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Publication - Article

Cartwright, Jessica; Banks, Christopher J.; Srokosz, Meric. 2019 Sea ice detection using GNSS‐R data from TechDemoSat‐1. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 124 (8). 5801-5810.

Srokosz, M.; Banks, C.. 2019 Salinity from space [in special issue: 1] Weather, Early View (74). 3-8.

Bouffard, Jerome; Naeije, Marc; Banks, Christopher J.; Calafat, Francisco Mir; Cipollini, Paolo; Snaith, Helen M.; Webb, Erica; Hall, Amanda; Mannan, Rubinder; Féménias, Pierre; Parrinello, Tommaso. 2018 CryoSat ocean product quality status and future evolution. Advances in Space Research, 62 (6). 1549-1563.

Cartwright, Jessica; Clarizia, Maria Paola; Cipollini, Paolo; Banks, Chris; Srokosz, Meric. 2018 Independent DEM of Antarctica using GNSS-R data from TechDemoSat-1. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (12). 6117-6123.

Banks, Christopher J.; Srokosz, Meric A.; Cipollini, Paolo; Snaith, Helen M.; Blundell, Jeffrey R.; Gommenginger, Christine P.; Tzortzi, Eleni. 2016 Reduced ascending/descending pass bias in SMOS salinity data demonstrated by observing westward-propagating features in the South Indian Ocean. Remote Sensing of Environment, 180. 154-163.

Banks, C.J.; Gommenginger, C.P.; Srokosz, M.A.; Snaith, H.M.. 2012 Validating SMOS ocean surface salinity in the Atlantic with Argo and operational ocean model data. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 50 (5). 1688-1702.

Huang, Xi; Pascal, Robin W.; Chamberlain, Katie; Banks, Christopher J.; Mowlem, Matthew; Morgan, Hywel. 2011 A Miniature, High Precision Conductivity and Temperature Sensor System for Ocean Monitoring. IEEE Sensors Journal, 11 (12). 3246-3252.

Page, Susan E.; Rieley, John O.; Banks, Christopher J.. 2011 Global and regional importance of the tropical peatland carbon pool. Global Change Biology, 17 (2). 798-818.

Page, S.; Wust, R.; Banks, C.. 2010 Past and present carbon accumulation and loss in Southeast Asian peatlands. PAGES Newsletter, 18 (1). 25-27.

Dowdeswell, J.A.; Evans, J.; Mugford, R.; Griffiths, G.; McPhail, S.D.; Millard, N.; Stevenson, P.; Brandon, M.A.; Banks, C.; Heywood, K.J.; Price, M.R.; Dodd, P.A.; Jenkins, A. ORCID:; Nicholls, K.W. ORCID:; Hayes, D.; Abrahamsen, E.P. ORCID:; Tyler, P.A.; Bett, B.J.; Jones, D.O.B.; Wadhams, P.; Wilkinson, J.P.; Stansfield, K.; Ackley, S.. 2008 Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and investigations of the ice–ocean interface in Antarctic and Arctic waters. Journal of Glaciology, 54 (187). 661-672.

Banks, Christopher J.; Brandon, Mark A.; Garthwaite, Paul H.. 2006 Measurement of sea-ice draft using upward-looking ADCP on an autonomous underwater vehicle. Annals of Glaciology, 44 (1). 211-216.

Publication - Book Section

Page, S.; Hooijer, A.; Rieley, J.; Banks, C.; Hoscilo, A.. 2012 The tropical peat swamps of Southeast Asia: human impacts on biodiversity, hydrology and carbon dynamics. In: Gower, D.; Johnson, K.; Richardson, J.; Rosen, B.; Rüber, L.; Williams, S., (eds.) Biotic Evolution and Environmental Change in Southeast Asia. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 406-433, 496pp. (The Systematics Association Special Volume, 82).

Gommenginger, C.P.; Banks, C.J.; Srokosz, M.A.; Snaith, H.M.. 2010 Observations of atmosphere-ocean freshwater input with in situ and satellite measurements of surface salinity and rain. In: Proceedings of OceanObs’09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society, Annex. Noordwijk, The Netherlands, European Space Agency, [5pp]. (ESA Special Publication, WPP-306).

Publication - Conference Item

Banks, C.J.; Gommenginger, C.P.; Srokosz, M.A.; Snaith, H.M.. 2012 Salinity from space: Evaluating SMOS and Aquarius against model and in situ data. In: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Munich, Germany, 22-27 Jul 2012. (Unpublished)

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