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Publication - Article

Jakobsson, Martin; Andreassen, Karin; Bjarnadóttir, Lilja Rún; Dove, Dayton; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; England, John H.; Funder, Svend; Hogan, Kelly; Ingólfsson, Ólafur; Jennings, Anne; Krog Larsen, Nikolaj; Kirchner, Nina; Landvik, Jon Y.; Mayer, Larry; Mikkelsen, Naja; Möller, Per; Niessen, Frank; Nilsson, Johan; O'Regan, Matt; Polyak, Leonid; Nørgaard-Pedersen, Niels; Stein, Ruediger. 2014 Arctic Ocean glacial history. Quaternary Science Reviews, 92. 40-67. 10.1016/j.quascirev.2013.07.033

Diesing, Markus; Green, Sophie L.; Stephens, David; Lark, R. Murray; Stewart, Heather A.; Dove, Dayton. 2014 Mapping seabed sediments: comparison of manual, geostatistical, object-based image analysis and machine learning approaches. Continental Shelf Research, 84. 107-119. 10.1016/j.csr.2014.05.004

Dove, Dayton; Polyak, Leonid; Coakley, Bernard. 2014 Widespread, multi-source glacial erosion on the Chukchi margin, Arctic Ocean. Quaternary Science Reviews, 92. 112-122. 10.1016/j.quascirev.2013.07.016

Howe, John A.; Dove, Dayton; Bradwell, Tom; Gafeira, Joana. 2012 Corrigendum to “Submarine geomorphology and glacial history of the Sea of the Hebrides, UK”[Mar. Geol, 351-318(2012) 64-76]. Marine Geology, 329-331. 126-127. 10.1016/j.margeo.2012.09.008

Lark, R.M.; Dove, D.; Green, S.L.; Richardson, A.E.; Stewart, H.; Stevenson, A.. 2012 Spatial prediction of seabed sediment texture classes by cokriging from a legacy database of point observations. Sedimentary Geology, 281. 35-49. 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2012.07.009

Howe, John A.; Dove, Dayton; Bradwell, Tom; Gafeira, Joana. 2012 Submarine geomorphology and glacial history of the Sea of the Hebrides, UK. Marine Geology, 315-318. 64-76. 10.1016/j.margeo.2012.06.005

Dove, Dayton; Coakley, Bernard; Hopper, John; Kristoffersen, Yngve. 2010 Bathymetry, controlled source seismic and gravity observations of the Mendeleev ridge : implications for ridge structure, origin, and regional tectonics. Geophysical Journal International, 183 (2). 481-502. 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04746.x

Publication - Book

Dove, Dayton; Leigh, Sasha. 2011 Scientific Drilling in the Arctic Ocean : a summary document to encourage Academic and Industry collaboration : January 2011. ECORD, 20pp.

Publication - Book Section

Pearce, Bryony; Tappin, David R.; Dove, Dayton; Pinnion, Jennifer. 2012 Benthos supported by the tunnel-valleys of the Southern North Sea. In: Harris, Peter T.; Baker, Elaine K., (eds.) Seafloor geomorphology as benthic habitat : GeoHAB atlas of seafloor geomorphic features and benthic habitats. Elsevier, 597-612. (Elsevier Insights).

Publication - Report

Tappin, D.R.; Pearce, B.; Fitch, S.; Dove, D.; Gearey, B.; Hill, J.M.; Chambers, C.; Bates, R.; Pinnion, J.; Diaz Doce, D.; Green, M.; Gallyot, J.; Georgiou, L.; Brutto, D.; Marzialetti, S.; Hopla, E.; Ramsay, E.; Fielding, H.. 2011 The Humber Regional Environmental Characterisation. Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund, 345pp. (OR/10/054)

Impact (Policy)

Green, Sophie; Dove, Dayton; Cooper, Rhys. 2013 Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). [Impact (Policy)]

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