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Publication - Article

Grist, Jeremy P.; Sinha, Bablu; Hewitt, Helene. T.; Duchez, Aurélie; MacLachlan, Craig; Hyder, Patrick; Josey, Simon A.; Hirschi, Joël J.-M.; Blaker, Adam T.; New, Adrian. L.; Scaife, Adam A.; Roberts, Chris D.. 2019 Re-emergence of North Atlantic subsurface ocean temperature anomalies in a seasonal forecast system. Climate Dynamics. 22, pp.

Josey, Simon A.; Hirschi, Joel J.-M.; Sinha, Bablu; Duchez, Aurelie; Grist, Jeremy P.; Marsh, Robert. 2018 The Recent Atlantic Cold Anomaly: Causes, Consequences, and Related Phenomena. Annual Review of Marine Science, 10 (1). 475-501.

Frajka-Williams, Eleanor; Beaulieu, Claudie; Duchez, Aurelie. 2017 Emerging negative Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation index in spite of warm subtropics. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). 11224.

Freychet, N.; Hsu, H.-H.; Duchez, A.; Tu, C.-Y.. 2017 Projection in snowfall characteristics over the European Alps and its sensitivity to the SST changes: results from a 50 km resolution AGCM. Atmospheric Science Letters, 18 (6). 261-267.

Freychet, Nicolas; Duchez, Aurelie; Wu, Chi-Hua; Chen, Chao-An; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung; Hirschi, Joel; Forryan, Alex; Sinha, Bablu; New, Adrian L.; Graham, Tim; Andrews, Martin B.; Tu, Chia-Ying; Lin, Shian-Jiann. 2017 Variability of hydrological extreme events in East Asia and their dynamical control: a comparison between observations and two high-resolution global climate models. Climate Dynamics, 48 (3). 745-766.

Duchez, Aurélie; Frajka-Williams, Eleanor; Josey, Simon A.; Evans, Dafydd Gwyn; Grist, Jeremy P.; Marsh, Robert; McCarthy, Gerard D.; Sinha, Bablu; Berry, David I..; Hirschi, Joël J.-M.. 2016 Drivers of exceptionally cold North Atlantic Ocean temperatures and their link to the 2015 European heat wave. Environmental Research Letters, 11 (7). 074004.

Moat, B.I. ORCID:; Josey, S.A.; Sinha, B.; Blaker, A.T.; Smeed, D.A.; McCarthy, G.; Johns, W.E.; Hirschi, J.-M.; Frajka-Williams, E.; Rayner, D.; Duchez, A.; Coward, A.C.. 2016 Major variations in subtropical North Atlantic heat transport at short (5 day) timescales and their causes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 121 (5). 3237-3249.

Duchez, Aurélie; Courtois, Peggy; Harris, Elizabeth; Josey, Simon; Kanzow, Torsten; Marsh, Robert; Smeed, David; Hirschi, Joël Jean-Marie. 2016 Potential for seasonal prediction of the Atlantic sea surface temperatures using the RAPID array at 26°N. Climate Dynamics, 46 (9). 3351-3370.

Frajka-Williams, E.; Meinen, C.S.; Johns, W.E.; Smeed, D.A.; Duchez, A.; Lawrence, A.J.; Cuthbertson, D.A.; McCarthy, G.D.; Bryden, H.L.; Baringer, M.O.; Moat, B.I. ORCID:; Rayner, D.. 2016 Compensation between meridional flow components of the Atlantic MOC at 26°N. Ocean Science, 12 (2). 481-493.

Duchez, Aurelie; Desbruyeres, Damien; Hirschi, Joel J-M.; Frajka-Williams, Eleanor; Josey, Simon; Evans, Dafydd Gwyn. 2016 The tale of a surprisingly cold blob in the North Atlantic. US CLIVAR Variations, 14 (2). 19-23.

Frajka-Williams, E.; Meinen, C. S.; Johns, W. E.; Smeed, D. A.; Duchez, A.; Lawrence, A. J.; Cuthbertson, D. A.; McCarthy, G. D.; Bryden, H. L.; Moat, B. I. ORCID:; Rayner, D.. 2015 Compensation between meridional flow components of the AMOC at 26° N. Ocean Science Discussions, 12 (6). 2705-2741.

Duchez, A.; Hirschi, J.J.-M.; Blaker, A.T.; Bryden, H.L.; de Cuevas, B.; Atkinson, C.P.; McCarthy, G.D.; Frajka-Williams, E.; Rayner, D.; Smeed, D; Cunningham, S.A.; Mizielinski, M.S.. 2014 A new index for the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26°N. Journal of Climate, 27 (17). 6439.-6455.

Smeed, D.A.; McCarthy, G.; Cunningham, S.A.; Frajka-Williams, E.; Rayner, D.; Johns, W.E.; Meinen, C.S.; Baringer, M.O.; Moat, B.I. ORCID:; Duchez, A.; Bryden, H.L.. 2014 Observed decline of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 2004–2012. Ocean Science, 10 (1). 29-38.

Duchez, Aurelie; Frajka-Williams, Eleanor; Castro, Natalia; Hirschi, Joel; Coward, Andrew. 2014 Seasonal to interannual variability in density around the Canary Islands and their influence on the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at 26°N. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119 (3). 1843-1860.

McCarthy, G.; Frajka-Williams, E.; Johns, W.E.; Baringer, M.O.; Meinen, C.S.; Bryden, H.L.; Rayner, D.; Duchez, A.; Roberts, C.D.; Cunningham, S.A.. 2012 Observed Interannual Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5N. Geophysical Research Letters, 39. L19609.

Duchez, Aurelie; Verron, Jacques; Brankart, Jean-Michel; Ourmières, Yann; Fraunié, Philippe. 2012 Monitoring the Northern Current in the Gulf of Lions with an observing system simulation experiment. Scientia Marina, 76 (3). 441-453.

Publication - Conference Item

Moat, Ben ORCID:; Josey, Simon; Sinha, Bablu; Blaker, Adam; Smeed, David; McCarthy, Gerard; Johns, William; Hirschi, Joel; Frajka-Williams, Eleanor; Rayner, Darren; Duchez, Aurelie; Coward, Andrew. 2016 Major variations in sub-tropical North Atlantic heat transport at short timescales: causes and consequences. In: EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria, 17-22 Apr 2016. (Unpublished)

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