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Gilfillan, S.M.V.; Györe, D.; Flude, S.; Johnson, G.; Bond, C.E.; Hicks, N.; Lister, R.; Jones, D.G.; Kremer, Y.; Haszeldine, R.S.; Stuart, F.M.. 2019 Noble gases confirm plume-related mantle degassing beneath Southern Africa. Nature Communications, 10 (1), 5028.

Ward, R.S.; Smedley, P.L.; Allen, G.; Baptie, B.J.; Barkwith, A.K.A.P.; Bateson, L.; Bell, R.A.; Bowes, M.; Coleman, M.; Cremen, G.; Daraktchieva, Z.; Gong, M.; Howarth, C.H.; Fisher, R.; Hawthorn, D.; Jones, D.G.; Jordan, C.; Lanoiselle, M.; Lewis, A.C.; Lister, T.R.; Lowry, D.; Luckett, R.; Mallin-Martin, D.; Marchant, B.P.; Miller, C.A.; Milne, C.J.; Novellino, A.; Pitt, J.; Purvis, R.M.; Rivett, M.O.; Shaw, J.; Taylor-Curran, H.; Wasikiewicz, J.M.; Werner, M.; Wilde, S.. 2019 Environmental monitoring : phase 4 final report (April 2018 - March 2019). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 224pp. (OR/19/044) (Unpublished)

Jones, David G.; Vane, Christopher H.; Lass-Evans, Solveigh; Chenery, Simon; Lister, Bob; Cave, Mark; Gafeira, Joana; Jenkins, Gareth; Leslie, Alick; Breward, Neil; Freeborough, Katy; Harrison, Ian; Kim, Alexander W.; Lacinska, Alicja; Milodowski, Tony; Ridgway, John; Riding, Jim ORCID:; Strutt, Mick; Wagner, Doris; Wilkinson, Ian. 2019 Geochemistry and related studies of Clyde Estuary sediments. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 108 (2-3). 269-288.


Ward, R.S.; Allen, G.; Baptie, B.J.; Bateson, L.; Bell, R.A.; Butcher, A.S.; Daraktchieva, Z.; Dunmore, R.; Fisher, R.E.; Horleston, A.; Howarth, C.H.; Jones, D.G.; Jordan, C.J.; Kendall, M.; Lewis, A.; Lowry, D.; Miller, C.A.; Milne, C.J.; Novellino, A.; Pitt, J.; Purvis, R.M.; Smedley, P.L.; Wasikiewicz, J.M.. 2018 Preliminary assessment of the environmental baseline in the Fylde, Lancashire. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 104pp. (OR/18/020) (Unpublished)


Hannis, Sarah; Chadwick, Andy; Connelly, Doug; Blackford, Jerry; Leighton, Timothy; Jones, Dave; White, Jim; White, Paul; Wright, Ian; Widdicomb, Steve; Craig, James; Dixon, Tim. 2017 Review of offshore CO2 storage monitoring: operational and research experiences of meeting regulatory and technical requirements [in special issue: 13th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, GHGT-13, 14-18 November 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland] Energy Procedia, 114. 5967-5980.

Jones, David G.; Beaubien, Stanley E.; Lister, T. Robert; Graziani, Stefano; Finoia, Maria Grazia; Barkwith, Andrew K.A.P.; Ruggiero, Livio; Ciotoli, Giancarlo; Bigi, Sabina; Lombardi, Salvatore. 2017 Continuous monitoring of natural CO2 emissions near Rome: lessons for low-level CO2 leakage detection. Energy Procedia, 114. 3824-3831.

Johnson, G.; Hicks, N.; Bond, C.E.; Gilfillan, S.M.V.; Jones, D.; Kremer, Y.; Lister, R.; Nkwane, M.; Maupa, T.; Munyangane, P.; Robey, K.; Saunders, I.; Pearce, J.; Shipton, Z.K.; Haszeldine, R.S.. 2017 Detection and understanding of natural CO2 releases in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Energy Procedia, 114. 3757-3763.

Ward, R.S.; Smedley, P.L.; Allen, G.; Baptie, B.J.; Daraktchieva, Z.; Horleston, A.; Jones, D.G.; Jordan, C.J.; Lewis, A.; Lowry, D.; Purvis, R.M.; Rivett, M.O.. 2017 Environmental Baseline Monitoring Project. Phase II, final report. British Geological Survey, 163pp. (OR/17/049) (Unpublished)

Bond, Clare E.; Kremer, Yannick; Johnson, Gareth; Hicks, Nigel; Lister, Robert; Jones, Dave G.; Haszeldine, R. Stuart; Saunders, Ian; Gilfillan, Stuart M.V.; Shipton, Zoe K.; Pearce, Jonathan. 2017 The physical characteristics of a CO 2 seeping fault: the implications of fracture permeability for carbon capture and storage integrity. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 61. 49-60.


Ward, R.S.; Allen, G.; Baptie, B.J.; Daraktchievea, Z.; Jones, D.G.; Jordan, C.J.; Purvis, R.M.; Smedley, P.L.. 2016 Environmental baseline monitoring - Vale of Pickering: Phase I - final report (2015/16). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 96pp. (OR/16/002) (Unpublished)

Gwosdz, Simone; West, Julia M.; Jones, David; Rakoczy, Jana; Green, Kay; Barlow, Tom; Blöthe, Marco; Smith, Karon; Steven, Michael; Krüger, Martin; de Boer, Wietse. 2016 Long-term CO2 injection and its impact on near-surface soil microbiology. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 92 (12), fiw193.

Pearce, J.M.; Akhurst, M.C.; Jones, D.J.; Vincent, C.J.; Booth, J.H.. 2016 Pathways from pilot to demonstration : how can research advance CO2 geological storage deployment? Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 35pp. (OR/16/029) (Unpublished)


West, J.M.; Jones, D.G.; Annunziatellis, A.; Barlow, T.S.; Beaubien, S.E.; Bond, A.; Breward, N.; Coombs, P.; de Angelis, D.; Gardner, A.; Gemeni, V.; Graziani, S.; Green, K.A.; Gregory, S.; Gwosdz, S.; Hannis, S.; Kirk, K.; Koukouzas, N.; Krüger, M.; Libertini, S.; Lister, T.R.; Lombardi, S.; Metcalfe, R.; Pearce, J.M.; Smith, K.L.; Steven, M.D.; Thatcher, K.; Ziogou, F.. 2015 Comparison of the impacts of elevated CO2 soil gas concentrations on selected European terrestrial environments. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 42. 357-371.

Jones, D.G.; Beaubien, S.E.; Blackford, J.C.; Foekema, E.M.; Lions, J.; De Vittor, C.; West, J.M.; Widdicombe, S.; Hauton, C.; Queirós, A.M.. 2015 Developments since 2005 in understanding potential environmental impacts of CO2 leakage from geological storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 40. 350-377.

Smedley, Pauline L.; Ward, Rob S.; Allen, Grant; Baptie, Brian; Daraktchieva, Zornitza; Jones, David G.; Jordan, Colm J.; Purvis, Ruth M.; Cigna, Francesca. 2015 Site selection strategy for environmental monitoring in connection with shale-gas exploration: Vale of Pickering, Yorkshire and Fylde, Lancashire. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 22pp. (OR/15/067) (Unpublished)


Jones, D.G.; Beubien, S.E.; Barlow, T.S.; Barkwith, A.K.A.P.; Hannis, S.D.; Lister, T.R.; Strutt, M.H.; Bellomo, T.; Annunziatellis, A.; Graziani, S.; Lombardi, S.; Ruggiero, L.; Braibant, G.; Gal, F.; Joublin, F.; Michel, K.. 2014 Baseline variability in onshore near surface gases and implications for monitoring at CO2 storage sites. Energy Procedia, 63. 4155-4162.

Feitz, Andrew J.; Leamon, Gregory; Jenkins, Charles; Jones, David G.; Moreira, Andréa; Bressan, Lia; Melo, Clarissa; Dobeck, Laura M.; Repasky, Kevin; Spangler, Lee H.. 2014 Looking for leakage or monitoring for public assurance? Energy Procedia, 63. 3881-3890.

Jones, D.G.; Barkwith, A.K.A.P.; Hannis, S.; Lister, T.R.; Gal, F.; Graziani, S.; Beaubien, S.E.; Widory, D.. 2014 Monitoring of near surface gas seepage from a shallow injection experiment at the CO2 Field Lab, Norway. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 28. 300-317.

Pearce, Jonathan; Jones, Dave; Blackford, Jerry; Beaubien, Stanley; Foekema, Edwin; Gemeni, Vassiliki; Kirk, Karen; Lions, Julie; Metcalfe, Richard; Moni, Christophe; Smith, Karon; Stevens, Michael; West, Julie; Ziogou, Fotini. 2014 A guide for assessing the potential impacts on ecosystems of leakage from CO2 storage sites. Energy Procedia, 63. 3242-3252.


Smith, K.L.; Steven, M.D.; Jones, D.G.; West, J.M.; Coombs, P.; Green, K.A.; Barlow, T.S.; Breward, N.; Gwosdz, S.; Krüger, M.; Beaubien, S.E.; Annunziatellis, A.; Graziani, S.; Lombardi, S.. 2013 Environmental impacts of CO2 leakage: recent results from the ASGARD facility, UK. Energy Procedia, 37. 791-799.

Beaubien, S.E.; Jones, D.G.; Gal, F.; Barkwith, A.K.A.P.; Braibant, G.; Baubron, J.-C.; Ciotoli, G.; Graziani, S.; Lister, T.R.; Lombardi, S.; Michel, K.; Quattrocchi, F.; Strutt, M.H.. 2013 Monitoring of near-surface gas geochemistry at the Weyburn, Canada, CO2-EOR site, 2001–2011. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.

Ziogou, F.; Gemeni, V.; Koukouzas, N.; de Angelis, D.; Libertini, S.; Beaubien, S.E.; Lombardi, S.; West, J.M.; Jones, D.G.; Coombs, P.; Barlow, T.S.; Gwosdz, S.; Krüger, M.. 2013 Potential environmental impacts of CO2 leakage from the study of natural analogue sites in Europe. Energy Procedia, 37. 3521-3528.

Bond, A.E.; Metcalfe, R.; Maul, P.R.; Suckling, P.; Thatcher, K.; Walke, R.; Smith, K.; Rasse, D.; Steven, M.; Jones, D.. 2013 Systems analysis of field and laboratory experiments considering impacts of CO2 leakage in terrestrial systems. Energy Procedia, 37. 3394-3402.


Lass-Evans, S.; Fordyce, F.M.; Breward, N.; Jones, D.G.; Lister, T.R.. 2012 Sediment and water quality in the River Clyde post-industrial catchment, Glasgow, UK. In: Abstracts of the 9th ISEG. Aveiro, Portugal, University of Aveiro, 5-6.

Hodgkinson, E.S.; Scheib, C.; Jones, D.G.; Davis, J.. 2012 Studies of possible controls on the variability of radon potential of two East Midlands ironstones. British Geological Survey, 94pp. (IR/06/128) (Unpublished)

Beresford, N.A.; Barnett, C.L.; Vives i Batlle, J.; Potter, E.D.; Ibrahimi, Z.-F.; Barlow, T.S.; Schieb, C.; Jones, D.G.; Copplestone, D.. 2012 Exposure of burrowing mammals to 222Rn. Science of the Total Environment, 431. 252-261.


Vane, C.H.; Chenery, S.R.; Harrison, I.; Kim, A.W.; Moss-Hayes, V.; Jones, D.G.. 2011 Chemical signatures of the Anthropocene in the Clyde Estuary, UK: sediment hosted Pb, 207/206 Pb, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH), Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) and Polychlorinated Bipheny (PCB) pollution records. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 369. 1085-1111.

Arts, R.J.; Jones, D.G.; Chadwick, R.A.; Klinkby, L.; Bernstone, C.; Sorensen, A.T.. 2011 Development of a monitoring plan for the Vedsted structure in Denmark. Energy Procedia, 4. 3558-3565.

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Jones, D.G.; Lister, T.R.; Smith, D.J.; West, J.M.; Coombs, P.; Gadalia, A.; Brach, M.; Annunzialellis, A.; Lombardi, S.. 2011 In Salah Gas CO2 storage JIP : surface gas and biological monitoring. Energy Procedia, 4. 3566-3573.

Jones, David; Lister, Bob; Barkwith, Andrew; Barlow, Thomas; Shaw, Richard; Strutt, Michael; Lombardi, S.; Beaubien, S.; Annunziatellis, A.; Graziani, S.. 2011 Testing surface gas monitoring methods at sites of natural and man-made CO2 seepage in Europe. In: AGU Fall Meeting 2011, San Fransisco, USA, 5-9 December 2011. (Unpublished)

Lass-Evans, S.; Fordyce, F.M.; Breward, N.; Jones, D.G.; Lister, T.R.. 2011 An initial assessment of sediment and water quality in the post-industrial Clyde catchment, Glasgow, UK. [Poster] In: 28th European Conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH), Ormskirk, Lancashire, 10-15 April 2011. (Unpublished)


Hosseini, A.; Beresford, N.A.; Brown, J.E.; Jones, D.G.; Phaneuf, M.; Thørring, H.; Yankovich, T.. 2010 Background dose-rates to reference animals and plants arising from exposure to naturally occurring radionuclides in aquatic environments. Journal of Radiological Protection, 30 (2). 235-264.


Rawlins, B.G.; Scheib, C.; Tyler, A.N.; Jones, D.; Webster, R.; Young, M.E.. 2009 The spatial distribution of caesium-137 over Northern Ireland from fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2009, Vienna, Austria, 19-24 April 2009.

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Riddick, Andy; Laxton, John; Cave, Mark; Wood, Ben; Duffy, Tim; Bell, Patrick; Evans, Chris; Howard, Andy; Armstrong, Bob; Kirby, Gary; Monaghan, Alison; Ritchie, Calum; Jones, Dave; Napier, Bruce; Jones, Neil; Millward, David; Clarke, Stuart; Leslie, Graham; Mathers, Steve; Royse, Kate; Kessler, Holger; Newell, Andy; Dumpleton, Steve; Loudon, Vic; Aspden, John. 2005 Digital geoscience spatial model project final report. Keyworth, British Geological Survey, 56pp. (BGS Occasional Publication No. 9).

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Jones, D.G.; Beaubien, S.; Strutt, M.H.; Baubron, J.-C.; Cardellini, C.; Lombardi, S.; Quattrochi, F.; Penner, L.. 2003 Additional soil gas monitoring at the Weyburn unit 2003 task 2.8 report. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 40pp. (CR/03/326N) (Unpublished)

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