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Pereira, F.L.; Valente, F.; David, J.S.; Jackson, N.; Minunno, F.; Gash, J.H.. 2016 Rainfall interception modelling: is the wet bulb approach adequate to estimate mean evaporation rate from wet/saturated canopies in all forest types? Journal of Hydrology, 534. 606-615.


van Dijk, Albert I.J.M.; Gash, John H.; van Gorsel, Eva; Blanken, Peter D.; Cescatti, Alessandro; Emmel, Carmen; Gielen, Bert; Harman, Ian N.; Kiely, Gerard; Merbold, Lutz; Montagnani, Leonardo; Moors, Eddy; Sottocornola, Matteo; Varlagin, Andrej; Williams, Christopher A.; Wohlfahrt, Georg. 2015 Rainfall interception and the coupled surface water and energy balance. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 214-215. 402-415.

Cabral, Osvaldo M.R.; da Rocha, Humberto R.; Gash, John H.; Freitas, Helber C.; Ligo, Marcos A.V.. 2015 Water and energy fluxes from a woodland savanna (cerrado) in southeast Brazil. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 4 (B). 22-40.


Miralles, Diego G.; van den Berg, Martinus J.; Gash, John H.; Parinussa, Robert M.; de Jeu, Richard A.M; Beck, Hylke E.; Holmes, Thomas R.H; Jimenez, Carlos; Verhoest, Niko E.C.; Dorigo, Wouter A.; Teuling, Adriaan J.; Dolman, A. Johannes. 2014 El Niño-La Niña cycle and recent trends in continental evaporation. Nature Climate Change, 4 (2). 122-126.


Cabral, Osvaldo M.R.; Rocha, Humberto R.; Gash, John H.; Ligo, Marcos A.V.; Ramos, Nilza Patrícia; Packer, Ana Paula; Batista, Eunice Reis. 2013 Fluxes of CO2 above a sugarcane plantation in Brazil. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 182-183. 54-66.


Cabral, Osvaldo M.R.; Rocha, Humberto R.; Gash, John H.; Ligo, Marcos A.V.; Tatsch, Jonatan D.; Freitas, Helber C.; Brasilio, Emília. 2012 Water use in a sugarcane plantation. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 4 (5). 555-565.


Groenendijk, M.; Dolman, A.J.; van der Molen, M.K.; Leuning, R.; Arneth, A.; Delpierre, N.; Gash, J.H.C.; Lindroth, A.; Richardson, A.D.; Verbeeck, H.; Wohlfahrt, G.. 2011 Assessing parameter variability in a photosynthesis model within and between plant functional types using global Fluxnet eddy covariance data. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 151 (1). 22-38.

Cabral, Osvaldo M.R.; Gash, John H.C.; Rocha, Humberto R.; Marsden, Claire; Ligo, Marcos A.V.; Freitas, Helba C.; Tatsch, Jonatan D.; Gomes, Eduardo. 2011 Fluxes of CO2 above a plantation of Eucalyptus in southeast Brazil. Agricultural & Forest Meteorology, 151. 49-59.

Gash, John. 2011 Obituary: Dr John B. Stewart. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 151 (2). 127.


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de Araujo, A.C.; Dolman, A.J.; Waterloo, M.J.; Gash, J.H.C.; Kruijt, B.; Zanchi, F.B.; de Lange, J.M.E.; Stoevelaar, R.; Manzi, A.O.; Nobre, A.D.; Lootens, R.N.; Backer, J.. 2010 The spatial variability of CO2 storage and the interpretation of eddy covariance fluxes in central Amazonia. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150 (2). 226-237.


Muzylo, A.; Llorens, P.; Valente, F.; Keizer, J.J.; Domingo, F.; Gash, J.H.C.. 2009 A review of rainfall interception modelling. Journal of Hydrology, 370 (1-4). 191-206.

Pereira, F.L.; Gash, J.H.C.; David, J.S.; Valente, F.. 2009 Evaporation of intercepted rainfall from isolated evergreen oak trees: Do the crowns behave as wet bulbs? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149 (3-4). 667-679.

Pereira, F.L.; Gash, J.H.C.; David, J.S.; David, T.S.; Monteiro, P.R.; Valente, F.. 2009 Modelling interception loss from evergreen oak Mediterranean savannas: Application of a tree-based modelling approach. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149 (3-4). 680-688.

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Gash, J.H C.; Rosier, P.T.W.; Ragab, R.. 2008 A note on estimating urban roof runoff with a forest evaporation model. Hydrological Processes, 22 (8). 1230-1233.


Gash, John; Cox, Peter. 2007 Amazon: beginning of the end? Planet Earth, Spring (Spring). 12-13.

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Mercado, Lina; Gash, John; Cox, Peter; Huntingford, Chris. 2006 Improving the representation of canopy light interception and photosynthetic uptake in a GCM land surface scheme. [Poster] In: iLEAPS Science Conference, Boulder, Colorado, 21-26 January 2006. (Unpublished)

David, T. S.; Gash, J. H. C.; Valente, F.; Pereira, J. S.; Ferreira, M. I.; David, J. S.. 2006 Rainfall interception by an isolated evergreen oak tree in a Mediterranean savannah. Hydrological Processes, 20 (13). 2713-2726.


Farquharson, F.A.K.; Gash, J.H.C.; Roberts, J.M.. 1990 Report on a review of evaporation estimation for the Okavango Delta. Institute of Hydrology, 30pp. (TFS Project T05057y1) (Unpublished)

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