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Bisson, K. M.; Barry, Cael ORCID: 2021 How are under ice phytoplankton related to sea ice in the Southern Ocean? Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (21).


Chen, Ye; Parsons, Daniel R.; Simmons, Stephen M.; Williams, Rebecca; Cartigny, Matthieu J. B.; Hughes Clarke, John E.; Stacey, Cooper D.; Hage, Sophie; Talling, Peter J.; Azpiroz‐Zabala, Maria; Clare, Michael A. ORCID:; Hizzett, Jamie L.; Heijnen, Maarten S.; Hunt, James E.; Lintern, D. Gwyn; Sumner, Esther J.; Vellinga, Age J.; Vendettuoli, Daniela; Slootman, Arnoud. 2021 Knickpoints and crescentic bedform interactions in submarine channels. Sedimentology, 68 (4). 1358-1377.


Garcia-Martin, Enma ORCID:; Davidson, K.; Davis, C. E.; Mahaffey, C.; McNeill, S.; Purdie, D. A.; Robinson, C.. 2021 Low contribution of the fast‐sinking particle fraction to total plankton metabolism in a temperate shelf sea. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35 (9).

Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer; Richmond, M.D.; Muhando, C.A.; Khamis, Z.A.; Jones, Daniel ORCID: 2021 Ecological considerations for marine spatial management in deep-water Tanzania. Ocean & Coastal Management, 210, 105703.


Hunt, J.E.; Tappin, D.R.; Watt, S.F.L.; Susilohadi, S.; Novellino, A.; Ebmeier, S.K.; Cassidy, M.; Engwell, S.L.; Grilli, S.T.; Hanif, M.; Priyanto, W.S.; Clare, M.A. ORCID:; Abdurrachman, M.; Udrekh, U.. 2021 Submarine landslide megablocks show half of Anak Krakatau island failed on December 22nd, 2018. Nature Communications, 12, 2827.


Jażdżewska, Anna Maria; Tandberg, Anne Helene S.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Brix, Saskia. 2021 Global gap-analysis of amphipod barcode library. PeerJ, 9. e12352.

Jones, Daniel ORCID:; Simon-Lledó, Erik ORCID:; Amon, Diva J.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Caulle, Clémence; Clement, Louis ORCID:; Connelly, Douglas P.; Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Durden, Jennifer; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Felden, Janine; Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Georgieva, Magdalena N.; Glover, Adrian G.; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Hollingsworth, Anita L.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; James, Rachael H.; Jeffreys, Rachel M.; Laguionie-Marchais, Claire; Leitner, Astrid B.; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Menendez, Amaya; Paterson, Gordon L.J.; Peel, Kate; Robert, Katleen; Schoening, Timm; Shulga, Natalia A.; Smith, Craig R.; Taboada, Sergio; Thurnherr, Andreas M.; Wiklund, Helena; Young III, C. Robert; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID: 2021 Environment, ecology, and potential effectiveness of an area protected from deep-sea mining (Clarion Clipperton Zone, abyssal Pacific). Progress in Oceanography, 197. 102653.


Kerr, Daniel E.; Brown, Peter ORCID:; Grey, Anthony; Kelleher, Brian P.. 2021 The influence of organic alkalinity on the carbonate system in coastal waters. Marine Chemistry, 237, 104050.


Lejzerowicz, Franck; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Barrenechea Angeles, Inés; Cordier, Tristan; Morard, Raphaël; Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil, Laure; Lins, Lidia; Menot, Lenaick; Brandt, Angelika; Levin, Lisa Ann; Martinez Arbizu, Pedro; Smith, Craig Randall; Pawlowski, Jan. 2021 Eukaryotic biodiversity and spatial patterns in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone and other Abyssal regions: Insights from sediment DNA and RNA metabarcoding. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.


Swanborn, Denise J.B.; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; Pittman, Simon J.; Woodall, Lucy C.. 2021 Bringing seascape ecology to the deep seabed: A review and framework for its application. Limnology and Oceanography.

Sahoo, Sourav ORCID:; Best, Angus ORCID: 2021 The influence of gas hydrate morphology on reservoir permeability and geophysical shear wave remote sensing. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126 (11).

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