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Buckland, S.T.; Baillie, S.R.; Dick, J.McP.; Elston, D.A.; Magurran, A.E.; Scott, E.M.; Smith, R.I.; Somerfield, P.J.; Studeny, A.C.; Watt, A.. 2012 How should regional biodiversity be monitored? Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 19 (4). 601-626.

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Black, Helaina; Chamberlain, Paul; Cameron, Clare; Campbell, Colin; Creamer, Rachel; Harris, Jim; Pawlett, Mark; Ritz, Karl; Singh, Brajesh; Thomas, Nadine; Robinson, Lucinda; Wood, Claire. 2008 Can we establish useful biological indicators of soil quality for national-scale soil monitoring? [Lecture] In: EUROSOIL 2008, Vienna, 25-29 August 2008. (Unpublished)


Caffrey, Joe M.; Baars, Jan-Robert; Barbour, Jenny H.; Boets, Pieter; Boon, Philip; Davenport, Keith; Dick, Jaimie T.A.; Early, John; Edsman, Lennart; Gallagher, Cathal; Gross, Jackson; Heinimaa, Petri; Horrill, Chris; Hudin, Stéphanie; Hulme, Philip E.; Hynes, Stephen; MacIsaac, Hugh J.; McLoone, Paul; Millane, Michael; Moen, Toril L.; Moore, Niall; Newman, Jonathan; O’Conchuir, Ruairi; O’Farrell, Martin; O’Flynn, Colette; Oidtmann, Birgit; Renals, Trevor; Ricciardi, Anthony; Roy, Helen; Shaw, Richard; Weyl, Olaf; Williams, Frances; Lucy, Frances E.. 2014 Tackling invasive alien species in Europe: the top 20 issues. Management of Biological Invasions, 5 (1). 1-20.


Dicks, Lynn V.; Abrahams, Andrew; Atkinson, John; Biesmeijer, Jacobus; Bourn, Nigel; Brown, Chris; Brown, Mark J.F.; Carvell, Claire; Connolly, Chris; Cresswell, James E.; Croft, Pat; Darvill, Ben; De Zylva, Paul; Effingham, Philip; Fountain, Michelle; Goggin, Anthony; Harding, Debbie; Harding, Tony; Hartfield, Chris; Heard, Matthew S.; Heathcote, Richard; Heaver, David; Holland, John; Howe, Mike; Hughes, Brin; Huxley, Theresa; Kunin, William E.; Little, Julian; Mason, Caroline; Memmott, Jane; Osborne, Juliet; Pankhurst, Tim; Paxton, Robert J.; Pocock, Michael J.O.; Potts, Simon G.; Power, Eileen F.; Raine, Nigel E.; Ranelagh, Elizabeth; Roberts, Stuart; Saunders, Rob; Smith, Katie; Smith, Richard M.; Sutton, Peter; Tilley, Luke A.N.; Tinsley, Andrew; Tonhasca, Athayde; Vanbergen, Adam J. ORCID:; Webster, Sarah; Wilson, Alan; Sutherland, William J.. 2013 Identifying key knowledge needs for evidence-based conservation of wild insect pollinators: a collaborative cross-sectoral exercise. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 6 (3). 435-446.

Dunbar, M.; Murphy, J.; Clarke, R.; Baker, R.; Davies, C.; Scarlett, P.. 2010 Countryside Survey: Headwater Streams Report from 2007. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 67pp. (CS Technical Report No. 8/07, CEH Project Number: C03259)


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Helming, Katharina; Diehl, Katharina; Kuhlman, Tom; Jansson, Torbjorn; Verburg, Peter H.; Bakker, Martha; Perez-Soba, Marta; Jones, Laurence; Verkerk, Pieter Johannes; Tabbush, Paul; Morris, Jake Breton; Drillet, Zuzana; Farrington, John; LeMouel, Pierre; Zagame, Paul; Stuczynski, Tomasz; Siebielec, Grzegorz; Sieber, Stefan; Wiggering, Hubert. 2011 Ex ante impact assessment of policies affecting land use, part B: application of the analytical framework. Ecology and Society, 16 (1), 29. 23, pp.

Harmens, H.; Norris, D.A.; Steinnes, E.; Kubin, E.; Piispanen, J.; Alber, R.; Aleksiayenak, Y.; Blum, O.; Coskun, M.; Dam, M.; De Temmerman, L.; Fernandez, J.A.; Frolova, M.; Frontasyeva, M.; Gonzalez-Miqueo, L.; Grodzinska, K.; Jeran, Z.; Korzekwa, S.; Krmar, M.; Kvietkus, K.; Leblond, S.; Liiv, S.; Magnusson, S.H.; Mankovska, B.; Pesch, R.; Ruhling, A.; Santamaria, J.M.; Schroder, W.; Spiric, Z.; Suchara, I.; Thoni, L.; Urumov, V.; Yurukova, L.; Zechmeister, Z.. 2010 Mosses as biomonitors of atmospheric heavy metal deposition: spatial and temporal trends in Europe. Environmental Pollution, 158. 3144-3156.

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Reed, Mark S.; Hubacek, Klaus; Bonn, Aletta; Burt, Tim P.; Holden, Joseph; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Beharry-Borg, Nesha; Buckmaster, Sarah; Chapman, Dan; Chapman, Pippa J.; Clay, Gareth D.; Cornell, Stephen J.; Dougill, Andrew J.; Evely, Anna C.; Fraser, Evan D.G.; Jin, Nanlin; Irvine, Brian J.; Kirkby, Mike J.; Kunin, William E.; Prell, Christina; Quinn, Claire H.; Slee, Bill; Stagl, Sigrid; Termansen, Mette; Thorp, Simon; Worrall, Fred. 2013 Anticipating and managing future trade-offs and complementarities between ecosystem services. Ecology and Society, 18 (1), 5.

Roy, Helen E.; Bantock, Tristan; Botham, Marc; Preston, Chris D.; Roy, David B.; Stewart, Alan. 2012 Responses of phytophagous insects to a changing flora. [Keynote] In: A Great Leap Forward – Biological Recording since the 1962 Atlas of the British Flora, Edinburgh, 20-21 Sept 2012. (Unpublished)


Spurgeon, Dave; Svendsen, Claus; Heard, Matthew; Hesketh, Helen. 2014 A framework for modelling interactions in chemical (pesticides) mixtures. [Speech] In: The Impact of Pesticides on Bee Health, London, 22-24 Jan 2014. (Unpublished)

Smith, R.I.; Dick, J.McP.; Scott, E.M.. 2011 The role of statistics in the analysis of ecosystem services. Environmetrics, 22 (5). 608-617.


White, Steven; Purse, Bethan. 2014 UK mechanistic midge model. [Speech] In: EDENext Annual Meeting, Rovaniemi, Finland, 26-28 Mar 2014. (Unpublished)

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Williams, P.; Biggs, J.; Crowe, A.; Murphy, J.; Nicolet, P.; Weatherby, A.; Dunbar, M.. 2010 Countryside Survey: Ponds Report from 2007. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 77pp. (CS Technical Report No. 7/07, CEH Project Number: C03259)

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