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Parry, Luke A.; Boggiani, Paulo C.; Condon, Daniel J.; Garwood, Russell J.; Leme, Juliana de M.; McIlroy, Duncan; Brasier, Martin D.; Trindade, Ricardo; Campanha, Ginaldo A.C.; Pacheco, Mírian L.A.F.; Diniz, Cleber Q.C.; Liu, Alexander G.. 2017 Ichnological evidence for meiofaunal bilaterians from the terminal Ediacaran and earliest Cambrian of Brazil. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1. 1455-1464.

Yang, Chuan; Zhu, Maoyan; Condon, Daniel J.; Li, Xian-Hua. 2017 Geochronological constraints on stratigraphic correlation and oceanic oxygenation in Ediacaran-Cambrian transition in South China. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 140. 75-81.

Tian, Yuntao; Vermeesch, Pieter; Danišík, Martin; Condon, Daniel J.; Chen, Wen; Kohn, Barry; Schwanethal, James; Rittner, Martin. 2017 LGC-1: a zircon reference material for in-situ (U-Th)/He dating. Chemical Geology, 454. 80-92.

Sahy, Diana; Condon, Daniel J.; Hilgen, Frederik J.; Kuiper, Klaudia F.. 2017 Reducing disparity in radio-isotopic and astrochronology-based time scales of the Late Eocene and Oligocene. Paleoceanography, 32 (10). 1018-1035.

Yang, Chuan; Li, Xian-Hua; Zhu, Maoyan; Condon, Daniel J.. 2017 SIMS U–Pb zircon geochronological constraints on upper Ediacaran stratigraphic correlations, South China. Geological Magazine, 154 (6). 1202-1216.

van Zalinge, M.E.; Sparks, R.S.J.; Evenstar, L.A.; Cooper, F.J.; Aslin, J.; Condon, D.J.. 2017 Using ignimbrites to quantify structural relief growth and understand deformation processes: implications for the development of the Western Andean Slope, northernmost Chile. Lithosphere, 9 (1). 29-45.

Cooper, Mark; Anderson, Paul; Condon, Daniel; Stevenson, Carl; Ellam, Rob; Meighan, Ian; Crowley, Quentin. 2016 Shape and intrusion history of the Late Caledonian Newry Igneous Complex, Northern Ireland. In: Young, M.E., (ed.) Unearthed: Impacts of the Tellus surveys of the north of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, 145-155, 11pp.

Bowman, V.; Ineson, J.; Riding, J.; Crame, J.; Francis, J.; Condon, D.; Whittle, R.; Ferraccioli, F.. 2016 The Paleocene of Antarctica: dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy and implications for the palaeo-Pacific margin of Gondwana. Gondwana Research, 38. 132-148.

Prave, Anthony R.; Condon, Daniel J.; Hoffmann, Karl Heinz; Tapster, Simon; Fallick, Anthony E.. 2016 Duration and nature of the end-Cryogenian (Marinoan) glaciation. Geology, 44 (8). 631-634.

Crémière, Antoine; Lepland, Aivo; Chand, Shyam; Sahy, Diana; Condon, Daniel J.; Noble, Stephen R.; Martma, Tõnu; Thorsnes, Terje; Sauer, Simone; Brunstad, Harald. 2016 Timescales of methane seepage on the Norwegian margin following collapse of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet. Nature Communications, 7, 11509.

Prouty, N.G.; Sahy, D.; Ruppel, C.D.; Roark, E.B.; Condon, D.; Brooke, S.; Ross, S.W.; Demopoulos, A.W.J.. 2016 Insights into methane dynamics from analysis of authigenic carbonates and chemosynthetic mussels at newly-discovered Atlantic Margin seeps. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 449. 332-344.

Tapster, S.; Condon, D.J.; Naden, J.; Noble, S.R.; Petterson, M.G.; Roberts, N.M.W.; Saunders, A.D.; Smith, D.J.. 2016 Rapid thermal rejuvenation of high-crystallinity magma linked to porphyry copper deposit formation; evidence from the Koloula Porphyry Prospect, Solomon Islands. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 442. 206-217.

Prave, A.R.; Bates, C.R.; Donaldson, C.H.; Toland, H.; Condon, D.J.; Mark, D.; Raub, T.D.. 2016 Geology and geochronology of the Tana Basin, Ethiopia: LIP volcanism, super eruptions and Eocene–Oligocene environmental change. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 443. 1-8.

Horstwood, Matthew S.A.; Košler, Jan; Gehrels, George; Jackson, Simon E.; McLean, Noah M.; Paton, Chad; Pearson, Norman J.; Sircombe, Keith; Sylvester, Paul; Vermeesch, Pieter; Bowring, James F.; Condon, Daniel J.; Schoene, Blair. 2016 Community-derived standards for LA-ICP-MS U-(Th-)Pb geochronology - uncertainty propagation, age interpretation and data reporting. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 40 (3). 311-332.

van Zalinge, M.E.; Sparks, R.S.J.; Cooper, F.J.; Condon, D.J.. 2016 Early Miocene large-volume ignimbrites of the Oxaya Formation, Central Andes. Journal of the Geological Society, 173 (5). 716-733.

Martin, A.P.; Prave, A.R.; Condon, D.J.; Lepland, A.; Fallick, A.E.; Romanshkin, A.E.; Medvedev, P.V.; Rychanchik, D.V.. 2015 Multiple Palaeoproterozoic carbon burial episodes and excursions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 424. 226-236.

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Swanson-Hysell, Nicholas L.; Maloof, Adam C.; Condon, Daniel J.; Jenkin, Gawen R.T.; Alene, Mulugeta; Tremblay, Marissa M.; Tesema, Tadale; Rooney, Alan D.; Haileab, Berket. 2015 Stratigraphy and geochronology of the Tambien Group, Ethiopia: evidence for globally synchronous carbon isotope change in the Neoproterozoic. Geology, 43 (4). 323-326.

Condon, D.J.; Boggiani, P.; Fike, D.; Halverson, G.P.; Kasemann, S.; Knoll, A.H.; Macdonald, F.A.; Prave, A.R.; Zhu, M.. 2015 Accelerating Neoproterozoic research through scientific drilling. Scientific Drilling, 19. 17-25.

Du Vivier, A.D.C.; Selby, D.; Condon, D.J.; Takashima, R.; Nishi, H.. 2015 Pacific 187 Os/188 Os isotope chemistry and U–Pb geochronology: synchroneity of global Os isotope change across OAE 2. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 428. 204-216.

Sahy, Diana; Condon, Daniel J.; Terry, Dennis O.; Fischer, Anne U.; Kuiper, Klaudia F.. 2015 Synchronizing terrestrial and marine records of environmental change across the Eocene–Oligocene transition. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 427. 171-182.

Noble, Stephen R.; Condon, Daniel J.; Carney, John N.; Wilby, Philip R.; Pharaoh, Timothy C.; Ford, Trevor D.. 2015 U-Pb geochronology and global context of the Charnian Supergroup, UK: constraints on the age of key Ediacaran fossil assemblages. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 127 (1-2). 250-265.

Smye, Andrew J.; Roberts, Nick M.W.; Condon, Daniel J.; Horstwood, Matthew S.A.; Parrish, Randall R.. 2014 Characterising the U–Th–Pb systematics of allanite by ID and LA-ICPMS: Implications for geochronology. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 135. 1-28.

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Singer, Brad S.; Jicha, Brian R.; Condon, Daniel J.; Macho, Alexandra S.; Hoffman, Kenneth A.; Dierkhising, Joseph; Brown, Maxwell C.; Feinberg, Joshua M.; Kidane, Tesfaye. 2014 Precise ages of the Réunion event and Huckleberry Ridge excursion: episodic clustering of geomagnetic instabilities and the dynamics of flow within the outer core. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 405. 25-38.

Martin, Adam P.; Condon, Daniel J.; Prave, Anthony R.; Lepland, Aivo. 2013 A review of temporal constraints for the Palaeoproterozoic large, positive carbonate carbon isotope excursion (the Lomagundi-Jatuli Event). Earth Science Reviews, 127. 242-261.

Melezhik, Victor A.; Fallick, Anthony E.; Martin, Adam P.; Condon, Daniel J.; Kump, Lee R.; Brasier, Alex T.; Salminen, Paula E.. 2013 The Palaeoproterozoic perturbation of the Global Carbon Cycle : the Lomagundi-Jatuli Isotopic Event. In: Melezhik, Victor A., (ed.) Reading the Archive of Earth's Oxygenation. Volume 3, global events and the Fennoscandian Arctic Russia : Drilling Early Earth Project. Springer, 1111-1150. (Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 1).

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Lawley, Christopher J.M.; Selby, David; Condon, Daniel J.; Horstwood, Matthew; Millar, Ian; Crowley, Quentin; Imber, Jonathan. 2013 Lithogeochemistry, geochronology and geodynamic setting of the Lupa Terrane, Tanzania: implications for the extent of the Archean Tanzanian Craton. Precambrian Research, 231. 174-193.

Bracciali, Laura; Parrish, Randall R.; Horstwood, Matthew S.A.; Condon, Daniel J.; Najman, Yani. 2013 U-Pb LA-(MC)-ICP-MS dating of rutile: new reference materials and applications to sedimentary provenance. Chemical Geology, 347. 82-101.

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Williams, Mark; Rushton, Adrian W.A.; Cook, Alan F.; Zalasiewicz, Jan; Martin, Adam P.; Condon, Daniel J.; Winrow, Paul. 2013 Dating the Cambrian Purley Shale Formation, Midland Microcraton, England. Geological Magazine, 150 (5). 937-944.

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Hollis, S.P.; Cooper, M.R.; Roberts, S.; Earls, G.; Herrington, R.; Condon, D.J.; Daly, J. S.. 2013 Evolution of the Tyrone ophiolite, Northern Ireland, during the Grampian-Taconic orogeny: a correlative of the Annieopsquotch Ophiolite Belt of central Newfoundland? Journal of the Geological Society, 170 (6). 861-876.

Chambers, J.; Goodenough, K.M.; Graham, C.C.; Price, S.J.; Weatherby, A.; Sanders, R.; Perry, F.; Porter, L.; Bloomfield, J.P.; Jordan, C.J.; Laxton, J.L.; Shelley, W.A.; Naden, J.; Watts, M.; Condon, D.; Barkwith, A.K.A.P.. 2013 NERC science : future impacts summary report. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 17pp. (OR/13/037) (Unpublished)

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Cramer, Bradley D.; Condon, Daniel J.; Söderlund, Ulf; Marshall, Carly; Worton, Graham J.; Thomas, Alan T.; Calner, Mikael; Ray, David C.; Perrier, Vincent; Boomer, Ian; Patchett, P. Jonathan; Jeppsson, Lennart. 2012 U-Pb (zircon) age constraints on the timing and duration of Wenlock Silurian) paleocommunity collapse and recovery during the “Big Crisis”. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 124 (11-12). 1841-1857.

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Bowring, Samuel; Grotzonger, John; Condon, Daniel; Ramezani, Jahandar; Newall, Mark. 2009 Reply to comment Oman chronostratigraphy : reply to comment by Erwan Le Guerroué, Ruben Rieu and Andrea Cozzi on "Geochronologic Constraints on the Chronostratigraphic Framework of the Neoproterozoic Huqf Supergroup, Sultanate of Oman”, v. 307, p. 1097–1145. American Journal of Science, 309. 91-96.

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