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Publication - Article

Burthe, Sarah J.; Henrys, Peter A; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Spears, Bryan M.; Campbell, Ronald; Carvalho, Laurence; Dudley, Bernard; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Johns, David G.; Maberly, Stephen C.; May, Linda; Newell, Mark A.; Wanless, Sarah; Winfield, Ian J.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Daunt, Francis. 2016 Do early warning indicators consistently predict nonlinear change in long-term ecological data? Journal of Applied Ecology, 53 (3). 666-676. 10.1111/1365-2664.12519

Wilkinson, M.E.; Mackay, E.; Quinn, P.F.; Stutter, M.; Beven, K.J.; MacLeod, C.J.A.; Macklin, M.G.; Elkhatib, Y.; Percy, B.; Vitolo, C.; Haygarth, P.M.. 2015 A cloud based tool for knowledge exchange on local scale flood risk. Journal of Environmental Management, 161. 38-50. 10.1016/j.jenvman.2015.06.009

Spears, Bryan M.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Yasseri, Said; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Waters, Kate E.; Andrews, Christopher; Cole, Stephanie; de Ville, Mitzi; Kelly, Andrea; Meis, Sebastian; Moore, Alanna L.; Nurnberg, Gertrud K.; van Oosterhout, Frank; Pitt, Jo-Anne; Madgwick, Genevieve; Woods, Helen J.; Luring, Miquel. 2015 A meta-analysis of water quality and aquatic macrophyte responses in 18 lakes treated with lanthanum modified bentonite (PHOSLOCK®). Water Research. 10.1016/j.watres.2015.08.020

Mackay, E.B.; Wilkinson, M.E.; Macleod, C.J.A.; Beven, K.; Percy, B.J.; Macklin, M.G.; Quinn, P.F.; Stutter, M.; Haygarth, P.M.. 2015 Digital catchment observatories: a platform for engagement and knowledge exchange between catchment scientists, policy makers, and local communities. Water Resources Research, 51 (6). 4815-4822. 10.1002/2014WR016824

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Maberly, Stephen C.; Pan, Gang; Reitzel, Kasper; Bruere, Andy; Corker, Nicholas; Douglas, Grant; Egemose, Sara; Hamilton, David; Hatton-Ellis, Tristan; Huser, Brian; Li, Wei; Meis, Sebastian; Moss, Brian; Lürling, Miquel; Phillips, Geoff; Yasseri, Said; Spears, Bryan M.. 2014 Geoengineering in lakes: welcome attraction or fatal distraction? Inland Waters, 4 (4). 349-356. 10.5268/IW-4.4.769

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Folkard, Andrew M.; Jones, Ian D.. 2014 Interannual variations in atmospheric forcing determine trajectories of hypolimnetic soluble reactive phosphorus supply in a eutrophic lake. Freshwater Biology, 59 (8). 1646-1658. 10.1111/fwb.12371

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Jones, Ian D.; Folkard, Andrew M.; Barker, Philip. 2012 Contribution of sediment focussing to heterogeneity of organic carbon and phosphorus burial in small lakes. Freshwater Biology, 57 (2). 290-304. 10.1111/j.1365-2427.2011.02616.x

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Jones, Ian D.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Folkard, Andrew M.. 2011 Spatial heterogeneity in a small, temperate lake during archetypal weak forcing conditions. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, 179 (1). 27-40. 10.1127/1863-9135/2011/0179-0027

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Jones, Ian D.; Folkard, Andrew M.; Thackeray, Stephen J.. 2011 Transition zones in small lakes: the importance of dilution and biological uptake on lake-wide heterogeneity. Hydrobiologia, 678 (1). 85-97. 10.1007/s10750-011-0825-y

Publication - Book Section

Acreman, Mike C.; Blake, James R.; Carvalho, Laurence R.; Dunbar, Mike J.; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Gustard, Alan; Jones, Ian D.; Laize, Cedric; Maberly, Stephen C.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; May, Linda; Mountford, J. Owen; Spears, Bryan M.; Stratford, Charlie J.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Winfield, Ian J.. 2015 Ecohydrology. In: Rodda, John C.; Robinson, Mark, (eds.) Progress in modern hydrology: past, present and future. Chichester, Wiley Blackwell, 267-301.

Publication - Report

Maberly, Stephen C.; De Ville, Mitzi M.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Ciar, David; Clarke, Mike; Fletcher, Janice M.; James, J. Ben; Keenan, Patrick; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Patel, Manisha; Tanna, Binnoti; Winfield, I.J.; Bell, Keith; Clark, Raymond; Jackson, Ann; Muir, Jim; Ramsden, Phil; Thompson, Jackie; Titterington, Helen; Webb, Paul. 2016 A survey of the status of the lakes of the English Lake District: the Lakes Tour 2015. Lancaster, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 149pp. (CEH Project no. C05369, CEH ref. LA/NEC05369/1) (Unpublished)

Mackay, E.B.; De Ville, M.M.; Carter, H.; Tanna, B.; Patel, M.; Keenan, P.; Guyatt, H.; Thacker, S.; Lawlor, A.. 2015 Phosphorus and elemental composition of the surface sediments and lake shore soils of Elterwater. Lancaster, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 30pp. (CEH Report no. LA/NEC05299/01.3, CEH Project no. C05299) (Unpublished)

Gasca, Dave; Maberly, Stephen; Mackay, Eleanor. 2015 Investigation into the perceived enrichment of five Lakeland SSSIs: Blelham Tarn. Epsom, Atkins, 97pp. (CEH Project no. C04846)

Gasca, Dave; Maberly, Stephen; Mackay, Eleanor. 2015 Investigation into the perceived enrichment of five Lakeland SSSIs: Overwater SSSI. Epsom, Atkins, 70pp. (CEH Project no. C04846)

Mackay, E.B.. 2015 High resolution and in-situ phosphorus monitoring: a comparison of equipment, deployment and maintenance requirements and cost. Lancaster, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 21pp. (CEH Report no. LA/NEC05490/04/01, CEH Project no. C05490) (Unpublished)

Gasca, Dave; Maberly, Stephen; Mackay, Eleanor. 2015 Investigation into the perceived enrichment of five Lakeland SSSIs: Ennerdale Water SSSI. Epsom, Atkins, 85pp. (CEH Project no. C04846)

Gasca, Dave; Maberly, Stephen; Mackay, Eleanor. 2015 Investigation into the perceived enrichment of five Lakeland SSSIs: Ullswater. Epsom, Atkins, 94pp. (CEH Project no. C04846)

Thackeray, Stephen; Mackay, Eleanor; Jones, Ian; Jeppesen, Erik; Järvinen, Marko; Nieminen, Mika; Grey, Jonathan. 2014 D 3.14. Review on processes and effects of nutrients and organic material in lakes and threats due to climate change on current adaptive management and restoration efforts. REFRESH, 53pp. (CEH Project no. C04223)

Maberly, S.C.; De Ville, M.M.; Feuchtmayr, H.; Jones, I.D.; Mackay, E.B.; May, L.; Thackeray, S.J.; Winfield, I.J.. 2011 The limnology of Esthwaite Water: historical change and its causes, current state and prospects for the future. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 155pp. (CEH Project Number: C04038) (Unpublished)

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