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Publication - Article

Liang, Guodong; Gao, Xiaoyan; Gould, Ernest A.. 2015 Factors responsible for the emergence of arboviruses; strategies, challenges and limitations for their control. Emerging Microbes and Infections, 4 (3), e18. 5, pp.

Slovák, Mirko; Kazimírová, Mária; Siebenstichová, Marta; Ustaníková, Katarína; Klempa, Boris; Gritsun, Tamara; Gould, Ernest A.; Nuttall, Patricia A.. 2014 Survival dynamics of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Ixodes ricinus ticks. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 5 (6). 962-969.

Schnettler, Esther; Tykalova, Hana; Watson, Mick; Sharma, Mayuri; Sterken, Mark G.; Obbard, Darren J.; Lewis, Samuel H.; McFarlane, Melanie; Bell-Sakyi, Lesley; Barry, Gerald; Weisheit, Sabine; Best, Sonja M.; Kuhn, Richard J.; Pijlman, Gorben P.; Chase-Topping, Margo E.; Gould, Ernest A.; Grubhoffer, Libor; Fazakerley, John K.; Kohl, Alain. 2014 Induction and suppression of tick cell antiviral RNAi responses by tick-borne flaviviruses. Nucleic Acids Research, 42 (14). 9436-9446.

Cook, Shelley; Chung, Betty Y.-W.; Bass, David; Moureau, Gregory; Tang, Shuoya; McAlister, Erica; Culverwell, C. Lorna; Glücksman, Edvard; Wang, Hui; Brown, T. David K.; Gould, Ernest A.; Harbach, Ralph E.; de Lamballerie, Xavier; Firth, Andrew E.. 2013 Novel virus discovery and genome reconstruction from field RNA samples reveals highly divergent viruses in dipteran hosts. PLoS ONE, 8 (11), e80720. 22, pp.

Hayasaka, Daisuke; Shirai, Kenji; Aoki, Kotaro; Nagata, Noriyo; Simantini, Dash Sima; Kitaura, Kazutaka; Takamatsu, Yuki; Gould, Ernest; Suzuki, Ryuji; Morita, Kouichi. 2013 TNF-α Acts as an immunoregulator in the mouse brain by reducing the incidence of severe disease following Japanese encephalitis virus infection. PLoS ONE, 8 (8), e71643. 18, pp.

Sambri, Vittorio; Capobianchi, Maria R.; Cavrini, Francesca; Charrel, Rémi; Donoso-Mantke, Olivier; Escadafal, Camille; Franco, Leticia; Gaibani, Paolo; Gould, Ernest A.; Niedrig, Matthias; Papa, Anna; Pierro, Anna; Rossini, Giada; Sanchini, Andrea; Tenorio, Antonio; Varani, Stefania; Vázquez, Ana; Vocale, Caterina; Zeller, Herve. 2013 Diagnosis of West Nile Virus Human Infections: Overview and Proposal of Diagnostic Protocols Considering the Results of External Quality Assessment Studies. Viruses, 5 (10). 2329-2348.

Rodriguez-Roche, Rosmari; Gould, Ernest A.. 2013 Understanding the dengue viruses and progress towards their control. BioMed Research International, 2013, 690835. 10, pp.

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Gould, E.A.. 2012 First case of rabbit haemorrhagic disease in Canada: contaminated flying insect, vs. long-term infection hypothesis. Molecular Ecology, 21 (5). 1042-1047.

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Zhang, L.; Parham, N.J.; Zhang, F.; Aasa-Chapman, M.; Gould, E.A.; Zhang, H.. 2012 Vaccination with coxsackievirus B3 virus-like particles elicits humoral immune response and protects mice against myocarditis. Vaccine, 30 (13). 2301-2308.

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Grard, Gilda; Moureau, Gregory; Charrel, Remi N.; Holmes, Edward C.; Gould, Ernest A.; de Lamballerie, Xavier. 2010 Genomics and evolution of Aedes-borne flaviviruses. Journal of General Virology, 91 (1). 87-94.

Bollati, Michela; Alvarez, Karin; Assenberg, Rene; Baronti, Cecile; Canard, Bruno; Cook, Shelley; Coutard, Bruno; Decroly, Etienne; de Lamballerie, Xavier; Gould, Ernest A.; Grard, Gilda; Grimes, Jonathan M.; Hilgenfeld, Rolf; Jansson, Anna M.; Malet, Helene; Mancini, Erika J.; Mastrangelo, Eloise; Mattevi, Andrea; Milani, Mario; Moureau, Gregory; Neyts, Johan; Owens, Raymond J.; Ren, Jingshan; Selisko, Barbara; Speroni, Silvia; Steuber, Holger; Stuart, David I.; Unge, Torsten; Bolognesi, Martino. 2010 Structure and functionality in flavivirus NS-proteins: Perspectives for drug design. Antiviral Research, 87. 125-148.

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Gould, Earnest A.. 2010 West Nile Virus: Don't Underestimate Its Persistence. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 20 (1). 1.

Ruzek, Daniel; Salat, Jiri; Palus, Martin; Gritsun, Tamara S.; Gould, Ernest A.; Dykova, Iva; Skallova, Anna; Jelinek, Jiri; Kopecky, Jan; Grubhoffer, Libor. 2009 CD8+ T-cells mediate immunopathology in tick-borne encephalitis. Virology, 384 (1). 1-6.

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Forrester, N. L.; Boag, B.; Buckley, A.; Moureau, G.; Gould, E. A.. 2009 Co-circulation of widely disparate strains of Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus could explain localised epidemicity in the United Kingdom. Virology, 393. 42-48.

Gould, E. A.; Higgs, S.. 2009 Impact of climate change and other factors on emerging arbovirus diseases. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 103. 109-121.

Cook, Shelly; Moureau, Gregory; Harbach, Ralph; Mukwaya, Louis; Goodger, Kim; Ssenfuka, Fred; Gould, Ernest; Holmes, Edward C.; de Lamballerie, Xavier. 2009 Isolation of a new species of flavivirus and a novel strain of Culex flavivirus (Flaviviridae), from a natural mosquito population in Uganda. Journal of General Virology, 90. 2669-2678.

Hayasaka, Daisuke; Nagata, Noriyo; Fujii, Yoshiki; Hasegawa, Hideki; Sata, Tetsutaro; Suzuki, Ryuji; Gould, Ernest A.; Takashima, Ikuo; Koike, Satoshi. 2009 Mortality following peripheral infection with tick-borne encephalitis virus results from a combination of central nervous system pathology, systemic inflammatory and stress responses. Virology, 390. 139-150.

Khasnatinov, Maxim A.; Ustanikova, Katarina; Frolova, Tatiana V.; Pogodina, Vanda V.; Bochkova, Nadezshda G.; Levina, Ludmila S.; Slovak, Mirko; Kazimirova, Maria; Labuda, Milan; Klempa, Boris; Eleckova, Elena; Gould, Ernest A.; Gritsun, Tamara S.. 2009 Non-Hemagglutinating Flaviviruses: Molecular Mechanisms for the Emergence of New Strains via Adaptation to European Ticks. PLoS ONE, 4 (10), e7295.

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Guzman, Maria G.; Alvarez, Mayling; Rodriguez-Roche, Rosmari; Bernardo, Lidice; Montes, Tibaire; Vazquez, Susana; Morier, Luis; Alvarez, Angel; Gould, Ernest; Kouri, Gustavo; Halstead, Scott B.. 2007 Neutralising antibodies after infection with dengue 1 virus. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 13 (2). 282-286.

Guzman, Maria G.; Alvarez, Mayling; Rodriguez-Roche, Rosmari; Bernardo, Lidice; Montes, Tibaire; Vazquez, Susana; Morier, Luis; Alvarez, Angel; Gould, Ernest A.; Kouri, Gustavo; Halstead, Scott B.. 2007 Neutralizing antibodies after infection with Dengue 1 Virus. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 13 (2). 282-286.

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Mastrangelo, Eloise; Dalle, Karen; Bollati, Michela; Milani, Mario; Lantez, Violaine; de Lamballerie, Xavier; Brisbare, Nadege; Egloff, Marie-Pierre; Gould, Ernest; Coutard, Bruno; Canard, Bruno; Forrester, Naomi; Bolognesi, Martino. 2006 Preliminary characterization of (nucleoside-2'-O-)-methyltransferase crystals from Meaban and Yokose flaviviruses. Acta Crystallographica Section F, 62 (8). 768-770.

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Lawrie, Charles Henderson; Uzcátegui, Nathalie Yumari; Gould, Ernest Andrew; Nuttall, Patricia Anne. 2004 Ixodid and Argasid Tick Species and West Nile Virus. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 10. 653-657.

Publication - Report

Butcher, S.A.; Wilkinson, J.; Jenkins, A.; Gould, E.A.. 1994 Modelling the transport and fate of viruses in the aquatic environment. Final Report. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 23pp. (TFS Project no. T10059n2) (Unpublished)

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