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Chadwick, R.A.; Williams, G.A.; Falcon Suarez, I.. 2019 Forensic mapping of seismic velocity heterogeneity in a CO2 layer at the Sleipner CO2 storage operation, North Sea, using time-lapse seismics. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 90, 102793.

Muñoz-Ibáñez, Andrea; Falcon-Suarez, Ismael Himar; Marín-Moreno, Héctor; Delgado-Martín, Jordi; Mackin, Peter. 2019 Transport properties of saline CO2 storage reservoirs with unconnected fractures from brine-CO2 flow-through tests. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 106551. (In Press)

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Papageorgiou, Georgios; Chadwick, Andy; North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.; Chapman, Mark. 2018 CO2-brine flow-through on an Utsira Sand core sample: experimental and modelling. implications for the Sleipner storage field. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 68. 236-246.

Bayrakci, G.; Falcon Suarez, I. H.; Minshull, T.A.; North, L.; Barker, A.; Zihlmann, B.; Rouméjon, S.; Best, A.I.. 2018 Anisotropic Physical Properties of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks From an Oceanic Core Complex. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19 (11). 4366-4384.

Callow, Ben; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Ahmed, Sharif; Matter, Juerg. 2018 Assessing the carbon sequestration potential of basalt using X-ray micro-CT and rock mechanics. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 70. 146-156.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael Himar; Amalokwu, Kelvin; Delgado-Martin, Jordi; Callow, Ben; Robert, Katleen; North, Laurence; Sahoo, Sourav K.; Best, Angus I.. 2018 Comparison of stress-dependent geophysical, hydraulic and mechanical properties of synthetic and natural sandstones for reservoir characterization and monitoring studies. Geophysical Prospecting, 67 (4). 784-803.

Sahoo, Sourav K.; Madhusudhan, B. N.; Marin Moreno, Hector; North, Laurence J.; Ahmed, Sharif; Falcon Suarez, Ismael Himar; Minshull, Tim A.; Best, Angus I.. 2018 Laboratory insights into the effect of sediment-hosted methane hydrate morphology on elastic wave velocity from time-lapse 4D synchrotron X-ray computed tomography. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19 (11). 4502-4521.

Sahoo, Sourav K.; Marin Moreno, Héctor; North, Laurence J.; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Madhusudhan, Bangalore N.; Best, Angus I.; Minshull, Tim A.. 2018 Presence and consequences of coexisting methane gas with hydrate under two phase water-hydrate stability conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123 (5). 3377-3390.

Papageorgiou, Giorgos; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Chapman, Mark; Best, Angus. 2018 Pressure-varying CO 2 distribution affects the ultrasonic velocities of synthetic sandstones. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 74. 1-8.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Bayrakci, Gaye; Minshull, Tim A.; North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.; Rouméjon, Stéphane; IODP Expedition 357 Science Party, .. 2017 Elastic and electrical properties and permeability of serpentinites from Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Geophysical Journal International, 211 (2). 686-699.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; Canal-Vila, Jacobo; Delgado-Martin, Jordi; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. 2017 Characterisation and multifaceted anisotropy assessment of Corvio sandstone for geological CO2 storage studies. Geophysical Prospecting, 65 (5). 1293-1311.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Marin Moreno, Hector; Browning, Fraser; Lichtschlag, Anna; Robert, Katleen; North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.. 2017 Experimental assessment of pore fluid distribution and geomechanical changes in saline sandstone reservoirs during and after CO2 injection. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 63. 356-369.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; North, Laurence; Amalokwu, Kelvin; Best, Angus. 2016 Integrated geophysical and hydromechanical assessment for CO2 storage: shallow low permeable reservoir sandstones. Geophysical Prospecting, 64 (4). 828-847.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; Juncosa-Rivera, Ricardo; Vardon, Phil; Rammlmair, Dieter; Günter, Thomas; Noell, Ulla; Delgado-Martín, Jordi. 2016 Hydrodynamic behaviour of compacted granite sawdust from the dimension stone industry of Pontevedra (Spain): experimental and modelling. Environmental Earth Sciences, 75 (5), 421.

Falcon-Suarez, I.; Sanchez-Tembleque, F.; Rivera-Sar, J.M.; Juncosa-Rivera, R.; Delgado-Martin, J.. 2015 Feasibility of laser scanning to determine volumetric properties of grained fine soils. Soils and Rocks, 39 (1). 59-66.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. 2014 Experimental rig to improve the geophysical and geomechanical understanding of CO2 reservoirs. Energy Procedia, 59. 75-81.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; Rammlmair, Dieter; Juncosa-Rivera, Ricardo; Delgado-Martin, Jordi. 2014 Application of Rhizon SMS for the assessment of the hydrodynamic properties of unconsolidated fine grained materials. Engineering Geology, 172. 69-76.

Delgado-Martin, J.; Juncosa-Rivera, R.; Falcon Suarez, I.; Canal-Vila, J.. 2013 Four years of continuous monitoring of the Meirama end-pit lake and its impact in the definition of future uses. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 20 (11). 7520-7533.

Canal, J.; Delgado, J.; Falcon, I.; Yang, Q.; Juncosa, R.; Barrientos, V.. 2013 Injection of CO2-saturated water through a siliceous sandstone plug from the Hontomin Test Site (Spain): experiment and modeling. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (1). 159-167.

Delgado, J.; Juncosa, R.; Hernández, H.; Falcon, I.; Vázquez, A.. 2011 Comparative hydrochemistry of five nested catchments located in the upper part of the Barcés river watershed (A Coruña, NW Spain). Applied Geochemistry, 26 (Supplement). S179-S182.

Barrientos, V.; Delgado, J.; Navarro, V.; Juncosa, R.; Falcon, I.; Vazquez, A.. 2010 Characterization and geochemical-geotechnical properties of granite sawdust produced by the dimension stone industry of O Porrino (Pontevedra, Spain). Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 43 (2). 141-155.

Delgado, J.; Juncosa, R.; Vazquez, A.; Falcon, I.; Canal, J.; Hernández, H.; Padilla, F.; Rodríguez-Vellando, P.; Delgado, J. L.. 2008 Hydrochemical characteristics of the natural waters associated with the flooding of the Meirama open pit (A Coruña, NW Spain). Mineralogical Magazine, 72 (1). 399-403.

Output (Electronic)

Bayrakci, Gaye; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Minshull, Tim; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. (Table 1) Description of IODP rock samples from the Atlantis Massif, near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. PANGAEA 2017, 10.1594/PANGAEA.873533 [Output (Electronic)]

Bayrakci, Gaye; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Minshull, Tim; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. (Table 2) Physical properties of IODP rock samples measured under various confining pressures. PANGAEA 2017, 10.1594/PANGAEA.873534 [Output (Electronic)]

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