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Publication - Article

Kelvin, J.; Acreman, M.C.; Harding, R.J.; Hess, T.M.. 2017 Micro-climate influence on reference evapotranspiration estimates in wetlands. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 62 (3). 378-388.

Harding, Richard J.; Weedon, Graham P.; van Lanen, Henny A.J.; Clark, Douglas B.. 2014 The future for global water assessment. Journal of Hydrology, 518 (B). 186-193.

Harding, Richard J.. 2014 The food/water/climate nexus. GEWEX News, 24 (1-2). 3-5.

Harding, R.J.; Blyth, E.M.; Tuinenberg, O.A.; Wiltshire, A.. 2013 Land atmosphere feedbacks and their role in the water resources of the Ganges basin. Science of the Total Environment, 468-469, supplement Changing water resources availability in northern India with respect to Himalayan glacier retreat and changing monsoon patterns: consequences and adaptation. S85-S92.

Dadson, Simon; Acreman, Michael; Harding, Richard. 2013 Water security, global change and land–atmosphere feedbacks [in special issue: Water security, risk and society] Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 371 (2002), 20120412. 17, pp.

Morrison, R.; Cumming, A.M.J.; Taft, H.E.; Kaduk, J.; Page, S.E.; Jones, D.L.; Harding, R.J.; Balzter, H.. 2013 Carbon dioxide fluxes at an intensively cultivated temperate lowland peatland in the East Anglian Fens, UK. Biogeosciences Discussions, 10 (3). 4193-4223.

Evans, J.G.; McNeil, D.D.; Finch, J.W.; Murray, T.; Harding, R.J.; Ward, H.C.; Verhoef, A.. 2012 Determination of turbulent heat fluxes using a large aperture scintillometer over undulating mixed agricultural terrain. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 166-167. 221-233.

Quevauviller, Philippe; Barceló, Damia; Beniston, Martin; Djordjevic, Slobodan; Harding, Richard J.; Iglesias, Ana; Ludwig, Ralf; Navarra, Antonio; Ortega, Alícia Navarro; Mark, Ole; Roson, Roberto; Sempere, Daniel; Stoffel, Markus; van Lanen, Henny A.J.; Werner, Micha. 2012 Integration of research advances in modelling and monitoring in support of WFD river basin management planning in the context of climate change. Science of the Total Environment, 440. 167-177.

Beniston, Martin; Stoffel, Markus; Harding, Richard; Kernan, Martin; Ludwig, Ralf; Moors, Eddy; Samuels, Paul; Tockner, Klement. 2012 Obstacles to data access for research related to climate and water: implications for science and EU policy-making. Environmental Science & Policy, 17. 41-48.

Wu, Chaoyang; Chen, Jing M.; Pumpanen, Jukka; Cescatti, Alessandro; Marcella, Barbara; Blanken, Peter D.; Ardo, Jonas; Tang, Yanhong; Magliulo, Vincenzo; Georgiadis, Teodoro; Soegaard, Henrik; Cook, David R.; Harding, Richard J.. 2012 An underestimated role of precipitation frequency in regulating summer soil moisture. Environmental Research Letters, 7 (2), 024011. 9, pp.

Best, M.J.; Pryor, M.; Clark, D.B.; Rooney, G.G.; Essery, R.L.H.; Menard, C.B.; Edwards, J.M.; Hendry, M.A.; Porson, A.; Gedney, N.; Mercado, L.M.; Sitch, S.; Blyth, E.; Boucher, O.; Cox, P.M.; Grimmond, C.S.B.; Harding, R.J.. 2011 The Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), model description. Part 1: Energy and water fluxes. Geoscientific Model Development, 4 (3). 677-699.

Clark, D.B.; Mercado, L.M.; Sitch, S.; Jones, C. D.; Gedney, N.; Best, M.J.; Pryor, M.; Rooney, G.G.; Essery, R.L.H.; Blyth, E.; Boucher, O.; Harding, R.J.; Huntingford, C.; Cox, P.M.. 2011 The Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), model description. Part 2: Carbon fluxes and vegetation dynamics. Geoscientific Model Development, 4 (3). 701-722.

Blyth, Eleanor; Harding, Richard John. 2011 Methods to separate observed global evapotranspiration into the interception, transpiration and soil surface evaporation components. Hydrological Processes, 25 (26). 4063-4068.

Haddeland, Ingjerd; Clark, Douglas B.; Franssen, Wietse; Ludwig, Fulco; Voß, Frank; Arnell, Nigel W.; Bertrand, Nathalie; Best, Martin; Folwell, Sonja; Gerten, Dieter; Gomes, Sandra; Gosling, Simon N.; Hagemann, Stefan; Hanasaki, Naota; Harding, Richard; Heinke, Jens; Kabat, Pavel; Koirala, Sujan; Oki, Taikan; Polcher, Jan; Stacke, Tobias; Viterbo, Pedro; Weedon, Graham P.; Yeh, Pat. 2011 Multimodel estimate of the global terrestrial water balance: setup and first results. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 12 (5). 869-884.

Acreman, M.C.; Harding, R.J.; Lloyd, C.; McNamara, N.P.; Mountford, J.O.; Mould, D.J.; Purse, B.V.; Heard, M.S.; Stratford, C.J.; Dury, S.J.. 2011 Trade-off in ecosystem services of the Somerset Levels and Moors wetlands. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 56 (8). 1543-1565.

Harding, Richard; Best, Martin; Blyth, Eleanor; Hagemann, Stefan; Kabat, Pavel; Tallaksen, Lena M.; Warnaars, Tanya; Wiberg, David; Weedon, Graham P.; van Lanen, Henny; Ludwig, Fulco; Haddeland, Ingjerd. 2011 WATCH: current knowledge of the terrestrial global water cycle. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 12 (6). 1149-1156.

Hughes, J.K.; Lloyd, A.J.; Huntingford, C.; Finch, J.W.; Harding, R.J.. 2010 The impact of extensive planting of Miscanthus as an energy crop on future CO2 atmospheric concentrations. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 2 (2). 79-88.

Acreman, M. C.; Blake, J. R.; Booker, D. J.; Harding, R. J.; Reynard, N.; Mountford, J. O.; Stratford, C. J.. 2009 A simple framework for evaluating regional wetland ecohydrological response to climate change with case studies from Great Britain. Ecohydrology, 2 (1). 1-17.

Blyth, Eleanor; Shuttleworth, Jim; Harding, Richard. 2009 Summary of the GEWEX international symposium on global land-surface evaporation and climate. Hydrological Processes, 23 (23). 3411-4312.

Herbst, Mathias; Rosier, Paul T. W.; McNeil, David D.; Harding, Richard J.; Gowing, David J.. 2008 Seasonal variability of interception evaporation from the canopy of a mixed deciduous forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148. 1655-1667.

Harding, R. J.; Lloyd, C. R.. 2008 Evaporation and energy balance of a wet grassland at Tadham Moor on the Somerset Levels. Hydrological Processes, 22 (13). 2346-2357.

Luyssaert, S.; Inglima, I.; Jung, M.; Richardson, A. D.; Reichstein, M.; Papale, D.; Piao, S. L.; Shulze, E.- D.; Wingate, L.; Matteucci, G.; Aragao, L.; Aubinet, M.; Beer, C.; Bernhofer, C.; Black, K. G.; Bonal, D.; Bonnefond, J.- M.; Chambers, J.; Ciais, P.; Cook, B.; Davis, K. J.; Dolman, A. J.; Gielen, B.; Goulden, M.; Grace, J.; Granier, A.; Grelle, A.; Griffis, T.; Grunwald, T.; Guidolotti, G.; Hanson, P. J.; Harding, R.; Hollinger, D. Y.; Hutyra, L. R.; Kolari, P.; Kruijt, B.; Kutsch, W.; Lagergren, F.; Laurila, T.; Law, B. E.; Le Maire, G.; Lindroth, A.; Loustau, D.; Malhi, Y.; Mateus, J.; Migliavacca, M.; Misson, L.; Montagnani, L.; Moncrieff, J.; Moors, E.; Munger, J. W.; Nikinmaa, E.; Ollinger, S. V.; Pita, G.; Rebmann, C.; Roupsard, O.; Saigusa, N.; Sanz, M. J.; Seufert, G.; Sierra, C.; Smith, M. - L.; Tang, J.; Valentini, R.; Vesala, T.; Janssens, I. A.. 2007 CO2 balance of boreal, temperate and tropical forests derived from a global database. Global Change Biology, 13 (12). 2509-2537.

Blyth, E. M.; Evans, J. G.; Finch, J. W.; Bantages, R.; Harding, R. J.. 2006 Spatial variability of the English agricultural landscape and its effect on evaporation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 138. 19-28.

Publication - Book Section

Harding, Richard; Arnell, Nigel; Reynard, Nick; Prudhomme, Christel; Blyth, Eleanor; Taylor, Chris. 2015 Climate change and hydrology. In: Rodda, John C.; Robinson, Mark, (eds.) Progress in modern hydrology: past, present and future. Chichester, Wiley Blackwell, 302-323.

Harding, Richard; Reynard, Nick; Kay, Alison. 2014 Current understanding of climate change impacts on extreme events. In: Quevauviller, Philippe, (ed.) Hydrometeorological hazards: interfacing science and policy. Chchester, Wiley Blackwell, 27-47. (Hydrometeorological extreme events).

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard. 2010 Evaluation of the global water cycle's response to current and future drivers of climate change [Chapter 4.3]. In: Quevauviller, Philippe; Borchers, Ulriche; Thompson, K.Clive; Simonart, Tristan, (eds.) The Water Framework Directive: Action Programmes and Adaptation to Climate Change. RSC Publishing.

Evans, J.G.; McNeil, D.D.; Finch, J.F.; Murray, T.; Harding, R.J.; Verhoef, A.. 2010 Evaporation measurements at kilometre scales determined using two-wavelength scintillometry. In: BHS Third International Symposium: Role of Hydrology in Managing Consequences of a Changing Global Environment, Newcastle University, 19-23 July 2010. British Hydrological Society.

King, John C.; Pomeroy, John W.; Gray, Donald M.; Fierz, Charles; Fohn, Paul M. B.; Harding, Richard J.; Jordan, Rachel E.; Martin, Eric; Pluss, Christian. 2008 Snow-atmosphere energy and mass balance. In: Armstrong, Richard L.; Brun, Eric, (eds.) Snow and Climate: Physical Processes, Surface Energy Exchange and Modeling. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 70-124.

Publication - Conference Item

Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor. 2009 Current knowledge of the terrestrial Global water Cycle – past and future. [Speech] In: EGU 2009.

Blyth, Eleanor; Harding, Richard; Shuttleworth, W. J.. 2009 Global Land Evaporation and Climate. [Speech] In: Water in a Changing Climate, Melbourne, Australia, 24-28 August, 2009. GEWEX/ILEAPS conference, 2009.

Evans, Jonathan; McNeil, Dave; Bradford, John; Eastment, Jon; Harding, Richard. 2007 Landscape-scale heat flux measurements using scintillometry over complex terrain. In: 2nd International Scintillometer Workshop, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 8 Nov 2007. Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Evans, J. G.; Bradford, W. J.; Eastment, J. D.; Harding, R.. 2006 Measuring large-area evaporation using scintillometry over chalk down-land. [Other] In: NERC Earth Observation Conference, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, 21 June 2006. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor; Weedon, Graham; Ludwig, Fulco; Wiberg, David; Hagemann, Stefan; Tallaksen, Lena; van Lanen, Henny; Kabat, Pavel. 2011 WATCH Final year activity report. WATCH IP. (WATCH Project No.036946) (Unpublished)

Harding, Richard; Warnaars, Tanya, eds. 2011 Water and global change. The WATCH Project Outreach Report. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 40pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Harding, Richard; Warnaars, Tanya; Weedon, Graham; Wiberg, David; Hagemann, Stefan; Tallaksen, Lena; van Lanen, Henny; Blyth, Eleanor; Ludwig, Fulco; Kabat, Pavel. 2011 Executive summary of the completed WATCH Project. WATCH - European Commission. (WATCH Technical Report No.56)

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard. 2011 iLEAPS report on The WATCH IP: Water and Global Change. IGBP Annual Progress Report. IGBP. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor; Weedon, Graham; Hagemann, Stefan; Tallaksen, Lena; van Lanen, Henny; Ludwig, Fulco. 2010 WATCH IP. Water and Global Change. Third year Activity report to the European Commission. European Commission. (CEH Project Number: C03276)

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor. 2009 Water and Global Change (WATCH) Newsletter No.2. European Commission Sixth Framework Programme, 8pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Acreman, Michael; Harding, Richard; Sullivan, Caroline; Stratford, Charlie; Farquharson, Francis; Rees, Gwyn; Houghton-Carr, Helen; Gale, Ian; Calow, Roger; MacDonald, Alan; Chilton, John. 2009 Review of hydrological issues on water storage in international development. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 42pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor; Hagemann, Stefan; Weedon, Graham; Tallaksen, Lena; van Lanen, Henny; Ludwig, Fulco. 2009 WATCH IP. Water and Global Change. Second year Activity report to the European Commission. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (CEH Project Number: C03276)

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Calow, Roger; Arnell, Nigel. 2008 Report on event supported by RCUK Office in China. RCUK - China office website and other communications, RCUK-China office, 24pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor; Ludwig, Fulco; Hagemann, Stefan; Best, Martin; Tallaksen, Lena; van Lanen, Henny. 2008 WATCH IP. Water and Global Change. First year Activity report to the European Commission. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 148pp. (CEH Project Number: C03276, WATCH IP) (Unpublished)

Huntingford, C.; Harding, R.J.. 1995 Calibration of the seasonal growth model. Final report. Institute of Hydrology, 55pp. (TFS Project T06050k1) (Unpublished)

Blyth, E.M.; Harding, R.J.. 1994 Preliminary investigation of the parameterisation of surface fluxes from heterogeneous land cover for the EFEDA area. Institute of Hydrology, 8pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Harding, R.J.; Blackie, J.R.. 1991 A guide to the estimation of the water use from upland catchments in the UK. Institute of Hydrology, 12pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Rosier, P.T.W.; Harding, R.J.; Neal, C.. 1990 The hydrological impacts of broadleaf woodland in lowland Britain: Institute of Hydrology Report to the National Rivers Authority - Report no.2, October 1990. Institute of Hydrology, 139pp. (TFS Project T06051e5) (Unpublished)

Johnson, R.C.; Blackie, J.R.; Hudson, J.A.; Simpson, T.K.M.; Harding, R.J.; Wright, I.R.. 1989 Upland afforestation and water resources - progress report on the Balquhidder Catchment Studies and Process Studies 1988/89. Institute of Hydrology, 46pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Publication - Other

Warnaars, Tanya; Blyth, Eleanor; Harding, Richard. 2008 WATCH Water and Global Change. Newsletter no. 1. EU Watch [Website]

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