Li, X.Y.; Dai, H.. 2012 Anisotropic elastic modelling for organic shales. In: 74th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-7 June 2012.

Liu, W.; Dai, H.; Li, X.-Y.. 2011 Azimuthal variation of the velocity and moveout of PS converted waves in HTI media. In: 73rd EAGE Conference, Vienna, Austria, 23-26 May 2011. (Unpublished)

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