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Roy, David B.; Oliver, Tom H.; Botham, Marc S.; Beckmann, Bjorn; Brereton, Tom; Dennis, Roger L.H.; Harrower, Colin; Phillimore, Albert B.; Thomas, Jeremy A.. 2015 Similarities in butterfly emergence dates among populations suggest local adaptation to climate. Global Change Biology, 21 (9). 3313-3322. 10.1111/gcb.12920

Roy, Helen E.; Rorke, Steph L.; Beckmann, Bjorn; Booy, Olaf; Botham, Marc S.; Brown, Peter M.J.; Harrower, Colin; Noble, David; Sewell, Jack; Walker, Kevin. 2015 The contribution of volunteer recorders to our understanding of biological invasions. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 115 (3). 678-689. 10.1111/bij.12518

Stewart, Alan J.A.; Bantock, Tristan M.; Beckmann, Bjorn C.; Botham, Marc S.; Hubble, David; Roy, David B.. 2015 The role of ecological interactions in determining species ranges and range changes [in special issue: Fifty years of the Biological Records Centre] Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 115 (3). 647-663. 10.1111/bij.12543

Pocock, Michael J.O.; Newson, Stuart E.; Henderson, Ian G.; Peyton, Jodey; Sutherland, William J.; Noble, David G.; Ball, Stuart G.; Beckmann, Bjorn C.; Biggs, Jeremy; Brereton, Tom; Bullock, David J.; Buckland, Stephen T.; Edwards, Mike; Eaton, Mark A.; Harvey, Martin C.; Hill, Mark O.; Horlock, Martin; Hubble, David S.; Julian, Angela M.; Mackey, Edward C.; Mann, Darren J.; Marshall, Matthew J.; Medlock, Jolyon M.; O'Mahony, Elaine M.; Pacheco, Marina; Porter, Keith; Prentice, Steve; Procter, Deborah A.; Roy, Helen E.; Southway, Sue E.; Shortall, Chris R.; Stewart, Alan J.A.; Wembridge, David E.; Wright, Mark A.; Roy, David B.. 2015 Developing and enhancing biodiversity monitoring programmes: a collaborative assessment of priorities. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52 (3). 686-695. 10.1111/1365-2664.12423

Beckmann, Bjorn C.; Purse, Bethan V.; Roy, David B.; Roy, Helen E.; Sutton, Peter G.; Thomas, Chris D.. 2015 Two species with an unusual combination of traits dominate responses of British grasshoppers and crickets to environmental change. PLoS ONE, 10 (6), e0130488. 25, pp. 10.1371/journal.pone.0130488

Hill, M .O.; Bacon, J.V.; Beckmann, B.C.; Bishop, J.D.D.; Marchant, J.H.; Musgrove, A.J.; Rathod, B.; Roy, H.E.; Sewell, J.. 2010 GB Non-native Species Information Portal: Interim report for the period February 2009 to March 2010. Defra, 16pp. (CEH Project Number: C03636) (Unpublished)

Botham, M S; Brereton, T M; Middlebrook, I; Cruickshanks, K L; Harrower, C; Beckmann, B; Roy, D. 2010 United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme annual report 2008. Wallingford, CEH. (UNSPECIFIED)

Beckmann, Bjorn; Sutton, Peter. 2010 Using data from the Orthoptera Recording Scheme to study climate change. [Speech] In: 10th National Biodiversity Network Conference 2010, London, UK, 15 October 2010.

Parrott, Dave; Roy, Sugoto; Baker, Richard; Cannon, Ray; Eyre, Dominic; Hill, Mark; Wagner, Markus; Preston, Chris; Roy, Helen; Beckmann, Bjorn; Copp, Gordon H.; Edmonds, Nathan; Ellis, Jim; Laing, Ian; Britton, J. Robert; Gozlan, Rodolphe E.; Mumford, John. 2009 Horizon scanning for new invasive non-native animal species in England. Sheffield, Natural England, 111pp. (Natural England Contract No. SAE03-02-189, Natural England Commissioned Report NECR009)

Hill, M.O.; Beckmann, B.C.; Bishop, J.D.D.; Fletcher, M.R.; Lear, D.B.; Marchant, J.H.; Maskell, L.C.; Noble, D.G.; Rehfisch, M.M.; Roy, H.E.; Roy, S.; Sewell, J.. 2009 Developing an indicator of the abundance, extent and impact of invasive non-native species. Final report. Defra, 49pp. (WC0718)

Roy, Helen; Beckmann, Björn; Comont, Richard; Hails, Rosemary; Harrington, Richard; Medlock, Jolyon; Purse, Bethan; Shortall, Chris. 2009 Nuisance insects and climate change. Defra, 109pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Roy, Helen; Brown, Peter; Ware, Remy; Michie, Laura J.; Beckmann, Bjorn; Majerus, Michael. 2008 The harlequin ladybird marches on. British Wildlife, 19 (3). 182-186.

Beckmann, Bjorn; Sutton, Peter. Orthoptera Recording Scheme of Britain and Ireland - Newsletter Autumn 2013. [Dissemination / Communication]

Beckmann, Bjorn; Sutton, Peter. Orthoptera Recording Scheme of Britain and Ireland - Newsletter Spring 2013. [Dissemination / Communication]

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